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Storyline MissionsEdit

The Cousins BellicEdit

<cutscene - aboard the Platypus, a merchant ship>


Daddy's back, you bitches... Daddy's back, you bitches!


Dave, come on. [knocking on door] Come on Dave.


Niko? What are you doing?


Dave is not coming.


Ah, ignore him. Come on we got to get this thing ready before we dock. [Hossan and Niko climb up a ladder to a higher deck.] Hossan  Let's go. Here, pass me that. There. Whooh yeah! There she is... Liberty City. Niko    Yeah. Hossan  You ever been? Niko    No. Hossan  Crazy place, Niko. Niko    What you going to do? Hossan  I might come back on board... or I might try to make a go of it. Like they say, it is the land of opportunity. I always wanted to make it big... own a nice place, get a dog, a house... live the dream! Niko    Like my cousin. Hossan  Oh yeah? Niko    Yes - he's got the lot - house, women, cars, parties... he writes me in these wild emails, and after I got into trouble, I thought maybe uh... and then I got this gig, and I spend the next seven months with you fine people and I forget... After the war finished, I couldn't get a job, nobody could... so I, uh, did some dumb things and got involved with some idiots... Hossan  Ahh, we all do dumb things... that's what makes us human. Niko    Could be. [They leave the boat and Niko waits for his cousin, Roman.] Roman   Niko! My cousin! I can't believe it! You're here! Niko    Hey! Roman   Welcome to America! Niko    [translated] Good to see you, cousin. Roman   What? Niko    Good to see you, man - what, you forget our language? Roman   Uhhh... [translated] cabbages? Maybe a little. I've been here 10 years! You can speak English. Remember, we learned off the English girls with the big... Niko    Hey, a little... not so good. Roman   Ahh, you'll be fine. Better than my Serbian. So good to see you cousin. I can't believe you made it! Ha! Shit... I have to tell you I had quite a night last night. Two women! The land of opportunity. I've made it! [stumbling around] Shit, man, I'm still a touch drunk. Niko    A touch? Roman   My cousin is here! Niko    Woah! Roman, Roman, come on, come on, relax. Roman   We're going to rule the world! Work 1  Yeah, yeah, whatever, buddy. Just take over the world someplace else, alright? Work 2  Yeah, buddy! Take off! Work 1  You're in the Goddamn way. Roman   Screw you... screw you all! Work 2  Hey, come on, man! Roman   My cousin is here! Niko Bellic! He's the fucking man, bitches! Niko    Roman, come on, let's go... to the mansion, eh? Roman   Yes, the mansion! Whoa. [stumbles] Maybe you should drive... Niko    Maybe I should. Roman   Okay! Niko    Okay. Hey is this a cab? Where's the sports car? Roman   Err, it's in the shop... come on!

<begin drive>

Roman   Drive us to our place on Mohawk, it's just up the road. I'll let you know when we're there.

<driving - heading to the apartment>


Why don't you show me around the city?


Fucking terrorists.




Terrorists. There's been a big scare and you can't go across the bridges so good. You, without a visa, I would stay in Broker. Fuck it, stay in Hove Beach. Everyone like us does. Niko, you ever had two women at once? Four big titties to be playing with? [translated] I thought I had died and gone to heaven, man.


[translated] I can't prove that I have.


Cousin, it's been too long... you should have come out earlier. Think of all the girls you've been missing out on! Niko

Our country has women too.


Yes, but only locals. Here we have white, black, the Puerto Ricans and the Asians, Europeans on vacation, scared Canadians, bored housewives from the Midwest - every possible choice. The city is like a big Uder Milken Ice Cream shop: thirty-six flavors of titty. Hove Beach is our little corner of Eastern Europe.


[translated] What a charming image. Hove Beach, next to the docks. Immigrants here do not make it very far from the boats they come in on.


No, everyone seems happy where they are. It reminds them of the Black Sea or something - people leave home to hang around the people they ran away from, [translated] very odd. Is just temporary for us though. Our sights are set for the top. Mansions in Berchem, penthouse in Algonquin... a model on each arm - me and my cousin Niko, rulers of the world!

<pass the cab depot>


We are passing the cab office, Niko. This is the business that will take us to the top of the pile.

<reach the apartment>


This is the mansion? Roman   Just a temporary place. The mansion is coming, cousin. That's the dream... follow me.

<cutscene - within the apartment>


Come in, come in! Make yourself at home... what's mine is yours! [stamps on cockroach] Got him! Little bastard. If he paid some rent I wouldn't care. [wiping off shoe] Oh... shit... oh, that's not nice. Ah, cousin, it's so good to see you! Yeah! Hmm... [drops down on bed] Shit... well, I needed to change anyway... So!






So, you full of crap, or what?




Where's luxury condo? Where's sports car? Where's Barbara with big titties and Stephanie who sucks like a vacuum?


What you talking about?


In your letters to my mother, in your letters to me... all I hear about is Mr. Big, Mr. Roman, living the American dream. Sports cars, condos, women, money, the beach... opportunity! I come here, and the only thing big about your life is the cockroaches.


That's right. I got the best cockroaches, I got the best dirt!

Niko    Screw you, you idiot!


Okay, I'm an idiot, but you must admit I have the best line in bullshit you ever heard.


Yeah, this I know. Asshole.


But here, all I needed was one good guy. One good guy, I could do well. Not take over the world, but do okay. Now, maybe I have this. But what about you? What about you, cousin?


What? What about me?

Roman   Well... why you leave home after all this time? First, I hear you're running around with the wrong kind, then I hear you joined the merchant navy, now you're here. You never tell me anything.


Huh. No


What do you mean no?


No, I never tell you anything. Another time.


Oooh, mystery man... strange and exotic sailor! What happened? Did your captain make you pregnant?

Niko    Screw you! No, no, it's nothing like that. The ships were fine. It was before that, two things. You remember, during the war... we did some bad things and bad things happened to us. War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other. I was very young, and very angry. Maybe that is no excuse... Roman? Roman! Are you sleeping, you fat fuck? Come on!

Roman   Huh! No! No way! What's the time? Shit... I've got to get the cab back. It's on a shift. [drinks coffee, spits it out] Oh, Jesus! Tastes like a rat shat in it...




Niko, I've got to run, come meet me at the cab office.


Jesus... what?


It's easy. Out the door, turn left, then the first left at the diner


What are you talking about? I don't


go down one block and turn right on Iroquois


I'm new here


then walk all the way down and we're right there on the left of the corner of Cisco Street


What are you talking about, man?


It's really flash. We got lots of titties and some incredible motors... Niko. Give me a hug. Good to have you here cousin... I've got something for you. [phone rings] Oh, damn... damn, damn, damn! [to phone] Yes, Vlad, sorry, forgive me, okay, no... no. Please don't cut my cock off, eh? Oh, okay, bye... yes, no, uh, okay.

It's Your CallEdit

<cutscene - at the cab depot office>


[to radio] Come on, big guy - either do some work or get out of here. We don't need jokers.


Screw you.

Roman   [to radio] Screw you! [to Mallorie] Baby... when I look into your eyes, it means something. I see little Romans, I see little Mallories, I see stars, I see angels. In my homeland we have a saying...


Yeah, we got one too. You're a fag!


Shit... [drops the radio]


Jesus, Roman, you fuckin' idiota. How can I take you seriously?

Niko    [enters] Very difficult, I think... Hello, Roman! Hello, Miss... Roman   Mallorie, this is my cousin I tell you about, Niko... Mal     Hi. Roman   Niko, this is Mallorie, the beautiful girl I tell you about... See? Not everything I tell you was bullshit. Mal     I bet most of it was. Roman   Hey! Mal     I hope you're less full of shit than your cousin over here. Niko    Thank you. Roman   This is the woman that I'm going to marry! Mal     Huh! Whatever you say. Vlad    [enters] I thought you were going to marry me, baby? Mal     Hey, Vlad. Roman   Hey... Vlad... great! You're fuckin' crazy, man. Vlad    You should lose a few pounds - otherwise this beautiful lady is going to leave you. Roman   I know... I'm a fat prick, what can I do? Vlad    Pay your debts? Roman   I... I will do man. We spoke of this. Vlad    No, we didn't speak. You spoke then you say your phone out of batteries. You treat me like a bitch. Roman   Never! I'd treat you like an idiot, not a bitch, eh? Vlad    I guess it's true... the beautiful women do like the guys with the funny sense of humor. Ho ho. I'm laughing. Roman   I'll get you the money. Vlad    I know. And Roman... tell this fucking yokel here if he doesn't stop staring at me, I'll have his head chopped off and put a film of it on the internet! [exits] Mal     Ouch... Roman   Ah... all good... great... Mal     Hah! Yeah, fantastic! Look, say what you like, but at least that guy knows how to speak to a lady. Roman   Yes, he's all charm. Come on Niko, let's go. Darling... I'll see you later. I've got to take my cousin around some more, get him settled...

<getting in Roman's car>

Roman   Niko, you're driving us to a hardware store on Dillon Street.

<driving - going to the hardware store - A>

Niko    Doing some home improvements, Roman? You going to build this mansion you tell me about? Roman   No, funny guy - we going to get money. In America you need money to do anything. You're taking me to a backroom game where I'll win all the dollars we need to really see this town. Nightclubs... women... titties... Niko    You can play, right? [translated] You are good at this game? Roman   I am the best. I kick all the asses that play me. They call me the Janitor. Niko    Because you can't pay your debts and they make you mop the floor? [translated] Incredible. Roman   Funny. No! I'm the Janitor because I always clean up. I always win, get it? Niko    The Janitor. Sure. I seriously hope your cards are better than your nicknames. Roman   Only problem is I'm playing with some money I'm meant to give to these Albanian scumbags. Here's hoping they don't show up, eh? Niko    We got loan sharks after us? [translated] Roman? What's going on? Roman   After me, and it doesn't matter anyway. When I've played this game I'll have enough money to pay them back ten times. [translated] They're wimps anyway.

<driving - going to the hardware store - B>

Niko    Why are we going to this hardware store? You need to buy something? Roman   No, the business shut down a long time ago. We go there because some guys are playing cards. I'm going to take them for everything they have. Niko    I have the feeling only thing you will come out of there with is more debt. [translated] Has always been that way with you, Roman. Roman   No, no, this is my game that they play. I have read all the books. You know Car Jabowitz? Niko    No. Roman   He on TV whole time. The Buffet Car? Come on. Anyway, I read this book, 'May Contain Nuts.' Niko    What does this mea... contain nuts? Roman   It's about making other players think, you have best cards, make them think you have the nuts in your hand. Niko    If you have their nuts in your hand, I believe they will know about it anyway. Roman   Stupid question, stupid question. You just need know that I read book and I am very good at game. And I'm going to win lot of money for us.

<at the hardware store>

Roman   Niko, wait for me here while I go inside to clean up. Shit, I almost forgot. I'm giving you my old phone, my new number's in there. [Roman hands the phone over to Niko.] Roman   Call me if some Albanians show up in some shitty beige Willard. Those are the guys I owe money to. Do not hurt them, I know what you're like, Niko Bellic. Niko    You and your debts, Roman. [translated] Always the same. Never change.

<phonecall from Roman - after a minute>

Niko    It's all quiet out here Roman, you winning? [translated] Please say yes. Roman   Don't worry I'm getting so many bullets it's like I'm an AK. [translated] We're cool.

<The Albanians park nearby.>

Niko    [to self] And this must be the loan sharks. Dardan  That is his cab, the fat Roman must be in here.

<phonecall to Roman>

Niko    Cousin - two guys are going in the store. I think they are the loan sharks you speak of. Roman   Shit, I'm down. Niko    You better get out of there. Roman   Alright, alright I'm coming.

<Roman runs out the back of the store and gets in.>

<driving - fleeing the Albanians - A>

Roman   Shit, Niko, it's them, they must have been told I was here. Dardan  You are in much trouble, Bellic. Roman   Please don't hurt the men after us, cousin. They hate me enough as it is. Get us back to the depot, quick! Niko    Alright cousin, I'll lose them. [translated] Not so tough now. Roman   Just like the old days, eh? Niko    In the old days we were dodging bombs, not loan sharks. Roman   Just drive. Leave the funny comments to me.

<driving - fleeing the Albanians - B>

Roman   Quick, you take us back to the cab depot. That is Dardan. Dardan  You are in much trouble, Bellic. Roman   Remember, do not hurt the loan sharks. The debt will just increase. Niko    Dardan is your loan shark, yes? Roman   My Albanian loan shark. Niko    Sorry, I forget, there are many of these men you owe money to. Maybe a few more after this game you just lose.

<driving - returning to the cab depot - A>

Roman   Do you think they saw me? Niko    Of course they saw you. I mean - you're a distinctive man Roman. Roman   That is why the ladies love me. Fuck those shylocks, they'll get their money. They just have to wait. Niko    We should stand up to them. [translated] Where is your pride? Roman   Niko, you're new. You don't understand the way things work. Niko    Oh yeah? Roman   We're at the bottom of the ladder man. These thugs push us around. But they are not to be feared. It is the Russians mobsters, Vlad's bosses, that run everything. Be careful of them. Niko    You tell me to behave, Mr. Janitor? If you understand it all, where is the money? Roman   I lost it this time, but when I go back the last thing they will expect is for me to take everything. Then I really will clean up. Niko    [translated] I will believe when I see, Roman.

<driving - returning to the cab depot - B>

Roman   I do not understand it. I do everything I learn on TV. Everything that I read in the books. I do what Car Jabowitz tell me in "May Contain Nuts." I raise on flop, I ride river, it don't make no sense. Niko    [translated] It don't make no sense to me neither. Roman   Shit, you ain't going to make sense to no people if you keep speaking in that language. Here in Liberty City, we speak English. Get used to this. Niko    The money, the people, all of this noise around us - there is a lot of stuff I must get used to here in Liberty City. I think that speaking this language should be the least of my problems. Roman   Sure, I will remind you of that in a few weeks.

<at the cab depot>


We're here. You like your phone? Maybe one day you get a premium quality one, like mine. Then you will have really made it.

Niko    I can only wish. Roman   See you later, cousin.

Three's A CrowdEdit

<text message from Roman>

Shit. Need help. Come to the depot quick, man! Rom

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Niko    Hey Roman, I got your text. Roman   Great, Niko. I've got my hands full at the moment with these charming money lenders I know. Maybe you should come to the cab office and help me out? Niko    I'll see you soon.

<cutscene - at the cab depot office>

Roman   Come on, Dardan, what's your problem? Dardan  I don't have problem. You do. [Dardan points a knife at Roman while Bledar smashes his computer monitor.] Roman   Don't be a dick, man... come o... Dardan  [choking Roman] Where's your Russian friend now, eh? Roman   He's not my friend... he's my loan shark... Niko    [enters] Stop this. Dardan  Who are you? Niko    Get out of here. Roman   Niko... Niko    Yes. [Dardan threatens Niko with a knife and Niko breaks his arm.] Dardan  Oh my arm. Oh! Niko    And what about you? Dardan  Help me! Help me! [Bledar hops over the desk to help Dardan.] Niko    Come on, asshole! Dardan  Bledar! Help me! [The Albanians run out of the depot.] Niko    Get out of here now! And if you come back, I'll kill you! You understand? Roman   You forgot this, you Albanian pricks! [brandishing Dardan's knife] Shit, Niko - what did you do? Niko    He was going to stab me! Roman   Now he's going to kill you! Niko    Fuck him. Roman   Look at this mess. Screwed! Again. You want to know why I'm not living in a nice condo, banging four women? It's because of shit like this. Assholes threatening me. Niko    Shut up! [Roman's phone rings.] Roman   Oh great... Mallorie. [to phone] Hey, beautiful! Huh? Yeah... great. Uh... listen, I'm having a bit of a problem at the office... Umm, I can't do it - Niko can do it... Huh? Do what? Well why would you want me then? Well screw you, then. [to Niko] Great girl... Can you do me a favor? Mallorie needs a lift. Can you go pick her up at the Hove Beach subway station? Niko    Yeah... Roman   Take the cab. She's got a friend with her. Maybe someone you can date! Niko    Fuck you. [exits] Roman   Oh man, look at this crap. My computer and everything.

<at the subway station>

Niko    Get in, ladies. Mal     Hey Niko, thanks for coming. I should have known Roman would find some excuse not to turn up. This is Michelle. Mic     Hi. How are you?

<driving - taking the ladies to Michelle's place - A>

Mic     I live on Rotterdam Hill, up on Mohawk Avenue. You know where that is? Mal     How're you finding America, Niko? Niko    Not exactly what I expected. Mal     Niko, you know what? You need someone to show you a good time. Michelle, how about you? Mic     Mallorie. Stop it! Mal     Come on you guys. You're both single, you're adults. Take her number, Niko. Mic     Hey, I'd like to see you again, Niko. You look like that kind of guy I want to get to know. Mal     You look like you just jumped off the boat, Niko. Handsome man like you should get some new threads. Mic     I think he looks fine the way he is. Mal     I don't think he even changed out of those things on the journey. How are you going to impress a classy girl like Michelle? Mic     I'm easily impressed. Mal     I know you are, sweetie, and I just don't get it.

<driving - taking the ladies to Michelle's place - B>

Mic     My place is over on Mohawk Avenue. Niko    I can find it. Mal     You're settling in pretty good, aren't you, Niko? You're staying with Roman, he got you a good job and all he needs to do now is find you a woman... What you think of Michelle here? Mic     Come on, Mallorie. This is embarassing. Are you trying to set us up? Mal     I'm trying to get you two together so Niko will stop taking up all of Roman's time. Niko    I do not mean to keep Roman away from you. Mal     I know you don't. He just loves you is all. And I think Michelle might too. Mic     Come on. Mal     Alright, but you like him, right? You both like each other so why don't you just go on a date? It never hurt anyone. Here's her number, Niko. Mic     It sounds like we aren't being given much of a choice on this one. Niko    No, I guess not. Mic     Well, you look like the kind of guy I'd like to get to know, Niko. Mal     He looks like he can't afford to eat. Get yourself some nice clothes. You gotta look good if you're going to date a girl like Michelle. Mic     I don't know, I think he looks... interesting... foreign.

<at Michelle's place>

Mal     Thanks for the lift, Niko. Mic     Yeah, thanks. Gimme a call sometime. Niko    See you soon, Michelle.

<phonecall to Roman - A>

Niko    Cousin, I dropped the girls off. The friend gave me her number, but I don't think Mallorie likes my clothes so much. Roman   I know just the place for you, it's on Mohawk in Hove. Go and get something a bit more twenty-first century.

<phonecall to Roman - B>

Niko    Roman, I have taken your Mallorie and her friend where they wanted to go. Michelle gave me her number. Roman   This is a good first step. The next step is to get some clothes that will impress. I know a good place for you on Mohawk in Hove Beach. Get something a bit more American.

<phonecall to Roman - after purchasing some clothes>

Niko    Hey Roman, I got some clothes. It looks like they brought the stuff in from the Old Country though. Roman   We must take what we can get, When the big money rolls in, then we will look real classy. Anyway, you have Michelle. A classy girl for your arm. You should definitely keep dating her.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST DATE (#mk1)

<phonecall to Michelle>

Niko    Hey, Michelle, it's Niko. Roman's cousin. Mic     Oh, Hi. How's it going? Niko    Good, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me sometime? You know, on a date? Mic     Yeah, sure. That could be fun. Yeah, I'd like to get to know you, Niko. Why don't you come over to my place whenever? See you soon!

<phonecall from Michelle - if you wait instead of calling>

Mic     Hey Niko, it's Michelle. We met with Mallorie, Roman's girlfriend. Niko    I remember, what's up Michelle? Mic     I don't normally do this, but I thought you'd be pretty lonely having just moved to Liberty City and all. Niko    You do not normally do what? Mic     You're not making this easy for me, are you? I'm asking you out on a date. Niko    I am sorry, I am still not used to how things work here in America. A date would be good. I am getting sick of hanging out with Roman all the time. How about I pick you up from your apartment? Mic     That sounds good. See you soon.

<phonecall from Roman - en route to Michelle>

Roman   Niko, Bledar has me cornered in the courts under the El Train on Firefly. Niko    What does he want? Roman   I can't think what he could possibly want or why he's be pissed off, can you? Come on guys, let's be reasonable.

<cutscene - at Michelle's apartment>

[Niko knocks on her door.] Mic     Coming... Who is it? Niko    Hey, it's Niko. Mic     Hey... I'm just finishing my hair. Come in. [She opens the door and lets him in.] Niko    Thank you. Mic     I'll be with you in a minute. Niko    Did you just move in? Mic     No... why? Niko    All your stuff is new. Some even still have tags on. Mic     Yeah well... I like things clean. Niko    I can see that... but, er... everything is new. Mic     Yeah. I'm kind of obsessed with cleanliness... things get on my nerves and I just throw them out. OCD or something? Niko    Oh. Mic     So... where you taking me? Niko    Ah... you look good. Mic     Aw, thanks... Niko    I don't know - I'm new here. I thought maybe we could go to the, uh... funfair. Mic     Yeah, great! Let's go - love the funfair! Actually we call it, um, "carnival" here. Just a little difference. Ah... whoop-de-doo!

<driving - going to the carnival - A>

Niko    So, Michelle, what do you like to do? Mic     What do you like to do? Niko    Come on, I asked you first. Mic     I like to keep active I guess. Sports, working out, things like that. I'd like to know about you though. See the places you hang out. Niko    Yeah, maybe another time.

<driving - going to the carnival - B>

Niko    I feel like I should have been more organized. Had a better plan for our date. What do you like doing? Mic     I just want to get to know you, Niko. See the places you hang out. The people you associate with. Niko    You already know Roman. I don't hang out with anybody else really. Mic     You will, give it some time.

<driving - going to the carnival - chose to rescue Roman first>

Mic     So, Niko, why couldn't you come on the date earlier? What happened? Niko    Roman got himself into some trouble. I had to help him out. Mic     Really? Does Roman get himself into a lot of trouble? Is he involved in criminal stuff? Niko    Roman? He's made some mistakes, got involved with people he shouldn't have but really he is a legitimate businessman. Mic     What about you? Niko    I'm just trying to make the right decisions.

<reach the carnival>

Mic     The carnival's closed, Niko. I think some big developers have bought it or something. There's a bowling alley over on the boardwalk. Why don't we play a few frames? Niko    Cool. Let's go bowling then.

<driving - heading up to the bowling alley - A>

Mic     Thanks for taking me out. I haven't been on a date for a while. I'm kind of lonely here. Niko    I though you were doing me a favor by going out with me. Mic     I'm not a local in Liberty City. I came here from somewhere... Niko    Where? Mic     Oh, the midwest. You probably know more people here than me. Niko    More assholes, maybe.

<driving - heading up to the bowling alley - B>

Mic     It's nice to get out of the apartment. Niko    Why's that? You do a lot of work or something? Mic     I'm working the whole time. Sometimes I think all I am is my job. Niko    A lot of people feel that way. It's hard to keep what you do from taking over your life. Mic     You're right there.

<They bowl.>

<returning to Michelle's car>

Niko    So, you don't know many people here in Liberty City. No boyfriends or husbands or anything? Mic     No, I guess I'm married to my job. Niko    Well, what do you do? Mic     What do you do? Niko    Come on, I asked first... Mic     I work with Mallorie. What do you do, exactly? Niko    You're a hard girl to talk to, Michelle. Mic     I guess you're not used to talking to American women. Niko    I guess.

<driving - returning to Michelle's apartment>

Mic     So what are you doing here in Liberty City, Niko? Niko    What's anybody doing here? I don't know. Mic     I think you do. There must be something that made you leave your home and come here. Niko    Roman's bullshit stories maybe. I just felt like I needed a new start. Mic     There's nothing else about Liberty City? Just Roman? Niko    Maybe there is more to this place, I'm not sure yet

<reach Michelle's apartment>

Mic     That was nice. I'm really interested in seeing you again. Niko    Yeah. That would be good. I'll give you a call. Mic     Please do, Niko. See you soon.

<phonecall from Roman - if you chose to go on the date first>

Roman   Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to protect me from those crazy loan sharks you attacked, Niko. Niko    You shouldn't have borrowed money from them in the first place, Roman. Anyway, I was seeing Michelle. I thought you wanted me to date her? Roman   Not when it means me getting beat up and sent to the hospital. Come and pick me up, cousin. And at least tell me you got her titties out? Maybe then your betrayal would be worthwhile. They were nice titties, yes? Niko    You're an animal, Roman. Nothing can stop you being horny. I'll see you soon.

<pick up Roman from the hospital - if you chose to go on the date first>

Roman   There is the man who chose cooch before his cousin. I hope she was worth it. Will you drive me back to the office, cousin? Argh.

<driving - taking Roman to the depot - if you chose to go on the date first>

Roman   How was she cousin? Tell me how she was. I wondered about Michelle when I first met her. If she was not a friend of Mallorie's it would be me with the smell of tittie on my breath and you who ended up in hospital. Niko    Firstly Roman, my breath does not smell of titty. Secondly, I don't think that your loan shark friends could hospitalize me. I can look after myself. Roman   All the more reason why I should have hooked up with Michelle. Everyone would be a winner. Niko    Yes, well, I will not let these men treat you like that again. I'm sorry for letting you down, Roman.

<reach the depot - if you chose to go on the date first>

Niko    Roman, I apologize again for not being there for you. You have done a lot for me since I got here. Roman   The choice between some titties and your safety would have been difficult for me as well. Don't worry, Niko. Call me soon.

<phonecall from Roman - if you chose to go on the date first>

Roman   Shit, Niko. Bledar has me trapped again. This is all your fault. Niko    Okay, Roman. I'm not going to let something else get in the way this time. Where are you? Roman   Over on the courts under the El Train on Firefly. Bledar, buddy, you proved your point the first time...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLEED OUT (#rb04)

<cutscene - in the courts on Firefly>

Roman   Listen, Dardan is a good friend of mine. It was a misunderstanding... oh! [Kalem kicks Roman.] Niko    Hey! Bledar  [to Kalem] Shit, there he is. Keep on fatboy here, and I'll talk to him. [to Niko] Our problem's with your cousin. Niko    I told you to stop. Now it's too late.

<Niko beats up both the Albanians, then goes back to Roman.>


Niko    You alright, cousin? Roman   Yeah, fine. Fucking loan sharks, man. If one more of these gangsters tries to... [They spot Dardan outside the courts.] Roman   Speaking of shitheads, here's Dardan. Come on, my car is over there, let's get him. You drive. I don't feel so good.

<driving - chasing Dardan - A>

Roman   These guys think that they're better than me. They think they can fuck me around and beat me up because there are more of them. Not any longer. Me and you, Niko, me and you are going to show them. Fucking Dardan smashing my fucking stuff. Who does he think he is? Just some fucking petty Albanian hood. If I wanted to buy a stolen TV I'd go to Dardan. Who does he think he's fucking with? Bellic Enterprises, that's who. We're going to the top, Niko, the top. Niko    For now, let's just try to survive, cousin.

<driving - chasing Dardan - B>

Roman   Ever since I got to Hove Beach, Niko, ever since I arrive here I have been pushed around. Vlad, Dardan, Bledar, even Mallorie push me around. Me and you, Niko, me and you going to be in control from now on. Ain't going to let no one push us around. Going to stand up to all these pimps and loan sharks from now on. Liberty City won't know what hit it, man. We going to own this town, Niko. Mark the words that are coming out of my mouth.

<Dardan stops his car at the Twitchin's building and runs up a set of stairs.>

Roman   Dardan is stopping, he trying to get away on foot.

<Niko confronts Dardan when he comes to a dead end. He pulls out a knife, but Niko easily disarms and kills him.>

Niko    Shit! I told myself I wouldn't kill anyone in this country!

<return to the car>

Niko    Dardan ain't a problem for you no more, cousin. Roman   Nice one, cousin. Drive back to the depot, these bruises are starting to pain.

<driving - going to the cab depot - A>

Niko    These men, these shylocks lick Dardan, they always try to squeeze you for everything. A man in Europe, another Russian... Bulgarin. He live on the Adriatic. Believed I owed him money when I did not. He made my life impossible. There was no avoiding him. Roman   Did you deal with him like you did Dardan and Bledar? Niko    He had too many connections for that. I had to leave. He is one of the reasons I came here. Roman   And to see your cousin, of course. Niko    Of course. Roman   We will have no more problems from now on, cousin. It is all plain sailing straight to the top for you and me. Niko    We will see if things are that simple.

<driving - going to the cab depot - B>

Niko    What is it? Roman   I think he broke my rib. Man that hurts. Shit. I need a massage. We should go out and find some ladies, get some massage oil. Niko    What about Mallorie, Roman? You shouldn't stay with her if you want to have these threesomes. Roman   It doesn't matter. Argh, I think I'm in too much pain anyway. Fuck. Niko    You really are American. You don't even swear in our language. Roman   You say this now, but soon even you will forget about the Old Country. Niko    We shall see. I have reasons to remember it. I saw bad things happen there. You do not know what it is that... Roman   Urghgh... I think it must be two ribs. Those fucking punks. What were you saying? Niko    It doesn't matter.

<reach the depot>

Roman   Thank you, cousin, I'll see you later.

<text message from Michelle - if you chose to rescue Roman first>

Niko, where did you go? I couldn't find you. Did something important come up? Are you involved with some bad people?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EASY FARE (#rb05)

<cutscene - at the cab depot office>

Vlad    Come on, hottie, forget about the fat serf. Mal     Vlad! Shut up! [Niko enters] Vlad    But he's a serf, and you're a countess. Talking about serfs... Mal     Oh, hey Niko. Niko    Where's Roman? Mal     Huh. Good question. Vlad    Hey, yokel. Your dumb cousin isn't here. Go get me a coffee. Niko    What? Vlad    Get me a fucking coffee! [Niko stares at him.] Vlad    Come on... I'll get you one... What? You keep staring at me, I'll burst one of your eyeballs. Gorgeous, this guy's a fucking creep! Mal     Give him a break. He's new in the country. Vlad    I can see that. Did you walk here from nineteen eighty five? Niko    Yeah. Vlad    Excellent! Now stop fucking staring at me. I mean, I know I'm good looking and everything, but come on. Roman   [enters] Aah, hey, Mallorie. Hey man! Niko    Hey. Vlad    Huh. About time. Roman   Vlad... Vladdy boy... what's going on? Vlad    Roman! Roman boy... you tell me what's going on. Roman   Nice aftershave! What is that? "Sex Pest"? Vlad    No, it's "Where Is My Fucking Money?" Roman   I had it, I had some of it... then those Albanians you said you would deal with came and smashed my computer. Vlad    So it's my fault? Roman   I didn't say that... Vlad    Good. Roman   Anyway, Niko dealt with them... broke Dardan's arm, then beat up a couple more. Then we teach them a real lesson. Vlad    Is that so? I'll tell you what... while you don't pay, maybe you and Niko can do me a few favors. Roman   Sure. Vlad    Good. Roman   Why not? Mal     Later, Vlad. [Vlad leaves.] Roman   What? Mal     The phone's ringing. Roman   [to phone] Hey? Yeah.. okay... no, I can't do it; my cousin will do it... Yes he can drive... No, he's not a cop. His name is Niko. He'll be right over. [to Niko] Niko, sorry to ask, cousin... can you go pick up Jermaine, one of my regulars? He's over on Rotterdam Hill on Mohawk Avenue. Niko    Whatever. [exits] Roman   What was this all about? Mal     Niko came in looking for you and Vlad told him to get him a fucking coffee and Niko didn't want to. Roman   Coffee? What was he thinking? Mal     I know.

<pick up Jermaine>

Jerm    Thanks for coming. Can you take me over to Masterson Street? Niko    Masterson Street it is, Jermaine.

<driving - taking Jermaine to Masterson Street - A>

Jerm    Shit. I thought Roman was gonna pick me up. I need someone I can trust for this run. Niko    I'm Roman's cousin. If you can trust him, you can trust me. Jerm    Ahh, he told me about you. You're Niko, right? The hotshot lady's man, cruising around the Mediterranean, breaking hearts and making millions? Niko    Yeah, I traded in the yacht for this cab. That's exactly the kind of bullshit I can imagine Roman making up. You've got to give him credit for his imagination. Jerm    Yeah, you gotta. I had a feeling you sounded too good to be true. The question is, are you willing to get your hands dirty? Niko    My hands haven't been clean for a long time. Being here in Liberty City is just making them dirtier. Jerm    Ok, ok. I've got to pick up some hot parts from my lockup, you down? Niko    I ain't got no problem with that. Just don't tell me if you stole this shit from a hospital or a school for sick kids. My conscience is troubled enough already.

<driving - taking Jermaine to Masterson Street - B>

Jerm    Where's Roman? Are you a cop? You've got to tell me if you're a cop. That's the law. Niko    Actually, I don't think I would have to tell you if I was a cop. That's just some bullshit that cops circulate to trick people into doing deals with them. Jerm    So, you're not a cop? Niko    No, I tried to join the LCPD. Jerm    Yeah... Niko    I'm Niko, Roman's cousin. Jerm    Shit, you shoulda told me that. Jesus. You nearly gave me a heart attack. I wouldn't want no cop driving me to pick up a load of hot parts. Niko    You shouldn't have said that, Jermaine. I've grounds to arrest you now. Jerm    Ha ha. That's a joke, right? A funny fucking joke. You should let your cousin stick to the jokes. Making funny don't suit you.

<cutscene - at Jermaine's lockup>

Jerm    That door isn't meant to be open. Wait here while I take a look. [Jermaine gets out to check the garage, and several police cars drive in, sirens wailing.] Jerm    The cops are onto me. Get us out of here! [He gets back in.]

<lose the police>

Jerm    That's a weight off my mind.

<driving - taking Jermaine to Gibson Street - A>

Jerm    So, what brings you to Liberty City, Niko? Niko    Roman, I guess, and some other things. I'm looking for something. Jerm    Good luck finding them. How's the hunt been going so far? Niko    It has not really started yet. I'm getting settled in, you know? Roman has had some issues with loan sharks that needed to be resolved. There's this asshole called Vlad who he owes money to as well... Jerm    Good luck with that...

<driving - taking Jermaine to Gibson Street - B>

Jerm    Did you come to Liberty City to drive cabs then? Niko    No, I didn't. Just like every other chump who gets off a boat here, I thought things might be more exciting. This is just the beginning. It seems I need to sort out my cousin's life before I can work on my own. Jerm    Oh yeah, what's wrong with Roman's life? Niko    He appears to owe money to half of Hove Beach. I got rid of one group of loan sharks but this asshole, Vlad, he has his hooks into him as well. Jerm    Roman is lucky to have you here, Niko.

<on Masterson Street>

Jerm    Okay, we're here. Thanks man. Keep looking after Roman, a'ight.

<phonecall to Roman>

Niko    Roman, I got your friend, Jermaine, where he wanted to go. Roman   Good Niko, thanks, thanks... can't talk, see you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JAMAICAN HEAT (#rb06)

<cutscene - at the cab depot office>

Roman   [to radio] Head into town. I don't give a fuck if the bridge is busy, you're a cab driver! [Niko enters.] Roman   Hey. [to phone] Hello, Roman Bellic Enterprises... No, Mr. Bellic has stepped away from his office, can I take a message? Okay... great... No, I'm not gay... Yes, I'll... I'll tell him. [to radio] Car seven, head to South Slopes. Come on, where are you, Mohammad? [to phone] Hello, Roman Bellic's offi... [to Niko] Shit. Fucking battery. This is chaos! Niko    Capitalism is a dirty business. Roman   Yeah... like war? Niko    Not exactly. Roman   No. Maybe not. When you going to tell me properly about what happened? I'm not going to judge you. Niko    Ahh... when you got time. [Another phone rings, Roman hangs it up immediately.] Roman   There, I have time. Niko    Another time. Can I help? Roman   Okay. Yes... go pick up my friend, Little Jacob... he's a good man. Likes to smoke a bit. Look after him. He's on Oneida Avenue in South Slopes. Niko, man, we should talk some time - I'm a good listener. Niko    Whatever, man. [exits] Roman   [to phone] Mohammad, where the fuck are... Oh! Miss Weinstock, no no, not you... what can I do for you today?

<pick up Jacob>

Jacob   Alright breda, forward a Dillon Street, in Schottler.

<driving - taking Jacob to Dillon Street - A>

Jacob   Ya Niko? The one me man Roman's been talking about all this time? Cousin Niko, gonna help Roman take over de world and ting? Niko    I guess so. Jacob   Respect. Alright, alright. We going to this spot where I need ya to wait for I, seen? I gotta ask ya another favor too. Niko    Go for it. Jacob   Can you take dis piece? Ya hear any ting bad going down, you come and help, sight? Niko    Are you worried about this? I know how to use a gun if you want me to keep watch on things. Jacob   Realness brother, you are me man Roman's cousin. Thanks, respect. This ras clot had a rukus with me bredren Real Badman de other day. I want to make peace, but jah know what type of shit they might pull off.

<driving - taking Jacob to Dillon Street - B>

Jacob   Alright, alright. Ya me man Roman's cousin, ain't ya? Two of ya going to rule this city and ting, ain't it? Niko    I don't know about that. It seems Roman has enough problems running his own life, let alone the whole city. Jacob   That is fe me breda. Seen, Niko, seen. Can ya do me a favor? You see, Real Badman, me boss man, he get in a fight with these boys and I gots to go down te make peace. They got too fierce and I ain't sure this is gonna be an easy ting. Can you keep an eye on the meet with I's piece? Niko    This is something I am more equipped to do than drive people around for Roman. Jacob   Righteous. I gonna feel safer with some backup inna de ground.

<at the alley on Dillon Street>

Jacob   Alright. There be a spot up there. Watch out for any badness. Niko    Sure.


[Three men walk in holding guns.] Jacob   What dis? I thought there was only going to be one of yous coming? Badness Jacob, Jacob, Jacob... we have te teach Badman his lesson and ting. Jacob   Shit, Niko. Get these bloodclots. Badness Rhaatid, someone be inna de ground.

<They fight, Niko shoots all three dead. Another man walks out a door on a low rooftop nearby.>

Jacob   Watch yourself, coo pon de other one inna the ground.

<Niko kills him too. They return to the vehicle.>

Jacob   Sorry for maga dog, maga dog turn round bite you. Come here back a' homebrew cafe.

<driving - taking Jacob to the cafe - A>

Jacob   You a real creation stepper, Niko, righteous wit dat piece. Niko    I have had much experience. Jacob   I tink we could do some work together and tings. Inna the future, ya know? Niko    I am always looking for work, if it pays. Jacob   Here's me number. Mek we link up soon.

<driving - taking Jacob to the cafe - B>

Jacob   Badman get I an' I in all type of shit you know, Niko. Niko    I have the feeling it will be same story with Roman. He has been the same way since we were very young. Jacob   Ya the type of man who can get out of a rukus, seen? Niko    You look like you can look after yourself as well, man. Jacob   I might have some work for you now Niko. Here's my number.

<at the cafe>

Jacob   Thanks for everything, ya can keep the piece. I tink ya know fe use it better than I an' I do. One love.

<phonecall to Roman>

Niko    Roman, I took Jacob where he wanted to go. Driving for you ain't as boring as I thought it would be. Roman   Jacob is a good man, watching glue dry with Jacob would not be boring. Thank you, cousin.

<phonecall from Roman - later on>

Roman   Niko, now that you've settled into life in Liberty City, I was wondering if you could start to help your cousin with the family business? Niko    I thought all I'd been doing since I got here was helping you out. Roman   You have, you have, but I mean officially. I need more drivers for the cab company. I'll pay you properly. Niko    Okay then. Roman   Just call me whenever you want to take a fare. You can do as many as you like, Niko. There are always more customers.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONCRETE JUNGLE (#lj1)

<phonecall from Jacob>

Jacob   Yo Niko, wha'gwan? Niko    Alright, you know, getting by. Jacob   Yo, me need your help with something, y'know. Will you come to my place on Dillon Street? Niko    Sure, I was looking to branch out a bit anyway. I'll see you soon.

<cutscene - at the entrance to Jacob's apartment>

[Niko buzzes to be let in. They speak through the intercom.] Jacob   Yo... who dat ah ring me bell, star? Who dat? Niko    It's Niko. Jacob   Niko... yeah, me bleach hard last night, ya know? Me soon come yo, just hold on. Niko    What? [Jacob opens the door.] Jacob   Wha' happen, Niko? Niko    Hey. Jacob   Glad fe see de man, ya know. Wha'happen to my man Roman? Niko    Roman? Yeah. He's okay. Jacob   Yeah? Niko    He's still waiting for his big break. Jacob   Big break? Cho, a promise is comfort fe a fool ya know, Niko. The boy have fe creep before him can walk ya know. Niko    Yeah... Jacob   Anyway, let's go for a lickle drive. Come.

<get in car>

Jacob   Yo, me have a deal fe make ya know. We have fe go ah Saratoga Avenue in Willis. Ya mind taking dis wheel? This herb don't do too well for my hand an' my eye co-ordination.

<driving - going to Saratoga Avenue - A>

Jacob   Ya sure ya don't want some? Niko    I'm sure. Jacob   You mind I keep the windows closed, keep the ganja inna the car, hot box, seen? Niko    So, what's the deal? Jacob   I'm a buying some Kali off of a new source, ya know? Don't know if it's all this herb, but, I major paranoid. I don't trust dem. Niko    Who arranged this deal? Jacob   Some harbor shark and his crew. Badman know dem a long time, but I tink dey feisty. And if this goes wrong, I don't know what kinda shit Badman gonna lay upon their door, ya know? Niko    You think this is a set up? Jacob   I don't know, I been smoking hard, you know? It fucks wit me brain a little, makes me think all type a' shit. A dread who don't trust himself can't trust no one else, seen? Ya can't shake no hands when your fist be clenched. Ya hear me, breda? Niko    Sure. I hear you.

<driving - going to Saratoga Avenue - B>

Jacob   Ya a good man, Niko. Good man like Roman. Ain't all good men inna dis world ya know, seen? Niko    This, I am very aware of. Jacob   I have fe go deal wit Badman's set up. But I ain't tinking these boys is genuine, seen? I tink dey are some harbor sharks, greedy and ting. You hear me? Niko    Sure. What you buying? Jacob   Some Kali. Me and Badman ah sell it all pon da corner all over Liberty City - Broker, Dukes, Bohan. We got it sewn up, but me no like deal with new source, ya know? Don't like it at all. Niko    Why you doing it? Jacob   Badman say fe do it, I an' I do it. But trouble no set like rain, he don't see that there could be a problem.

<on Saratoga Avenue>

Jacob   Go round da back in case one a dem try get jumpy and run off wi the ganja. Keep hold of dis vehicle, we might need fe get out of here quick.

<phonecall from Jacob - while in the alley>

Jacob   Cha! Dey didn't have no stuff and tried to make coil. I still got it though. Finish dem if dem try come out de back. I got the front covered.

<Niko runs down the three men as they try to leave the alley, then picks up Jacob.>

Niko    I got them. Jacob   Ya a real badman ya know Niko. Respect. Forward a Savannah Avenue inna Meadows Park.

<driving - going to Savannah Avenue - A>

Jacob   Ya a bad boy, Niko. I don't know what I would be doing without ya, ya know. Badman say I gots to get de blood clot who set I up. Niko    Alright. Jacob   Drive while I black up some more ya know, breda. The ras clot tinks he can cold up Badman. He a fool... he's a dead fool... De boy is no match for I and I. He's nuttin!

<driving - going to Savannah Avenue - B>

Jacob   Me knew da boy was a harbor shark ya know, Badman no tink it a problem. It be real boderation if I me nah have no bad man like you ah ride wit me. Nuh true. Niko    Shit Jacob, you're paying me and is more fun than killing cockroaches for Roman. Jacob   Ya a righteous man ya know. Righteous, for real.

<on Savannah Avenue>

Jacob   Here we be. Are ya wit me, breda? Niko    Yes. Jacob   We ah put some rude boys inna ground.

<at the front entrance to a house>

Jacob   Alright ya ready? We gonna set dis place pon fire to blood clot!

<They shoot up several Jamaican gangsters in the house.>

Jacob   Wicked, ya see it? I an' I get dem all. Yo, mek we break outta here. I tink some more soon turn up.

<back in the car>

Jacob   Cha, dey too late to stop I and I. Bring us back to the cafe and ting.

<driving - going to the cafe - A>

Jacob   Real Badman gonna be happy wit dis and ting, jah know. Tank you me breda. Niko    Don't mention it. It was a pleasure. Jacob   I look out for Badman like how you look out for Roman. Niko    He's my cousin. Jacob   Blood be the ticket bond dere is ya know? Loyalty is not always an easy ting ya know star. Badman tell me, say yo Jacob kill him, Jacob shoot dat, etcetera, etcetera. Ain't always logical, but I an' I follow. Seen? De other day, him cold stab a man for giving us screw-face. Niko    Orders are sometimes hard. You must be sure you agree before you follow - I have made that mistake myself, a long time ago. Jacob   For real. I know ya right ya know breda, but Badman is my braa. I follow him wherever.

<driving - going to the cafe - B>

Jacob   Seen, seen. We teach dem bumba clots a lesson and ting. People fuck with Badman, they got I and I fe talk to. Niko    Maybe Badman should be more careful about who he sets up his deals with? Jacob   Want it want it, can't get it, get it get it, don't want it. Sight? Niko    You're going to have to explain that to me. My English is not so good. Jacob   It means everyone want what de big man's got, but de big man don't see it because him got everyting. Everyone trying to be the big man, seen? Niko    Everybody trying to take everybody down. That is the law of the jungle, no? Jacob   That's the law of the concrete jungle, rasta. Liberty City! You hear me?

<at the cafe>

Jacob   We dere. Thanks for everyting. Keep dis little something to say yo, we appreciate your assistance. Seen? Me talk to ya soon. Niko    See you later.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Niko    Roman, how's it going? Roman   You know, cousin, things have been looking up since you got here. Niko    If things are looking up now, I hate to think what they were like before I arrived. Roman   I hear you are working with Little Jacob. He's a good man, Niko, a good man. Niko    I can't tell what he is saying most of the time, but I like him. Roman   That is your bad English, Niko. Once you have been in America for longer you will understand him perfectly. Niko    Sure I will, Roman. later on.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHADOW (#lj2)

<cutscene - at the entrance to Jacob's apartment>

[Niko walks in the door, Badman knocks him on the ground and holds his gun on him.] Niko    Hey! Ah! Badman  Hey boy, don't move, don't move. Niko    What the fuck, are you kidding me? Badman  Me say don't move boy. Who are you? Where ya come from? Who are you? Niko    Hey, man, I'm here to see Jacob. It's Niko. Badman  Niko? Jacob   [yelling] Badman, what gwa'an down there so? Badman  [yelling] Some boy down here, sir, beat up the door. Some boy dere, sir, call himself Niko, say he wan' see ya, rude boy. Jacob   [yelling] Niko? Ah me boy that, Badman. Yo, free up the boy, man. Yo. Badman  [yelling] Your boy dat? Jacob   [yelling] Yeah. Badman  Cho! Come, my youth. Come upstairs to talk wit' Mr. Jacob and ting, man. Jacob   [yelling] Ah him de one work wit' Roman, de one dat control the taxi... Badman  Ya know, when ya have people dat knock upon people door an' ting, ya have fe careful an' ting. Niko    No, it's ok. Badman  Yah man. See what me tell? [They walk up to the apartment.] Niko    Don't worry about it. Badman  Ya have to watch out dere, ya know. See, ya boy over dere, sir. Niko, go deal wit' dem, see him dere. Jacob   Wha' happen, Niko? Ya alright? Niko    Hey, no problem. As good an introduction as any other. Jacob   Yeah, me hear that, ya know? Anyway... some boy around ya boy Badman, ya know. Him want ask ya a favor. Gwa'an, nuh? Badman  Hey, my youth. Some boy dem, dey pon de corner an' ting, an... de boy dem sell some tings and ting, an'... I gwa'an, an' I say... oh, dem nah wan' gimme my money an ting. An'... every corner my corner an'.... I want my money an' ting, ya know? Ah no see dat! Go, go, ya know, me wan' deal with de case proper. Ya nah see it? Jacob   Alright, let me explain. Is a business ting a gwa'an down dere. Niko    Right. Jacob   Dey ah sellin' weed where dey not suppose to sell weed, an' dey nah cutting him in. Niko    Okay. Jacob   So wan' ya go down dere and deal wit dem. Seen? Niko    Right. It's not gonna be cheap. Where do I find him? Badman  Cheap? Cheap, my youth? Ya worry bout cheap? We nah worry bout cheap, ya know! De boy dem dere pon de corner! Me say de boi dem a got tings, and uh, on my corner dey a done ting and... Is a heavy corner on my corner, tell ya me now right after de boy! Dem a gwa'an an say "Oh! Dem nah wan' gimme my money." Oh! Say fe gwa'an wit' dat! Jacob   Alright, hear me now. What Badman is saying is... de boy dem a some novice, seen? Ya find dem when ya go pon de corner of Alpha and South Bohan. Seen? When ya go down dere so, yuh see an... tsk! An' just deal wit' dem, seen? Ah go find and turn in work, alright? Niko    Alright. Jacob   Alright. Ya want some of dat sliff here? Niko    No thanks. Jacob   Ya sure? Niko    I'm sure. Jacob   Alright. Respect. [Niko leaves.] Badman  My youth. Pass me some of dat ting ya have over dereso. Jacob   Alright, here hold that, king.

<cutscene - on the corner of Wallkill Avenue and Switch Street>

Dealer  That's some good shit. You done cleaned me out. [Junkie walks off into an alley.] Dealer  [to phone] Yo! I'm all out of product. Dropping in to pick some up. Be ready.

<phonecall from Roman - following the dealer>

Roman   Niko, it's your cousin. You want to shoot some pool? Niko    Shit Roman, I can't talk now. Damn.

<Niko follows the dealer to an apartment and kills him and his suppliers.>

<phonecall to Jacob>

Niko    Tell Badman that I got rid of the competition. Jacob   Righteous. De corner belong to I again. Ain't nobody goin' to fuck with I's corner no more, no tings. One love, Niko.

<phonecall from Jacob - later on>

Jacob   Alright me man, Niko. How's it going? Niko    Okay, you and Badman got any more work you need help with? Jacob   It's a funny thing that you should mention that to me, brother. Badman is right impressed with what you doing for I an' I. He want know if you want deliver some package around town to some various people and ting inna the city. Plenty o' corn in that for you, you know. Niko    That sounds good. Jacob   Wicked, man. Give I a call when you ready for this first run. There be a lot of work so call whenever, you know. One love, bredren.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BULL IN A CHINA SHOP (#vg1)

<phonecall from an unknown caller>

Vlad    Yokel, fatty Roman's cousin, it's Vlad. Niko    Vlad? Name doesn't ring any bells. I'm sorry. Vlad    You better start remember important people you dumb peasant. Your cousin owes me a lot of money. If you don't want to make things real difficult for him you're going to come to Comrades Bar on Mohawk. I have a work for you.

<cutscene - at Comrades Bar>

Mel     Ah, fuck you! You're a bunch of pussies and fags. Mickey  Nice. Mel     I'm going back to the meetings. Mickey  Good. Mel     I'm going to be somebody! Mickey  Yeah, yeah. See you later, Mel. Mel     You always were an asshole, Mickey... Mickey  Hey! Watch where you're going. [Niko enters and shoves Mel to the ground as he stumbles around.] Niko    Hey! Mel     Hey... Mickey  I tried to tell ya. Mel     Fuck you... Niko    Excuse me. [Mel leaves, Niko heads to the back where Vlad is, passing Ivan as he leaves.] Vlad    So, Ivan - I see you later, okay? Yokel, fatty Roman's cousin... what's your name again? Niko    Big mouth prick. Vlad    Very catch, sit down. Cousin... Niko... that's it, Niko... not big mouth prick. You funny guy. Niko    I try. Vlad    Yes... and this one, I let you take the shit out of me. Niko    Take the shit? Vlad    Yes, mickey about. Niko    I don't understand. Vlad    People who fuck with me get fucked with! Niko    Okay, fine. Calm down. Vlad    Whatever, some old man not paid me in months, and I'm not kind of person who is treated this way. Old bastard owns a china shop on Camden Avenue in Dukes. Here you go... [Vlad sets a bat down onto the table.] Vlad    Don't hurt him. Just teach him a lesson. Niko    I don't need a bat to teach a lesson.

<cutscene - at the china shop>

Niko    [knocking] Hey, let me in. You owe Vlad protection money, old man. Man     Big Vlad and his protection money, I so scared. What I need protection from? Niko    You think this door is going to save your shop? There's shit I can break out here. Man     Vlad should pay me to tell punks like you to go away. He get no money.

<cutscene - bust one of the windows>

Man     Stop it shit brain. I pay up now, I pay up. Here's your money. I hope you and Vlad choke on it. Niko    Sure, whatever.

<cutscene - back at Comrades Bar>

Vlad    Hey yokel, you manage to do the job? Get Vlad his money? Niko    He paid up. I had to smash the shop up pretty good, but he paid. Vlad    Don't worry your little peasant head about it. Stupid jerk made a mistake of telling me how much he gets that shit for back east. He's the biggest crook in the neighborhood. Lucky I don't tell his customers what they're paying for. Niko    That it? Can I go now? Vlad    Sure, get out of my face.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HUNT OUT TO DRY (#vg2)

<text message from Vlad>

Yokel, come see me for more work. - Vlad

<cutscene - at Comrades Bar>

Guy     You're going to have your license revoked... Mickey  What? Guy     My friend, smoking in a bar is a crime. Plain and simple. Mickey  You're joking right? This is a joke... [They keep arguing while Niko shows up and talks with Vlad.] Vlad    [to phone] Hey, Mallorie. Tell fatty his cousin is okay... he just walked in. [to Niko] Great girl. Niko    Yeah? Stay away from her. Vlad    Of course. Now listen - you did good with that business the other day, but now one more peasant is trying to avoid paying. Niko    Who? Vlad    Muscovski jerk who owns a laundry on Masterson Street. Thinks in this country, business is done differently. Says he will call cops on us. Niko    Okay. So? Vlad    Jerk needs to be taught a lesson. Give him a beating. Let him know... might is right! Guy     Hey, stop that smoking back there. Vlad    [translated] Screw you. Guy     Easy, buddy. Vlad    Go on. Do what you gotta do. But remember, you see a cop... you don't know me. Niko    I see anyone, I don't know you. Vlad    Ho, ho.

<cutscene - at the laundromat>

Niko    I have a message from Vlad. Musco   Shit, stay away from me! [Muscovski throws a container full of laundry at Niko, then runs out the back.]

<Niko chases Muscovski's laundromat van and rams it until he stops.>

<cutscene - on the side of the road>

Musco   You got me. You got me, okay? Niko    Why have you no paid Vlad the money you owe him? Musco   I'm going to, I have just been having the trouble getting it together. Vlad is impatient man. Niko    You will be getting the money to him soon, or your wife shall be using your washing machines to get blood out of your clothes. Do you understand? I do not ask twice for a favor. Musco   I understand. I will get it to him. I thought this country was different.

<phonecall to Vlad>

Niko    I spoke to the Laundromat owner. He gets the message. He will pay you now. Vlad    I like your style. You can be an intimidating guy. It's a shame everybody knows what a stupid yokel you are when you open your mouth, eh? Come back to the bar soon.

<phonecall from Roman - later on>

Roman   Niko, how you doing? This is so much fun. Niko    You know Roman, I haven't been having that much fun since I got here. Has been a lot like hard work. Roman   Well, you should hang out with your cousin more often. Niko    Maybe that is the problem. Roman   Ha ha. I'm sitting here with Brucie. Well, we're sitting here and calling the cops and watching them show up and look around. The fucking stupid bastards. Niko    You shouldn't cry wolf, Roman. Who knows when you will really need help. Roman   Fuck, I think they see us. Have to go, Niko.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLEAN GETAWAY (#vg3)

<cutscene - at Comrades Bar>

Vlad    Ahh, yokel there you are, okay. Niko    Vlad. Vlad    Come on, let's go for a walk, okay? Niko    Right. Vlad    Okay, come on. [They walk outside, down the road.] Niko    Where are we going? Vlad    To my car. Niko    Why? Vlad    Because of your cousin owing me a lot of money and until he pays me, your fresh off the boat yokel ass is mine. What the fuck you mean why? [Vlad shoves people out of his way as he heads down the sidewalk.] Niko    Hey, you're a pretty relaxed guy, huh Vlad? Vlad    Come on. [translated] Move, you old hag. [to Niko] Come on, yokel. Niko    What's wrong with you? You gonna jump me? Vlad    No... I had a late night last night. Spent it with . Niko    Great. Vlad    Yeah... wild. Niko    So who the hell is Mikhail? Vlad    Mikhail's the man... shit my nose is bleeding. Is my nose bleeding? Niko    No. Not yet. Vlad    Fuck face. Come on. [He walks in front of a moving car.] Vlad    Wait! I'm walking here. Let's go. Damn city always trying to run you down, huh? [Some vagabond steps out of an alley and tries to say something.] Vlad    Get a job, you deadbeat crack head. [Vlad kicks him away.] Vlad    Man, where do these people get off? Like I'm gonna pay for their drug habits? Well say something... you're so fucking laid back. Moron! Come on. [They get in Vlad's car, and he starts snorting coke.] Vlad    Want some? [Niko refuses.] Vlad    Good. Niko    We walked all the way down here so you could snort coke? Vlad    No... listen, aaah, that's better... agh that's better. Man, Mikhail gets the good stuff... it's got some laxative in it, though... gives you stomach problems. Niko    Nice detail. Vlad    Yeah, listen, ah... where were we? Niko    I don't know. Vlad    Oh yeah... So, I need you to head up to Dukes and get a car for me. It's a silver Blista, and it's parked in the projects by E.I.C. subway station, okay? Niko    Sure. You got keys? Vlad    Err, no, yokel, I need you to take the car. Asshole owes Mikhail some money. Take his car instead, eh? Niko    We gonna drive over there. Vlad    What? Niko    Are we going to drive over there? Vlad    No, you're gonna take the train, buddy. You think I wanna be in a car with a peasant? Come on, I'm gonna go meet somebody... have a little party... Niko    Okay. Fine. [Niko gets out and Vlad drives off.] Niko    Have fun... dick head.

<Niko takes the train up to the East Island City station. He finds the Blista nearby with two men.>

Niko    This car belong to Vlad? Jimmy   No, it's mine, who asking? Niko    It belongs to Vlad now. You should pay your debts. Jimmy   You that fat Russian's bitch? Just try and take.

<Niko incapacitates them both, then takes the car.>

<phonecall to Vlad>

Niko    I have your new car, Vlad. It's not pretty though, real dirty. Vlad    Dirty? I can't sell a dirty car. I know your cousin likes them dirty. Maybe your whole yokel family drive around in their dirty cars but it's not the way over here. Fucking peasants don't do nothing right. Niko    Hey, I could fuck this car up worse than a little dirt. Vlad    Relax man. You should lose your edge. There's a carwash over on Saratoga Avenue. Just take it there and then to my lockup just off Mohawk. Did they give the car up easy?

<continued phonecall - Jimmy not hurt>

Niko    It was easy. I didn't even have to hurt the guy. Vlad    Good, dead guys can't pay interest, you're learning.

<continued phonecall - Jimmy damaged, but still alive>

Niko    He's a little bruised, but he gave it up easy enough. Vlad    Good, dead guys can't pay interest, you're learning.

<continued phonecall - Jimmy is dead>

Niko    He was reluctant, he is dead now. Vlad    Stupid bastard, at least I got my money.

<Niko takes the car to the Express Wash, then to Vlad's lockup.>

<phonecall to Vlad>

Niko    I put the car in your lockup. Vlad    You not as stupid as you look, yokel. Come back to see me at the bar soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IVAN THE NOT SO TERRIBLE (#vg4)

<cutscene - at Comrades Bar>

Mickey  Hey, how ya doing? [Seeing Vlad isn't around, Niko sits down at the bar.] Niko    Hey, Mickey. Mickey  What'll you have? Niko    Glass of water. Mickey  Glass of water. [Vlad walks in the back and pokes his finger into the back of Niko's head.] Vlad    Bang, bang, you are dead. Wake up, you moron. Niko    You got me. Vlad    Come over here. Sit down. You remember Ivan? Niko    No. Vlad    Guy you saw me talking to. This guy. Er... this guy? [He shows him a picture from his phone.] Niko    Oh, yes. You guys had a little kiss. Vlad    Very funny... what would you say if I told you he was going to rob your cousin? Niko    I'd say... what problem has he got with my cousin? Vlad    Hold on. [to phone] Hey, hey, hey gorgeous... no, I can't talk right now... What are you wearing?... No, I mean underneath it... great... Listen, I'll call you back, eh? [to Niko] Sorry. Niko    Who was that? Vlad    Never you mind. Niko    Was it Ivan? Vlad    Ooh, that's funny. You know, for a dumb yokel, you're a very funny guy. Niko    Yes, and for an annoying dick, you're really an annoying dick. Vlad    Well, it's a real shame, then, that I'm the guy with the powerful friends, and you're the little punk whose only friend is some fat weasel who drives a fucking cab... Niko    So... why is Ivan going to rob my cousin? Vlad    Because I want you to kill him. Niko    What? Vlad    He's angered Mikhail... Mr. Faustin. Offended him. He thinks he's stealing some paperwork from Roman. You catch him, and kill him... then we say it was just a robbery that failed. Niko    And what if I say I don't want to be your hitman? Vlad    Then Mr. Faustin will be very angry with you... and your cousin. Niko    Hmm, okay. Vlad    I knew we would understand each other, once I put it in this simple way. Now, go wait for him by the cab depot! [Niko leaves.] Vlad    [to phone] Hey gorgeous, yeah where were we?... Okay now listen, let's talk about tonight...

<Niko chases Ivan as he speeds out of the cab depot. He eventually comes to a stop where a large truck blocks the road. There, he flees into a construction site and climbs a crane, then jumps across several buildings. At the end of the block, he slips off the edge and clings to it. He pleads for his life with Niko standing over him.>

Niko    There ain't nowhere left for you to run. Ivan    Please. Vlad told you to kill me, right? I wasn't stealing nothing from your cousin's place! Vlad told me to go there. Let me go and I'll lay low. No one's going to know that I'm alive. Not even my mother. I'll stay out of Hove Beach. I'll be a ghost. I promise. Please!

<cutscene - choose to kill Ivan>

Niko    I promised to deal with you. I don't break promises. [Niko kicks him off the roof; he falls dead upon the sidewalk.]

<phonecall to Vlad - choose to kill Ivan>

Niko    Ivan is dead. He came to a sticky end. Vlad    Hey, you and your cousin's girlfriend should get together. She likes sticky finishes as well. Niko    Fuck you. Say that to my face and I will break you.

<cutscene - choose to spare Ivan>

Niko    Get up. [He helps Ivan back up to the roof.] Niko    If Vlad wants you dead, you can't be all bad. Stay out of Hove Beach. Ivan    Thank you. You won't regret this, man. I am outta here! Wanted to leave anyway, get away from all these people from back home. Get into the real America. You never gonna see me around here again. I owe you my life, man. You're a good man, you're a good man, thank you.

<phonecall to Vlad - choose to spare Ivan>

Niko    You won't be seeing your boyfriend Ivan no more. You going to miss him? Vlad    No I'm not. I'm getting enough pussy at the moment. I tell you, is so much better if woman already have a man. Because you don't have to deal with all their shit all day. Take Mallorie, for example... Niko    Fuck you. Say this to my face and I will break you.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNCLE VLAD (#rb07)

<cutscene - at the cab depot office>

Niko    Hey, what's wrong? Roman   Hey, cousin. Bullshit. Niko    What's bullshit? Roman   Mallorie. Niko    Oh. What about her? Roman   I like her... I really like her... Niko    But you keep messing around with other women. Roman   Yeah... no. I think she's messing around with Vlad. I saw his car parked outside her place the other day. Niko    Yeah... Roman   You knew? Niko    I had suspicions. Roman   You fucking knew? Niko    What was I going to say? Roman   You knew my woman was banging this warthog and you didn't do anything? Niko    I didn't... Roman   You didn't say anything? Niko    I didn't know! Roman   You're an asshole, Niko Bellic, a disloyal user. After what I did for you, you dick! You fucking dick! Niko    I'm sorry! Roman   Screw you. Niko    Alright, so you want me to deal with it, right now? Roman   No. Sit down. Niko    No! I'm not going to stand here and have you call me disloyal. You might let some Russian asswipe bang your woman, but I won't. Roman   But you fucking did! Niko    That before I knew you cared! You always were a hypocrite. [Niko walks out.] Roman   Niko... wait. Don't do anything stupid. Wait for me!

<get into a vehicle>

Roman   Tell me you're just blowing off some steam... You're going for a little drive... you're going to leave Vlad alone, right?

<driving - going to Comrades Bar - A>

Roman   Don't do anything stupid, cousin. Niko    Nothing as stupid as letting that fat swine give it to Mallorie. Roman   Hey, it happens, we have an open relationship. I do my thing, she does hers. Maybe next time I might watch them at it... Urgh... to watch his fat, hairy, sweaty back going up and down. I can't take it. How could she do this? Niko    I knew you cared. I have to do this.

<driving - going to Comrades Bar - B>

Roman   Cousin, this is crazy. We got each other. We don't need women in our lives. I getting tired of Mallorie. She's too old for me anyway. Niko    You have been pushed around too much, Roman. You let these people use you, use me. They will not use Mallorie as well. She is too good for that. Roman   She's too good for me. Vlad should have her. Niko    I will show Vladdy what he can have.

<at Comrades>

Roman   Wait Niko, you have to think this through. Niko    Stay out here, let the big boys have their conversation inside.

<cutscene - inside Comrades Bar>

Vlad    Gimme a drink. Mickey  You got it. Vlad    Anyway... [translated] Cabbages? Why eat cabbages when you can have potatoes? [Him and his goons laugh. Niko walks in.] Niko    Hey. Vlad    [translated] Potatoes... Niko    Vladdy boy! I'd like a word with you. Vlad    What are you doing here? Did I summon you... boy? Niko    I told you to stay away from Mallorie. Vlad    Go away! Niko    And now Roman is upset. Vlad    Oh, Roman is upset. Excuse me. Do you think I give a fuck, peasant? [Roman walks in.] Vlad    Oh, there he is. Hey fatty, I'm sorry you're so upset. Boo fucking hoo. Roman   Hey, Vlad, can't we just talk about this? Niko    Hold on. You stay away from Mallorie. Vlad    I must be hearing things... I could have sworn for a minute this ratty little yokel told me what to do. Did you hear that boys? Goon    Yeah. Vlad    Now... get them out of here!

<Niko quickly deals with the goons while Vlad runs out the back to his car. Niko and Roman get back in their vehicle.>

<driving - chasing Vlad - A>

Roman   Alright, he's running away. We win, let's go home. Niko    I'm not walking away until this thing is finished. Roman   It is finished, he's running. We won't see him again. Niko    He'll come back. The only thing that will hold him down is six feet of dirt. Roman   Forget about Mallorie. Plans change and... you know, when Vlad is done with her... Niko    Grow a fucking spine. You think Vlad won't come after us when I am chasing him like this? I have to end it, here and now. Roman   Shit, I don't like this. Fuck... fuck.

<driving - chasing Vlad - B>

Roman   You scared him good, Niko. He's going to stay away from Mallorie for sure. Niko    I am not done with Vladdy yet. Not even nearly am I done with him. Roman   Come on, Niko. This is stupid. All for a woman. We should not throw everything away for one girl. Niko    This is principle, we do this because we will not be stepped upon. By doing nothing, we let Vlad take everything from us.

<Vlad crashes>

Niko    Keep your head down, I'm going to finish this. Roman   Stop, Niko... shit!

<cutscene - at a pier in BOABO, Niko confronts Vlad>

Vlad    Fucking yokel, you think you can get away with killing me? Niko    I guess I'll find out. Vlad    You think this is worth it? You're throwing you and your fatty cousin's lives away for that bit of Puerto Rican chocha. Niko    I'm throwing your life away, prick. We'll do alright. Vlad    My friends will track you down, you won't last a moment. Niko    I'll last longer than you will, shithead. Vlad    Fuck you, I wish I could be there to watch Mikhail cut your peasant balls off.

<execute Vlad>

Vlad    Hove Beach is a small place, my friends will find you. [Niko shoots him in the head.] Niko    You were the stupid one, Vladdy boy. Nobody fucks with my family.


[Niko drags Vlad's body toward the water. Roman runs over.] Niko    Eeeh, you're a big boy Vladdy. Roman   Niko! Niko    Well, I guess this is over. Roman   What have you done? Niko    What does it look like? Roman   We're dead! Niko    No, he's dead... we're fine. Roman   He has powerful friends... serious people... I told you to be calm you hot headed chump! Niko    I am calm. He tried to kill us. He screwed your girlfriend. What do you expect? I give him a massage? Roman   Shit! Shit! Shit! Niko    When I was in the army... we were going on a mission... to ambush a squad who had killed a lot of innocent people. They were our enemies... but we never did it. There were fifteen of us. All boys from the village. But one of us betrayed the group. It was a setup... for money! Twelve people died, three escaped. I know the traitor was not me... So for ten years I've been searching for the other two. One of them lives here. Roman   Why are you telling me this now? Do you always get sentimental after you kill people? Niko    You kept asking... Roman   Wonderful! You're here on some revenge mission for something that happened ten years ago. And you don't care whose life you ruin on the way? Niko    No. Roman   Well what? Niko    I don't know... I just want to know why they did it. Who     Let's hide the body, at least for a while... Who     Put him in the river... [Together, they roll his body toward the water. A siren wails in the distance.] Roman   Shit. We should get out of here. Niko    You go. I'll catch up with you later. [Roman runs off, and Niko finishes the job.]

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (#rb08)

<phonecall from Roman>

Roman   [quietly] Niko, Niko. Are you there cousin? Niko    Roman, I'm here. What are you doing? Why do you whisper? Roman   I am on Tulsa Street, near Perestroika. Come Niko, quick.

<cutscene - around the corner from Perestroika>

Niko    Where are you, Roman? [Roman pops out of the dumpster on the corner.] Roman   Psst, Niko! Niko    [laughing] Roman! What are you doing in the dumpster, man? Roman   Are they there? Niko    What are you talking about... get out of there, man. Roman   I'm freaking out, man. I'm being followed... I saw them... Niko    Don't be ridiculous. You're being paranoid. Roman   I'm being? Fuck you. Fuck you... everything was fine, and then you show up... and now we're dead... because Faustin is a psychopath... he's going to kill us... because we killed Vlad. Vlad was his man... that's how it works... you kill their guy, they kill you! Niko    Roman, get out of there, man. Listen to me, Vlad was a piece of trash. They don't care about him. All they care about is making money. So, we say we work for them. Now get out of there, you smell like cabbage. Roman   I don't want to, man. I'm shitting myself. [Andrei shows up behind Niko and knocks him out with the butt of a rifle. Roman tries to duck back into the dumpster.] Andrei  Get out of the dumpster, Mr. fat man. [He knocks on the dumpster with the rifle. Roman slowly rises.] Andrei  Come on, fatty, the boss wants a little chat.

<cutscene - in Mikhail Faustin's basement>

[Dimitri slaps Niko in the face.] Dimitri Wake up. [pointing to Roman, tied up] We had to gag him, to stop the screaming. You shouldn't have brought them here, Andrei. Andrei  Why not? [Dimitri heads upstairs.] Andrei  You've been a bad boy, Mr. Balkan... and the boss is not happy. Niko    Oh no! I shit my pants! Andrei  Not yet, but you will. Who are you working for? Niko    Errr, my cousin, Roman. Andrei  Don't be an idiot. That's not good enough. I'm going to saw off your fucking arm. Speak! Niko    Okay, okay, your dad likes it up the ass... [laughing] what do you want me to say, huh? [Andrei smacks Niko twice with a hacksaw.] Andrei  Very funny... do you think you're so smart? Niko    No. I'm tied up in a basement a long way from home, while some ape threatens me with a hacksaw, so no, I'm not that smart. [Dimitri returns down the stairs with Faustin. Andrei stands over Niko with the hacksaw.] Faustin Shut the fuck up. My fucking wife is watching television. Good Lord... what are you doing? Andrei  Nothing... I mean... I was finding out who he is... Faustin And? Who is he? Niko    He is... his cousin. Faustin You were about to cut up some guy in my house, making all that noise, to find out he is his cousin? [to Dimitri] Where did you find this idiot? Dimitri He was a friend of your sergeant, when we were in Vladivostok. Faustin He's an imbecile. So, Niko Bellic. You think it's okay to kill my employees? Niko    If he is an asshole, yes. [Faustin turns to Andrei and shoots him in the head. Roman tries to scream through the gag.] Faustin I agree. Dimitri Mikhail! Faustin Asshole look at me like I am piece of shit. Dimitri [translated] Oh my God. Faustin Now listen... Niko Bellic. You are very lucky Vlad was an idiot. The only reason I keep him around is because I fuck his sister. Look at me. You owe me. I got some dickheads in my neighborhood trying to run a shipment, yeah? Dimitri And we've found a buyer for the TVs. Faustin Yes, a buyer, but you've got to get them for us so we can make the sale. Niko    Can you untie Roman? Faustin [translated] Yes. [Dimitri removes Roman's gag.] Roman   [shouting] Help! Help me! Niko    Shut up Roman. Faustin Shut up! Roman   [shouting] Help me! Help! Niko    Roman shut up. Faustin Shut him up! Dimitri What do you want me to do? Roman   Aaah! Aaah! Niko    Shut up Roman! Faustin Shut the fuck up! Dimitri He's just screaming that's it! I can't make him shut up! Niko    Roman, shut up! [Faustin shoots Roman in the gut.] Faustin Shut up! Niko    Fuck! Dimitri Mikhail! Stop shooting people, you maniac! Faustin My wife doesn't like when people shout! Dimitri Whatever! Faustin You better get those screens soon. Or I will personally pull your cousin's stitches out, one by one, and watch his guts spill onto the floor. [to Dimitri] Clean this shit up. [Faustin heads back upstairs. Dimitri unties Niko.] Dimitri Listen, we'll take care of your cousin, but you better get a police car, and then you call me. [Niko goes over to check on Roman.] Niko    Roman. Roman! Dimitri Go, go, go. I... I'll take care of him. Niko    Fuck! [Niko leaves while Dimitri unties Roman.]

<phonecall to Dimitri - after stealing a police car>

Niko    I have the police car, what now? Dimitri The van is driving around South Broker. Pull it over, take it to our lockup on Dukes Drive. Niko    Be more specific. How many vans you think there are in South Broker? Dimitri That is a problem for you and your cousin, not me. Keep pulling vans over until you find the TVs. Goodbye.

<cutscene - pull over the van>

Niko    Get out of there or you're fucking dead. Driver  You making a mistake, we paying protection money to Kenny Petrovic. Niko    Show me you don't got any flatscreens in the back. Passngr Big fucking mistake.

<The passenger pulls out his gun to fight while the driver runs off. Niko kills the passenger, takes the van, and puts it in the lockup.>

<phonecall to Dimitri>

Niko    I left the van where you say. How's Roman? Dimitri He's ok. A little scarred, but ok. You did good. Mikhail needs someone like you. Stop by and see him sometime.

<phonecall from Roman - later on>

Roman   Niko, hello. Niko    Roman, are you alright? Roman   I was just shot in the stomach and then stitched up in a doctor's office that was dirtier than the basement we were nearly tortured in. I'm great. Niko    You sound calm, actually. Roman   That Dimitri guy gave me some painkillers, I'm kind of out of it. If you're near a shop can you pick up some adult diapers for me? See you later, Niko.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO YOU HAVE PROTECTION? (#mf1)

<cutscene - at Faustin's house>

[Niko knocks, Dimitri opens the door.] Dimitri Hey, Niko. Niko    Hey. Dimitri Come in. Niko    Thank you. [Faustin sits at the end of the room, snorting coke.] Dimitri Lay off that stuff. Faustin Why? Dimitri Because it clouds your judgement. Not now, it's not the time. Faustin My judgement. That's a good one. I'm a fool. A drunken fool. Dimitri Niko's here. We're going to go take care of that guy. I take it you won't be joining us? Faustin Make him suffer. People forget pain so quickly. Dimitri You need to calm down with that stuff. Faustin Calm? Why? So I can be like you, Mr. Barbiturate? Always so fucked up on painkillers you don't give shit? Dimitri You need to calm down. Faustin Where we would be now if I was calm like you? Dimitri Let me guess, in a prison camp in Siberia. Or selling hash to tourists in Red Square, or still in the navy? Which is it today? Faustin Be careful, Dimitri. Be fucking careful. Dimitri You be careful... you're getting crazy. Faustin That's the way it works. I am angry, you are calm. I scare, you reason. It works... Dimitri Yes, but you've angered the wrong people. Faustin Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... Dimitri Too many bodies, too much attention. We'll be dealt with... if we don't start playing by the rules. Faustin I've angered people? Me? Not "we". Strange. When I give out money, it's "us". When I have to push people, it's "me". All alone. Don't think I cannot see through you. After all we've done together... Dimitri You're getting delusional. Look, we have to go. Faustin [hugging Dimitri] I fucking love you. Dimitri Yes, yes. Faustin I fucking love you... Dimitri I know this. Faustin Yeah. But you treat me like a child. I run things my way, Dimitri Rascalov. My fucking way! Get out of my sight! Or I fucking kill you! Dimitri I'm not saying don't run things your way. I'm saying be calm. Here, take a couple of these... [Dimitri sets a small drug bottle on the table.] Faustin What are you still doing here? I said get out of my sight! [Faustin throws the bottle at them as they leave.]

<get into a vehicle>

Dimitri We're going to that sex shop on Hove Beach.

<driving - going to the sex shop - A>

Dimitri This guy has been making porno in his basement and he didn't cut Mikhail in. Niko    Least he could have done is sent over some tapes. Dimitri You know how much money there is selling this stuff online? A whole fucking heap. We're going to ignore what Mikhail said and try not to kill them. Taking a bite of this pie would be very profitable for our operation. Niko    I got no problem with sparing some lives. Dimitri No, it's Mikhail that has that issue. Can't keep his finger off of the triggers. Wasn't always like this though. Things got to him. Niko    I hope it don't get to me.

<driving - going to the sex shop - B>

Niko    Am I helping pick out a porno for you? I think you know best what you like. Mikhail said something about men suffering. That sounds like some sick shit. Dimitri Funny. That ain't it. These guys are making the shit loads of cash, and we ain't seein' any of it. Word is, they've started their own porno site as well. Niko    You guys are getting protection money off of websites now? What, you stop them from getting viruses? Dimitri Mikhail gets a taste of any money that gets made in Hove Beach. It doesn't matter that it's online. Niko    I'll keep that in mind. Dimitri Yeah, you will. Especially since you got rid of Vlad, our fucking debt collector. Niko    Shit, well now it looks like you got me to settle your business.

<cutscene - in the sex shop>

Dimitri Where's your boss? Guy     What do ya mean? He's uh... Dimitri In the back? Guy     No, no, no, he's... Dimitri They better not be filming. Guy     No, they just havin' a meeting. I swear... Dimitri Get out of the way. [Dimitri shoves him to the ground and walks in back.] Guy     Fuck... [In back, Joseph, Brett, and their other friend are watching TV.] Joseph  You see, they don't make 'em like that no more. That's a vintage bush. If it wasn't for that, I'd say this weren't worth transferring to DVD. [Dimitri walks in waving a pistol around.] Dimitri Hey, Joseph! You think you can expand your business interests, make these pornos and sell them... Joseph  Woah, woah... Dimitri And we won't know about it, huh? Joseph  We was just waiting 'til the books was closed at the end of the financial year. Then we was gonna cut you in. Dimitri Your books are closed until you pay us our cut. Niko, take this and cover Joseph. [He hands Niko the gun.]

<aim at Joseph>

Joseph  We ain't making that much cash. Dimitri Is that a fact? Maybe we can't pop you, Joseph. But we can fuck up one of your boys.

<aim at Brett>

Brett   Listen, big guy. You got a great look going on, real strong. We could put you in one of our films. Dimitri Shoot this scumbag in the leg. Brett   Hey man, please? Go easy on me. Come on, big guy? Dimitri Come on, Niko. Put a cap in his fucking leg.

<shoot Brett>

Joseph  Alright, alright already. Brett was just trying to be friendly. Shit, he'll be outta action for a couple a weeks. Dimitri You got some money for Mr. Faustin? Joseph  Fine, here you go. We ain't gonna have the... [Joseph hands over a wad of money. Dimitri knocks him out with another pistol.] Dimitri You should have thought of that earlier. Friend  [on his knees] I can't die today. I got something special in these pants, I need to show it to the world. Dimitri Fuck, why couldn't you make this easy? We're out of here, Niko.

<back outside>

Dimitri We're going to an alleyway off of Dillon Street in Schottler.

<driving - going to the alleyway - A>

Dimitri I want to buy you a present. Niko    Will you wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it? Dimitri Screw you, we're seeing a friend of mine who's got a good line on weapons. It's underground. A backroom place. There are a few around the city. The Mayor has a real hard-on for gun control. Niko    Guns don't seem that controlled. I seen plenty and I just got here. Dimitri And now you'll know where to get them for yourself, what's the problem? [to phone] Mikhail... I know you didn't mean it. That's alright... I didn't kill Joseph, we will make more money with him alive... [translated] Shit! Mikhail... Mikhail? [to Niko] Fuck! You're lucky Roman don't try to make you kill someone every two seconds.

<driving - going to the alleyway - B>

Dimitri We're going to a gun shop. Niko    Hey, I heard about these. Big American Supermarket where you can buy any gun you want. Ammu-Nation, right? Shopping carts full of AK47s... I might buy flame-thrower. Dimitri That is another part of America. Here, in Liberty City, there is no such thing as the Ammu-Nation. Buying guns is illegal. In fact, the Mayor of this city tries to shut down Ammu-Nation shops in other states. This is because guns from them have ended up on the streets here. Niko    So, what's this gun shop? Dimitri It's underground. A backroom place. There are a few around the city. Useful if you know about them. Niko    Yeah, could be. Depends how things go for me while I'm here. I might run into someone I want to shoot. Dimitri As long as that someone is not me or Mikhail, then all is good.

<reach the alleyway>

Dimitri The shop is just down that alleyway. Pick out what you like. Tell them to put it on Mr. Faustin's account.

<in the shop>

Shop    Alright, you don't look like a cop. Buy what you want. Niko    [picks up a Micro-SMG] I'll take this one. Charge Mr. Faustin. Shop    You fuckin' Ruskies are milking me dry. I ain't a cow. Niko    I ain't Russian.

<return to the vehicle>

Dimitri Drive us to Mr. Faustin's.

<driving - going back to Faustin's house - A>

Niko    So, you and Mr. Faustin, have you always argued and made up like this? Dimitri It wasn't always like this. Mikhail was a great man. He had a temper, but he was fair. Now, he blows his top at the slightest thing. I never know who he will shoot, who he will stab. Andrei, who you met in Mikhail's basement. He was always loyal, he was a good worker, now he is dead. I guess that, that is why we need your help. Niko    Remind Faustin of that, maybe then he will not try to kill me.

<driving - going back to Faustin's house - B>

Dimitri How is your cousin, Roman, after the incident the other day? Niko    Once he learns to control his bowels again he will be good. Mikhail fucked up his guts pretty bad. Dimitri At least he's alive, eh? Mikhail don't always go for the gut shots. Niko    I guess Roman's real lucky then. I wonder what big favor Faustin's gonna do for him next? Dimitri You got to remember, you killed Vlad. That angered Mikhail no matter what he said. It was very difficult for me to persuade him that a man like you could be more useful to us alive than dead. Niko    You trying to tell me that I owe you my life? Dimitri No, I'm not. I was trying to tell you, that I am a man who appreciates a good business venture when one comes along. Mikhail is making enemies very rapidly, a friend like you is useful. You are a man worth having on our side. Niko    Pleased to be of use.

<at Faustin's house>

Dimitri Thank you for your help, Niko. Come to see us at the club soon. Mikhail will be cool by then.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL DESTINATION (#mf2)

<cutscene - in Perestroika>

[Dimitri and Niko walk through the small crowd, down toward Faustin's corner.] Girl 1  Hi, Dimitri. Guy 1   Hey, Dimitri, I took care of that thing for you. Dimitri Thank you. I'm proud of you. Good. Guy 2   Dimitri, thank you for take care of that thing for me. Dimitri No problem. Guy 3   Dimitri, Dimitri, hey, hey, uh... met my girl, Natasha. Girl 2  So nice to meet you. Dimitri Oh, my pleasure. [Faustin is sitting in the booth with a girl at each arm.] Faustin Little delicious, my little knish... Dimitri Mikhail. Faustin Hey! My brother, and Niko. Good. Have a drink. Move up ladies. Move up. Dimitri Um... Mikhail, we've got something we need to talk about. Faustin Okay, you can have Vera, I take Katerina, come on, no big deal. Dimitri Not that, in private? Girls, can you give us a minute, huh? Please? Faustin Okay. Get out of here. Keep it warm. I won't be too long. [The girls leave.] Faustin So. What is it? Dimitri We've got police trouble. The feds, or someone are all over us. Sergei told me that a friend of his in the courts told him they've been authorized to tap our phones and they know about the pot we stole. Faustin Shit. Who is the rat? Dimitri It's no one. It's just the way we have been behaving. Making too much noise. This was inevitable. We're going to have to calm things down for a while. Faustin It's that fucking guy, yeah, I know it is. I saw it in his eyes... you know? That guy. That guy, who bought the coke... but he didn't buy the pot. Dimitri That's Lenny. He's my cousin's boyfriend. It's not him. Yes, he's a moron, yes, but he's okay. Faustin I don't trust him. Dimitri What? I just told you... Faustin He knows too much. You, kill him. Niko    Are you sure? Faustin Sure? No, I am not. Right now, I am wondering if it's him or you. It could be you. Dimitri Think for a second. This has been going on for months. Faustin Think? Look where your thinking has got us. You were in charge of security. Good job. Well done, Dimitri. You pathetic idiot. You, prove you're loyal. Go, and kill the guy. Niko    Don't question my loyalty. Faustin Then don't question my orders. He lives on Guantanamo Avenue in Bohan. Head up there, and call me, me personally, when you get there. Dimitri Mikhail, please, don't do this. Faustin Shut up. Dimitri I... Faustin Shut the fuck up. Dimitri I... I'm begging you... please, don't do this. Faustin I said shut the fuck up. Go. [Niko exits.] Dimitri You want to play games? Faustin Why don't you listen? Dimitri This is not a game. Faustin Hey, give me a break. Dimitri You have to play by the rules. Faustin Stop. I said stop.

<phonecall from Faustin - reach Bohan>

Niko    Mr. Faustin, do you want to call this off? Faustin No, I never change my mind. I've heard he's at Guantanamo Avenue station. Go to the platform and get rid of that rat. [shouting] Shut up Dimitri, for the last time...

<phonecall to Dimitri - optional>

Niko    Dimitri, should I do this? Should I kill this boy for Mr. Faustin? Dimitri Just one second, Mikhail. It's nobody. [to Niko] I cannot talk just now. Do what you have to do.

<cutscene - at the train station>

Niko    Hey, Lenny. Mr. Faustin thinks you're a rat. He ain't taking no risks. Leonid  I'm into more shit than Mikhail could even imagine. Why would I rat? Niko    The decision has been made. Leonid  [to guard] My dad pays you to ice crazy bitches like this guy. Guard   Hold on a second.

<Niko chases down and kills Lenny.>

<phonecall to Dimitri>

Dimitri Niko, do you know what you have done? Niko    I have followed Mr. Faustin's orders, not much more. Dimitri The boy you killed was the son of Kenny Petrovic. This is a very dangerous man. He will not take kindly to this. Niko    How was I to know? Dimitri You weren't. This is Mikhail's craziness. I will speak to people and see what I can do.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOGGING ON (#rb09)

<text message from Roman>

Niko - come see me at the depot. There is someone I want you to meet. Rom

<cutscene - at the cab depot office>

Roman   [to radio] Well just get there! [to self] Damn these people... [In the corner, Brucie does ridiculous exercises.] Niko    [enters] Hey, Roman. Who's the steroid junkie? Roman   Brucie - have you met my cousin? Niko, this is Brucie. We met online. Niko    Oh... Brucie  No! In a dark corner, doing dark deeds, we're both players, my friend. Players. VIP. For real. Classy, but... also sexy... that's how I like my women. I work at it, so they should too, right? Roman   Ha! yeah. Niko    What is he talking about? Roman   Brucie's a dreamer... he understands my vision. Niko    Oh, so he's an idiot? Brucie  Hey! Roman   Aha ha! Screw you. Listen, man... you should try going online. Niko    I know how to go on the line. I just haven't done it here. Roman   Of course. Technophobe. Luddite. We gotta get you online - it's a world of opportunities! Niko    Such as? Roman   All kinds of things! Yesterday I was online and I discovered a blog about women who don't like to shave. That's pretty important. Listen, I promised Brucie I'd go out with him - can you go out and get it sorted? Go to Tw@ and register on one of the PCs there. A pretty girl is expecting you. I'm bored of not being able to email you, cousin, and the family keep sending me news for you. Brucie. Brucie  Yeah! Roman   Stop exercising. [Brucie ends a handstand.] Brucie  Let's put some bitches to the sword, VIP style! Come on! [He walks out.] Niko    He's a cool guy. Roman   Yeah... [Roman leaves.] Niko    [translated] I know how to use the Internet. I'm not a fool.

<at the cafe>

Niko    Hey there... my name's Niko. My cousin, he told me to come here. Alejan  Roman? He call me about you. He so funny. I set you up on that computer already. It's easy. Just follow the instructions on there. Ok?

<phonecall from Roman - later on>

Roman   Niko, my friend Brucie has a business proposition for us. Niko    He going to pay me to pump him full of steroids and tell him how great his abs are? Roman   No, he can take care of that all by himself. Brucie is a major motor head. He's going to send you emails about all the cars he wants and you're going to get them for him. Niko    What're you going to do? Roman   Come on, I made the introduction. I'm the manager, man. Go check your emails, Niko. Let's hang out soon, okay?

<email> Welcome To Eyefind Mail

Hello Eyefind Mail User, Congratulations, you are the newest Eyefind Email sure! You are just one step away from activating your account. Simply reply to this email and your account will be fully activated. From there you can reap the benefits of our free service that allows you to swap useless information with anyone anywhere. Please be aware that Eyefind owns the rights to anything disclosed in an Eyefind email. Your new address will be Best, Eyefind Mail Team

<email - reply>

Activate my e-mail account.

<leave the cafe>

Alejan  I see you again, Roman's cousin. Come back any time. Niko    The name is Niko, I'll see you around.

<phonecall to Roman>

Niko    I have set up the email account. I am now online in Liberty City, Roman. Roman   Nice one, cousin. Did you meet the girl who works there? Nice pair of titties on her, no? Later on.

<email - later on> Good to see you online!

Niko, Good to see you online cousin! And good to know you in this country, by my side - the Bellic boys showing the world what is up. Man, if our two idiotic, useless, bullying fathers could see us now! They'd turn in their miserable graves! Fuck them. We made it, man. This country is ripe for the plucking. I'm really glad you're here. Listen - we are going to take this shit over, baby! See ya later Roman

<email - positive reply>

Have you been stealing Brucie's juice, cousin? We should try to get out of debt first.

<email - negative reply>

Get realistic, cousin. I fucked things up in the Old Country. I fucked things up in Europe. Chances are I'm going to fuck things up here.

<email> I miss you

Moj dragi sine, Nadam se da si dobro i da si srecan u Americi. I hope this reaches you and you respond. I miss you. I write in English because now you are like Roman. He tells me he only speaks English now. I know things better for you to be out in world, and away from here, but I miss you. It is mother's duty to miss son. Are you no longer in sea? Have you stopped that world for good, or will you go back? Will you ever come back to me? It gladdens heart of mine to think of you and your cousin together, living a good life in America, and at the same time, breaks heart of mine to think of you never here. I know life has not always easy for you, Niko. I know you had many trouble, and I know you have done many bad thing, but please know that I am mother, your mother, and I do not judge you. I judge the world for making you so, you who has so much to give people, who is man of principle, who always tried to live the correct way. Life here is the same as it always was. People argue, the farms suffer, we pay taxes for new parliament buildings and government reports, and live in poverty. For country people, life is the same the world. Please write me. Your loving mother. Mother

<email - positive reply>

Dear mother, thank you for your e mail. I am always happy to hear from you. Your English is good. Better than mine. I am sorry I have not been much of a good son to you, and that I am not there to take care of you, but you know I cannot come back home. It would bring trouble, and unhappy memories for us both. Roman is well. He is living the American dream, mostly in his head, like all dreams.

<email - negative reply>

Dear mother, thank you for your e mail. I am always happy to hear from you. I am sorry I have not been much of a son to you, and that I am not there to take care of you, but you know I cannot come back home. It would bring trouble, and unhappy memories for both of us. Roman is well. He is living the American dream, mostly in his head, like all dreams.

<email> Genetically different baby!

Man, I just wanted to say, I broke my own sit up record today. 2000. Genetically different, baby. You know what I'm saying? I love you all. I'm so fucking pumped I want to rip someone's throat out. If anyone wants to go out on the prowl tonight for proper weapon's grade talent and put in some serious damage with the bitches, let me know. Love you all. The big cheese. PS - mom - sorry, I won't be able to make Aunt Judith's tomorrow. Did you do my washing? PPS all of you bitches check out my website! It's pure bling. Later, Brucie Kibbutz

<email - positive reply>

You need serious help.

<email - negative reply>

What are you talking about?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO LOVE LOST (#mf3)

<cutscene - at Faustin's house>

Ilyena  I told you where she is. Faustin Where is she? Ilyena  I don't see why it's such a problem. Faustin I tell you. I want you to keep an eye on her. [Niko enters, Sergei holds him back while Faustin argues in the kitchen.] Sergei  Hey. Stand over here. Faustin I'm out making money all day. Ilyena  Why are you being like this again? Faustin How many times do I have to tell you? Keep an eye on the fucking girl! Ilyena  How many times do I have to listen? [translated] God! God! Faustin Fucking girl! She's your daughter! [translated] Have your prayers been answered? Ilyena  Oh my God. Faustin [translated] Your God doesn't give a damn about you! Just like everyone else. Ilyena  You're a terrible man! Faustin You superstitious old crone. I'll see you in hell. Someday I'll crucify you... [He leaves the kitchen.] Faustin Niko Bellic. Yes. Good name. Good name... Where is Dimitri? Sergei  He's busy, er... he said he had something to do. Faustin Something? Something? Let me tell you something. Me and this guy, we were in the army together, we were in prison together, we are like brothers. Now it's always something... Niko    Always something... Faustin Always something, yes... you want a drink? Niko    No, thank you. Faustin Well, I do. [Faustin drinks, pulls a gun out of a cabinet, stares off at the wall.] Niko    You alright? Faustin What? Niko    Mr. Faustin? Faustin No! I'm fucking angry. Niko    I'm sorry to hear that. Faustin Let me ask you something. You know her? [holding up her picture] Niko    No. Faustin Good. Because if you did, I'd fucking kill you. Niko    Why? Faustin She's my daughter. Ungrateful bitch. I bring her here. I spoil her rotten. Raise her well. Look at this. Look. [gesturing at his house] Look what I've given her! Niko    Yeah, yeah... she's, uh, very lucky to have such a loving father... Faustin She is. She's an out of control bitch. [to Ilyena] Because of you, you pathetic mess. But I don't accept my daughter turning into a whore. Niko, she's at Firefly Island. Go there. If she's meeting up with that biker pimp boyfriend... kill him. [Niko leaves.] Faustin Find Dimitri for me. Sergei  Okay. Faustin Have him call me. Sergei  Sure. Faustin Go. Sergei  Alright.

<cutscene - in a small alleyway on Firefly Island>

Anna    Am I property of the Lost now? Jason   Ha... if you were property then all the brothers would get to share you. I want you all to myself. Niko    Get away from Mr. Faustin's daughter. Jason   Fuck you, this ain't Russia and we ain't communists. Anna    Tell my father I can see whoever I like. Jason   I'm gonna get the brothers, and we're gonna kick your fucking ass.

<Niko steals a bike and pursues him to Willis.>

<cutscene - along Tudor Street in Willis>

[Several Lost bikers drive up alongside, Niko following from far back.] Jason   Hey, let's mess this commie asshole up. He fucked with me, he fucked with all the Lost.

<They get off their bikes in Meadows Park. Niko guns them all down.>

<phonecall to Faustin>

Niko    I've killed the biker. I don't know how happy your daughter will be. Faustin I don't care about her happiness. I care about discipline and loyalty. Thank you, Niko.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIGGED TO BLOW (#mf4)

<cutscene - at Faustin's house>

[Niko knocks, presses the doorbell.] Niko    Hello. Ilyena  Hello. Niko    Is Mikhail home? Ilyena  No. He's out. Niko    Okay. Should I wait ouside? Ilyena  No, no, come in. Niko    Oh, thank you. Ilyena  You're welcome. [He enters.] Ilyena  Sit down. Niko    Thank you. Ilyena  You want some tea? Niko    Sure. Ilyena  Mikhail doesn't let me use this anymore, says it makes us look like barbarians. Uncivilized. Like immigrants Niko    Oh yeah? Ilyena  I know what you're thinking, it is a bit funny coming from him! He did not used to be like this. When we were young, at home, he was beautiful. He was happy... he made me happy. But um... then something changed... years ago. I never quite knew what it was. So many years I wondered what it was. Or what was wrong with me, that I did not see it in him, or... I changed him. Niko    Life is complicated. I... I never thought I'd live like this. Ilyena  No? Niko    When the war came, I did bad things. And after the war, I thought nothing of doing bad things. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Ilyena  And you don't worry about your soul? Niko    After you walk into a village, and you see fifty children, all sitting neatly in a row against the church wall, each with their throats cut and their hands chopped off, you realize that the creature that could do this doesn't have a soul. Ilyena  God is very complicated. You mustn't give up hope... Niko    Well, I don't know about that. [Dimitri and Faustin walk in.] Dimitri [translated] Hello, Ilyena. Ilyena  [translated] Hello. Faustin What is that? I tell you one thing and then you ignore me! You stupid bitch! [Faustin throws the tea pot from the table. Ilyena runs from the room.] Faustin Niko Bellic, baby... good to see you. Niko    Yeah, you too. What did you want? Faustin I want you to teach people to listen to me. Dimitri You want him to get us the money. Faustin Fuck the money. Dimitri Mikhail, please calm down. We're already in a lot of trouble. I don't know if I can smooth things over with Petrovic. Faustin Fuck him, and fuck you. Who are you? My daddy? Get the fuck out of my house. Dimitri Mikhail! Faustin Get out. [Dimitri leaves.] Niko    So, what do you want? Faustin This prick who owes me money owns a garage in Chase Point. I want you to pick up a truck and take it to him. Call me when you get to the truck. It's in Schottler on Montauk Avenue. Go. Get out of here.

<phonecall to Faustin - from the truck>

Niko    Mr. Faustin, I have the truck. Faustin Drive it over to the garage on the corner of Guantanamo and Windmill. Park up inside. Niko    Sure. What am I delivering? Faustin When it's inside, trigger the explosive. Should blow up good. Maybe you be careful on the drive over. Is pretty volatile stuff. Niko    Explosive? What the fuck?

<phonecall from Roman - mid-drive>

Roman   Niko, it's Roman. We should go and get drunk together. Niko    Roman, I'm nervous enough about driving a truck full of explosives around the city for Mikhail Faustin. He's out of control. Anyway, I'm sorry but if I get drunk with you and then drive this thing I'll definitely blow myself up. Catch you later, cousin.

<Niko parks the truck inside the garage, triggers the bomb, then sprints back to the sidewalk shortly before it explodes. The Russian owner of the garage immediately shows up and makes a phonecall.>

Owner   [to phone] Kenny, Kenny, look. The garage... [translated] It's burning. Everything is gone... No, Mr. Petrovic, this was definitely not an accident. My whole fucking business...

<phonecall to Faustin>

Niko    I've blown that place up, but don't pull that shit on me again. Maybe I don't want to drive around while sitting on an atom bomb? Faustin I thought you were the ice cold killer? I thought nothing scares you, man? Pussy. Hasn't anyone got any balls? You and Dimitri, you'd be nothing without me... nothing. This is how you treat me...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MASTER AND THE MOLOTOV (#dr1)

<text message from Dimitri>

We need to talk. I'll be on the Firefly Island Boardwalk. Your friend, Dimitri.

<cutscene - at a bench on the boardwalk>

Niko    Dimitri. Dimitri Hey. Sit down. Niko    What's the problem? Dimitri What do you think? Niko    Mikhail. Mr. Faustin. Dimitri Uh huh. You're given a choice, kill your best friend, or die... what do you do? Niko    And there is no way out? Dimitri Not now. Not after you killed Petrovic's son. Niko    You don't have any family. You could run. Dimitri Wherever you go, people will find you, if they want to badly enough. And for this they want blood. Niko    But you and Mikhail, you have so much history. Dimitri Sure. Niko    Well I killed the boy, so they want me too. Dimitri No. I told them you were a hired gun. And they said as long as you were the one to kill him, you'd be spared. Niko    So that's the way it is? Dimitri Yes, that's the way it is. He'll be leaving his house in a little while and heading for the club. Do what you have to do... You know, if there is one thing I have learned, it's that we must obey the rules of the game. We can pick the game, Niko Bellic, but we cannot change the rules. See you later.

<text message from Dimitri>

Niko - there can be no mistakes with this. Mikhail is a dangerous man. I have left some protection for you around the side of the club. Your friend, Dimitri.

<cutscene - within Perestroika>

[As Niko walks in, two of Faustin's men come forward to stop him.] Faustin Niko. Niko Bellic. You and Dimitri are taking over, no? Niko    This is not about taking over. You brought this on yourself. You pushed things too far. Faustin You would be dead if it wasn't for me. That is what Dimitri wanted when you killed Vlad. Dimitri, my brother. You see this? [He holds up his palm.] Faustin This tattoo says we are brothers for life, and now he betrays me... Niko    You didn't give him a choice. You should have been calm. Faustin No one, not Dimitri, not anyone tells me to calm. You think Dimitri would have survived prison without me? He'd just be some prison queen, had I not been there. Meat for some gym monkey! I am not dead yet. Some are still loyal to me... Guards!

<Niko guns through the Russian mobsters and chases Faustin out the back, then up to the roof of the club. There, Faustin drops his weapon.>

Faustin Betrayed, betrayed by Dimitri and by you. Too kind, that's what I was, too kind. I let the snakes into the nest and they destroyed everything. I gave them everything and they took everything from me. Now they've sent you to take the only thing I have left. You have me cornered. There is nowhere for me to go. Niko    You betrayed yourself, Mr. Faustin.

<execute Faustin>

[Niko shoots him in the knee, then in the chest. He falls back over the edge of the roof.]

<phonecall to Dimitri>

Niko    Faustin is dead. Dimitri You did a good thing. A hard thing, but a good thing. Hopefully this will mean peace with Petrovic.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (#dr2)

<phonecall from Dimitri>

Niko    Dimitri, you got my money? Dimitri I have it. Meet me at the warehouse on Mohanet in Downtown Broker. Come alone.

<phonecall from Jacob>

Jacob   Alright me breda, me hear dem Russian is seriously vexed wit ya. Niko    I only pissed off one, he's dead. I'm going to meet Dimitri to collect on the hit. Jacob   Yo Niko, you better watch ya back ya know. Me know ya wicked but dem boy dem are some dog heart ya know. Niko    I'm not afraid of him. Jacob   Yo, what eyes can't see, me heart can't leap at ya know. Me ah come wit you. Where's da place? Niko    A warehouse on Mohanet. Jacob   I know de one. Me see ya around da back.

<cutscene - at the warehouse>

Niko    Sharp eyes, huh? Jacob   You dunno? Me have it, seen, star? [Niko enters the warehouse; Jacob waits behind the entrance.] Dimitri Hey, Niko. Glad you could make it. Niko    Yes. You got the money? Dimitri Sure. But I just wanted to say how grateful me and my bosses are for what you did. Niko    Good. Dimitri Yes. And I just wanted to check something with you. Niko    Okay. Dimitri You are Niko Bellic, correct? Niko    What is this? Dimitri And you used to work the coast in the Mediterranean, smuggling people into Italy? Niko    I don't know what you're talking about. Dimitri But you messed up... and left a lot of bad debt. You left a good friend of mine out of pocket, big time. [Bulgarin steps out from the shadows, and several Russian mobsters begin to surround Niko.] Bulgar  Hello, Niko. Niko    Hello... Mr. Bulgarin. Jacob   [to self] Ras. Dimitri Where's our money? Niko    I don't know. I didn't rob you. Bulgar  Really? Niko    We were busted a mile off the coast. I had to swim for my life. I don't know what happened. I nearly drowned. Bulgar  My heart is bleeding. Niko    I did my best! I didn't fuck up! Bulgar  [translated] Remove him.

<Niko and Jacob fight through Russians scattered around the warehouse.>

Niko    Shit, Dimitri and Bulgarin are leaving. Can you hold these men while I go after? Jacob   Just easy man! The place rammed full man, you'll get us killed my youth. We can catch dem later. Their time will come, trust me. Niko    Alright.

<Dimitri and Bulgarin escape during the firefight, and police soon show up outside.>

Jacob   Bumba clot, Babylon! Mek we step outta de place. Yo, mek we go back a the cafe, seen? But not till we lose Babylon car, sight? Niko    Sight.

<driving - escaping the police - A>

Jacob   Everyting crash back dere. Babylon all over de place, lose them. Niko    I'm trying to fucking lose them. Jacob   Now, who fucked up de game back der? What went wrong? Niko    I don't fucking know and I can't think about it now. I need to shake these fucking pigs. Jacob   Babylon just ah hold a man down. Ya a righteous dread ya know Niko.

<driving - escaping the police - B>

Jacob   Yo, that was some righteous fuckery, nuh true rasta? Niko    It ain't fucking over. We need to lose these cops. Jacob   Seen, bredren, seen. Niko    When I next see Dimitri, he is dead man. I will find him. Jacob   Is some pure almshouse a gwaan, Niko.

<lose the police>

Jacob   Yo, ya lose Babylon man, forward back ah cafe now. I need fe black up some more.

<driving - going to the cafe - A>

Jacob   I told you Dimitri was a snake in de grass. Niko    I didn't know that Mr. Bulgarin was here in Liberty City. If I could have killed them all then and there... Jacob   Just chill Niko man, one at a time. Wan wan coco full baskit, seen? We find out where Dimitri is and then bam! We take the rest of dem out. Just keep ya head down til then. Niko    Fucking Dimitri, made me kill Faustin then he sell me down the river. Jacob   Just cool Niko, di boy's a ginnal, yuh nah see? He gonna make his own downfall. De higher da monkey climb da more him expose him batty hole, ya see it? Niko    I will bring Dimitri down myself. I promise you this.

<driving - going to the cafe - B>

Jacob   Fuckery, just pure fuckery and ting. Niko    It is fucked. Dimitri can do this to me because he has connections here. I only have Roman. Dimitri and Bulgarin. This is not something I expected. Jacob   And who is Bulgarin? Niko    An old employer. He lost much money and blamed me for it rather than taking responsibility. He was reaosn I had to leave Europe. Jacob   And now he's here, in Liberty City? Niko    It appears so.

<at the cafe>

Jacob   I going speak to Badman, you keep on the low, call Roman and get outta dis place. Niko    Thanks for your help, Jacob. Jacob   One love me breda.

<text message from Jacob - later on>

Cha! I still vexed about that dogheart Dimitri. You got them rude driving skills to get I and I away from there! Keep ya head down and keep in touch. Easy - LJ

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROMAN'S SORROW (#rb10)

<phonecall from Roman>

Roman   [quietly] Niko please come and meet me in the alleyway off of Hopper Street in EIC. Quickly cousin. Niko    Roman, what are you doing? Why are you whispering? I will be there soon.

<cutscene - in the alley off Hopper Street>

Niko    Roman? Roman? Where are you? Roman   [muffled] In here. I'm stuck. Let me out... Niko    Shit, man... [Niko opens up the trunk of his cab, and he gets out.] Niko    What are you doing in there? Roman   I got scared... people started calling the house and hanging up. You weren't answering your phone! What happened? Niko    We've got a big problem. Dimitri was not a man of his word. Roman   So we're dead? Niko    More or less. Roman   Everything was fine before you... Fine and now this. Thank you. Thanks a lot! Niko    [translated] I'm sorry. Roman   [translated] Whatever. What's done is done. Niko    Yes, but there's a bigger problem... Roman   What? Niko    That guy I owed money to, Bulgarin. Roman   Yes, the guy in Europe... who lives by the Adriatic. Niko    Yeah, yeah, he's here now. Roman   Great. Niko    I'm sorry... I've ruined your life. Roman   No. Don't be like that... we can find a way out of this... bunch of idiot Russians... Niko    I will kill every one of them. Roman   No... that's exactly what you won't do. We don't have time for revenge. We can't afford it. Niko    What can we afford? Roman   We can lay low... and start over. Please... come on, let's go back to the apartment.

<driving - going to the apartment - A>

Roman   We can pick up our stuff, and then get out of here. I'll call Mallorie, she might have somewhere we can hide out. [to phone] Hey beautiful... Listen, me and Niko are in a bit of trouble - need to get out of Broker a few days. Any of your cousins have a place we could use out in Bohan?... You're an angel - beautfiul and kind. I love you. We'll see you there. [to Niko] Maybe things are not so bad. Niko    This, I did not expect. Roman   I was thinking about getting out of the cab business. Last night I had a dream... Niko    Really? Roman   Yes, you and I had a place of our own. A place where people come to eat and relax. A classy place. None of this fast-food, diner bullshit. We own a real restaurant, a tavern. It is a place of distinction, you know? Niko    I can't see myself settling down. Roman   Not now, but in the dream you've met the right woman. She is beautiful. Pure like my Mallorie. In the dream Mallorie and me are married. Everything is perfect. This could be the start of that. A fresh beginning. Niko    All I know is we have to get as far from Dimitri and Bulgarin as we can. Roman   We will, but I have left something important at the apartment. Something I must show you, cousin.

<driving - going to the apartment - B>

Roman   Is simple, we go and collect our stuff from the apartment and the depot. Then we shut everything up and get to Bohan. Niko    What are we going to do in Bohan? Pick up the whores on Chase Point? Maybe they will let us live with them in their crack dens. Roman   Even I would not go with those hookers on the point, cousin. You know what you can catch from those girls? Niko    I always put a saddle on a horse before I ride her, Roman. I won't catch nothing. Roman   You are a sick fuck, cousin. No wonder half of Broker wants you dead. Niko    I am glad you have a sense of humor about this now. It was just a joke... about the whores, you know? Roman   Sure it was, Niko. Sure it was. I will add that to the long list of your secrets that are safe with me. Anyway, you will not have to become some crack whore's pimp. I get Mallorie to arrange place for us to stay in South Bohan. She has her local connections. Niko    Great.

<reach the apartment>

Roman   Holy fuck, it's fucking burning. The whole place... I've got to go in, I've got to get something. Niko    Leave it, cousin. This place is gone. Roman   They burnt it... they fucking burnt it, Niko!

<driving - going to the cab depot>

Roman   Do you know how long it took me to get a place of my own? You got off the boat and I was here for you. Niko    I know you were. Roman   I get here and I had nothing, nobody. I worked my way up from the fucking dirt.

<reach the depot>

Roman   I've got nothing left. Not my home, not my business, nothing. They took it all. Niko    I'm sorry, Roman, I'm really sorry but we have to go. We'll meet Mallorie in Bohan. You still have her. Roman   And you, for all the good you've done me.

<driving - going up to the apartment in Bohan - A>

Roman   Do you know how long it took me to get set up here? You don't because it was easy for you. You had it all from day one. It took me months to get some cash together. Finally I bought a cab and then another, then I got the depot... I slept under my desk at that place for over a year... then I got the apartment, the apartment you thought was so shitty. Well, it doesn't matter. Now it's gone along with everything else. Niko    I said I was sorry. Roman   You have a lot to apologize for. Since you got here I've had my computer smashed, I've been beaten up, I was kidnapped and then shot in the stomach, my apartment got burned down and so did my business. Things have been going so great, just great, since you showed up. Niko    You remember that time we went to the bar back home and found it razed to the ground? Just a pile of rubble... everything smashed, except for that one bottle of vodka. Roman   Yeah... we sat down and finished it off there and then. Wait... wait... I don't want to talk about back home. We're here in America now and I should be thinking about my life here, my life which is ruined. Just drive, shut up and drive. [to phone] Hey beautiful, what's up?... No, what do you mean?... I haven't been crying, it's my allergies. Niko's wearing this new cologne... Yeah, trying to impress Michelle or something. We're coming to your cousin's, are you there?... Great, see you in a bit, beautiful. [to Niko] My dream, it was just that... a dream. I can't have the tavern now. I have nothing to buy it with. I have, I have nothing. Niko    I told you, you still have Mallorie. Roman   But I wanted to really have her. I wanted to marry her. Niko    You can still do that. Roman   I had bought her a ring. That is what I wanted to show you. It was a beautiful ring. It was worthy of her. Now I have nothing! Come on, Roman, pull yourself together. You've been here before. Positive mental attitude. Come on. Niko    At least they want me dead and not you. Roman   I do not think it would be much difference to them, Niko. One dead Bellic will give them a little bit of happiness while they wait for next. I do not care though. We are in this situation. We must deal with it. Bring on Bohan. Niko    Okay.

<driving - going up to the apartment in Bohan - B>

Roman   Do diamonds burn, cousin? How about gold, will that melt in a fire? Niko    Roman, you sound like you did in those emails you sent me before I arrived here. Diamonds and gold? I am sorry that your worldly possessions have been destroyed, but you were not that rich a man. There were not diamonds and gold in that apartment. You probably would have gambled them away if there had been anyway. Roman   You add these insults to the injuries I have already suffered. Cruel, Niko, cruel. I do not speak of diamonds, but of one diamond and a band of gold. This was the engagement ring I bought for Mallorie. Niko    You and Mallorie are engaged? Roman   No, we are not. I was going to propose to her but it is no longer possible. I do not have a ring. It burnt in my apartment along with everything else. Niko    You do not need a ring to propose. Mallorie loves you for who you are, not for some ring. Roman   You are still new here, cousin. You do not understand. America is about showing what you have, you express yourself with money you spend. Niko    What are you expressing when you spend your money at backroom card games? Roman   I do not spend money at these games, I risk it for reward. I risk my bets to win more so I can spend on the hot cars and the sharp clothes and my beautfiul Mallorie. Now, I have nothing to spend... nothing. Oh yeah, I have you. Great. Niko    You have your life, Roman. You have a life which is worth a lot more than mine at the moment. Bulgarin and Dimitri shall not be happy that I survived our meeting. Roman   You know what? I think maybe they might get me when going after you. That seems like the pattern of events since you got here. I am the one end up feeling the pain after you piss people off. Niko    I'm sorry, Roman. I tell you, I am sorry. I guess you cannot escape your past. Roman   Shit, man. You're right. You cannot escape the past. Only thing is future, right? Must think about the future. A new apartment in South Bohan, another business, a bigger diamond for Mallorie. The future, yes? Niko    Only thing I see in my future is more people trying to kill me. And, perhaps, a date with the man I came to this city to find. The man who betrayed our village.

<at the apartment in South Bohan>

Roman   Here we are, the beginning of our new lives... again.

<cutscene - in the apartment>

Roman   Not so bad... I mean, I don't think we'll be impressing women with our wonderful hot tub, but, err, this looks okay... Niko    Yes, great! Roman   Come on, what's... what's wrong? Niko    What's wrong? What's wrong? Where should I start? Alright, I'll start with you - what's wrong with you? Fifteen minutes ago you were cowering in fear because you didn't know what was going to happen. Now, you know everything is shit and we are going to be killed, and you're all cheerful. I don't get it! Roman   I guess I'm an optimist. Niko    An idiot, not an optimist. Roman   I was bored of Broker anyway! I'm glad you turned up and made some Russian killers burn down my home and business! Oh yeah, thanks Niko! Thanks a bunch! Is that better? Niko    Much! [Mallorie runs in.] Mal     Thank God you're okay... both of you. Niko    We're fucked - we're broke and on the run. Mal     No, I'm from up here, Niko. I know a bunch of people who might be able to help out. Why don't you come and meet me at the community center later on? I've got to go to work. Bye, Pappy. And have a shower - you smell a little, erm, mature? [She leaves.] Roman   So... I guess we start again. Niko    Sure. I'm going out.

<phonecall from Dimitri - later on>

Dimitri Niko Bellic, we did not find your body with the others in the warehouse. Mr. Bulgarin and I were very disappointed. Niko    I was loyal to you, Dimitri. Why did you turn on me? Dimitri You think I could survive in a cesspit of a city like this by aligning myself with a bottom feeder like you? You, who has so many enemies? You robbed Bulgarin, you killed Mikhail. You know no more of loyalty than I do. Niko    You know why I killed Faustin. It was not my choice. Dimitri I will find you, Niko. I have burnt you and your cousin out of Hove Beach. I will smoke you out of any other hiding place you have in this city. See you soon, Niko.

<phonecall from Brucie - later on>

Brucie  Nicky, we got to talk serious. Niko    Alright man. If you want my advice, the only way you're going to get your balls back to normal is if you stop juicing or you get implants. Brucie  How many times I have to tell you homie, my balls are golden. Okay? I wanna talk about Roman. He's got a problem. He's gambling like an animal. Online, in clubs, everywhere. You need to control your cousin bro. Niko    Roman's a grown up. He can look after himself, Brucie. Brucie  He's getting involved with some serious cats, homie. Even people I might think twice about dealing with. And I am one dangerous motherfucker, okay? Put him in Gamblers Anonymous or something. I'm starting to think he's more interested in cards than chasing pussy. And that ain't cool. You dig? Niko    Sure, Brucie. Thanks for the heads up.

<email> Michelle

Niko, Listen, cousin, give that Michelle a call. I know she likes you, and you need to get some action. She's a nice girl. You've got her number - call her up. See ya later Roman

<email - positive reply>

Thanks for dating advice.

<email - negative reply>

I can think for myself, Roman. Thanks.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEARCH AND DELETE (#bk1)

<phonecall from Roman>

Roman   Niko, it's Roman. I was talking to Brucie... Niko    That 'roid monkey? Roman   He is a good friend of mine, he'll be a good friend of yours too if you let him. Anyway, he's got some work and we are in need of money. Meet him at Brucie's Executive Autos on Mohanet in East Hook. If Mallorie calls you, we are bowling together. See you later.

<cutscene - at Brucie's garage>

Niko    Hey. [Lenny, a mechanic, is working underneath a car.] Niko    Hello? Lenny   I'm busy. Niko    I said hello! [He kicks Lenny. Lenny gets out.] Lenny   Ow! Motherfucker. Niko    Is your boss around? Lenny   What did you do that for? Niko    Is your boss around? Lenny   Yeah, he's around. [shouting] Brucie! Some fucking Polack asshole for you. Niko    Pleasure to meet you, too. Brucie  He's not a Polack. He's a gentleman. Lenny   He's still a fucking asshole... [exits] Brucie  Sorry, Nicky, man. How's things? Niko    Yeah... Brucie  Sweet. [Brucie flails his arms in front of Niko in imitation of a martial art.] Brucie  I got you, man! I'm big, but I'm also fast. Wake up, boy! Niko    Ooh, I'm sorry. Can you show me that again? [Niko grabs his arm as Brucie tries again, then twists it awkwardly.] Brucie  Hey yah! Oh! Ah! Oh! Enough, man, enough! Oh! Whoo! Fuck me, man. Woo! Niko    You'll be alright, eh? Brucie  That's some red army shit, serious. You gotta show me that one. I'm all about power. C'mon, touch my pecs, man. Niko    No, thank you. Brucie  Rock hard. I bench four-fifty. I'm an animal. Niko    Yeah, yeah, yeah... Brucie  Shit no shit. What you doing here, man? Niko    Well, Roman said maybe you needed some help, and we need some money real bad. Brucie  Shit, my bad. Yeah, of course. Love that guy. Love him. I mean I am no chubby chaser, but if I was, and a queer, that guy would be in trouble, you know what I mean? Niko    I'll let him know. Brucie  Hey, I'm shitting with you. Brucie likes pussy. Remember that, alright? Niko    Okay... Brucie  Alright now, Nicky, listen up. I know you guys need money, bad. Niko    Yeah... Brucie  This ain't a nice job. Not exactly mom and pop shit. Niko    No problem, as long as the pay is good. Brucie  Sometimes people fuck other people over, okay? And the people that fuck other people need to get fucked with. Especially people that go into hiding, before they can get on the stand and put a lot of guys inside for a lot of time. Niko    What? Brucie  I need you to whack some people, only they're in hiding. Niko    How do I find them? Brucie  Man, you're cold. You didn't even blink! Love that, I fucking love that! You gotta steal a police car, get on the computer, gimme a call. They're easy to hack. Niko    Not really. Alright, Brucie, I'll give you a call. Brucie  Ice cold man! Ice cold!

<phonecall to Brucie - from a police car>

Niko    I'm here. I have a computer. Brucie  You're a badass, man. I love it. Now this cat's name's Lyle Rivas. Type it into the computer and you should get some "known whereabouts" and shit. I'd take him out myself but when people see me coming they fucking run, man. Know what I'm saying? Cats don't want to mess with someone packing twenty-four inch guns like mine baby. Yeah! Niko    I'll track down this Rivas. Brucie  Cold, man... I'm feeling chills down the phone. Call me when it's done, bro.

<Niko uses the police computer to locate Lyle.>

<cutscene - at the apartment in Rotterdam Hill>

Niko    Lyle Rivas? I got a message from Brucie for you. Lyle    Brucie? I thought he was fucking joking... shit. [Lyle hops out the window and runs for his car.]

<Niko drives after Lyle, all the way around Dukes and up to Bohan, where he eventually kills him.>

<phonecall to Brucie>

Niko    You should not worry about Rivas any more. Brucie  Lethal, man. A lot of people are going to be very grateful that certain people who fucked with them can't say things to other people or fuck with anyone anymore. If you get me? Niko    I get the money you're paying. Brucie  You're all about the cabbage, I mean, the lettuce, the lettuce! Ice cold, man. I love it. There'll be some more work when you need it.

<text message from Brucie - later on>

Ice cold motherfucker like you should look into doing some vigilante work for $, bro. Cops are outsourcing that shit to private contractors. Check it out next time you hack a Police Computer. - B

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EASY AS CAN BE (#bk2)

<text message from Brucie>

Bro, come see me at my crib in BOABO. Stay Alpha. - B

<cutscene - at Brucie's apartment>

[Brucie's doing workouts.] Brucie  Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-five... Girl    There's someone here to see you... Brucie  I'm working out! Thirty-six, thirty-seven... Niko    Hey, Brucie. Brucie  Niko! One second... Forty. Why didn't you tell me it was Niko? Why? Man, women. Man. Women. [Brucie starts attacking a punching bag.] Brucie  Yeah! Man, I'm ready for you, Nicky, I'm ready. I'm ready for fucking anything. [He hurts his hand.] Brucie  Ah, motherfuckers... Niko    Are you alright? You seem a little tense. Brucie  Yeah! Sorry. I'm just juicing, makes me a little pent up. Niko    Juicing? Brucie  Yeah. Bull shark testosterone, amigo. Ordered online from Chile. Makes you feel really... male. Niko    Be careful, man. I heard that stuff does funny things to your balls. Brucie  Hey. Do I look like I got funny balls to you? Niko    [laughing] I haven't considered it. You sent me a message. What do you want? Brucie  I want help! I'm losing the plot here! Pause. No, I'm shitting you, man. Now look, you did really good with that thing. A lot of people are very grateful. Now listen. That guy, Lyle, had a car worth stealing. Can you get it? He left it in an alleyway off of Yorktown Avenue in Steinway. Niko    If you pay like last time, no problem. Brucie  Yeah, of course. Niko    Any risks? Brucie  Nah. Easy as can be. Niko    Okay... I'll just go take care of it, then. Brucie  Yeah! [Brucie hops back into doing workouts as Niko leaves.] Girl    Bye.

<cutscene - in the alley off Yorktown Avenue>

[Niko gets in the car. Two other cars pull up at opposite ends of the alley.] Niko    No risks Brucie? Maybe this juicing is fucking with your head. Guy 1   He trying to take Lyle's ride. Guy 2   I'm not gonna let you take this car.

<cutscene - at Brucie's garage, after losing the pursuers>

Niko    Brucie asked me to bring this by, you're lucky it looks as good as it does. Lenny   Only thing Brucie thinks is good looking is himself. In the mirror. Thanks.

<phonecall to Brucie>

Niko    The car is in your lockup. It was not so easy. People were waiting for me. Brucie  Shit man. If I'd known it'd be like that then I'd have gone to get it. People don't fuck with Brucie. I mean, you're cool though. You made it man. You got them mad Red Army driving skills. I'll sort you out with some big rims... spinning ones. Crazy original styles. You know, we'll cruise, we'll hang, alright, alright? Thanks, homie, thanks.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUT OF THE CLOSET... (#bk3)

<text message from Brucie>

NB, I've been in touch with Roman. Get here soon, bro. We need the three most dangerous, blinging, hardcore mother fuckers in the whole of Liberty City to be rolling in the same room together. For real. - B

<cutscene - at Brucie's apartment>

Roman   Hey, man. Niko    Hey, guys. Brucie  [doing situps] Fifty-nine... sixty... [Brucie runs up to Niko.] Brucie  Hey! Hit me. Niko    What? Brucie  Hit me, come on! [Niko punches him in the gut.] Brucie  [limping off] Ohh, motherfuckers... Roman   Niko, you wanna go on a date? Niko    Ehh... Roman   Come on. What's wrong with you? Niko    Okay. Who is she? Roman   That's the thing, it's a guy. Niko    Fuck you. Brucie  No. Dude, listen! The cousin of that guy you killed, Lyle Rivas, owes me a lot of money. And the dick won't pay. Instead he's said he's going to have me killed, that bitch. Hi-ah! [Brucie headbutts the wall, leaving a large blood stain.] Roman   Brucie, you got to chill. For real. Brucie  Yeah, yeah, yeah... Roman   Now listen, NB, this guy is in hiding. But - he's a serious co... Brucie  He's a serious cockhound. Niko    Oh. So you think of me. Brucie  No! But the guy knows me, and I don't think anyone would date that fat Slav. Roman   So, I'm just doing your profile. [on a laptop] Niko    Alright, let me see... I am a "vulnerable guy who needs to be held by big strong arms"? Roman   Yeah. Niko    You got to be kidding me! Roman   I knew we should have made him a giver not a taker, Brucie! Brucie  Oh, shut up! Now listen, Nicky... I need you. And I will pay heavily for this. Niko    Okay. And Roman, cousin? You're a dick. [On his way out, Niko jumps at Brucie just to make him flinch.] Brucie  Ahh! Nicky!

<phonecall to Brucie - at the cafe>

Niko    Alright, man. I'm at the internet cafe. What now? Brucie  The website is Love-meet. Go to it, bro. The guy you want a date with is using French Tom as his screen name. You're an animal, man. Eat him alive, okay?

<Niko finds French Tom and sends a date request.>

<email - later on> Thanks

Niko, Listen, thanks for doing that. I didn't think you'd mind dating a guy after all that time in the merchant navy. Brucie is really grateful. He'll be a good contact for us. Anyway, listen, I know you'll be mad, but I've been having a run of bad luck. The thing about luck is it changed, so maybe you can bail me out? Nothing crazy. Think of it as an investment. I hereby make you a minority shareholder in R.B.E. - I'm the C.E.O. - we're in business, cousin! See ya later Roman

<email - positive reply>

Roman, how are you ever going to rule the world if you gamble every cent you get away?

<email - negative reply>

You're a moron. Stop gambling. You don't have bad luck, you have bad judgement.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...OUT OF THE CLOSET (#bk4)

<text message from Roman>

Niko, have you heard from your boyfriend yet? Check your email at the TW@ internet cafe. Rom

<text message from Roman>

NB - you been on your gay date yet? I know you want to do it! Don't be nervous and check your emails. - Rom

<email> RE: Date Request with French Tom

Hello there! Just saw you were interested in yours truly. Get in line. To be honest, my inbox has been filling up every ten seconds since I put up the ad. I was just sending out a load of rejections when I saw you, and you don't look like the other guys. Well, you don't seem poor or fat so that's a start! This boy is too good for those losers. I mean, come on! How about you stop by the 69th Street Diner in Hove? Bring your wallet, because you are picking up the check. I'll wear a red rose. I'm usually there around [time]. Ciao, Tom Rivas

<email - positive reply>

I'll be there. - N

<email - negative reply>

Maybe some other time. - N

<email - if you reply negatively or fail to show up> RE: Date Request with French Tom

Hello! I had no idea how many poor and ugly people there were in LC before I started this internet dating thing. It's yuk! Should have stuck to picking up closeted politicians at Hercules. At least then you can squeeze a few g outta em while getting satisfied. Anyway, you're the best of a bad bunch on this site so I can forgive what you did before. Come by the 69th Street Diner with your wallet and maybe I'll forget about how you just wasted my time. I'm usually there around [time]. See ya later, Tom Rivas

<Niko sits down in the diner across from French Tom and listens to him rant.>

French  Hey, are you my date? Thank God! You never know who's going to turn up when you've met someone online. Niko    Yeah. All sorts of sickos can use the internet. You have to be careful. I'm Niko. French  So Niko, what do you do? Niko    I do a lot of things. What's your job? French  Job? Job? Everyone's talking about this Job guy. I haven't met him and I don't want to. Mr. Job sounds like an asshole. Niko    Really. What type of man do you want to meet? French  One with a lot of money. Do you know Gay Tony? Runs Hercules and Maisonette 9. I'll tell you a secret; he pretends to have the dollars but he's broke as hell - the loser. If there's one thing that I hate more than fat people and cripples, it is poor guys. Niko    Is that why you borrow money that you can't pay back? French  What're you talking about? How the fuck do you know who I pay and don't pay back? Fuck you, bitch. You ain't miss thing. You can't tell me shit about who I am. Niko    I'm just here to do a job. People in this world need to work. And my work is getting rid of you. French  I wouldn't fuck a scummy immigrant like you anyway.

<Niko kills French Tom.>

<phonecall to Brucie>

Brucie  How was your date, bro? Niko    Not so good. I don't think we'll be seeing each other again. I don't think he'll be seeing anyone. Brucie  Nicky, you're an animal. Anyway, your profile is still up there, bro. There's all sorts of crazy bitches on that site you can get into. Real freaks, you know? I'd be getting involved in that internet dating shit but I only date models, you know? Or VIPs who could be models. Not many of them online, yeah? Catch you later, big guy. Laters.

<text message from Brucie - later on>

Read about your "hot date" on the Liberty Tree website, bro. That shit says you looked older, you gotta get some work done. Bro, I got shots the whole time. Don't get ashamed about looking good. - B

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO. 1 (#bk5)

<cutscene - at Brucie's garage>

Niko    Hey, Brucie, what's up? Brucie  Hey, Niko B, come here. Show me the love. Man hug time. Niko    Hey, enough, alright? Brucie  Whoa, whoa, what are we about here, you and me? Niko    I don't know... Brucie  What are we about, boy? Niko    I'm an immigrant, and a hired gun, and you're a steroid junkie, but we get along. Brucie  No! Not that stuff, that's superficial. I'm talking about the real shit. Niko    What? Brucie  We're winners, man. fucking winners. That's how we roll, brother. Bling, check. Bodies, check. Paper, check. That's how we roll, bitches. The boss... [posing with arms crossed] Niko    Are you alright? Too much bullshark testosterone up the ass? Brucie  Fuck you. Fuck you, man. Hey, check this out. Lenny! Lenny! Is the bitch ready? Lenny   Well, she's very shiny. Brucie  Look at her and weep tears of pure gold. Motherfuckers.  Come on now! Let's go show some people... just how we roll. Yeah, alright... Come on, get in! [trying to start car] Come on, start, you... Shit! Niko    Pure gold, eh, big man? Brucie  Lenny, you're a fucking asshole. What is this? What is this? Lenny   You tuned her yourself! Brucie  Well what should I do? I mean, I need a flashy car. People are going to think I'm a no nut bullshitter if I fail to deliver here. Lenny   How about Steve's car? Brucie  Yes. I'll call him on the way! Niko, can you drive us to Freetown Avenue in Willis? Niko    Yes. Brucie  Come on. Let's roll, bitches! Woo!

<driving - heading to the car in Willis>

Brucie  Hey Nicky, I'm just gonna hit this guy up. [to phone] Stevie, you serious hunk of lady-killing muscle, me and a friend need to borrow your car... the sweet one. It'll be cool, baby - ice cool. You know Brucie. What? Outside? Great. Stay strapped bro. [hangs up] Niko    Your friend is fine with us taking it? He doesn't think we're going to trash it or nothing? Brucie  Stevie knows that he can trust Brucie with anything. He'll look after shit. Trust Brucie with anything but your girlfriend, man. And you can't be so sure he'll look after her. At least not the way you want her to be looked after, you get what I mean? You know? Niko    That's real cool, Brucie. Brucie  I'm just joking, man. Brucie wouldn't fuck another man's bitch. He's got too many women after him already to waste time with taken pussy. Niko    That's good to know. I'll definitely ask you to chaperone any girlfriend of mine. Brucie  Who are you kidding, Nicky? You and me aren't girlfriend types. We... we see bitches but we can't get tied down. We gotta get out there bro. Spread our seed in as many fields as we can. Niko    I don't know. If I met the right girl sometime... Brucie  That's what I say when people ask me if the juice has given me funny balls, you know? How would I be able to get with so many chicks if my balls were funny? Come on, man. Think about it. Niko    Brucie, I don't need to think about your balls, I'm cool.

<reach the car>

Brucie  Here we are, see what I mean? Sweet.

<driving - heading to the starting line>

Brucie  We're going to dominate this shit. Dominate man. I've got good feelings about this. We're gonna win this for sure brother! Niko    Yeah, you got some faith in me Brucie. Brucie  There's no other place than first, Nicky. The rest of that shit don't count, ok. I got the best body, I get the hottest pussy, I ride the flyest cars. I'm number one, man. I'll burn your village and eat your children. I'm fucking intense man! Niko    Yeah, intense is the word.

<at the starting line>

Brucie  Here we be. You ready to feel the Gs? Your skin looks really rough man, you had some help? A little botulism special there? I like that homie. You want a shot when we get back? Niko    I'm fine.

<win the race>

Brucie  Intense, intense, I fucking love you man. Number one. Good driving. How do I look? Pretty good, right? Niko    Yeah, pretty good. Brucie  Take me back to my apartment, man. I'm feeling jacked. I wanna hit the weights. Now.

<driving - returning Brucie to his place - A>

Brucie  You know what Niko, you can keep this car. You earned it and I can't have my boy rolling in anything but serious genetically different winner style, you know? Niko    I thought it belonged to Steve? Brucie  Fuck Steve, you are the man, man. You are number one. You won this shit anyway. I'll give Steve the bitch. Niko    The bitch don't work too good. Brucie  Don't worry about that. Brucie has the magic fingers. They only touch prime engines and hot models. No cellulite. Okay VIP only, read my lips, I'm a winner. And when they touch. Shit, they work some serious magic bro. Niko    What is it that you do, Brucie? Are you a mechanic? I don't get it. Brucie  I'm a businessman, an entrepreneur. I make shit happen. Niko    Sure, but you seem kind of legit. Why do you need guys killed? Brucie  Of course I'm legit. Have you seen my delts? That shit is as legitimate as it gets! Niko    What about those guys you need killed? Brucie  Fuck Nicky, you know Brucie. He's number one. It's lonely at the top. Sometimes, the juice, it just takes control, okay. The red mist descends and I need shit to happen to people. Niko    Are you talking about fucking 'roid rage? Is that why I killed those men? Brucie  They were bad cats, Nicky. Maybe the juice meant I wasn't as patient as I should have been. But you know, as a businessman, I can't let people get away with that shit. I need to be firm. Niko    Look Brucie, I like you and I think we should hang out but I don't want to work with you no more. I can't go around fucking people up because you've over done it on the juice. Brucie  Alright, Nicky, man. I'm feeling you, ok? You don't wanna let our business thing get in the way of our personal relationship. That's all good man. Niko    Cool.

<driving - returning Brucie to his place - B>

Brucie  You're an animal, Nicky. I love you. I love you so much that you can have this car. Take it, as a gift. Niko    Hate to break it to you Brucie, but this car ain't yours to give. Brucie  What's Stevie's is mine man, it's all cool. This car is a weapon. Take it out on the town and use it on the bitches. Alright? They'll fall at your feet bro. It'll be a massacre. A fucking feeding frenzy. Niko    Yeah, I can't wait. Brucie  You know what I call this thing? A weapon of mass seduction. It's good to keep this kind of thing around, you know? A bitch sees your cut body - she's interested. Then she clocks you dropping the readies at the bar - she's real interested. Now, you take her home in this thing - it's over. bitch don't know what hit her, man. Niko    What hit her? That could be your date rape drugs kicking in. Brucie  Funny, man. The only drugs I roll with are the 'roids man. And they ain't even drugs. They're not even bad for you. It's like a hundred percent natural. People say I've got 'roid rage but that's fucking bullshit. Bullshit! Bullshit! Niko    No. No rage at all. Brucie  Maybe those guys I got you to kill. Maybe another person wouldn't have done that, alright? But, fuck it. They made me angry, so you iced them. That ain't 'roid rage. That's just the way shit works. Niko    It sounds like you got me to kill a load of guys because you were juicing too hard. Shit, man. You're cool, Brucie. I like you. But I don't want to work for you no more. We can hang out, but I'm not killing anyone else because you've got the rage. Brucie  Alright, Nicky. Alright. You wanted some money and I helped you out. That's all good. I like the fact that we're just gonna be friends now. You know? None of this money shit to get in the way. Niko    Sounds good to me.

<at Brucie's place>

Brucie  Nicky, I feel like we really bonded back there. I'm close to you, man. You let me inside. You let your armor down, you know? We had a moment, man. Call me and we'll hang. Niko    Sure we did.

<phonecall from Brucie - later on>

Brucie  Nicky, you animal. The guys we raced the other day want a rematch. They liked your shit, man. Niko    Cool, I guess. Brucie  Any time you want to race, give me a call and I'll hit you up with a location. Peace, man.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESCUELA OF THE STREETS (#me1)

<cutscene - at the South Bohan community center>

[Jay's trying to film Manny and the dancers behind him.] Jay     This is the one, man - we're gonna get a really nice shot of them, it's going to be beautiful. I mean, you taught them these moves, right? Manny   No. Jay     We wanna make sure that we see them, okay, but we want to see you, too. Manny   Okay. Just film it, man. Jay     Okay, well just keep looking at me, but stand over there, okay? Manny   You mean here? Jay     Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Very good. Cool. Manny   Okay, go. Jay     Yeah, beautiful, beautiufl, alright. Manny   You ready for this? Jay     Yes I am. Turn this way please? Turn this way. Yeah. Looking at me. Manny   [to dancers] Five, six, seven and eight. Let me see you work! Jay     Good, good, good. Right over here. Manny   This way? Jay     Yes, good, good, perfect, cool, cool, cool. Manny   So how do I look, man? Jay     You look good. Manny   Do I look gay? Jay     No, no, not at all. It's a very manly kind of dancing. Manny   Okay, so here we go then... yeah... See, it's the streets man, but people gotta understand the struggles... for real, you know what I'm saying? They gotta understand the struggles, yeah... [Niko enters.] Mal     Oh, hey, Niko! [to Manny] This is my boyfriend's cousin, the guy I was telling you about, Niko. [to Niko] How's my Roman doing, anyway? Niko    For a guy who just lost his home and his business and who now has a price on his head? Pretty good. Mal     I love his optimism. So, Niko, this is Manny - we grew up together. Manny   Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whassup, man? Streets, man. Hi. Niko    Hi. Mal     This is the guy I told you about... who beat up all those thugs in Broker? Manny   Yeah? Great! Listen, Mallorie, would you, uh, give us a little space please? Thanks. Mal     Alright, alright... Manny   Ok, yeah, great, so, eh, so you know streets take no prisoners, right? But, you know, kids need hope. You know what I'm saying? Niko    Not really. Manny   Yeah, well, you know, sometimes you gotta break some omelets to make some eggs, you know what I'm saying? Niko    Okay. And? [turning away from the camera] Manny   Yeah, well, you know, we gotta clean up some eggs, brother. We gotta clean 'em up. Yeah here, right here, right here, turn around, man, right here. Jay     [to camera] Here Manny Escuela is rapping with a street accomplice about cleaning up the streets of Bohan. Manny   Yeah! Niko    Turn that off. Jay     [to camera] These criminals are... Manny   Wait, wait, wait a second. Jay     [to camera] trying to reform their neighbourhood. Manny   Wait! hey, hold on a second, man! Wha... Jay     Hey, hey! Please, please, what are you doing? Hey! My... cam... [Niko wrestles the camera from Jay and throws it to the ground.] Jay     Manny! Niko    Sorry. Manny   [to dancers] Ok everyone, that'll be all for today, that was great. Thank you very much, that'll be all for today, thanks a lot. [to Niko] What are you doing? Niko    What were you saying? Manny   We gotta get some of these dealers off the streets, man, you know? And I want them to know it was me, man. Niko    Fine, just don't point the camera at me when you're doing it. Manny   Well, that's my testimony, man. Look, brother, will you help? Please? Look, I got money. I got... I got money. Niko    In which case you've got help. Manny   Good! [to Jay] Alright, hey, how's the camera? Jay     It's not good. Manny   Wh... what do you mean it's not good? Can you tape us...? Jay     Just don't even. Manny   Okay. Alright, okay, well listen, look... here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna get all these dealers off the streets and we're gonna kick their ass and they're gonna know it was me...

<get in a car>

Manny   Last I hear these dealers was up on Grand Boulevard. Let's go take a look, man.

<driving - going to Grand Boulevard - A>

Manny   So you and Mallorie is tight, huh? She and your cousin is together now. I love that girl, man. I love her, man. Your cousin better not be messing with her head. He going to propose, right? He's going to make an honest woman of her, right? Niko    I think that's as much of a decision of Mallorie's as it is Roman's. I don't know if he's grown up enough to make a good husband. What's it to you anyway? I didn't know you and Mallorie was that close. Manny   Shit, man. Manny's close to everyone who grew up on the streets of South Bohan, man. They my people, alright? Niko    Sure.

<driving - going to Grand Boulevard - B>

Manny   I like your vibe, man. I like it. You're out to make money but you want to make a difference too, man. Best of both worlds, man. I see myself that way, man. An entrepreneur who's gonna clean this shit up. Money and respect. Philanthropicalism, man, like one of them rich guys who makes computers and cures AIDS and shit. That's us, man, only at a street level. Niko    Me, I'm just after the money. No amount of scrubbing is going to get this town clean. What I seen of it at least. Manny   Yeah, I'm an entrepreneur, man. You got to have money if people is gonna respect you out there, man. The kids have to look up to me, man. To know that the clean path is the good path. You hear me? Niko    Sure, but I don't think you hear me. Manny   It's for the kids, man. Believe that.

<at the dealer's place>

Manny   The dealer and his drug wagon are up there. Pull up behind and we wait.

<dealer gets in his car and drives>

Manny   There he be. We gots to follow him to them other leeches, man. They be sucking the damn life out of these streets.

<driving - following the dealer - A>

Niko    You know, when I was stalking this girl in Europe, I found that two car lengths was the best distance. Manny   You know, these streets is mine, man! I can feel them flowing through my veins. Niko    You sound like you got something else in your veins. Manny   I ain't touched that shit in years. Who you been talking to, man? I'm clean, man. Serene. Fucking serene. Niko    Oh, I'm sorry. Manny   You ever thought about doing some TV? You might be able to get a series off the back of mine, you know? Niko Bellic: Street Justice, bro! Niko    Not really my scene. Manny   Just wait 'til you see your face on the screen, man. Maybe you change your mind then! Niko    I always wanted to be a well-known idiot. Manny   People say to me, "Manny why you do this? Why you want to clean up the streets so bad? What's your passion?" Niko    Do you tell them "To get famous."? Manny   It's for the love, man. They know me coz I help people, man. I'm all love for these streets.

<driving - following the dealer - B>

Niko    Apparently the mob teaches people to stay two car lengths behind a target. Manny   I don't know why the people out there want to hurt people man? Want to hurt these streets, man. They live and breathe. You cut them and they bleed. Man, that was good. I should write that down. You got a pen? Niko    I am afraid not. Manny   How come whenever I say something that really sings. You know, when I really start talking the truth, how come Jay's not around man? He should be filming me every second. Niko    He's not around because I'd break his camera if he shoved it in my face again. Manny   Chill, Niko. You got to get used to being filmed man. You think Jesus started breaking shit up when those disciples followed him around with a bit of parchment. This film is my gospel, man. The gospel of the streets. Shit, how about that for a title? "Manny's Street Gospel" man. I wish I had a damn pen. Fuck, man.

<dealer stops>

Manny   Looks like he about to stop yo. You best pull up behind him, man. Follow him into that warehouse and get rid of the dealers. Niko    I thought you were going to clean up the streets? Manny   Hey, the message is what's important, man. It don't matter who gives it. I for one ain't in this shit for the ego trip. You taking my money, aren't you? Be my voice. I'm gonna go back and get Jay.

<text message from Manny>

When the streets closes a door, they open a window. Get up in that shit!!!

<Niko finds a way into the warehouse and shoots up the dealers.>

<cutscene - outside the warehouse>

[Niko walks out behind Manny.] Jay     [to camera] The fearsome street warrior stands outside the site of another gangland massacre. Oh... Manny   Yeah... 'sright... Jay     Cut. Manny   What? Jay     Okay. Manny   What? Jay     [to Niko] Oh, oh, oh, oh. Could you walk out of there just one more time? We need to get the shot just right. Manny   Oh yeah, yeah, that's a good idea. Niko    I can put my foot through your face if you like. I don't mind doing that again and again until I get it right. Manny   Oh, oh, easy, easy Niko. [to Jay] Hey did it look good? Huh? Was it a good mixture of sadness and resolve? Jay     You looked great. Manny   Great, yeah, let's do it. Jay     Okay from the top? [Niko walks off.] Manny   Yeah, right here. Wait... where are you going? Jay     [to camera] More senseless death and the police aren't even here yet. "Help" has only one name on the streets of South Bohan - Manny Escuela. Manny   That's right, follow me, but be prepared. Street life ain't pretty. [They enter the warehouse.]

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STREET SWEEPER (#me2)

<cutscene - at the South Bohan community center>

Jay     Okay guys, I just want to get one more shot please. This is gonna look great. Right over here. Officer please I need you this way. Thank you. Tighten up Manny. I need you guys tight. This is gonna be great. Okay good. Thank you. A little closer. A little closer. Thank you so much. Wonderful, wonderful. Beautiful. Now we are gonna be da da da da. [Jay films Manny and Francis.] Francis All I can say is I hope you'll continue to make the community a better place. Manny   Hey, man, you know, for a cop, you ain't so bad man, you know. Give it up, the streets, man. Word, give it up. [Niko walks in.] Manny   Hey, Officer McReary, this is Niko right here. This is my man Niko. Francis Oh, good to meet you, I hear you're helping this guy with his vital work for our city. Niko    Well, no. I'm uh, just a tourist. Francis Look Manny - I gotta go... Manny   A'ight. Francis Keep doing what you're doing. Manny   Thank you Officer. Thanks. [Francis leaves.] Manny   Yeah, you know, it was a real big thing for me, you know what I'm sayin', a real street cat, to start working with the gatekeepers of the community to make things better. I mean, where I'm from, out here, man, police is a dirty word man. Niko    Manny - I got things to do... [to Jay] You, off. Manny   Yo man, I was getting my flow on, man, I ain't rapped for years. I was one of them cats who invented that shit man, it went commercial. Niko    Yeah, like charity work? Manny   Shit man, I'm the voice of the streets, man. Yo, if I'm gonna make some money, that's the way shit's gonna be. Niko    Alright, I'm just saying. Manny   Whatever man, fucking punk... Niko    Huh. Manny   Yo, listen, homeboy, I need you to do me a favor man. Listen man, I need you to help me out man. I need you to get some bitches taken out, moved on, whatever. Cause yo, I promised Mr. McReary I was gonna get this place cleaned up and I will. Niko    Okay... how many? Manny   A bunch man, a bunch. They're hanging out and making bad shit happen all over South Bohan man. They're over on Windmill Street right now. Niko    Alright. What did they do? Manny   Man, they disrespected the codes of the streets, man. The streets man. They owe you man. They owe you big time. Niko    As long as they pay. [Niko leaves.] Manny   [to Jay] Over here man. Jay     I'm on you. Manny   Yo, that's what I'm saying man. The streets, we got codes man you know what I'm saying. We live by these codes. You know what I mean?

<Niko kills the gangsters at the garage on Windmill Street.>

<phonecall to Manny>

Niko    Manny, I got rid of your street problem, now help me out with my financial one. Manny   It's all business with you kid, but that's okay. Money's what makes these streets sing, man. I'll call you when I got more work. Stay safe. Stay real.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUCK OF THE IRISH (#et1)

<phonecall from Mallorie>

Mal     Hey Niko, you tired of Manny yet? Niko    I was tired of him as soon as I saw him. Mal     I've got someone else who might have some work for you. Elizabeta Torres, she's got an apartment on San Quentin in Fortside. Meet me there.

<cutscene - in Elizabeta's apartment>

Lizzy   So I said if that' sthe way you want it amigo, then that's what you're gonna get. And that shut him up. Packie  Fucking punk. [Mallorie walks in the door with Niko.] Jorge   Oh. Hey. Como esta? Mal     Hey, how's it going? [Jorge holds back Niko for a moment.] Jorge   Oh wait, espera. Mal     Jorge, he's with me. Liz, this is Niko, Roman's cousin, and Niko, this is Elizabeta. She's an old friend. She'll give you some work. Lizzy   Okay... thank you, Mal. So, tough guy, you know about this business? Niko    I know about protection. What do you need? Lizzy   I need someone no one knows to oversee a deal I'm not sure about. Niko    Easy. Lizzy   I think it'll be a bit more taxing than hanging with Manny on "the streets". Niko    Not so. For one, I won't have to listen to him talk. Lizzy   [laughing] True! Hey Niko, this is Patrick - Packie McReary. Niko    Alright. Packie  Hey. Lizzy   So... Packie is shopping. But I've never trusted the people he's buying off, and I can't, in good consciousness, help him... unless he's got some extra insurance - you. Packie  And that's why you're the best, darling. Lizzy   Ah. Maybe... Packie  Alright, tough guy, let's do this. Niko    Sure. Mal     See you later, Niko. Niko    Goodbye. Mal     And will you call Michelle again? She really likes you. Niko    Yeah, yeah. Jorge   Buena suerte. [Niko and Packie leave.] Lizzy   So, he seems okay. Mal     Oh, he's totally cool. Yeah, he's like family.

<outside the apartment>

Niko    Where we going? Packie  I got this meeting over on Joliet Street. There's a rifle up on the roof of the place next door. You need to go up there and make sure nothing goes wrong. You'll see me and my boys show up in a bit. You're my guardian angel. Niko    You don't trust these guys you're doing the deal with, how come you trust me? Packie  You got a good luck about you and I'm lucky with my gut feelings.

<Niko gets up on the roof and finds the rifle. When the meet goes bad, he helps gun down all the dealers.>

<phonecall to Elizabeta>

Niko    Those dealers double crossed your boy, but I managed to keep him alive. Lizzy   Mallorie was right about you. You are good. I have some more work for you. I'm sure Packie is pleased as well, ah?

<phonecall from Roman - later on>

Roman   Niko, how're you finding things? Have you got enough to do here in Liberty City? Niko    Yeah, I think I've got enough on my plate at the moment, Roman. Roman   Well, if you need some down time go hang out at the apartment and watch some American TV. It is much better than the shit we got back in the Old Country. Niko    Most of the shit on TV in the Old Country was from America, don't you remember, Roman? Roman   Then watch the TV here and get nostalgic, I don't know. Later on.

<phonecall from Jacob - later on>

Jacob   Wha'gwan me bredren? You been chilling wit Elizabeta Torres? Niko    She pays good, man. You know her? Jacob   Yeah man, me know her, Niko. Even Badman's scared of that girl there. Niko    Should I not be doing business with her? Jacob   Nah, man. She's a real good business woman, ya know star. Just don't get pon her wrong side. Seen? Later on. Me call ya.

<phonecall from Michelle - even later on>

Mic     Hey, Niko. Mallorie tells me that you are working with Elizabeta Torres now. Niko    Do you two know each other? Elizabeta seems to have a lot of friends. Mic     That's because she's a dealer, Niko. Junkies like the people who supply them with drugs. You aren't getting involved in that world, are you? Niko    I'm trying to avoid it, Michelle. Maybe I do a few errands for Elizabeta. Nothing serious though. I am no dealer. Mic     If you need help with anything, Niko. Just speak to me. If you want to get something off your chest... I'm a good listener, you know? Niko    I know Michelle, I appreciate your concern but I can look after myself. I'm a big boy and I must make my own decisions. See you soon. Mic     Yeah, Niko. See you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOW YOUR COVER (#et2)

<cutscene - at Elizabeta's apartment>

[A dozen people are dancing around.] Lizzy   Aww yeah ha ha. Woo ooo! Yeah! Oh, looking good from here! [Niko enters.] Lizzy   Hey, Niko! Niko    Hey! Lizzy   [to dancer] Uh, I'll catch up with you. [to Niko] How you doing? Niko    Good. And you? Lizzy   Surround yourself with cocaine and the assholes soon follow... Hey, Johnny! Johnny  Yo! Lizzy   Come over here. Come here. Johnny  Yeah! Lizzy   Niko, this is Johnny. Now, Johnny is sitting on a big pile of heroin. I don't go near the stuff... professionally... but I found him a buyer. We're nervous. Will you oversee the deal and check everything is cool? Niko    Sure. Lizzy   Thank you. Johnny  Well, I got to go pick up the stuff so, uh, I'll see you there. Lizzy   A'ight. [Johnny leaves.] Lizzy   So, who else do you need to meet, huh? Do you know Playboy? Niko    No. Lizzy   Hey! Playboy! X! Ha ha! This is Niko. Hey Niko, this Playboy. PB X    Whassup, money? Lizzy   Playboy is going along with you. I want as many people around this deal as possible. PB X    Bet. Are you ready to bounce? [Niko nods.] PB X    Well come on then? Lizzy   Later. [They leave.] Dancer  I am the best, I am number one!

<get in a car>

PB X    We going down to Cassidy Street in Schottler.

<driving - going to Cassidy Street - A>

Niko    Does Elizabeta get you to do stuff like this often? PB X    Elizabeta don't get me to do shit. I just like to keep an eye on things. There ain't a deal in this town I don't know about. I own this city, for real. Niko    Yeah, well how come we haven't met before? PB X    You obviously ain't been big time. I started small like you, player. Slinging rocks on the corner, sticking cats up, all type of shit. Them was the old days. Now it's all about diversification. Niko    A heroin deal is your way of diversifying? PB X    Money talks. Money say jump, cat say how high. This is a cash deal. I got other shit going down as well. Niko    What type of shit you got going on? I'm always looking for work, if it pays that is. PB X    I pay like a Shlongberg Sachs bonus, bitch. It's Christmas every day when you're rolling with this nigga. Niko    So, you got work? PB X    Not yet. I got to set shit up. But I'll need a cat like you real soon. Gimme your number. Niko    Tell me about that biker, the one with the smack, Johnny. PB X    I ain't working with that cat but I heard about him. He doing all type of crazy shit. Blowing sutff up. Them boys, the Lost, they in some heavy type of gang war is what I heard. Crazy whiteboy shit. Think only one group can grow beards and ride bikes in this town. Niko    It's a big town. PB X    Not big enough for some people. What that other gang called? Death Angels or some shit. Anyways, be careful of this cat. Don't even want to look at him the wrong way, crazy motherfucker. Niko    You scared of him? PB X    I ain't scared of nobody. All them bikers is racist as shit is all.

<driving - going to Cassidy Street - B>

PB X    So, is you Russian or something? Is you like one of them oligarchs or some shit? Niko    I'm not from Russia, no. PB X    Nah? You sound like you coming outta Russia with that accent. That all good, money. Russia's big right now. Rabbit fur hats, Cherenkov vodka, I love that shit. The amount of... what you call dollars in Russia? Niko    I never been to Russia, but I think their money is called rubles. PB X    Hell yeah, the amount of rubles being dropped up in Liberty City is a joke. I want to get my hands on some of that shit. I don't care about the exchange rate or nothing. I want to be spending rubles like you gangsters. Niko    Yeah? You short of money at the moment? PB X    You think I'm short of paper? I just helping out on this deal because Liz is my business partner. She my SoBo connection, hooks me up when I need her to. That why I look after her when she need me to. Niko    Is that how things go? PB X    For real. That's how shit works up in here. America is the business capital of the world 'cause that's how we roll. Me and Liz are entrepreneurs. Shit, if the deal makes paper, I do it. Niko    I like to make money, but there should be other considerations when you into business with a person. I have learnt that at a price. PB X    True that, that right. I ain't no slut, jumping into any nigga give me the eye. Playboy's in bed with Liz because she got the hookups. That's probably why you rolling with her too. Maybe I could use a boy like you on team Playboy. Niko    You got work? PB X    For sure. Let me hook up with your number. You got a cell, right? Niko    Yeah. PB X    Gimme them digits, we see if we can make shit happen.

<on Cassidy Street>

PB X    The crib's on the 3rd floor. Buyer is some Asian dude called Charlie. Niko    Like in Vietnam? PB X    Just like the movies, money.

<cutscene - on the third floor>

Niko    Hey, you ready? Johnny  Sure, let's do this. Nothing like selling some dope to let you know you're alive. Niko    Let's go. PB X    Yeah, let's do this. Johnny  Alright, c'mon. [They walk into the room.] Charlie Hey... what's going on guys, what's going on? Johnny  Not much. Let's do this. Charlie You've got the heroin? Right? Right? Johnny  Come on, let's do this, quickly. Charlie But you've got the heroin, correct? You're carrying it, correct? I mean it's a simple question. Johnny  What's wrong with you? You're being fucking weird. Charlie Not weird, man. I just wanna know if you're carrying the stuff right? Johnny  You ain't right, friend, come on... let's get out of here. [Niko, Playboy, and Johnny run out as Charlie pulls out a gun.] Charlie LCPD. Freeze motherfucker. I said freeze.

<fighting the police>

PB X    Yo. They gonna expect us to go out the front with that biker dude. We gonna hit up the roof. You clear out the floor above first, money.

<They gun down the police and make their way from the roof to the roof of an adjacent building. From there, they head back down to ground level.>

PB X    Yo, money. We going down through this sucker. You want to start rolling with me, drive me back to my crib in Northwood on X.

<driving - taking Playboy to his penthouse - A>

PB X    Shit man. I'd a fucking died instead of being caught by them feds. You take a bid on a heroin beef you ain't seeing light for a long time. You rotting up in that shit. Niko    Yeah? PB X    A future in a max security pen ain't no future at all. You forget about them cats that do that sort of time. Niko    Any of your friends on the inside? PB X    My man Dwayne Forge is inside on a crack beef. He showed me some shit back in the day but shit... When he gets out, if he ever does, it won't be the same world. Niko    What's different since this guy's been doing his bid? PB X    Shit changed. There be more to it than the crack tip nowaday. There be the smack tip, the rap game, X, chronic, meth... shit, I'm looking into expanding my horizons. Niko    Yeah? PB X    For sure, reach for the stars and all that shit! I don't see why a young kid from the hodd can't make something out of himself... Street cats like me just get labeled as pimps, and pushers, and stickup artists. Niko    But you are a drug pusher? PB X    That just what I'm doing to get out of the ghetto. I don't see it as dealing drugs. Drugs is just one arm of my business. I'm buying and selling that shit like any commodity on the trading floor. Niko    Only this commodity is illegal. PB X    Yeah, but Playboy is going legitimate. I wanna be one of them developer cats. Build me some skyscrapers. See my name in big bold letters. Niko    Yeah, I thought you would want to build schools or something. Help young black men get out of the ghetto. PB X    Shit, that'll come. Got to get me successful first.

<driving - taking Playboy to his penthouse - B>

PB X    Playboy X don't like coming that close to being taken down. Niko    Playboy X? What's the X stand for? PB X    Shit, I don't know, all type of shit. Niko    Like what? PB X    I ain't gonna use no fool's name, hell no. X is a fuck you to them fools who thought they owned me. Fucking federal government. Niko    Like Malcolm X? PB X    It's like X marks the spot. That's coz I was always on the same corner pushing weight. Always on the same spot so X. Niko    Sure. PB X    X is like extreme. Extreme bitches, extreme money, I always take things to the next level. Get involved in some extreme shit. Change the game. Niko    Really? PB X    It's like extra large as well. All type of bitches be calling me that, yeah. Niko    I bet they do. PB X    Should be like double X or triple X or something on that one though.

<at Playboy's penthouse>

Niko    Here we be, money. I'll hit you up when I need your ass.

<phonecall from Roman - later on>

Roman   This is great news, Niko. I got the insurance money for the cab depot burning down. The stupid bastards thought it was an electrical fire, not arson. Niko    Maybe it was an accident. Roman   Ha, ha. Yeah right. I've put the money into another cab depot. Bellic Enterprises is up and running again. Next stop - floating on the BAWSAQ. I'll give you shares, NB. Later on.

<text message from Brucie - later on>

NB. Hit up Perseus in Algonquin. All the VIPs go there, bro. Get yourself some fucking bling clothes. You're genetically different, bro. You gotta get the packaging to match. That's how you roll! - B

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PUERTO RICAN CONNECTION (#me3)

<cutscene - at the South Bohan community center>

[Manny and Jay are watching the show on TV.] TVJay   Manny Escuela combines a powerful urban masculinity with a lighter side. Here, shortly after cleaning up five blocks, he teaches a group of women in the art of competitive street dancing. Manny   Yo man! You made me look gay, man. I warned you, bro. Jay     What? No? You don't look gay. You look a little metrosexual or something. Manny   Metrosex... Jay     It's good, it's good. Manny   Man, who the hell ever heard of a metrosexual ex-gangster, man? [turns off the TV] Jay     Hey! Manny   I'm a lord, man, not a lady. This show was gonna make me famous! [Niko enters.] Jay     You are gonna be famous... Manny   Shit. Yo, Niko, man - what am I supposed to do here man? I got the film genius here making me look like a transsexual, or something, on TV. And now some punks been talkin' all kinds of shit too. Niko    What punks? Manny   Man, bitches I used to roll with. Guys cuaght up in the game. Punks in too deep, man. Yo I tried, man, I tried to be a good guy. I said, I'm reformed, man. But I'm pure ghetto, man. And this show's garbage. Jay     Oh come on. Manny   We don't have the killer shot, man. Jay     What? Jeez. Manny   We need to go bust somebody, man. Niko    Do what you want, as long as it doesn't involve me. Manny   Hey, yo, man, we're brethren right? Give up, man. A'ight, man. Yo listen, can you shut these punks up for me please? Niko    Where are they? Manny   They're gonna be comin' in on El Train, man. From Algonquin to Dukes, man. Hey I owe you, man. I owe you big time. Niko    Okay. [leaves] Manny   You see that, man? You see that, man? Yo, that is streets right there, man. Not none of this shit. Got me dancing in skirts with people in the neighborhood, man. What the fuck is that, man?

[Niko waits for the train to cross the Algonquin Bridge, then follows it from the streets to the Schottler station. There, he attacks and kills the punks.]

<phonecall to Manny>

Niko    You don't need to worry about people talking garbage no more. Manny   You're pure ghetto, man. Just like me, kid. I'm gonna thank you in all my acceptance speeches, man, for real.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SNOW STORM (#et3)

<phonecall from Elizabeta>

Lizzy   Shut the fuck up, Jacob. Niko, I hear you can understand this rasta shit. Get over here before I run out of patience and start shooting. Niko    I don't think I've ever played peacemaker, but I'll be there in a bit.

<cutscene - at Elizabeta's apartment>

Jacob   Ah bang ya in ya bloodclot. Ya have fe come satta, me nah pusshole. Lizzy   Yeah? Fuck you, fucking reggae idiot bitch. Jacob   Wha' ya wan' do? Ya wan' bloodclot?! Coz ya nah even bambaclot ready, ya know?! Lizzy   Stop speaking that gibberish. Jacob   Fat bumbaclot pussyhole gal, you know this? Shot ya in ya bumbaclot... Lizzy   Fuck you! Niko    [enters] Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong? What's wrong? Jacob   'ey yo! Don't touch this! Lizzy   Jacob here... you know Jacob? Niko    Yes. Lizzy   Jacob tells me it wasn't him. But some people he introduced me to have ripped me off big time. And put the heat on me. I know they did. Or someone did. Jacob   Alright, alright, alright. Ah not my fault, ya know, rasta? Ah not my bloodclot fault. Lizzy   Well, not your fault... Jacob   ya nah come in'na me face! Niko    Alright! Lizzy   You better hope Niko can make this right for you then. Jacob   Or what? Lizzy   Or we've got a big fucking problem, rasta. Niko, go do this fools job for him. Jacob   Watch me and her... Niko    Yeah, I got it. See you later. Jacob   watch me and...

<Niko attacks the abandoned hospital and finds the coke.>

<phonecall to Jacob>

Niko    I've got the stuff. You know where the heat is coming from? Jacob   I tink I getting closer, ya know? But dere one more cat me haffi speak to. Niko    Shit! Speaking of fucking cops, I think I have company. I gotta go.

<phonecall to Jacob - after losing the cops>

Niko    I lost the heat, where are you? Jacob   Chase Point, I'm with some bakra, say he know I. Get here now Niko. Dis be some strange shit.

<cutscene - in an alley in Chase Point>

Niko    Jacob, what are you talking about? You know, I think you're smoking too much. Jacob   Yo! Me tink me know where de heat a come from, ya know, king? Mic     [enters] Hey, Niko! Hey, Jacob. Niko    What you doing here? This is no place for you, Michelle. Mic     As it happens, it is. You see, Niko, I have been working for the government. I'm afraid it's my job to watch you. And now I have to ask you for the coke. Niko    This is a joke, right? Mic     Please, please, don't make this harder for me than it already is. Look, they are about to take down Elizabeta. Niko    I don't fucking believe this. Mic     Listen... I'm sorry it had to be this way Niko. I'm really sorry. Hey, you know, you could have gone down too if you weren't so useful. Niko    You fucking bitch. Mic     Niko... Jacob   Hold on. You mean fe say ya gwa'an let us off just like dat? Nuttin' a gwa'an? Mic     Well, my employers need the help of a guy like Niko. The office is in Algonquin. I'll call you. You know, as and when we need you. The coke please. [Niko hands over the coke and Michelle leaves.] Jacob   Tsk! Cho, king, me have fe tell Elizabeth, say she nah get dat cocaine, ya know?

<phonecall from Mallorie - the next day>

Mal     Niko, I heard that Michelle was a cop or a fed or something, is it true? Niko    I don't know what she is, but she was lying to us all along and now I'm paying for it. Mal     Putanesca. There was always something funky about her. I'm real sorry.


Niko, Shit! Michelle was working for someone? Fuck... I don't know what to say. See ya later Roman

<email - positive reply>

You set me up with a man, and you set me up with a cop. Maybe you should give up the match making, you moron.

<email - negative reply>

Maybe you could say that you're a moron and you won't see me up with anymore undercover agents or cops.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAVE A HEART (#et4)

<cutscene - at Elizabeta's place>

Lizzy   Hey, Man, this is getting out of control. The police are all over me. I can feel them. Niko    So? Lizzy   So? So? So... so I'm going to go to prison, for a long time! So, my life is over! All this work... for nothing, man. [snorting coke] Being tough in a man's world... I guess I wasn't so tough, huh? Jorge turned state's... everyone's a rat! Niko    Not me. Lizzy   Whatever. Manny   Open up, man. [enter with Jay the cameraman] Lizzy   Who is it? Manny   It's the streets, man. Lizzy   Okay. Hold on. Manny   Alright, man. This is what Manny's all about, man. Jay     Manny... Manny, Manny, Manny. Manny   Now, word up, bitch, you betta stop slinging that shit on my streets, yo. We don't want it anymore. Hey, yo, Jay, you catching this? Jay     Rolling, rolling. Lizzy   What is this Manny? For fuck's sake. Manny   The streets have spoken. Now leave my people alone! Yo, Niko, what you doing here? Lizzy   [shoots Manny and Jay] I am not in the mood for this right now. Niko    Well he said he was going to bust a dealer... Lizzy   Can you help me clean this mess up? There's a doctor in Broker who can help. Come on, let's put 'em in my car.

<phonecall from Jacob - while driving to the doctor>

Jacob   Wha'gwan me brother, it's me, Jacob. Wanna get some food? Niko    Shit, Jacob, I'm sorry. I'm already hanging out with two friends. I've kind of got my hands full looking after them. We should do something soon though.

<phonecall to Elizabeta - car is destroyed before reaching the doctor>

Niko    I couldn't get those things to the doctor. Lizzy   I got enough on my plate to be worrying about this as well. You just missed out on a payday.

<cutscene - reach the doctor>

Niko    I've heard you'll take care of them? Doctor  Natural causes? Niko    Of course, seems like a bullet in the head is as natural as it gets in this town. Doctor  They weren't sick, were they? Niko    No. Doctor  Had a few problems with sick bodies. No one wants a liver if it's riddled with tumors, huh? Know what I mean? Niko    No. Doctor  Shit... looks like the bullet went right through this one's eye. And the price of eyes is through the roof at the moment. Niko    Fine. Can I leave you with these or what? Doctor  Sure. I'll have these organs out on the street in no time. They're gonna help a lot a folks. Niko    He'd been trying to help the streets his whole life... maybe he'll actually be doing it now.

<phonecall to Elizabeta - get car to the doctor>

Niko    The doctor has that stuff. Lizzy   Good, one less thing to bother me. The heat is closing in, Niko. This particular party is ending.

<phonecall from Mallorie - the next day>

Mal     Niko. The shit went down with those guys in Bohan. Elizabeta's doing a bid. I think she might have killed Manny. Niko    Really? Mal     Good thing you haven't been hanging around with them too much. That shit is fucked up. I'm sorry for getting you involved. Niko    Don't worry about it. You've got enough on your plate looking after Roman. See you soon.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Roman   That's my cousin, Niko. Niko    Yes it is, Roman. You're right. Roman   So what's happening in your world at the moment? Met anybody interesting recently? Niko    Other than the community leader and drug dealer that Mallorie introduced me to... neither of whom are doing too good no more, yeah, I guess I have met some interesting people. Roman   Please tell me you are talking about twins and bleached blond hair and D-cup titties. You're a wild man, NB. Niko    I'm afraid I haven't met these women of your dreams, Roman. No, I was referring to a Deputy Police Commissioner called Francis McReary, an Irish hood called Packie, an African American drug dealer who calls himself Playboy X, some outlaw biker guy named Johnny, and a doctor who buys dead bodies so he can sell the organs. If you're losing money at the tables you might be able to sell some body parts to him for a quick buck. Roman   How much does a kidney go for nowadays? I'm kidding, NB, kidding. Sounds like you are having a crazy time. Talk to you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DECONSTRUCTION FOR BEGINNERS (#px1)

<text message from Playboy>

Yo money, sumthing's come up. Hit me at my crib coz I got work for y'all. $$$ - the X

<cutscene - at Playboy's penthouse>

PB X    Hey, wassup, money? Niko    Hey. PB X    Come on. Ladies, give me a few minutes. Business calls. [They walk out onto the patio.] PB X    This is my town. Look at it. All them tiny ants down there. Man, shit is crazy. Niko    So I guess you do okay. PB X    Yeah, okay. But, er, what about you? What motivates you? Niko    Well, I need money. This pays. I can do it... I don't care if I live or die... and I'm looking for someone. PB X    Someone special? Niko    Yeah. You could say that. So, why do you need me? PB X    Well I'm always looking for good guys. Build an army. But in my work... people change. Money changes people. Not me. I'm still a hustler from these streets... and I heard good things about you. Niko    Okay. But... I'm warning you... I'm not low budget. PB X    Do I look like I live low budget, dog? [One of Playboy's girls walks out.] Girl    Yo playa! PB X    The fuck you want? Girl    There's someone here for you. Dwayne or some shit. I don't know. PB X    Motherfucker got out. Damn! My dude! [Girl leaves, Dwayne walks out.] Dwayne  Wassup son? What's going down? PB X    You didn't tell me you was getting out! Man, I would have laid on a party, got some freaks out... shit... Dwayne  I called. A couple of times. PB X    Man... hey... Dwayne... This is Niko. Niko - Dwayne Forge. He taught me everything I know. Dwayne  [quietly] Not everything. PB X    So hey, man. Where you staying? D'you need some money? What's the plan? Dwayne  What you mean, what's the plan? Pick up where we left off. I'm out. I'm back. We keep on rollin'. PB X    You say 'we'? Dwayne  Yeah 'we'. Unless you too fine? What? Your silk sheet, fancy dress wearing life too big for me now? PB X    Oh, hey, now I ain't saying that. You know what's mine is yours. You need help, just holla. Hell, this Slavic motherfucker any good, he could help you. Now you know I'll do anything I can. But right now, we gotta roll. Gimme one second. [Playboy goes back inside.] Dwayne  Ain't folk quick to forget? Niko    Hmm. Some folk. Dwayne  Yeah... that's the truth. Niko    Where did you get out from? Dwayne  Preschool. [Playboy returns.] PB X    Okay... Dwayne, we gotta roll. Please make yourself at home. Hell. This is your home. [to Niko] Let's jet, money. Dwayne  [to self] Motherfucker must think I'm a idiot.

<outside the penthouse>

PB X    We going to Castle Gardens. There's an alley we want to hit up just off the South Parkway.

<driving - going to the alley in Castle Gardens - A>

PB X    Alright, you heard a Yusuf Amir? Big real estate developer. Niko    I don't know. I've heard a lot of names since I got here. This guy's a big developer? Are you and him having meetings about how to run the city? PB X    Not yet, but I got an idea about how me and him can get friendly. Some italian dudes has shut down his building site on some union  bullshit. They all up in the place, strapped to their fronts with hardhats on and shit. Won't let anybody get near it. Niko    What are you suggesting we do about it? PB X    You gonna go in there and get them Mafia types off the site. Meantime, I'm gonna tell Yusuf how good we been to him. That cat and me is going to be tight as two cellmates on lockdown after this. Niko    What's in it for me? PB X    I'll give you what you after. Cold hard cash. That what you chasing, right? Niko    Amongst other things. I don't know how good your plan is though, Playboy. I'll get rid of the guys on the site, then won't there be more? If it's a union problem, doesn't that make it bigger than a few guys with guns? PB X    Shit, 'union' is just another word for Mafia. These cats is looking to squeeze our boy Amir for dollars just because he ain't from here. When we fuck their people up, they'll realize that he ain't a cat to be messed with and they'll back off. Niko    Okay? PB X    Shit, Yusuf is from Dubai. He's an African, an he's comin' to Liberty City to make it big. It's my duty to watch this cat's back. My ancestors came from Africa, now he's coming out a bit later. Me and him could be cousins, shit. Niko    I think you might want to look at a map, Playboy. Dubai isn't in Africa. PB X    Shit, it all the same. Africa, America, Dubai. It don't matter, we're brothers, spiritually I mean, and that's the important bit.

<driving - going to the alley in Castle Gardens - B>

PB X    This is my ticket to the big time, baby. I'm about to make it, for real. Niko    Yeah, how's that? PB X    You know Yusuf Amir, the big real estate developer? Well, I heard on the grapevine that he's run into a heap of trouble with some union cats. This shit is Mafia run and they all over his construction site with guns and shit. They stopping Amir from sending in the scabs. Niko    How's that mean you've made it? PB X    Because I'm a clever motherfucker. I'm using my God-given intellect. Yusuf is in some problems. Playboy is going to come in there and help him out. Make the Mafia cats go away so the workers can come in and everything will be cool. Niko    You're going to have to be a pretty persusaive guy. That's if you're hoping to talk a bunch of Mafia owned union officials off of a building site they've shut down. PB X    I don't gotta be the persuasive one, money. You do. I saw you handle yourself for Elizabeta the other day. You goin' to go in there and clear out those motherfuckers. Niko    You're not getting involved? PB X    No man. I'd just confuse shit if I went in with you. There's all types a' scaffolding and shit in the construction yard. I'm gonna get into a position where I can see everything goin' down. I'll tell you where the cats are at and who you need to look out for. I'm your eyes in the sky, money. Niko    This sounds like a pretty bad deal for me, don't it, Playboy? PB X    Shit, you doing this for a paycheck. I'm givin' you them dollar bills, and when Playboy pays, he pays big! You getting that mad money on this one. Niko    Okay.

<cutscene - in the alley>

PB X    I left some heat for you in that car, money. You going to be strapped - sniper rifles, grenades, all that shit. There's also a radio headset in there, so me and you can keep in communcation. Yo, there's three lookout cats making sure no one makes a move on the site. You best take them out with the rifle before you hit up the rest of them. I'm gonna get into position where I can see all the shit going down. If you can take out the main cats then the rest of them shouldn't be a problem. When you in there, I'll give you the lowdown on where these main cats is at.

<Playboy on the lift>

PB X    You might be better seeing the lookouts from up here too, money.

<riding the lift up>

PB X    Shit, I needed to find a cat like you. A badass ma'fucker who ain't afraid to take fools down. Niko    Yeah, well I need money so you're in luck. PB X    You gonna kick some ass down there, boy. I'm backing you up. Niko    This is getting awkward. Talk about a slow lift.

<kill the lookouts>

PB X    That all them lookouts gone, money. Get in there and free up the site. Niko    See you soon, Playboy. I'll try to save a grenade so you can have fun with one, too.

<enter the construction site>

PB X    [by headset] Alright, you in, money? The first guy is on the scaffolding in the building to the east of the yard.

<kill the first leader>

PB X    Shit, you a cold motherfucker. Next guy is south of your position, up a few stories in the next building.

<kill the second leader>

PB X    I knew you was the right Slavic killer for this job. There's a cat in the south west corner of the yard by the water. Get him.

<kill the third leader>

PB X    The last guy is to your east. Shit, money. You best watch yourself. There be more of these Mafia cats turning up. Niko    Thanks for the warning. PB X    Yo money. There's a chopper turning up. I think our boy is making a run for it. Get him good. Niko    I'll do my best.

<phonecall to Playboy - after the fourth leader is dead>

Niko    I got rid of all the union problems on this site. As you can see, this place is going to need a cleanup before any workers come in. PB X    You the money, son. Yusuf's PA won't put me through to the cat. But when they hear about this shit they gonna start listening to Playboy.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHOTO SHOOT (#px2)

<cutscene - at Playboy's penthouse>

PB X    Wassup, money? Niko    Not much, how are you? PB X    Chilling... s'all good. Well, mostly good. Niko    Mostly? PB X    Yeah, Dwayne's been getting on my nerves... pushing me, man. But whatever... we spoke about that shit already. Niko    Give him time. He's just out of prison. PB X    For real... listen, G. Dwayne ain't the only thing I got on my mind... Niko    No? PB X    No... Some motherfucker's been calling me a phoney, calling me a snitch, calling me all kinds of bullshit. Niko    Big deal... PB X    Yeah big deal. Damn right! Until I discover, that same motherfucker? Well... he's got some real loose lips. [Playboy knocks a ball in on the pool table.] Niko    Not bad. So, you need this guy silenced? PB X    Yeah. He hangs out with his team near the courts on Exeter between X and W. Niko    Okay. What does he look like? PB X    Well, son ain't too diesel or nothing, he a regular lookin' dude, nahmean? Now he don't flash his guap too much, but you can see it in his eye, that he a hustler. Niko    Eh? PB X    Homie ain't too brolic, but he ain't scrawny neither. And he be stylin' on 'em a little, ya dig? I mean, he ain't too bummy, but he grimy too. Niko    So he's the average one? PB X    Look. He's brown skinned, B. Motherfucker be rockin' baggy clothes and all that - jewels, and he stay fresh with the clean sneakers, nahmean? And sometimes a bandana. Niko    Look. I need more than that to go on. PB X    Jesus. [hands over phone] Here, take this, head down there, take a photo, send it to me, and I'll point out which one of them motherfuckers it is. Niko    Fine. PB X    And that's a little gift for you.

<at the courts on Exeter>

Guy 1   ... and that's why the Penetrators ain't doin' nothing this season. They got no one who can work the lanes, man. Marlon  Shit, Lieutenant, that's something I was forced into from the necessity of my financial situation. My body is forced to rob and deal in order to sustain my own well bein' and that of my immediate family.

<phonecall from Playboy - after sending the picture>

PB X    Marlon's the one dressed like a damn canary. Wearing that yellow jacket and shit. Get rid of him. Niko    I'll do it.

<phonecall to Playboy - Marlon is dead>

Niko    Marlon is dead. PB X    You the man, son. You money. You my ice-cold Slavic killer! See you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RUFF RIDER (#df1)

<phonecall from Playboy>

PB X    Yo money, I appreciate what you doing for me. There be so many fake cats out there. You remember my man, Dwayne? Niko    Sure, just got out of the pen, old friends aren't paying him no mind. PB X    Yeah, that's what he think. He got friends all over the shop but he living in the past. I need you to go over to the Governor Greg Johnson projects over in Northwood, he holding up there and needs help with some shit. You assist his broke ass, I'll send some paper your way. I owe that fool - ain't payback a bitch? Peace out, money.

<cutscene - at Dwayne's apartment>

Dwayne  Oh, it's you. You alone? Niko    Yeah. How you doing? Dwayne  Fucking great. What you think? Niko    Yeah... it's hard living with the past. Eh? Dwayne  Yeah. Especially when the present has turned into an asshole. Fucking bitch... nobody wants to roll with me no more. It's like I'm tainted. Niko    What do you mean? Dwayne  Playboy don't wanna hang no more. He pays for you to come instead. My girlfriend, the love of my fucking life... man, I was pulling moves in the joint so this bitch could pay the rent. Now, she won't answer the phone. Man, I gave her everything when I was inside. Cars, houses, apartments, bank accounts. Everything. I heard she hanging with Jayvon now. Niko    Who? Dwayne  Some punk who fucking talked. He swears he wasn't involved in me going down, but I knew. I knew his ass was lying. Now motherfucker's fucking my girl? For real? Shit is fucked up, man. Sometimes I just wanna end this shit. Just... bam. [aims gun at head] But I ain't there yet. Not quite. Niko    Listen, why don't you go talk to her? Dwayne  Ain't shit to say. Niko    Then I'll go speak to both of them. I'll ask for your money back... and if they don't agree, I'll make them. Where do they hang out? Dwayne  At some arcade in Chinatown. Uh, look, man, don't bother. Niko    No, I'll bother. I'm getting paid. And besides... you remind me of me. Dwayne  Uh huh.

<cutscene - at the arcade>

Niko    Hey, are you the two snakes who played Dwayne Forge when he was in the joint? He wants his money. Cherise What? Dwayne must a finished his bid. Shit, he going to be mad angry. [Jayvon begins firing at Niko, then takes off on a bike.]

<Cherise begs for her life>

Cherise Don't kill me. I know I fucked Dwayne over real bad but he wouldn't want me dead. He too much of a gentleman for that. He ain't like that Playboy X punk, he's only chasing paper. You do right by Dwayne he gonna stick to you for life. I didn't mean it. Girl get lonely when her man's inside for a long time. I thought Playboy was gonna look out for me but he didn't answer my calls. Punk didn't wanna know me. I did what I did to survive. Please. I don't wanna die. Come on! Dwayne wouldn't ever hurt no one he loved, even if they screwed him like I did. Please. I'm only human. Come on.

<Cherise killed>

Niko    She was going to say anything to get out of that. No getting out of it now.

<Cherise spared>

Niko    Dwayne don't need to worry about having that girl's blood on his hands on top of everything else.

<phonecall to Dwayne - after killing Jayvon and retrieving the money>

Niko    Hey Dwayne, I've got your money. Why don't you meet me at Cluckin' Bell so I can give it to you? Dwayne  Great. Thanks, son. See you soon.

<cutscene - Cherise killed>


I collected on that debt for you. Dwayne  They paid up? I guess my name still means something out there. People still know me. Niko    I had to explain things to them. They didn't listen so good. Dwayne  You slept Cherise? She were a bitch, weren't she? This fool falls real hard for them. That's why he gets burnt. Thanks for getting this paper, Niko. It helps.

<cutscene - Cherise spared>

Niko    I collected on that debt for you. Dwayne  They paid up? I guess my name still means something out there. People are still scared of me. Niko    They are, I got rid of Jayvon for you but I let your ex go. Dwayne  That fool Cherise? She just couldn't help herself. She always told me she'd burn me good. I guess I shoulda listened. I'm happy she ain't dead, though - she's just an idiot. Peace, man.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNDRESS TO KILL (#df2)

<cutscene - at Dwayne's apartment>

Niko    Dwayne? Dwayne  Sup, man? Niko    Not much. How are you doing? Dwayne  I'm done... I can't cope no more, man. I mean, prison was easy compared to this shit. Niko    I'm sure it was. Dwayne  Fuck it, man. Fuck it all! I mean, I used to have everything. I used to run uptown. Bohan, all that shit. Now, I ain't shit. Niko    Hey, let's get it back. Dwayne  No. I can't man. I ain't got the energy no more. I been stabbed in the back too many fucking times. I mean, there's bitches everywhere. Niko    Well, I'll do it, for you, I mean. Dwayne  Nah, fuck that. Niko    Come on man, stop being so miserable. What did you lose? Dwayne  Shit, man. This club... I'm talkin' a real gentleman's place. It's called the Triangle Club, on Drill Street in Bohan. I'm talkin' real class, you know what I'm sayin'? But when I went down, some fucking gangsters came and took it. Niko    Well, I'll clean out the squatters for you. No problem. Dwayne  Man, you the real deal. I owe you. Niko    Big time, but we'll talk about that later. Dwayne  Man, you the truth.

<phonecall from Brucie - on the way to the Triangle Club>

Brucie  Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo. Niko, it's Brucie baby. How about we go check out some naked bitches. Niko    Sorry Brucie man, I'm about to go see some naked women but this time it's business not pleasure. We have to hang out another time. See you.

<phonecall to Dwayne - after eliminating the three managers>

Niko    Nobody's going to be partying up in your club anymore. Dwayne  Playboy ain't gonna be happy. Niko    What you mean? Dwayne  He still did business with the gangsters that took over. Screw that. They fuck me, the fucked - right? Playboy gonna feel that shit. Niko    Sure thing, man.

<phonecall from Playboy - later on>

PB X    Niko, tell me it weren't you that shot up the strip club in Bohan. Niko    You asked me to help out Dwayne, that's what I was doing. PB X    Don't help him out when it fucks up my business interests. Damn, son. That ain't cool.

The Holland Play

<phonecall from Playboy>


Niko, shit is getting fucked up. I need to see you at my crib.


How did the big real estate deal go?


That cat ain't got no vision, wants to shut down the site and shit. Make it a memorial to Union workers who've died in accidents. Man, fuck Yusuf Amir. I got bigger problems. Come see me now.

<cutscene - at Playboy's penthouse>


Wassup, money?




Man... business is tough. I ain't a cold person. I mean, I am cold, but... motherfucker.


What are you talking about?


You want a drink?




Man, have a seat man.




Now, I got into this dope game because it was the only thing open to me, man. The only thing, man.


Hey, I am not judging.


No. Listen. Now I paid my dues. Now I learned in a hard school, man... and I changed stuff, and you know me, I do this stuff so I got a chance to do some good in this town.


So you say.


So I say? So I do. When I get the money, man... I will build parks, I will sponsor kids, I will save lives But I gotta have the money man. 'Cause all this? All this? It means nothing if you ain't got the heart, Niko.


Amen, brother.


I mean, fuck, man... Fuck! The thing is you know Jesus? He did some crazy shit, too. I mean, everyone does. He killed people. He killed that John the Baptist cat. He did what he had to.


I don't think you're correct about that.


Man. The point is, man... history is a long time. And you only got one chance... and Dwayne? Man, Dwayne it's like he thinks it's 1992 and [Dwayne impression] the best you can hope for is a gold chain and a pager. You know, he looks at me like he wants me dead. I took care of business. I gave him money, but because I won't bow down to him and treat him like he The Almighty, motherfucker wants to pop me.


Dwayne is a little troubled. He was in prison a long time - maybe you guys should talk


No, I tried talking. I... I... I tried giving him half of the business. I tried everything a man could reasonably try and still call his self a man.


So what you gonna do? Kill him?


Hey I didn't say that. Man, you cold.


I was joking!


But what else is there? I mean, cat's been talking... Nah, I hear things. Said you and me was too tight now... said you disrespected him, called him mad... he's gone crazy. I mean he's gone. Prison does that.


Well, you can't kill him


No But you can.


But I don't want to.


Well neither do I, man. But if he goes insane, we all dead anyway. I mean, Dwayne is a killer.


I don't like this conversation.


Do you think that I do? But it's kill or be killed out there. And you got a lunatic after you? Man, you dumb. Now, I will give you a lot of money. Because see me, now I ain't scared of no one, but a motherfucker says he's gonna kill me? A motherfucker's gonna die.


Man, I'm not sure. I've got to think about it.


Well, I hope you see some sense. I will be in touch.

<phonecall from Dwayne>

Dwayne  Niko, man, I'm going crazy. Since I got out things just don't make no sense.


Have things ever made sense?


They did on the inside. Three meals a day, time in the yard, lockdown at eight. Things out here is mad crazy.


Tell me about it.


On the down low, I think Playboy wants me dead. Might just let him do it, put a cap in my dome. End it all.


That what you want? Seriously?


Nah, fuck that shit. I ain't ready to go out yet. I need you to get him for me. I can't do it myself. He was my boy back in the day. That's something I won't be able to forget. You seem like you got my back, Niko. Help me out on this one, dog. I'll stick by you 'til the end. Take him out for me.

Niko    That's a pretty heavy request,

Dwayne - Playboy was your best friend, and he's always been straight with me, more or less. I'll have to think about it.

<phonecall from Playboy - later on>


Yo Money, don't be trifling with me. You made a decision? You going to fix this Dwayne problem of ours, yeah?


Hey, it ain't our problem, Playboy - it's yours. That said, I know what I'm going to do.

PB X    That right - you cold, Niko. Peace and love.

<cutscene - choose to kill Dwayne - at his apartment>


Hey, Dwayne, open up. It's Niko.


I thought you was my homeboy. That you was gonna put Playboy down for me. What you doing here?

Niko    It ain't that simple, Dwayne. This is nothing personal.

Dwayne  Fuck you, man. We was tight. You fake like the rest of them.

<execute Dwayne>

Dwayne  Fuck you, man. You a fucking snake like the rest of them. [Niko aims, looks away, and fires.]

<phonecall to Playboy - once Dwayne is dead>


I put Dwayne out of his misery.


You did what you had to do Niko You got yourself that money Good for you.


You want me to come around?


You took down Dwayne Niko. I see your face I see the cat that killed my mentor Dwayne was like a father to me. I can't be round you no more. It's over between us. I don't want no beef, but now you and me got some. So it's best if we just stay the hell away from each other, man. Fuck - you nothing but a cold hearted killer, man. I mean, where's the love? Where's your heart, homie? Man, you ain't cool. You try to find something to live for, man. Peace.

<cutscene - choose to kill Playboy - at his penthouse>


Yo, Playboy X! Yo, whitey's back!


Yo, what you doin'? You got rid of Dwayne already? I thought the old dog woulda put up more of a fight!


I didn't kill Dwayne.


Well what you doin' back here then? Step to it, motherfucker.


Well, I was thinking that maybe Dwayne is not the problem. Maybe it's you.


Motherfucker, you think you can touch this shit? You think I got here by letting little bitches like you fuck with me? I own you, nobody owns me.

<execute Playboy>

PB X    People respected me, I made a difference. Niko    You didn't change the game, the game changed you.

<phonecall to Dwayne - once Playboy is dead>


Dwayne, I dealt with Playboy. You should know that he asked me to end you first. He was going to pay me a lot of money to do it.


Shit, man. He was a good kid back in the day. Always hungry though, always wanted more. Maybe I shoulda seen it then. Kept a closer eye on him.


You can't predict what people will become.


You right. I can't give you no money for helping me, son. But I got the deed to Playboy's fancy silk sheet loft. You can have it.


Hey man, I seen where you're living, you should take it.

Dwayne  Nah. It'll make me remember the kid too much. Maybe you'll stop by my place sometime though? Hang out with me? I don't have many friends left, you know.


I'll give you a call sometime soon, Dwayne. Later on.

<phonecall to Roman - optional - Dwayne is dead>


Cousin, how are you?


All the better for hearing your voice, NB. You sound down. Are you okay?


Not really, I got caught up in an argument between a drug dealer and his drug dealing mentor. I had to choose who'd win the argument and I chose the young guy - Playboy X is his name. Now he's paid me off and is treating me like an asshole.


So he's treating you like a rich asshole. Who cares? Enjoy yourself. Spend the money on a clean hotel room and a dirty college girl. Call me if you want to hang out afterwards, cousin.

<phonecall to Roman - optional - Playboy is dead>


Hey Roman.


Hello, Niko. How's it going, killed anyone recently?


Now that you mention it


Shit NB, I was joking. Who was it this time?


This drug dealer, Playboy X. He tried to get me to get rid of a friend of his for him, but, uh, I liked the friend better.


Niko, shit, I hope this guy is paying you good for saving his ass


He just got out of prison and he hasn't got much but... I made the right decision.


Good, NB. I'll talk to you later on.

<email - after Playboy is dead> Yo

Sup, Its Dwayne man. Just thought Id holla at ya on this email shit. I dont rite 2 good but shit you aint from here even so what does it matter to you. Man I don't got 2 many friends no more. These dayz is real lonely like. Y don't you and me hang out some? Kick it u no. That could be good. Out, Dwayne

<email - positive reply>

Sure, Dwayne. That could be good. -N

<email - negative reply>

Sorry, Dwayne. I'm a busy guy. -N

<phonecall from Dwayne - later on>


Hey man, did you just call me?

Niko    No, man. Must have been someone else.

Dwayne  Yeah, yeah, must have been. I was in the shower and I heard the phone ringing so I thought you mighta called or something. My bad. Later.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOSTILE NEGOTIATION (#rb11)

<phonecall from Mallorie>

Mal     Niko. I'm getting worried. Roman didn't get back at all last night. Niko    He likes to party. He stays out late the whole time. You know what he's like. Mal     Not on my watch he don't. Something ain't right.

<phonecall from Mallorie - the next day>

Mal     Niko, I think Roman has been kidnapped. I heard he owes some Russians money. A friend of mine saw him at that card club on Hunt Point. Niko    He owed them money? Mal     He never tells me anything. I heard they took him to a warehouse off Lompoc in Bohan Industrial. Niko    I'll check it out.

<text message from Dimitri>

Niko - I thought I would send you this picture. looks like your cousin is in a bit of a fix. Your friend, Dimitri [picture]

Niko    [to self] You've crossed the line, Dimitri.

<cutscene - at the warehouse off Lompac>

Russian If you want to walk out of here, Slav, you are going to have to think about how you will pay your debt. A friend of mine, Dimitri Rascalov, he would pay a lot of money for your cousin. Roman   I'll get you the money, just not that way.

<Niko fights through the warehouse to the third floor, where a Russian holds a gun to Roman's head and threatens to kill him if Niko doesn't leave. Niko kills the Russian anyway.>

Roman   Thank you, cousin. You saved my life. Niko    We should get out of here. Roman   There's a car. Take me home, cousin.

<driving - taking Roman to the apartment in South Bohan - A>

Niko    What happened, Roman? You have been gambling. I give you money. How are you in debt? Roman   There are cycles, cousin. You must lose a little to win a lot. Come on. My cards were not good. Niko    Roman... Roman   That man knew Dimitri. He was trying to make me give you up to him. I would never... Niko    Of course you would not. Dimitri has taken this too far. Roman   He wants you dead. Bohan is not safe. I'm going to get us a place in Algonquin. Niko    Are you okay? Roman   I'm used to taking these beatings, Niko. I almost expect it now. Wherever I go there are people who want to kill me. Men, who will kidnap me. I'll never marry Mallorie. I won't be able to sleep with another college girl. There is a knife hanging over me. A clock is ticking.

<driving - taking Roman to the apartment in South Bohan - B>

Niko    Who were those men, what happened? That seemed like a lot of protection to be giving a man who ran up some gambling debts. Roman   You're right, at first it was just the debt then they found out my name. They connected me to you and what happened at Hove Beach. Dimitri Rascalov was on his way to that warehouse, they wanted me to give you up. I would never... Niko    I know you wouldn't, Roman. I thought we were done with Dimitri when we got out of Hove Beach. Both he and Bulgarin know how to hold a grudge. Roman   You know how to hold a grudge as well, Niko. Don't forget about that. Niko    I could never forget that, Roman. Roman   We have to get out of Bohan, maybe it is time to go to Algonquin. We can disappear in Algonquin. Niko    Only for so long. We will be found eventually no matter where we go. Confrontation and or peace will be our choices at some point. I know the option I am leaning toward. Roman   I'd go for anything as long as I could be guaranteed safety, that's all I want. Shit.

<cutscene - outside the apartment>


Man, this is out of control.

Niko    I know. Roman   What are we going to do? Niko    I don't know. Roman   We are going to die. I don't want to die, man. Not like this. Niko    How would you like to die? Roman   Having a threesome on my hundredth birthday. I don't fucking know! I'm scared you cold bastard. What are we going to do? Niko    I'm not cold. Roman   You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way. Niko    And all you care about is money, and gambling it away on the internet. Oh! Isn't America great? I get to sit in front of a computer and play Mr. Rich Man and get into debt with crooks. Roman   Okay, I messed up... I know I did. I thought things would be different. I don't understand this place so good. Oh, man. What are we going to do? Niko    Stop sitting in front of the computer gambling our money? Stop getting into illegal card games? Stop spending all our money? Roman   Yes... Niko    Thank you. Roman   And stop thinking about the Russians. Man, we just need to disappear as far as they are concerned. Disappear! Niko    Okay, okay. But I want Florian and Darko. I need to know what happened. Give me that. Roman   Fine. But leave the Russians alone. Niko    I was not the one gambling in their private club. Roman   I didn't know... give a guy a break. Niko    Okay! Okay. Roman   Okay. I'm going to clean up. I have a nasty feeling I had a bit of an accident back there. And, Niko... Niko    What? Roman   Thanks.

<text message from Roman>

Hey Cuz. thanks for saving my ass back there. I thought I'd played my last hand when that biker guy kidnapped me for the Russians. You're a fucking hero, man. Rom

<phonecall from Dimitri - later on>


Niko, it's Dimitri.


I have nothing to say to you.

Dimitri I nearly ran into your cousin the other day. My friends were hanging out with him. The party got busted up though before I got there.


I wish you had been there. We could have had some fun.


Not as much fun as I would have had with Roman, believe me.

<phonecall from Roman - days later>

Roman   Cousin, I have bought us a present. Niko    You bought it, or I did. Roman   Niko, I'm offended. I've got us an apartment in Algonquin. What did I say when you got here? Penthouse, model on each arm. Niko    And you have paid for this place? It wasn't so long ago that your debts got you kidnapped by the Russian mob. Roman   That was a cold streak. Now I'm hot, cousin. Hotter than the models we'll be bedding. I can't lose. Niko    Roman, we have spoken about your gambling. Roman   Wait until you see the new place, NB. You will change your song. So what, I took on a little debt?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WRONG IS RIGHT (#ulp1)

<phonecall - from Michelle>

Mic     Hey, Niko, it's me. Niko    Yeah, who are you? Can you remind me? Mic     That doesn't matter. You need to meet me outside the United Liberty Paper building in Algonquin. It's very important that you be there. Goodbye.

<cutscene - outside the ULP building>

Reaper  [to phone] Look, I'm not in the business of caring about people's feelings, bud. Yeah? Boo fucking hoo... [Reaper enters the building, Niko arrives.] Mic     Hey. Niko    Hi. Mic     Listen, I know what you must be thinking, but don't bother. Niko    I'm sorry, but I don't see how you know what I must be thinking. Mic     You've killed people. You should be dead yourself, or inside. You're just lucky it was me, and not someone else who got their hooks into you. I'm sorry that I lied to you. And... and weirdly in some ways you're a nice guy... better than the creeps I normally date. But you're damaged goods. Niko    No doubt. Mic     Let's go. In here. [Reaper walks back out as they enter the building.] Reaper  So I said hoist? Flagpole? Salute? Eat my ass, buddy, I'm up for the promotion and, and you're not!

<cutscene - inside the ULP building>

Niko    What the hell are we doing here? Mic     We're going to meet someone. Niko    Sounds fun. Mic     You know, you and your cousin should get out. What you're looking for you won't find. Feds are all over it. Crime is done. Niko    You've watched too many movies. Whatever you say, Michelle. Or whatever your name is. Mic     It's Karen. My name is Karen. Niko    Interesting. And you whore for the government... I kind of like the honesty in that. Mic     I have a clear conscience. Niko    How very lucky for you. Mic     In here. Office three-nine-six. ULP     Hi there. Mic     Here he is. ULP     I can see that. Thanks, Karen. Hey, cheer up, you did good. You'll get a Sammie... if you care about that sort of thing. Mic     Thank you. [Michelle leaves and closes the door behind her.] ULP     So, Mr. Bellic... quite a file, quite a story. Niko    Who are you? FIB? ULP     The FIB? Do I look homosexual? Do you think I care about the size of your Johnson? Now... you can't always tell who the good guys are. I'm not a good guy. But I'm fighting with them, and guess what? So are you. Niko    Hooray. ULP     That's the spirit. Nothing like a bit of sarcasm when someone's got you by the balls. Now, I need you to find something out for me. Find out everything you can about a man called Oleg Minkov. He lives on Iroquois back in Hove Beach. Niko    And if I say no? ULP     I hand your file over to those cretins in the FIB and organized crime is dealt another serious blow. Go to his house. Any problems, call this number. [hands over a paper] Niko    What's your name? ULP     Not relevant. Call me. Very soon. Go. And hey... welcome to America. [translated] Just like the Old Country. Niko    [translated] Just like it.

<Niko reaches the house, knocks on the door, kicks it in.>

Niko    Mr. Minkov? Anybody here?

<phonecall to ULP - inside the house>

ULP     What have you got for me? Niko    Not much. He keeps a clean house, he's got a computer. ULP     Check his emails. Call back with any information that would indicate his current whereabouts.

<email - to Oleg> Attention: publishing warning

Dear Mr. Minkov, It has come to our attention that you are attempting to publish a manuscript rife with inaccuracies and salicious allegations. A client who wishes to remain nameless will pursue a case of defamation of character should this manuscript ever be published. Cease and desist your endeavor. Yours respectfully, Larry Ligner, attorney at law

<email - to Oleg> Trace

Dear Oleg, I can't give you any more of the information you want. I am emailing my contacts in the Caspian and keep getting reports that the addresses no longer exist. Also, the companies you want info on seem to be owned by umbrella corporations which are owned by even more umbrella corporations. Tracing the money I reach dead ends in either the Caymans or Switzerland. Sorry I cannot help you further. Konstantin.

<email - to Oleg> Meet me

Oleg. Come on. You're acting crazy. You aren't being watched by government spies. Your phone isn't tapped. You don't need to drink that bottled water or eat from those tins because no one wants to poison you. Please get that into your head. Anyway, of course I'll meet you. I'll be outside the jewellery shop off Tulsa Street later on. 12:00 See you, Vasily

<phonecall to ULP - after reading the third email>

Niko    There's an email that says he's meeting someone at Tulsa St, in Hove Beach. ULP     Perfect, I'll send someone to pick up the hard drive. You go to Tulsa St., eliminate Minkov. Niko    Whoa, killing is very different from gathering information. ULP     You are acting in the interests of your new countrymen, and keeping yourself out of prison. For once this is a muder you don't have to feel confused about. Dispose of Minkov then call me.

<cutscene - outside the jewelery shop>

Oleg    [translated] Vasily, thank you for coming. Vasily  [translated] Oleg, you're scaring me. I was even thinking that the man behind you might be watching me. Oleg    [sees Niko] [translated] This is it. He must have been waiting for me. Goodbye, friend.

<Niko chases Oleg and runs him off the road.>

Oleg    Please don't kill me. I did not mean what I was saying. They were just ideas. It was not meant to be taken literally. I meant no harm to this great country, [translated] nor to Russia if that is who sent you. Please.

<phonecall to ULP - once Oleg is dead>

Niko    Minkov is dead, the country is safe. ULP     Not by a long shot, smart ass. Nothing is safe, no one is safe. Maybe something has been averted, maybe delayed. I'll be in touch. Goodbye.

<phonecall from ULP - after getting into a big police shootout>

ULP     Is your johnson so big you can't keep it in your pants, Bellic? I told you to be calm. Niko    I'm sorry, I'm excitable.

<phonecall from ULP - after getting into a second big police shootout>

ULP     I been taking a lot of heat for you, Niko. Start doing me some favors. Niko    I'll start doing that when you start doing me some.

<phonecall from ULP - after getting into a third big police shootout>

ULP     I thought I told you to lay low? To keep your head down? Niko    Hey, sometimes I just can't help myself.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PORTRAIT OF A KILLER (#ulp2)

<cutscene - at the ULP office>

[Niko knocks and enters.] ULP     Come in, Niko. Niko    Hi. ULP     So... you fought in the war... Niko    You know a lot. ULP     Yes. You're looking for some people. Niko    We're all looking for that special somoene. ULP     But most of us don't want to kill them when we find them. Most murders are committed by people you know. Niko    Most wives are killed by their husbands. ULP     Yes. And my wife better stop sleeping with that tennis coach, or... I'm joking. Niko    I am sure your wife doesn't need to sleep around. Oh, I'm joking... I'm sure she does. ULP     Funny. I'm divorced. My wife can sleep with whoever she wants. Niko    Interesting... ULP     I'm not divorced. I was never married. No details. I need you to go find someone for me. I'll be getting a picture through shortly. This is important. Niko    So why use me? ULP     We always use people like you. Karen - Michelle... she was the same. Someone with something to lose, but not much to live for. Niko    What's in it for me? ULP     Two things. One, you don't get a hundred murders pinned on you. Two... maybe I will help you. And maybe I won't. Now get access to a police computer and wait for my message. Go!

<text message from ULP>

This is your target. Find him and take him out. [picture]

<phonecall to ULP - upon reaching the building>

Niko    I've found his place, there are a bunch of guys hanging around. ULP     He must be in there, Niko. Dispose of them all. We're doing a favor for our comrades in the East. Niko    You better start doing me some favors soon.

<Dimayev rambles on once he's cornered>

Dimayev I should never have thought I could beat you people. At least I am not being sent back to the homeland. I do not wish to think what they would do to me. Be staying away from me! This democracy you people speak of is all illusion! This country is not free, your constitution is all lies! The government is all powerful, there is no beating you!

<phonecall to ULP - after killing Dimayev and his men>

ULP     Did you serve your purpose? Niko    Yes. ULP     Then you are that much closer to finding the man you are after. That strange feeling deep inside - that's the feeling of satisfaction after you did something good. Congratulations. Goodbye.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DUST OFF (#ulp3)

<cutscene - at the ULP office>

[Niko knocks and enters.] ULP     Come in. You're late... and please calm down out there. Niko    Excuse me? ULP     I didn't give you a free pass to act like an asshole. You're bringing a lot of heat. Hanging out with bad people, doing bad things, making idiot moves. Niko    I'm an idiot. I move... ULP     True... but the last thing I need is you getting caught. Niko    Why? Because I lead them to you in some plea bargain thing? ULP     To me? Who am I? There's a hundred guys in this building alone who fit my description. Middle aged men, paunchy, glasses... you bring them here? What's this? Empty office, leased to a man who died in the last days of Vietnam... Call me up. My number never existed. No. I'm not too worried about that. I mean, I think you'll end up on the flight deck, but that's your business. Niko    Then what? ULP     Because you're good! Because I need you to keep being good. And you're getting distracted. Niko    Funny, yeah. Good. ULP     I need someone neutralized. Guy is moving a lot of money for terrorists... Whatever. It doesn't really matter. The guy's gotta go. But I need to know his movements first. How? I've got something that's going to help you. Head over to Albany Avenue in Lancet and give me a call. Go. Niko    Can I get paid for this? Can I get a medal? ULP     Did you get a medal in your last war? Niko    What did you give Michelle? For me. ULP     Michelle? Karen. We gave her her life back. We didn't play too rough. We gave her some money. She still works for us. Niko    What about me? ULP     We'll discuss that later.

<phonecall from ULP - on the way to Albany Avenue>

ULP     Nearly there? You are about to see a chopper taking off from Civilization Plaza. We need to get hold of it. Follow it. Wait until it touches down then, when the passengers are out, get in and fly it to the airport in Dukes. Niko    Okay then.

<Niko chases the helicopter to the helipad in Westminster. After shooting the few men at the meet, he gets in the pilot seat.>

Niko    I haven't flown one of these things since the war.

<phonecall from Roman - while flying>

Roman   Cousin. How you doing? I'm in the gentlemen's club. I think you'd really get into this. You should come down. Niko    I don't know if you can hear it, Roman, but I'm in a helicopter. Yes, that is the crazy shit I am having to get up to after you introduced me to Michelle or Karen, or whatever her name really is. Roman   I don't get it, is she a government agent or an undercover cop? What is she? Niko    Shit, I don't know. All I know is that her friends have got me by the balls. Roman   Someone's got me by the balls, too, cousin. I'll send you a pic.

<text message from Roman - shortly after>

Niko. I'm at the gentlemen's club! Check this ass out. Rom. [picture]

<Niko lands the helicopter at the airport, where two FIB agents take it.>

FIB     Thank you. We'll take it from here.

<phonecall to ULP>

ULP     My men have the chopper. They're going to strip it down and put it back together. It should be ready for you when you need it. Niko    Why would I need it? ULP     The guy I told you about. The guy you need to eliminate. The only way you'll get to him is in the air. I'll call you when we have a window. Goodbye.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAPER TRAIL (#ulp4)

<phonecall from ULP>

ULP     Bellic. We need you. Now. The chopper is prepped and waiting off Grummer Road in Northwood. Your sometime accomplice, Jacob, is there. He's riding shotgun on this one. Niko    Jacob? The rasta? ULP     Don't ask unnecessary questions. I want you to take out this guy's chopper. He was last spotted in Varsity Heights. No civilian casualties.

<approach and get in the helicopter>

Jacob   Yes, here's my man Niko. Niko    Hey, Jacob. Jacob   Yo Niko, got some serious fire power up in here. Rocket launcher. Bo! Niko    Let's find him and get this over with. I don't like being in this man's pocket. Jacob   Ain't nuthin' but badda badda.

<flying - chasing target over Middle Park>

Jacob   There be the other chopper. Stick to him, Niko. We need to take him down where there be no people. Niko    For a man who has asked me to kill a lot of men, this guy is really safety conscious. Jacob   Seen. He got that government ting about him. All for the greater good and ting. Niko    I have the feeling he don't want to be responsible for a helicopter crash in Middle Park. Jacob   True dat.

<flying - chasing target over Star Junction - A>

Jacob   Yo, dis be some crazy shit ya know Niko. Yo, we inna the Star Junction in a helicopter. Dis be some real spy shit I and I doing ya know. Niko    Shows you the people who need spy shit done get other people to do their dirty work. Jacob   Seen, bredren. Everyting crash!

<flying - chasing target over Star Junction - B>

Jacob   Yo, I ain't used to seeing de Star Junction from a helicopter, ya know Niko. It's like we in a movie or something. Niko    Yeah! Only we could get arrested or killed. Those are the only differences. Jacob   Gwann chill out Niko, we jammin' here.

<flying - chasing target over lower Algonquin - A>

Niko    Shit, Jacob. You really gotta smoke that thing now? The secondary smoke doesn't exactly help my hand-eye coordination. And I'm paranoid enough with US government on my ass. Whatever actually, just smoke it.

<flying - chasing target over lower Algonquin - B>

Niko    Jacob, man! I don't see so good when you're blowing the smoke in my face! Fine, smoke it. Whatever.

<flying - chasing target under Broker Bridge>

Jacob   Rhaaatid! What a' gwan? Niko    Don't worry about the bridge, Jacob. I'm finally getting the hang of flying this thing. Jacob   Yo Respect! Ya a righteous rudeboy, Niko.

<flying - chasing target over ocean>

Jacob   He's over the water. Now are the time. Get close so I can take a shot!

<flying - Jacob destroys the target helicopter>

Jacob   Feel de fiyaah. Niko    Good shot, Jacob. Jacob   Ya got some crucial flying skills, ya know Niko. Can I drop I off on de heli pad though? Me no feel so good ya know. Trust me, dis ting a mess wit me structure.

<flying - heading to the Helitours - A>

Jacob   Yo, job well done ya know Niko, but we haffi get out dis bumba clot debt right now, ya know. Niko    I do not think he can ask us to do more than this. Now it is our turn to get him to help us. If someone can find the man I search for, it should be him. Jacob   Let's do it!

<flying - heading to the Helitours - B>

Jacob   Me done wit dat blood clot suit, ya know Niko I don't care what type of prison sentence de boy want check me with, ya know star. No more ah dis. Niko    It isn't easy to follow orders when you don't know what the fuck is going on. I have a feeling that it was best to do what we did though. Jacob   Yeah, but me done wit dis ting ya know, Niko. Me no go back inna no more blood clot helicopter wit di boy ya know, no more!

<phonecall to ULP>

Niko    We shot down that chopper for you. ULP     You think I don't know that? You think I've been sitting around scratching my balls with my head up my ass? Niko    I'd be impressed if you had been. ULP     I appreciate your assistance, Bellic. You did a good thing today. Now it's my turn. I will try to find the man you're after. I will call when I have something.

<text message from Jacob>

Irie star! You got crazy flying skills. I and I should fly over to Jamrock one day, sight? Easy. -LJ

<phonecall from Brucie - later on>

Brucie  Yo Nicky, what's up homie? Our boy, Stevie, hit me up. The one who hooked us up with the sweet ride. Niko    He doesn't want you to give it back to him, does he? Brucie  Shit, no, that's cool. I was just telling him how you know, you can make things happen. He's going to be in touch with you about some cars he needs found. If you catch my meaning? Niko    Sure, I have an ability to find stuff if the price is right. Give him my number. Brucie  Fuck man, you are the boy. I'll call Stevie.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL AND COLLECT (#fm1)

<text message from unknown>

Niko - meet me at the end of the pier at Castle Gardens.

<cutscene - at the end of the pier>

Francis Were you followed? Niko    Hey... strange seeing you here, officer McReary. Francis I told you to come here, fucking maggot. Niko    You did? Why? Francis I know about you. Niko    Know what? Francis I know enough, boy. Niko    What do you know, boy? Francis I know you killed Mikhail Faustin. I know a group of Russians want you dead. I know you ain't no saint, boy. Niko    I don't know what you're talking about, chief. Francis Do you think this is a town that can keep a secret? Niko    I really don't know what you're talking about. Francis Yeah ya do. You know that a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. That people ain't perfect... that life is a mess... Niko    Sure. Everybody knows that. Francis So you look out for me... and I don't look out for you. Know what I mean? Niko    I think so. Francis So there's a guy trying to blackmail me. Niko    Who? Francis I don't know. Thinks he's getting paid though. The guy's smart. He arranged to do the exchange by the Humboldt River off Silicon Street. Said to call him from the viewpoint there. Niko    Okay. Francis Listen... I did what I did... I made a mistake. That don't make me the devil. Now obviously I can't go, cause then he gets a picture of me giving him money, and I'm admitting guilt. I ain't guilty of nothing, other than being a man. Niko    To be honest, I don't really care one way or another. Francis Well... I'm a good man. Niko    No doubt. Francis Call me when you get to the spot.

<phonecall to Francis - from the viewpoint off Silicon Street>

Niko    I'm in the park, now what? Francis Alright. This guy told me to bring the money there and call him. That means he's somewhere close and he's got a phone. I'm gonna text you his number. You've got to call him and keep a lookout for someone answering a phone. He won't be far.

<text message from Francis>

The blackmailer's number is 843-555-0124. - Francis

<phonecall to the blackmailer>

Black   Hello? Who's this? Niko    A friend. I'm calling about your exchange with McReary. Black   Yeah, he better have my paper. I ain't fucking around. Niko    I'm sure he's got your money. Have you got the stuff he wants? Black   Yeah. I got it. We're gonna make this shit happen. I don't mess around, you know? Push me and this shit is all over Weazel News. I got them on speed dial. Niko    Really? Black   Yeah, and there's a lawyer called Tom Goldberg who's real interested. He's hungry for McReary's blood and shit. Yeah. Niko    Good thing Francis is paying then. Black   Call me when this exchange is going down. I don't like all the talking. Yeah.

<phonecall to the blackmailer>

Black   Shit, it's you again. Money best be the topic of this conversation. Niko    Yeah, yeah. We're talking about how you ain't getting no money, but you're still giving up the photos. Black   I told McReary I wasn't giving up them photos unless he paid me. He was gonna have ot take 'em from my cold, dead hand. Niko    You know what? He thought that that wasn't such a bad idea. Looks like you've been fucking with the wrong cop. Black   You know what? Fuck this. I'm getting out of here. The meet's off, buddy.

<Niko finds and kills the blackmailer, then takes the storage device.>

<cutscene - in an alley in East Holland>

Niko    Here. He's dead. Francis Great, I can get rid of these now. I feel like a new man. Not many people get a second chance like this. It's my redemption. Niko    Your sins are absolved, I guess.

Final Interview

<text message from Francis>

Meet me at the station, Niko. Thought it might be nice for you to see the place from the good guy's side of the bars. - Francis

<cutscene - at the police station in Westminster>

Guy     Get off me. LCPD    Get in there. Stop with this okay? Guy     Get the fuck off me. Francis Oh, okay. have a nice day. Hey uh, Jimmy, how you doing? Niko    Uh. Francis Come on Jimmy, let's go to my office. Niko    Jimmy? Francis You're undercover. As in deep. Mitch   Heya, Chief. Francis Hey Mitch... looking good. Gastric bypass worked out well for you I see... Mitch   Yeah thanks. I'll tell my therapist about you... tell her my boss keeps sexually harassing me. Francis Oh yeah, you wish. [Niko and Francis go up to his office.] Francis I could use a drink. You? Niko    No. Francis That motherfucker thinks he can drag me down. Niko    What's wrong now? Francis Oh man... Sure? [Francis holds up a bottle and Niko refuses again.] Francis Listen. Where to begin? I don't know. Let me put it like this... if a guy makes a mistake, should that ruin his life? People don't understand how life is. Life is like a bowl of fruit... slowly rotting in a hot kitchen.... Niko    Hey, I don't give a fuck about the life lessons, friend. What do you want? Francis I'm a good guy! I... he's got it all wrong... but one stain on my character and I'm finished. I want to make a difference. Niko    What? Francis Some lawyer. This big, white shoe firm. Thinks he's a crusader. Some morality cunt who takes photos of guys in the shower at the gym and then jacks off on his wife's face. Some... Niko    Hey, enough. Enough. Francis Sorry. Look... the guy's name is Tom Goldberg. Thinks he's got something on me. Gonna go to the DA with it, use it to get into Congress. Niko    Okay. Francis Yeah. So, it's him or me. And it might as well be him, right. But... he's hard to get to. Guy has a bodyguard, limo, everything. You're gonna need to get one on one with him. Niko    Not in the showers. Francis Not in the showers, a job interview. THen you can steal some files I need. Niko    An interview? Francis Sure, it'll be easy. You're an immigrant. They're almost legally bound to interview you. But, uh... get yourself a suit. Niko    Okay. Francis I'll email you the details. You're a good man, Niko Bellic. A good man. Niko    Coming from you, that means a lot. Francis It does.

<email> Head Hunting

Niko, You might want to look at There's a job in the recruitment section that I think you'd be perfect for. Have a killer interview. Best Wishes, Deputy Commisioner McReary

<Niko goes to the law firm's website and submits a resume.>

<phonecall to Francis>

Niko    I've sent off the application. I've always wanted to be a lawyer. Francis You can be whatever you like. It's the land of opportunity. Any fool can become President. Call me when you hear about the interview.

<phonecall from the lawyers - later on>

Karen   Mr. Bellic. This is Karen from Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster. We'd like to arrange an interview for you at the earliest convenience. Come into our offices at [time]. Is that alright? Niko    I can free that period up in my schedule. Karen   Super! Your interview will be with Mr. Goldberg. Press the buzzer and we'll let you in. Have a nice day.

<phonecall to Francis>

Niko    I have an interview with Goldberg [time]. Francis Perfect, the smug bastard ain't gonna know what's coming at him. Teach him for sticking his nose in other peoples' business and get the files.

<text message from Francis>

Remember Niko - Wear a suit and a smart pair of shoes. Try Perseus in Algonquin. You'll need to pack some heat too, but don't go flashing it about until you meet Goldberg. - Francis

<phonecall from Francis - miss the interview>

Francis How'd the interview go? Is it done? Niko    Shit, something came up. I didn't make it. Maybe they'll schedule another one. Francis They fucking better.

<text message from the lawyers - miss the interview>

Mr. Goldberg has re-scheduled your interview for [time]. G.L. and S.

<cutscene - at the offices>

[Niko presses the buzzer.]


Ahh it's Niko Bellic, I'm here for an interview.


Come in, I'll buzz you through. [Niko enters and approaches the front desk.]


Welcome to Goldberg,Ligner & Shyster, sir.

Karen   Mr. Bellic, welcome. I'll just see if Mr. Goldberg is available. [to comm system] Mr. Goldberg, Mr. Bellic has arrived for his interview. Gold    [through comm system] ... Ok, great, uh, tell him to come through to my office. Karen   Would you please follow me, Mr. Bellic? Niko    Sure. [They walk to Goldberg's office.] Karen   Mr. Goldberg is such a saint. He teaches kids to swim, you know? He's just so warm and giving. All he cares about is making the world a better place. And boy, are you in trouble if you get in his way. Niko    Do you think he'll like me? Karen   He's just in here. Don't be nervous. He doesn't bite.

<Niko listens to Goldberg rant on.>


Hello, Niko. What's that short for... Nikolai? I'm looking for a man who can get jobs done right. Nikolai, I like your resume. You seem to be the sort of man who would go the extra distance, I just need to take another look, get myself reacquainted with your experience... So, you're the sort of man who doesn't wait to get told what to do? A guy who looks at the world, sees problems and tries to fix them?




My problem is that people don't notice the decay in society. They leave the decay alone and soon it's too late so you have to pull the whole tooth.




I'm the guy who goes around shaking people. For people, read society, read City Hall. I shake them, and I say "floss!" Get rid of the rotting flesh stuck in your teeth. Prevent decay! Mouthwash, you hear me? There's this cop. Good cop, but he thinks he's above the law. He's not. You wanna know why? Because the law is clear. I'm gonna crush him into dust. No one is above my judgement! You understand me?




Here at G.L. and S. we're pushing things to the limit. We're on the front-line young man. A man I was recently with in this office, in this very room, was murdered. You gotta fight for what is just in this world.


You do.


Anyway, gimme an example of some time where you've worked as part of a team.


I work alone


So, are you going to expand on that or are you just going to hang around like a chump? Damn these quotas. You end up with every dumb immigrant in the city coming in for interviews.

<stand up>


Sure, stand up if you want to. Whatever makes you comfortable.

<pull out a knife>


A knife? You into camping or something? Did you order that from the Serrated Edge?

<pull out a bat>


Baseball, the great American pastime. We got a softball team in the office. Get sweaty together, build team spirit, you know.

<wait too long>

Gold    [yelling] Security, get in here. We've got a problem. Modupe! Modupe, get in here! Would you remove this gentleman from the building? He's wasting my time. And while you're at it, take a look in the can, will ya? I think I blocked it up pretty good.

<aim at Goldberg>


Where are the files for your case against McReary?


Shit, they're on my desk. I never hurt anyone.


I wouldn't be here if you'd never hurt anyone.

<make too much noise>

[Karen runs in and screams.]


I was never here. You understand?

<Niko kills Goldberg, takes the files, and escapes the building.>

<cutscene - behind the police station in Westminster>

Niko    Here are the files. Francis Great, peace at last. I feel cleansed. You silenced Goldberg too, right? I don't need to worry about him? Niko    He's done. Francis Music to my ears, a weight has been lifted. Here's your payment.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOLLAND NIGHTS (#fm4)

<cutscene - at Francis's office in the police station>

Francis [to phone] Sure, Ma. Sure... I've always been a good boy, you know me, Ma. Yes, I'll make Commissioner. [Niko enters.] Francis No. I don't care about Packie... listen, Ma, I've got to go. Love you too. [to Niko] Good to see you. Niko    I'm sure. Francis You know it's funny, but I see a lot of me in you. You know why? Niko    No. Francis You know there's no good, and no evil... just shades of fucking gray. Niko    Whatever... Francis You make things one per cent better. That's enough. That's our duty. Niko    If you say so. Francis Oh I do say so. I want to make things a bit better. By any means necessary. And you? What do you want? Niko    I want to get paid. Francis Sure. Sure you do. So listen, I got something I need you to do. Niko    This is the last time. Francis Of course. Some drug dealer is holed up in a tower block in East Holland. This scumbag's been pushing drugs, pimping women, you name it, he's done it. I need him dealt with. Niko    Isn't that police work? Francis Sure... and the moon is made of cheese and the streets is paved with gold. Wake up. Niko    Excuse me? Francis The guy's guilty as sin. He is sin. But it'll take me a year to get the evidence. More maybe. And maybe good men will get taken down by that evidence. Maybe people make mistakes. But this guy, is scum. Niko    How much? Francis Oh how much? Good money. Two G's. Niko    Two? You mean five. Francis You know, If someone was to tell me you was some fresh off the boat killer with more balls than brains, I'd say he was about right. Okay you got a deal. Head on up to Vauxite and call me. Five G's...

<phonecall to Francis - upon reaching the project>

Niko    I'm outside the project, where is he? Francis Should be on the second floor, keeps an eye on all his boys from up there. The guys you see are gonna be working for that scumbag in one way or another. Anyway, these projects all got the same layout, a staircase leading up on either side. Try to get off the ground floor before getting violent. Niko    Violent... me? Francis Yeah you. Remember, you're doing a real service for the community by getting rid of this scumbag. Niko    Francis McReary is the community now? You're starting to sound like your friend Manny.

<Niko fights to the second level, then chases Clarence up to the roof. After all of the guards are dead, Clarence walks out unarmed.>

CL      Yo, yo, yo. Man, you got me, chill. I surrender. You wouldn't kill an unarmed man, would you? Niko    This isn't my choice, the police want you dead. CL      Yo, it's that rat cop McReary. Ain't it? He don't like a younger brother with ambition. Tell you what, I'll reform. I'll get out of the game. Get a GED or some shit. Make something of my life. McReary is going to think I'm dead. Word. Come on, boss. Don't kill me, boss. I'm too young to die. Please. Please.

<execute Clarence>

Niko    Sorry.

<spare Clarence>

CL      That's right. We the same, me and you. Look out for each other. You the boss though, man. You the boss of me. Niko    Get out of here. I see you again, you'll wish I had killed you now.

<phonecall to Francis - kill Clarence>

Niko    He tried to convince me to let him go. Said he's get out of town. I finished him anyway. Francis Good move. You shouldn't trust a word that comes out of that scum's mouth. The streets are a little bit cleaner now he's gone. One percent - it's all we can hope for. Niko    Whatever you say. They don't look much cleaner from where I'm standing.

<phonecall to Francis - spare Clarence>

Niko    You don't have to worry about Clarence anymore. Francis You did a good thing, Niko. That boy was mean. He had a tongue on him, too. Always talking his way out of court, willing to compromise anyone to get out of trouble. Thank God for real justice.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LURE (#fm5)

<cutscene - at the fountain in Castle Gardens>

Francis Are you trying to get us both killed, you fuckin' asshole? Niko    What? Francis I send you to destroy an organization and you only make the boss disappear. Now his chief lieutenant is holed up in an apartment, and he wants to speak to the feds. Niko    Whoa, hold on. An organization? Francis You fucking idiot! I paid you to do a man's job, you amateur. You fucking boy. Niko    No, no, no, no. You sent me to kill one guy. One guy who would put you in prison. Francis Bullshit! Alright, I'll tell you what, genius, I'll tell you fucking what. Tell it to the judge. Tell him I only sent you to kill one guy... so it ain't your fault. I wonder what he'll say? Maybe he'll let you walk - on account you being braindead and totally fucking mentally retarded. Niko    Maybe he will. Either way, you're screwed. Francis Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Look. You gotta do this for me. For us. Come on, you idiot. One more. The guy's a fucking lowlife. He means nothing. If there is a God, and he loves us, if there is, he'd want this fuck dead. The guy sells heroin to kids. Niko    The world is full of bad people. Francis But we've got a lot to lose. Niko    I don't have anything to lose, Mr. McReary. Francis How much? Niko    You know my price. Five. Your call. I don't care. Francis You bastard. Okay... Now the guy lives in an apartment on Denver between V and W. He's holed up there pretty tight. I left a rifle for you in the trunk of a car at the corner of Albany and M. So go there, gimme a call.

<phonecall to Francis - on Denver Avenue>

Niko    I've found the place. Francis Okay, the mope's holed up in his apartment. It's on the fourth floor on the east side of the street. Go up onto the roof of the building opposite to get a shot at him. Niko    What if he isn't standing by the window? Francis Then use your damn imagination to get him to the window. Jesus! Call me when it's done.

<phonecall to the filth in his apartment>

Filth   Shaniqua, baby. Look girl, 5-0 is trying to kill me. And I was real stressed and she was there for me. I didn't know she was yo' sister. Shaniqua, that you? It ain't your style to be doin' this silent shit.

<phonecall to the filth - on the third call>

Filth   This ain't right. How'd you get these digits? Is this Francis? You killed Clarence, man.

<phonecall to Francis - after the filth is killed>

Niko    I dealt with him. Francis You did the right thing. I hope that the kids out there get this message and realize that there are better paths to take. Niko    I'm not interested in your sermon, Mr. McReary. Let's not pretend that this was anything other than business. Francis There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have done some good. The community thanks you. One percent better. If one hundred people managed that... it'd be a hundred percent.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARBORING A GRUDGE (#pm1)

<phonecall from an unknown caller>

Packie  Niko, it's Patrick McReary. You and me did some work for Elizabeta Torres together. Niko    You mean I saved your ass? Packie  Well, if I'd a known it was such a big deal to you, I woulda asked you to let them kill me. Anyway, if you're in need of extra funds I'm in need of a good man. Come over to my Ma's on Savannah Avenue in Meadows Park. Niko    I'm always in need of money. See you there.

<cutscene - at McReary house>

Ma      All I'm saying is that we'll all be judged in the end, all of your brothers... and you, Patrick. And you, Kate! Packie  Who's going to judge Kate? What would she win if they did? Virgin of the year? Kate    I'm thinking maybe you can catch VD for both of us, Patrick. Packie  Fuck you, Katie. Ma      Language. Packie  Sorry, Ma. [Niko enters.] Packie  Oh, there he is, Mr. fucking crazy man... you wanna beer? Niko    No. Packie  Good. 'Cause I ain't fucking got none. Niko    Very funny. Maybe if being a drunkard doesn't work out you can be a comedian. Packie  Fuck off... and you, Kate, fuck off outta here. That's my ma. Ma      Nice to meet you. Niko    Hi. Packie  And this is my sister. Lovely lass. Scared to bits of life. And fucking off outta here right now, before I throw a fuckin' bottle at her. Ma      Patrick! Kate    Nice to meet you. Niko    Likewise, see you around. Kate    Bye. [Ma and Kate leave.] Packie  What a girl! I think she likes you. Word to the wise, though - she don't put out. Which is convenient, 'cause if she did, I'd have to kill you. Niko    Understood. Packie  Good lad. You got any drugs on you, boy? Niko    No. Packie  Shit... well, probably a good thing... we got some business to take care of. Come on.

<outside the house>

Packie  We've got business out at the docks in Algonquin. Where's your car, man? We need a car.

<driving - heading to Fishmarket South - A>

Packie  Okay, there's a ship coming in and we're the welcoming party. Niko    Who are we welcoming and what have they got that makes this drive worth the effort? Packie  We're welcoming some of our cousins from the East, but we don't know what it is that they're bringing in exactly. All we know is that it's worth a dollar or two. My brother Gerald had word about it through this Italian, Ray Boccino. He gave us the heads up in exchange for a cut of the haul. Niko    What makes you think that the information is legit? Packie  First off, I don't trust this guinea for a second. We wouldn't be working for him if our family still had the same status it did back in the day. But that's another story. Niko    Am I going to hear this story? Packie  Anyone who hands around my family hears about the old days. Just wait. Oh yeah, Ray Boccino's a slimy motherfucker. The one thing you can rely on him for is greed. I'm too small time to be worth setting up so the one angle he can be playing is the cash one. Niko    Makes sense. Packie  Yeah, he'll probably try to give us a fraction of whatever this stuff's worth but it'll be a fun night. Niko    Depends on what you think is fun. Packie  Stealing, gunfire, car chases, all the usual stuff. Niko    Usual for you and me maybe. The general population, I am not so sure. Packie  General population. That's a prison term. You ever been inside? Niko    Not in this country. In Europe. They do things different there. Not so much of the "fun in the shower" that you guys have here in America. Packie  Must have been a real disappointment. Bet a guy like you thought he was going to be real popular with the lifers. Did no one pay you any attention. Niko    As I said, the whole prison bitch thing is an American phenomenon. It don't happen on the other side of the ocean. Packie  Well, you've got to do some time over here. See what you've been missing out on in your chaste European jails. Niko    I'm going to pass on that. Send me a postcard if you do some time. Packie  Will do. Might even put you on the visitors list. Niko    I'd be fucking touched. Packie  You'd be touched if you did some time, that's for sure. Niko    We would see if they'd be able to touch me, I got some moves. Packie  You're a good man, Niko. I like you. Not in a "fun in the showers" kind of way. In a male bonding, about to go rob some people, kind of way. Niko    I think I know what you are saying.

<driving - heading to Fishmarket South - B>

Packie  My brother Gerry's had word from Ray Boccino, his Italian contact, about a big shipment coming in near the fish market. The Triads are expecting something and it smells fishy. Niko    The fish market smells fishy? Packie  Shit, man. I keep forgetting you're not from here. Something smellin' fishy means that it ain't quite right. So, this shipment smellin' fishy means that it ain't gonna be what they say it is. Niko    But, if it's going to the fish market they must be saying that it's fish. Packie  So? Niko    So if this shipment is what they say it is, then it's going to smell fishy anyway. Packie  Shut the fuck up. You think you're a right fuckin' comedian, don't ya? Anyways, I was in Algonquin last night, partying with some sweet college chicks. Niko    Yes? Packie  You should come along next time. Niko    Really? Packie  Sure, sure, guy like you. You'd have a good time. Unless you're hoping to see me sis again? If that's what's going through your brain then we've got ourselves a problem. Niko    Oh yeah? Packie  The problem's that you'll be letting yourself in for a lifetime without getting action. And I know what happens to a man when he ain't getting any. It ain't pretty. Niko    So, you got yourself a girlfriend, Packie? Packie  I do and I don't if you know what I mean? Niko    It usually means you don't, right? Packie  Ha. You're a perceptive guy. I got the lowdown on you from Elizabeta. Some guys I know have checked you out as well. I think you and me could get along. I need a guy like you on our team. Niko    Don't you got other guys to help you out? You're from here, you should know everyone. Packie  That's the fucking problem, everyone in the neighborhood... hell, in the whole fucking city knows us. You can't trust people. I only trust me family, some of them at least, and people I don't know. That's why you're on this job with me. Niko    Because you don't know me? Packie  That, and you saved my life. Saving someone's life has got to count for something in this fucked up age we live in. Niko    That depends on the life, I guess. Packie  Tell you what, I'll snort a load of rails, fuck a lot of drunk girls, get into fights on a nightly basis and die young leaving a scarred, bloated corpse. That sound like the sort of life worth saving? Niko    Most definitely.

<cutscene - at the docks>

Packie  Alright, here we are. Niko    What's the plan? Packie  We get up on the roof of that warehouse. There should be a good view of the dock so we can scope that shit out.

<cutscene - atop the roof of the warehouse>

Packie  This is where the deal's meant to be going down. And here's the boat, right on time. See those boxes on the back of the boat? They must be bringing cloned meds. Niko    Meds? Packie  Yeah. Sutff that'll stop housewives cutting their wrists and make their husbands get wood. Meds, Mollis, sedatives, antidespressants - meds. Niko    Okay, how do we do it? Packie  We'll wait until the truck is loaded and then take it. Simple as that. I'll cover you from up here while you're down on the ground cleaning up. Niko    These better be some good fucking pills. The housewives better be grateful.

<They gun down the Triads and take the truck.>

Packie  Alright, Niko. You drive. I'll take out anyone who tries to follow us. We're going to Ray's lockup in Westminster off of Union Drive West.

<driving - heading to the lockup in Purgatory - A>

Packie  They're taking this real serious, aren't they? Niko    They do not like to be robbed, I guess. Not many people do. Packie  That's a lesson I've learnt. Fucking Boccino said it'd be easy. Good thing I enjoy a good ruck.

<driving - heading to the lockup in Purgatory - B>

Packie  Shit, Niko. These cocksuckers are all over us. Niko    I thought you had the luck of the Irish? Packie  I fuckin' do. It's just that we've got your fuckin' Slavic driving skills as well. That's if we're ever going to get out of this fuckin' jam. Put your foot down, man.

<continuing on drive, being attacked by Triads>

Niko    What the hell...? Is it Chinese New Year already? There's a box of grenades in here. Pass some up, packie - I'll give them a taste of their own fireworks.

<cutscene - at the lockup>

Ray     The stuff all in there? Packie  Sure is. All safe and sound. Whole truck load of it. Ray     A lotta wives and mistresses are gonna be happy when their men get a hold of those, huh? Whole city's gonna be hard in a few days time. Who's this? Packie  That's my boy, Niko. He's an absolute savior. Couldn't have done it without him. Ray     Niko, come over here. You work for these mick bastards? Packie  [quietly] Fucking guinea. Niko    I work for whoever's paying. Ray     I might give you a call sometime. Get in, Packie. Packie  Eh, I'll catch you round, man.

<text message from Packie>

Saw this Liberty Tree story about us and them Triads at the Fishmarket when I was looking for some hot amateur shit online. Totally killed my hard-on. Gotta change my homepage.

<phonecall from Francis - later on>

Francis Niko, what's this I hear about you running with Patrick McReary now these days? Niko    He's got work and he's a good guy. You're not planning on taking him down, are you? Lay off him for me. Francis I'm not planning on taking him down. He's my damn brother, you idiot. Niko    Packie McReary, Francis McReary. It's all starting to make sense. I knew Irish families were big but I didn't expect to run into brothers in a place the size of Liberty City. Francis Just thank the Lord you ran into Packie and not my other brothers. Packie's just a hood but Gerald is into some serious shit. And Derrick. He's the worst. If that asshole ever comes back from Ireland, I can't be held responsibile for what I'd do. My brothers ain't no good, Niko. Trust me on that. Niko    You know what, me and Packie get along. Maybe if doing what you do is good, then I wanna be no good instead. I should meet the other McRearys. Francis Be careful what you wish for.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WASTE NOT WANT KNOTS (#pm2)

<cutscene - at the McReary house>

Packie the plan was they were gonna hide the diamonds in the Queen's ass! [Niko enters.] Kate    Oh, hey, Niko. Niko    Hey, Kate. Packie  Get your fucking hands off my fucking sister, boy. Kate    We're talking, not having casual sex, Patrick... I pray after the amount of practice you've had you'd know the difference. Packie  Sure, I know the difference. One leaves you feeling sad and empty and alone... and the other's casual sex! Kate    Then I am quite sure you and mister Niko here will have fun on your 'play date'. Ma      [from another room] Kate! Kate    Coming, Ma... you boys place nice, now... Packie  For sure. Ma      Kate! Kate    Okay! [Kate leaves.] Packie  Oh, we're gonna play real nice... [pulls out rifles] They're clean as a fuckin' whistle. One previous owner... safely driven... ready for action. [to Niko] We got an opportunity, my boy. Michael Yep. Fortune favors the brave. Gordon  Gotta make hay while the sun shines. Packie  So is you down, boy, or is you out? Niko    Down for what? Michael Down for robbing a thief... Gordon  Robin Hood! Packie  Exactly, Robin fuckin' Hood... Niko    Who are you going to rob? Packie  The fucking Mafia, boy. Niko    Is the money good? What's the risk? Packie  Well, the risk is... we all die a very slow and painful death. And the money is good, very good indeed. Gordon  So you in, big guy? Or are we gonna have to kill you? Niko    Well... since you put that way, I'm in. Michael Good, let's go. Gordon  Alright, alright, let's go. Let's do this.

<outside the house>

Packie  Can you get us a car, man? I'm afraid these two idiots can't drive for shit. Michael Fuck you, Packie. Gordon  Yeah, fuck yuz. Packie  Take us out to the waste management plant under the Algonquin Bridge on Colony Island, big man.

<driving - heading to the waste management plant - A>

Niko    A Mafia controlled waste management plant? Packie  You fuckin' guessed it. It's an Ancelotti operation. Ray tipped us off about a big payoff they just got. A fat cash payoff. Michael Ancelottis, eh? I can't tell none of those wop families apart. Ancelottis, Gambinos, Pecorinos. Packie  It's the fucking Pegorinos, man. We're workin' for them. Pecorino's a type a cheese. Pegorino is a bunch of guido gangsters outta Alderney. Niko    They're all Mafia though? Packie  Course they are. Cosa Nostra and all that shit. Our family used to be bigger than all them Mafia families put together. Back in the day, that is. Gordon  Not this shit again. I heard this speech a million times. The McRearys ran the city. People was scared to say their name let alone come near their place in Purgatory. Life was great. We were in charge. Packie  It's fucking true. I'd like to hear you tell Gerald that it's a boring story. Me brother wouldn't take too kindly to that now would he? You know that Purgatory is called what it is because people were so scared of the McRearys. Did you know that, Niko? Gordon  It's called that because people found the McRearys' stories so fuckin' boring. Listening to them was like being in Purgatory. Packie  Fuck you, Gordon. I'll fucking come back there and kick your fucking ass in a minute. Niko    I hear that Francis McReary is your brother. Packie  Fucking Frankie, my brother. He may have a badge, but I tell you for a fact he's as crooked as the rest of us McRearys. More so. At least we ain't fucking hypocrites. Kate's the only decent one. Niko    I can believe that. Packie  You know Frankie do ya? I got a story for you if you do. Gordon  Another fucking story. Packie  Shut up, Gordon. So, Niko, when Francis and Gerald was growing up, Frankie becomes an altar boy. He swears to this day that he wanted to serve the Lord. Gerry knows the truth though. He only put on that cassock so he could pocket the change in the collection plate. Fact. That's Francis down to a fucking T. I don't even know if he realizes what a crook he is. Niko    That sounds like the Francis McReary I met. Packie  I bet. Model community leader, my ass. Gordon  You're just worried he'll start clamping down on you, ain't ya Packie? Packie  I'd like to see him try it. Not gonna happen with the things Gerry knows.

<driving - heading to the waste management plant - B>

Niko    Packie, you hang out in some strange places. First you take me to a fish market and now a waste plant. Gordon  It looks like he ain't too pleased with the dates you been taking him on, Patrick. You got to learn how to treat a man right. Packie  Shut it, Gordo. Ray's given us a tip off about a big payment the Ancelottis just got. We're all gonna do real well outta this. Niko    These places are messed up. I think this Ray guy is fucking with you. Packie  No one's fucking with me, Niko. This is how things work here. The whole city is turning into a fucking theme park. Only places an honest criminal can make any money are these shit holes. Gordon  I think they're fucking with ya, Packie. They're laughing at ya. Packie  You think they're having a laugh with Gerald, Gordo? You think even these Alderney guidos would have the balls to do that? Gordon  Them guidos use you for what they like, if the Peg asked Gerald to wipe his ass he probably would. Michael What's that say about you then, Gordo? If you're taking orders from Packie. Gordon  That don't mean shit. Packie  Fucking with us or not, these jobs pay the bills, don't they? Michael The only thing they're doing for Gordon is keeping the bookies off his back for another week. How much you lose on that Swingers game last week? Gordon  That shit was rigged. I got screwed in the ninth damn inning. A guy who bats on-fifty hits a three run homer. Bullshit! Packie  Don't go dropping too much green after this. If the Ancelottis hear we've been spending it up they might finger us for this job. If that happens, the bookies will be the least of your worries. Michael Don't trouble yourself about me, Packie. I'm sitting on my money. Not gonna throw it at the bookies like Gordon over here. I'm saving it up so... Packie  I don't give a shit what you're doing with your cut. All I care about is you holding up your end of the job. Gordon  You shouldn't save too much, Michael. You never know, you might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Packie  Nah, not St. Michael here. Niko    My cousin, Roman, he has this gambling problem as well. Can't have a dollar in his pocket without spending it at a card game. Packie  Are these his dollars he's spending, or yours? Niko    What's mine is his. We are cousins.

<reach the plant>

Packie  Here we are boys. Moment of fucking truth. Alright boys, if Ray is correct then the money's going to be kept in the office in the main building. And there should be a boat docked out back for the getaway. Alright, it's up and over the fence.

<They assault the plant, get inside, Niko heads upstairs to the office.>

Packie  Alright boys, let's go inside and find this money. Niko    Hey Packie, I'll go get the money. Cover me, will you?

<Niko grabs the bag and heads back down while more mobsters pour inside.>

Niko    Okay kids, I got the cash. Shit! Looks like we're not the only ones after it. Packie  There's got to be a pizza parlor on this island coz I ain't never seen so many Italians. Out the back, boys. Gordon, Michael. You hold these boys back while me and Niko make a swim for it with the money. Michael We'll see you back at the house, Packie. Gordon  Try to keep the money dry, won't ya? I don't know how my bookie's gonna be about wet notes...

<on the docks>

Niko    Swimming for it, eh? Packie  Sure, me boy. There's the boat just out there. I'll race ya.

<on the boat>

Packie  Can you drive a boat? You got to this fine country in a boat, didn't ya, Niko? Niko    That don't mean I can drive one. Fuck it though, I'll give it a try.

<driving - boating to some docks in Steinway>

Packie  That was fucking beautiful. We did ourselves proud. My brother Gerry is going to be fucking ecstatic. Niko    Providing the Ancelottis don't figure out it was us that ripped them off. Packie  Don't fucking worry about it. They'll just figure it was another one of the five families. Us McRearys are under the fucking radar nowadays. It ain't a problem. Niko    I hope you're right for my sake. Packie  Shut up and think about the money. If that don't work, think about my sister. I tell you though, you're only getting your hands on one of those things, you maniac, and it ain't going to be my Katie. Niko    I'll think about the money then. Packie  What a trooper.

<cutscene - at the docks>

Packie  We did it. Top of the fucking world. Here's your share. Don't go spending it in any Italian restaurants. Niko    I'll see you soon, Packie.

<phonecall from Packie - later on>

Packie  Niko man. Look, I ain't a pimp or nothing. Niko    What're you talking about, man? Packie  I'm saying, would you take my sister, Katie, out for a drink or something? She don't get out much and she sure as hell don't go on dates. We're starting to worry. She likes you, just as friends, I'm gonna send you her number. Niko    I'll give her a call man, but I don't think she'll wanna see me. Packie  Trust me, she will. Call her, man.

<text message from Packie>

Hey man, give my sister a ring. I know she'd appreciate it. Could be fun if you don't mind dating a fucking nun.



<text message from Packie>

I told my brothers about ya. Got a big job planned. Put on a suit, a tie, and some good shoes and get over here. Costs a fucking shit load but the only place to go for that shit is Perseus in Algonquin.

<cutscene - at the McReary house>

Packie  There he is - Niko Bellic. Niko, these are my two brothers, well two of my brothers, the two that count. Derrick and Gerald. Niko    Hi. Packie  Derrick has just returned to the family fold after a good few years in the Old Country. Involved in the struggle. Sort of like you, I'd imagine. And Gerry... Gerry's the man. And you remember Michael? St. Michael... Michael Yeah, hey. Niko    Yes, yes, it's, uh, nice to meet you. Packie  Niko is a trip, man, I met him through that Puerto Rican coke dealer... Gerry   So you want to involve him in the family business. What do you know about him? Packie  What I know is he likes a fight, and he ain't the fucking law. Gerry   Oh, no offense mister... that ain't good enough. Packie  Well it's good enough for me. Michael He's a good lad, Gerry. Gerry   Was I talking to you, you inbred halfwit? I make a point of not talking to the unfortunate victims of brother sister marriages. Michael Don't you speak about my parents like that. Gerry   Aww, you're like fucking Cleopatra... Fifteen generations of brother sisters fucking... and you're so thick you take orders off my idiot brother Packie... who's so stupid he had to tattoo his name on his arm. Niko    If there is a problem, I'll go. No trouble, I have other ways of making money. Packie  There's no problem. Gerry just likes to think he knows best about everything... which is why he's been married three times already and still won't admit he likes men. Gerry   Nah, no problem. I'll leave you boys to it. Don't screw up. Packie, take care of Derrick, he's been away. [to Niko] And you... nothing personal, but don't fuck with my family, or I will fuck with yours.

<outside the house>

Packie  Alright, we're heading to the Southern Algonquin branch of the Bank of Liberty. Niko, you're the designated driver. Niko    Let's do this.

<driving - heading to the bank - A>

Packie  Alright, here's how the shit is going down. We're gonna go inside and each take down a security guard. Me and St. Michael here are gonna handle the civilians while Niko and Derrick manage the employees. Anyone tries anything, you put them down hard. Once the situation has been controlled, Derrick's going to rig the vault door with explosive. Derrick I got enough PE4 here to get through anything they throw at us. Michael PE4, I ain't never heard of that. Packie  It's some limey name for C4 that Derrick picked up over there. Derrick I ain't having this argument with you, Patrick. Safe to say, what we're using is controllable enough to go through any vault door without incinceration whatever's inside. Not going to leave much residue on the notes either so they should be washable. Packie  They're going to be washable alright. Can't wait to see what sort of kick C4 residue is going to give me when I snort up a line of chop through one of them notes. Derrick First, you're a fucking charmer, Patrick. Second, it's PE4 not C4. Packie  Whatever, at least I'm honest about my habits, Derrick. Derrick You know nothing about nothing, Patrick. I'm honest about me demons. Packie  Hit the needle on the old head there did I, Derrick? Michael The expression is hit the nail on the head, Packie. Packie  Really Michael? You don't think I know that? Gerry was right about you, Mikey. Your parents must have been twins to produce a kid as dumb as you. I'm surprised you ain't got three eyes, no balls, and a club foot. Michael Don't bring my parents into this, Packie. Packie  Alright, alright. Do we all know what we're doing? Once the vault door blows, I want Niko and Michael to go down into the vault to get the money while me and my brother handle the crowd control. Niko    All makes sense to me. if you guys can stop arguing for a few minutes then I think we might be okay.

<driving - heading to the bank - B>

Packie  Gerald was very clear about the way things is going down, boys. Me and Michael are on the civilians, Derrick and Niko are on employees. Derrick, did you sort out the charge for the vault door? Derrick What's that mean? Of course I sorted out the charge. What you think I been doing all day? Packie  I dunno. Nodding off with a needle sticking outta your arm? Derrick Patrick, you was such a sweet little boy when I left this city. Packie  You was gone a long time, Derrick. From what I remember, you've changed too. Niko    This is an emotional moment, I can feel the brotherly love in the air. Maybe we should just talk about the job though? Packie  Sure. So, Derrick, you got the charge rigged up to your phone? Derrick Had a bit of trouble with that. Couldn't find a pager to rig the blasting cap to. Had to put the thing on a timer. Packie  Alright, alright, we can roll with a timer. That's cool. Niko, when the door blows, I want you and Michael to go down into the vault to get the cash. Grab as much as you can carry. Niko    Okay. Michael Don't need to tell me twice, Packie. I'm ready to go. Pumped, is what I am. Packie  Thanks, Michael. Knew I could count on the dumbest member of the group to throw himself into proceedings the most willingly. Michael I was just saying how I'd do what you said, Packie. No need to get abusive. Packie  There was no need for a brother and sister to get married, but your parents did that and now you're here. Derrick I can think of one reason they needed to get married. They was so ugly that no one else would have 'em. Packie  Nothing like a sibling's love, eh Derrick? Derrick Nothing like it. Nothing could make me love Francis, though. Packie  Fucking Frankie, he'd be pissed if he could see us now.

<cutscene - at the bank>

Derrick This is it, boys. Moment of truth. Packie  None of you fucking fucks move. Get on the floor. Michael None of yous is gonna get a medal for playing hero. All you's gonna get is a bullet to the heart. Derrick Don't none of you worry about nothing. We're here for the bank's money, it's going to a greater cause. Packie  Shut up and handle the safe. Derrick Open the door. Niko    Open the door. Derrick Open the door! Open the fucking door. Guy     Okay... okay... wait a minute. I got it. [Derrick heads down to the safe.] Niko    Get on the floor... now! Guy     But sir... Niko    You too. Guy     Okay, okay. [Reaper whispers privately with Luis on the floor.] Reaper  Hey? Yo? I'm a gun club member. I'm gonna take these rookies downtown. Are you with me? Hey, what's your name, son? Luis    Luis... but this ain't such a good idea bro. Reaper  Yeah? They said catching that pass at my high school championship football game was a "bad idea" cause I broke my leg in thirteen places. But... I scored a touchdown and won the game. The world is built out of bad ideas, my friend. [Derrick returns.] Derrick [to Niko] Come on. The PE4 has been moulded and is set to explode in sixty seconds. Now listen people, we're your friends. Me and my brother here, we... Packie  Why're you tellin' them we're brothers, you idiot? That's going to make it hard for them to find us, isn't it? Derrick I'm trying to be honest with these people. We've put them through a lot today. Packie  Fuck these people, fuck your cause. That shit's over. Ireland's not the only thing that's green, dollars are too. Derrick Now you've said bloody Ireland, that's gonna narrow the search ain't it? Packie  Fuck you, take the needle out your arm then tell me what to do. Derrick I'll let you tell me what to do, when you stop shoving half of Bolivia up your nose every Saturday night! Reaper  Motherfucker! [gets up and shoots Michael] Derrick Fuck! Packie  We told you not to fuck with us! [shoots Reaper] Shit, Michael! Saint fucking Michael! [The PE4 explodes at the vault.] Packie  Fucking shit. [to Niko] Get the money. Me and my brother will watch the kids.

<after grabbing the money bags>

Derrick There's been too many casualties already. Don't make this any more difficult. Eyes on the floor, people! Niko    I got all the money I could. There's still some in there though. Packie  We ain't got time to go back in. Let's move out, boys.

<police forces surrounding the entrance>

LCPD    Come on, let's do this people. NOOSE   Go! Go! Go! Go! LCPD    You're trapped. Lay your weapons down and surrender. Let's handle this peacefully. We have you surrounded. Packie  It's a bacon factory out there. Shit. Alright boys, follow my lead and we might all make it home.

<They battle over several streets and alleys. A helicopter flies in.>

Derrick Shit, they sent a chopper after us. There ain't no getting away. We're done. Packie  Control yourself, Derrick. I got a plan. Niko    Let's bring this fucker down. Empty everything we got into him. Packie  We ain't doing that neither. Follow me. We'll lose them in the subway.

<After fighting off more cops, they head through a subway tunnel.>

Packie  Alright, boys. The only way we got to go is along the tracks. Come on. [avoids oncoming train] Shit, that was closer than I'm comfortable with. You almost lost me and a big bag of money there, boys. You coulda mixed the explosive better couldn't ya, Derrick? Derrick And you coulda been more careful of your boy Michael. He should be with us right now. Niko    Michael was unlucky. It wasn't anybody's fault what happened to him and the explosive did its job. Both of you shut the fuck up. Packie  That's gotta be a service exit. Let's hit it. We got some climbing to do boys. Hold onto your money.

<driving - returning to the McReary house - A>

Packie  Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Michael. Dammit. I coulda been nice to him for once in my fucking life. Kid only wanted to help. Derrick He loved you, Packie. He was happy you spoke to him. Didn't matter what you was saying. Packie  Yeah, well, now I gotta explain to his folks that their son is lying dead on the floor of a bank in Algonquin. Derrick We'll give them his cut. When your kid is living the life, you gotta expect someone to come through the door and break this sorta news. Niko    That does not make it any easier to hear. And we aren't safe yet. Packie  Eye on the road, Niko. We don't want you to have to break no bad news to our ma. Niko    Neither do I.

<driving - returning to the McReary house - B>

Packie  That didn't go to fucking plan. Derrick Never does, Patrick. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. You just gotta hope no one gets killed when they do. Packie  Michael didn't get lucky, did he? Fucking have-a-go-hero. What was he thinking? He shoulda sat tight. Derrick He's sitting tight now. Paid for his stupidity. Man, I'm jumpy. Packie  You can get dosed all you like when Niko gets us back. Derrick You're a good man to have around, Niko. A damn good man. Niko    Tell me that when I've got you home.

<at the house>

Derrick Thanks, Niko. You're a damn good man. Niko    I wasn't just driving you two, the money was in the car as well. Remember that. Packie  We won't forget it, Niko. Here's your cut. I'll tell Gerry you did good. He might give you a call or something.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Niko    Roman, how's it going? Roman   Have you seen this bank heist on the news, NB? That's some crazy shit. I bet you wish you'd pulled off a job like that... Niko    Who says I didn't. Roman   You're shitting me, NB. No fucking way! Who'd you do it with? Niko    This fucked up Irish family, well some of them. There are four brothers: two are gangsters, one's a cop and the other is a heroin addict ex-freedom fighter. Then there's a sister... Roman   A sister? That sounds more my speed than these crazy brothers. I can tell from your voice that you like her, Cousin. Are you two doing it? Niko    I've got to go, Roman. I'll talk to you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS (#gm1)

<phonecall from an unknown caller>

Gerald  Niko, my boy, this is Packie's brother Gerald McReary. Niko    Gerry, how's it going? Gerald  Good. Got a little business opportunity I need your help with. Come and see me at my ma's house. Use the back entrance.

<cutscene - at the McReary house>

Gerry   No one's here. Just you and me. Come in, come in. Beer? Niko    No, thank you. Gerry   Oh, I agree... let's have whiskey instead. Packie swears by you, absolutely swears by you. Niko    Yeah? Gerry   You handled yourself well on that bank job. Niko    It was fun. Gerry   Fun? Too much fun - that's always been this family's problem. Fun, good causes, a good laugh, some stupid dream or some stupid distraction. But never any fuckin' focus. Never! Who     Mmm, focus... Gerry   All we've ever been is bitches. Working for guineas, working for niggers, any asshole with a buck. The whole lot spent in the proper manner, oh yeah, wine and women, as quick as possible, and remain a slave forever. Niko    Very poetical. Gerry   Yeah, I know, national tragedy. But I got a plan. You down, friend? Niko    Maybe. What is it? Gerry   Well first up, we gotta create a little problem between the Ancellotis and their Albanian muscle, for Jimmy P. You're gonna plant a bomb in Tony Black's car. It'll be rigged to a phone. Thing will go off when you dial a number. I want it to blow when they get back from their meeting. Niko    So the Ancelottis think the Albanians did it? Gerry   Exactly. Bomb's in an alley off of Inchon Avenue. Get it, give me a call. You know Packie was right for once. I'm glad you're on board.

<phonecall to Gerry - after finding the bomb>

Niko    So, Gerry, I got this bomb. Gerry   Alright listen, the Ancelottis and the Albanians are meeting in Little Italy. Tony's car is parked in an alleyway off of Feldspar Street. Now you put the bomb in the trunk, then follow the wiseguys from their meeting back to the rest of their crew, then you blow up the bomb. Make sure no one walks away. It's easy, right? Niko    So easy I don't see why you ain't doing this yourself. Gerry   Niko, I wouldn't trust myself with this task. You ain't got a gallon of whiskey in your system, and besides, you're bein' paid, ain't ya? Call me when it's done.

<at the alleyway off Feldspar, after Niko attaches the bomb to their car>

Sal     Hey, Big Tone, did you kick some ass or what? Tony    The Albanians know they got us over a barrel, Sal. At least it's better than dealing with those fucking drunken Irish bastards though. Forget about it.

<Niko follows them to the place on Northwood, blows the bomb up, and kills the survivors.>

<phonecall to Gerry>

Niko    Gerry, I hit the Ancelottis crew real hard. Everyone got taken down. The rest of them should think the Albanian muscle is making a play. Gerry   I knew my brother wouldn't put his faith in a bum. They'll be at those Albos in no time. That's step one of the plan complete. Come see me. We'll talk about step two.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I NEED YOUR CLOTHES, YOUR BOOTS, AND YOUR MOTORCYCLE (#gm2)

<cutscene - at the McReary house>

Kate    Oh, there he is... the sophisticated European. Niko    I don't know about that. Kate    So, how are you? Niko    Alright, yeah. Ma      Kate! Don't stand there talking to him on the door step, ask him in... Kate    Come in. Ma, you remember the boys' friend, Niko? Ma      How are you? Niko    Good, and you? Ma      Put it like this, my boys are out of control, my daughter can't find a man, and my husband is in hell. I'm thinking... God moves in mysterious ways. [exits] Kate    That's Mother for you. Always a joy. Gerry   Niko! You made it, huh? Kate    Well, I'll leave you to your men's talk. I hope you impress each other. [exits] Gerry   Hey, look at me. Yeah. Yeah... I thought so. You'll do fine. Niko    Fine at what? Gerry   Some gimp work for the Pegorinos. I owe them. Oh, please... I'd do it myself, but I think I'm being watched by the cops, someone. I think I'm about to get pinched again. Niko    Shit, really? Gerry   Yeah. It's happened before. I keep seeing the same car watching. All it means is someone's been speaking, we just have to find out who and make 'em stop. In the meantime, I'm gonna chill things out for a bit. So... I need your help. Niko    Okay. Gerry   Attaboy... come on, got something to show you. Now Pegorino's a funny guy. Seems like his main motivation is putting his Guernsey crew on par with the five old families. Ancelottis being the weakest, he's decided to stir shit up for 'em. Now, the Ancelottis have an uneasy alliance with some Albanians. They use them as hitmen, thugs, bullies. Niko    I know the type. Gerry   Much like Jimmy the Guido uses us. So. What you're gonna do is disguise yourself as an Albanian, and then go whack Frankie Garone, an Ancelotti long time capo. Niko    Sure. Which Albanian? Gerry   This one. [He opens the door to a freezer with a body inside.]

<in an alley on Star Junction, Frankie beating on some other biker>

FG      Fucking sneaky scumbag. Tony Black didn't do nothing to nobody who didn't deserve it. [sees Niko] What the fuck?  We're going to the mattresses for sure.

<phonecall to Gerry - after chasing down and killing Frankie>

Niko    Frankie Garone's sleeping with the fishes. Anyone who saw us is going to describe the Albanian you got on ice. Gerry   Nice work. Real nice. I'll let Jimmy P know about that. I'll cut you in on anything he throws my way. Don't know how long I'm gonna be outside though. I feel like the cops might knock down Ma's door at any moment. Take me to the pen. Niko    Good luck with that, Gerry. Gerry   Yeah thanks. Please, look after my family if I go inside.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SMACKDOWN (#dm1)

<phonecall from Packie>

Packie  Niko, I got a favor to ask ya. Niko    What is it? Packie  Well, you've been spending time with the rest of my family, I figured you may as well complete the set. You remember my brother Derrick, came along on the bank job? Niko    Sure... Packie  He's in a bad way. Last I heard he was spending his hours in some park in Acter. Go down and check on him? Me and Gerald will cover any expenses incurred. Niko    Alright man, I'll go find him.

<cutscene - at the park in Acter>

Derrick [to self] I told ya, I'm not gonna go. I'm your brother. I'm supposed to take care of my family. Niko    Hey... Derrick I'm beyond being taken care of now. Niko    Hey! Derrick Hey... hey... [starts to sit up] Niko    Your brother said you needed a hand. Looks like you'll need more than that. Derrick Yeah... yeah... cool. [lies back down] Niko    Hey! Wake up, you fucking junkie. Derrick I'm awake. I was just wishing you'd leave. Hey! Hey. Sit down. That's pretty good gear. I'm pretty high. Niko    Good for you. Derrick Okay, don't get sanctimonious on me. Niko    Okay. Why do you do this to yourself? Derrick Because it feels nice... because it feels better to be high than not... Niko    Does it stop you thinking? Derrick It stops you caring, which is even better... Niko    So... what do you care about? Derrick I care about people back who claimed I was grass... people who used that to steal shit off me... Niko    Maybe that is what your brother was talking about, when he said you needed help taking care of old buidiness. Derrick Sure. I mean... I ain't a saint. I ain't a man of principle... I... I messed up, but I tried... I made a mistake... but I admitted it. Niko    We all make mistakes. Derrick Exactly! And this guy is still threatening to kill me, and my family! Niko    What's his name? Derrick Bucky Sligo. Niko    Bucky Sligo. Derrick I heard he was living in Alderney. Can you get access to the police computer. Niko    Sure. Derrick Find the fuck... and shut him... and his pals up. Niko    Okay. Derrick His pals...

<phonecall to Derrick - find Bucky's hangout on the police computer>

Niko    Hey Derrick. Apparently your guy hangs out at a Burger Shot in Alderney. Derrick Go check it out, but make sure his boys are there, I want them all to pay. Niko    What if he's alone? Derrick Keep the police car, he'll see you and think you're taking him down. First thing Bucky'll do is run back to his crew. Fucking coward would rather everyone go down than him take a fall alone. Sold me out, didn't he? Niko    I guess he did, man. I'll tell you when it's done.

<phonecall to Derrick - after chasing down and killing Bucky and his crew>

Derrick Niko, Niko my boy. Good to hear your voice, to speak to you I mean... Niko    Derrick, you okay? Bucky and his boys are dead. Derrick What?! Sorry, nodded off for a second. Bucky, dead? Good, yeah... alive or dead, it's all the same though, isn't it? Living, dead, good, bad, right, wrong, chalk, cheese... Niko    I'll speak to you when you are back among the living.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BABYSITTING (#dm2)

<phonecall from Derrick>

Derrick Niko, me boy. Packie tells me you got some sea legs on ya. Meet me at the jetty off a Rand Avenue. I need some help with something. Niko    Shit, Derrick. You sound almost like a human being. I might just see you there.

<cutscene - at a dock in Alderney City, Derrick drives a boat up>

Derrick Get in the boat, me boy. You're the skipper of this little vessel. We're rendezvousing out at sea. This is the place.

<driving - heading towards Kim's boat - A>

Derrick Escorting a Korean contact of mine into the country with a boat load of fake hundred dollar bills. Niko    As long as the ones he's paying us with are real, it doesn't matter. Derrick I owe you an apology, Niko. I was dosed when you told me you'd killed Bucky and his boys. Niko    Yeah, you were out it. Derrick I haven't felt safe since Aiden O'Malley went inside. Niko    Who's Aiden? Derrick Me, Bucky and Aiden, we all cared about the same stuff. We came together for a cause we believed in. At least I thought I believed in it. I was young. Niko    This was a while ago then? Derrick Yeah. So Aiden got caught with something when he was somewhere he wasn't meant to be. Needless to say, he'll be inside for a time. Him and Bucky think I talked. Couldn't see no other way how he got caught. From what I hear, Aiden still rants about me to anyone who'll listen. Niko    I know how it feels to be betrayed. Derrick You got that look about you.

<driving - heading towards Kim's boat - B>

Niko    What's happening out there? I didn't think you had many friends left. Derrick This is a Korean guy I did business with back in Ireland. He's bringing Super Notes into the country tonight. Niko    Super Notes? Derrick Counterfeits. They look so good you wouldn't spot 'em in a month of Sundays. Over there, we used to buy 'em off of him then exchange 'em for genuine currency. Nice scam if you don't hit the same place too often. His boys are pulling the same gig over here. Niko    They're cutting you in on this deal? Derrick Wanted a local to escort their boat into the harbor. They make these things in North Korea and have to ship 'em out here. I've heard it's a government funded operation. I don't give a shit as long as it keeps me in the brown, you know. Anyway, I figured you'd know a thing or two about smuggling stuff into the country. Niko    What's that mean? Derrick You're illegal, right? You think us McRearys was legal when we came here? This is a country founded by immigrants. People who'll beg, steal and borrow to get ahead. It's the life blood of the place, people forget that.

<reach Kim's boat>

Derrick You Park's boy? Kim     Yes, I Kim. You Derrick? Derrick Yeah, welcome to America. We're meeting your friends in Bohan. I'll text ya the route you got to take. Best way to avoid checks. We'll cover your rear.

<driving - following Kim - A>

Derrick Another immigrant, arriving in this city, trying to make something of himself. Niko    Brings a tear to my eye. Derrick When this is done I won't have to leech off my brothers no more. This deal should mean I can take care of me self. Niko    Providing it goes to plan. Derrick It's in the hands of the Lord now.

<driving - following Kim - B>

Derrick Seems like a good kid, reminds me of you actually. Niko    Is that because he's coming into the country to rob the good people of America of their hard earned money? Derrick When you put it like that, he reminds me of a McReary. Good luck to him.

<driving - Kim under attack - A>

Niko    What the fuck is this? Derrick Think I gotta clue? Use our boat to shield Kim from these fuckers. I don't give a shit if this thing sinks, we got to protect him. I'd rather swim home tonight than come back tomorrow to dive for those notes.

<driving - Kim under attack - B>

Niko    Doesn't look like the arrival of these notes was such a secret. Can you think of why that is? Derrick Fucked if I know. Maybe me phone's tapped. Maybe Frankie has been tapping Ma's fucking phone and he called this in to mess with me. We got to make sure those notes make it, just to piss off Frankie if nothing else.

<helicopter flys in>

Derrick Shit, they're sending the fucking airborne cavalry after us as well. Good thing we got a rocket launcher with us. Niko    We've got a what? Derrick A rocket launcher. It's in the back. Get rid of the chopper with it. I'll drive the boat.

<destroy the helicopter>

Derrick Good thing your aim is steadier than mine. You can drive the boat again now.

<driving - continuing to follow Kim's boat - A>

Niko    How'd they know we were here? Derrick I don't know. I told my dealer I was good for the money I owed him. Maybe a few people at the pub I borred money from, as well. You'll say anything for a fix. Niko    I wouldn't know. Derrick Could be a coincidence anyway. Niko    Or fate? Derrick You sound like my mother.

<driving - continuing to follow Kim's boat - B>

Derrick I didn't think he even knew I was back. Can't the man just let his brother be? It's like fucking Cain and Abel the two of us. No wonder I turned into the wreck you see before ya. A brother like that. Jesus. Niko    So, is Francis the only explanation for this shit. Derrick If the shoe fits, Niko. If the bloody shoe fits. Sure, I been telling a few people about this, but, hell, I smell a rat. And Frankie's the biggest damn rat I know.

<cutscene - at the docks in South Bohan>

Derrick Here we are. Got him here in one piece. That was the deal. Thanks, Niko. Kim     Thank you Mr. McReary. Not such smooth journey. Derrick Yeah, got a bit hairy out there. Good thing you have your sea legs. I hope the rest of your time here is more peaceful. That's all you can hope for in this God forsaken world. See you round, Niko. Niko    Don't put all your pay off up your arm, Derrick. Derrick Only place for it, me boy. Only place for it. See you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TUNNEL OF DEATH (#dm3)

<cutscene - at the park in Acter>

Derrick Alright, boy? Niko    Yes... good. Derrick How do you do it? I went into a situation full of optimisim, full of naivete... I got burnt. Look at me... like smack on a fucking spoon. Niko    Well... Derrick How do you manage? Niko    I don't know that I got off so lightly. Derrick We all got our demons... Aiden O'Malley. Niko    What about Aiden O'Malley? Derrick I heard he's being moved. Maybe this is our time... put all this crap to bed... get off the drugs... live with the memories! [spazzing out] Aiden's being moved by van from the bacon factory, where he's been talking shit about me, back to the Alderney State Correctional Facility. Please, Niko, boy... just this last one... please? Niko    Sure, Derrick. Derrick You and me, we're the same. The same. The, the same... we're the same.

<phonecall from Packie>

Packie  Niko, I hear my brother Derrick is asking you to ice his old drinking buddy, Aiden O'Malley? Niko    Yeah, he has, what's the big deal? Packie  O'Malley is in government custody. He's got more police protection than the mayor. I left a truck with a rocket launcher in it for ya in an alley, off of Applewhite in Alderney City. Niko    A truck with a rocket launcher in it? What am I meant to do with them? Packie  Who knows? Anyway, the convoy with O'Malley in it has to go through the Booth Tunnel. You're gonna get there first and block the road with your truck. I'm gonna come in from the rear and block 'em that way. Pick up the truck and gimme a call.

<phonecall to Packie - from the truck>

Niko    Alright, I've got the truck. Packie  When we have them blocked in, we take down the escort and make off with the prisoner. Niko    Why don't we just kill the fucker there and then? Packie  That's probably what Derrick would have told you to do in his smacked out state. Problem is, he's the first one they'd talk to if that happened. We got to make this look like a prison break. Great. They're leaving the old cop shop now, should be at the Booth Tunnel soon.

<phonecall to Packie - parked in the Booth Tunnel>

Niko    I'm in position, Packie. Packie  Alright, man. We're coming to ya. Take out the escort but keep Derrick's pal alive.

<The convoy stops at the block, and Packie parks up behind. After a quick shootout, they take the truck carrying Aiden.>

Packie  You drive while I watch our cargo, Niko. Shake these cops, Niko. We need them to think Aiden is free as a fucking bird. Niko    Alright, alright. I'll try to lose these fucking cops.

<escape the police>

Niko    Okay, man. First thing we gotta do is dump this prison van. Cops'll be looking.

<leave the van in a quiet location>

Niko    Great, we've got some transport. You're not free yet, asshole. Get in that car! Packie  Alright, Niko. Now that we lost 'em we gotta go out to the cliffs in Leftwood.

<driving - moving Aiden to Leftwood>

Aiden   The cliffs of Leftwood then. Is there a boat coming or something? Where am I going? Packie  You're going to a faraway place, my friend. Aiden   Damn right, somewhere the cops'll never find me. Packie  Nobody's going to find you where you're going, friend. Aiden   Shit, I don't even know who sent you guys. Who do I got to thank for springing me from the joint? Packie  We're doing this on behalf of an old acquaintance of yours. Aiden   I knew I wasn't forgotten about. I knew that no matter how long I rotted in there, people on the outside world still remember me. Packie  People remember you alright. You're at the front of certain people's minds. Aiden   Well, who is it? Not Julia? She stopped writing and coming on visiting days but I could tell she was still thinking of me. I knew it. Packie  You'll find out who it was when we get there. In the mean time, shut the hell up buddy! Aiden   Alright friend, thank you.

<cutscene - at the cliffs of Leftwood>

Packie  Out you come, old boy. Aiden   The cliffs... the sea air... I really am free. I could cry. You've made me a happy man, boys. Now it's time to tell me who asked you to do this. Packie  Derrick McReary. He's my brother. Aiden   Derrick? But he ratted me out. He's the reason I ended up in that place to start with, the spineless... Packie  So you thought you'd talk about him? He's my brother, and guys like you are killin' him! Niko, get rid of dear old Aiden...

[Aiden begs for his life after Packie drives off]

Aiden   Why? Why? Why, in God's name, why? Shit, I thought I was out. I thought I was liberated. He's a rat, Derrick McReary. Always has been always will be. Derrick fucking set me up in the first place. Fucking Derrick Mc-fucking-Reary. I don't want to die, I've been rotting in prison for years. I don't want to die. Please, I just want to be free.

[phonecall to Derrick - once Aiden is dead]

Niko    Aiden is dead. Derrick That's the end of a chapter. I can close the book on a whole lot of my past now Niko. Thanks. Maybe a clean break is in order. A fresh beginning. Niko    Good luck to you.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOOD BROTHERS (#fm5)

<text message from Francis>

Niko I need you to meet me on Castle Drive -Francis

<cutscene - on the Castle Drive sidewalk>

Francis Why didn't you tell me Derrick was back? Niko    What? Francis Why didn't you tell me you was hanging around with my brother? Niko    I assumed if you cared, you'd have found out. Francis Well, I have found out! Jesus. You know Derrick's not well? Niko    No? Francis No. He's sick. Always was. He's always off getting involved in someone else's fight. Making a fool of himself. Betraying people. Going into hiding. He's an idiot... and a coward. Niko    It's not my business. Francis Whatever he stood for, he betrayed. He only left here in the first place because he was caught stealing... from the Mafia! He's a pathetic wretch. Niko    Okay, I got it, so? Francis Now he's going to ruin my life! If it wasn't bad enough having a bunch of crooks for brothers, now I've got him threatening to talk to a journalist! About his family, about me! Niko    Well, tell him to be quiet. Francis I am trying to become the Commissioner of Police. I'll be a laughing stock. A cop with a famous, snitching traitor for a brother. You know, the crooks I can handle, see that I can spin, but not this. Not this. Niko    You've got a big problem then. Francis Me? Uh-uh. We, my friend. We. You stop him. Niko    Stop? Francis Shh. Stop. Niko    Kill your brother? Francis He's already dead. Just put him out of his misery. Niko    Fuck you. Francis No, fuck you, pal. I'm going to meet him in the courtyard park off Bismark in Lancet. Deal with him. Make him a tragedy, not a disaster. Do it, or I will put you away. Oh - don't push me.

<phonecall from Derrick - shortly after>

Derrick Niko, thank fuck you answered. Frankie arranged to meet me at this park on Bismark, I think he's gonna try to kill me. Cops can kill who they like. Do you know the place? Are you close? Can you get there in time? Niko    I think I can make the meeting. Derrick You gotta take him out before he makes a move. This is Cain and Abel stuff, I'm telling you. Question is, which one of us is gonna be wandering the earth with a mark on his head and who's gonna be six feet under, you know? This phone's running out of batteries, shit. Look after me, Niko.

<phonecall from Francis - at the park in Lancet>


Francis, I'm ready. What is the plan?


I hope you're over yourself and are ready for some fratricide. Don't forget that I still got dirt on you. I know this ain't nice, but neither of us has a choice.


It's sounding like I've got no choice. One McReary brother is going to get me to kill another.

Francis That's what I like to hear. I want you to take the window cleaning elevator on one of the buildings round back of the courtyard. Get in position and put Derrick out of his misery. Shit, I better get ready to act surprised. Don't miss, Niko. You might hit me.


I'll hit who I'm aiming at, don't worry.

<cutscene - in the park>

Francis Derrick, my brother. Derrick Frankie, what's this about? I've gotta say. I'm nervous about this little meeting. Francis Shit, when I heard you was back I nearly shat myself. Sit down. Why didn't you call me? You coulda slept on my couch. I'm doing real well for myself, real well. I'm sorry about how life turned out for you.

<phonecall to Francis - from the rooftop - optional>

Francis Just a second here, Derrick. I gotta speak to one of the sergeants. Hey, what's the problem? I thought you were going to make something happen for me? Niko    I'm not so sure about it. Francis What's going to make you sure? You want me to give you a raise?

<continued phonecall - say no to the raise>

Niko    It's not the money. I just don't feel right. Francis Then start feeling right, I got you by the balls here. Don't you forget about that.

<continued phonecall - say yes to the raise>

Niko    That might help. Francis Alright then, call it a bonus. Make this happen.

<cutscene - in the park - Derrick is dead>

Francis I'm a police officer. Come on, clear the area, clear the area. Derrick... shit. He's my brother...

<phonecall to Francis - Derrick is dead]

Niko    I did what you wanted me to do, I killed your brother. Francis You don't think I know that. Christ, it happened right in front of me. I could feel you looking at me through that scope. Niko    Well, it's done. You and me are over. At least Gerry and Packie are honest about what they do. You're a crook hiding behind his badge and a reputation. You know what, Frankie boy - I'm going to use that. I ever feel the heat on me, I'll call you. And you're going to make shit go away. That cool? Francis Sounds like I don't have a choice.

<text message - Derrick is dead>

Francis Ok Niko - I've set something up. Call me if you're getting a little heat from my cop buddies and I'll see what I can do. - Francis

<email - Derrick is dead>

Niko, I don't know if you've heard, but I recently lost my brother, Derrick. It was a horrible family tragedy. I can't help but think that I might have ended up with a similar fate to his if I had chosen a different path. This world is made up of people, like me, who stand tall and walk a straight line, and people, like my brother, who choose the path of wrongdoing. If you need any info on the mopes and degenerates out there, you might want to look at Best Wishes, Deputy Commisioner McReary

<email - positive reply - Derrick is dead>

This might be a list of bad guys, but I bet your name ain't on it. - N

<email - negative reply - Derrick is dead>

From what I've seen, most people in this city are criminals. I don't need a police database to confirm that. - N

<phonecall to Derrick - Francis is dead>

Derrick Shit, you did it. A bolt of lightning from outta the fucking blue. I really got the feeling it was him or me back there. Niko    You don't know the half. Derrick This is the last bit of juice I got on this thing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNDERTAKER (#pm4)

<phonecall from Packie - Derrick is dead>

Packie  Niko, I don't know if you've heard it but my brother, Derrick's dead. Niko    No shit. Packie  Yeah. I just hope he was smacked out of his brain when it happened because it wouldn't have suited him to be jonesing when he died. Niko    There isn't any good way to go though, is there? Packie  I guess not, Gerald got arrested too. They got him in the Alderney State Correctional Facility. Niko    They took Gerry down? Packie  Don't worry, he's always being hauled in but the charges don't stick. Come to Derrick's funeral. It'd mean a lot to the family. It's today at the Church in Suffolk. Remember to wear a suit, Niko. We can't have you dressed like a bum in the church.

<phonecall from Kate - shortly after - Derrick is dead>

Kate    Hi Niko. Niko    Hey Kate, I am sorry to hear about your brother. Kate    Yeah. I didn't really know Derrick that well. I remember looking up to him as a kid. He had a dream back then, he was inspired. The Derrick that came back to Liberty City was broken. He probably wanted to die. Niko    Yeah, it still has to be hard for you. Kate    It's hard for my ma. I'm trying to be there for her. Are you going to be at the funeral? Niko    Sure, I'll see you there, Kate. Goodbye.

<cutscene - at the church - Derrick is dead>

Preach  While no one is suggesting he wasn angel, none of us are... that is why God put us on earth and not in heaven. The trials of humanity were sometimes too much for him to bear, but he was a committed family man, and a man of beliefs. God asks us to show faith and that is what he did, in his way. Derrick gave so much of himself and will be sorely missed by us all. Amen. All     Amen. Preach  Now, if you will all please join me, in the procession to the cemetery. Niko    I'm sorry for your loss. Kate    I'm not. I'm sorry for Ma. I gave up on my brothers a long time ago. The most I ever expected from them was to put flowers on their coffins. Niko    You have a strange family. Kate    Who doesn't? Niko    I don't know. [Albanian hoods driveby and fire upon the front of the church] Packie  Down, everybody get down! [begins firing back] Ma      Oh my God! Kate    Come on, come on, get inside!

<phonecall from Packie - Francis is dead>

Packie  There's one less cop on the streets of Liberty City. Niko    What do you mean, Packie? Packie  I mean that my cop brother Francis McReary is no longer with us. Niko    You and Gerry must be very upset. Packie  Hardly - couldn't stand the bastard myself. That said, the only celebrating Gerry's gonna be able to do will be in prison. He got hauled in last night. Niko    Shit, is it serious? Packie  Charges ain't gonna stick, don't worry. Anyway, it'd mean a lot to the family if you'd come to Francis's funeral. It's at the church in Suffolk today. Niko    I'll stop by, man. I'll see you there. Packie  Remember to wear a suit, Niko. We can't have you dressed like a bum in the church.

<phonecall from Kate - shortly after - Francis is dead>

Kate    Hi Niko. Niko    Hey Kate, I am sorry to hear about your brother. Kate    You're probably the only one. He was too much of a cop for my family to accept him, and too much of a gangster to be accepted by the cops. Niko    What did you think about him? Kate    To be honest, I thought this would have happened earlier. Then again, I expect to get a call from the coroner about any one of my brothers every day. You going to be at the funeral? Niko    Sure, I'll see you there, Kate. Goodbye.

<cutscene - at the church - Francis is dead>

Preach  While no one is suggesting he wasn angel, none of us are... that is why God put us on earth and not in heaven. The trials of humanity were sometimes too much for him to bear, but he was a committed family man, and a man of beliefs. God asks us to show faith and that is what he did, in his way. Francis gave so much of himself and will be sorely missed by us all. Amen. All     Amen. Preach  Now, if you will all please join me, in the procession to the cemetery. Ma      Francis was a good boy. Preach  You must have faith. Niko    I'm sorry for your loss. Kate    I'm not. I'm sorry for Ma. I gave up on my brothers a long time ago. The most I ever expected from them was to put flowers on their coffins. Niko    You have a strange family. Kate    Who doesn't? Niko    I don't know. [Albanian hoods driveby and fire upon the front of the church] Packie  Oh my God get the hell out of the way! [begins firing back] Preach  Come on, come on! Kate    Let's go inside, it's gonna be alright.

<fight ensues>

Packie  Niko, are you gonna help me stop these bastards from killing any more McRearys? Niko    Of course, Packie. Packie  As if my mother hasn't gone through enough without a bunch of goons shooting up her son's funeral. Stay back, me and Niko will handle this. This has got to be about the deal Gerry fucked up between the Ancelottis and those Albanians.

<More Albanians pour in by car and the alleyway across the street. Packie and Niko mow them down. The other McRearys get into their cars and head to the graveyard.>

Packie  I don't reckon they can throw much more at us. Make a run for the cars! Quickly! Niko, get behind the wheel of that Romero. You, me, and my brother are getting out of here.

<get into Romero - Derrick is dead>

Packie  Alright, man. We're burying Derrick in the graveyard in Steinway. Let's get there.

<get into Romero - Francis is dead>

Packie  Frankie's plot is in the graveyard on Colony Island, Niko. Can we put him in the ground?

<The Albanians continue to attack by car. The casket nearly falls out the back of the Romero. They eventually escape the Albanians.>

<driving - proceeding to graveyard - Derrick is dead - A>

Packie  If Derrick was alive he'd need a shit load of horse to deal with the stress of this situation. Niko    If Derrick was alive we wouldn't be in this situation. Packie  That's a valid point, Niko. Who knows what sort of situation we'd be in? Derrick needed a good dose of smack to cope with most of the situations that life threw at him. You gotta admit that. Niko    We all have our ways of coping, Packie. That was Derrick's. He had a hard life. Packie  He's having a hard death too if this is anything to go by. I never knew it was so difficult to put a body in the ground. That's why I normally tie breeze blocks to 'em and throw 'em in the Humboldt. Niko    Is that what you suggest we do with your brother? Packie  You're a sick man, Niko. I'd fucking slap you if I didn't love ya so much. It's only consecrated ground for a brother of mine.

<driving - proceeding to graveyard - Francis is dead - A>

Packie  Shit, I never thought I'd be on the run from some Albanian gangsters with a cop in the car. Can't we call for backup or something? Niko    Are you suggesting that I'm a fucking cop? I thought that you would know better than that. Packie  No, you dumb European fuck, I meant my brother, Francis. It was a joke. Niko    Hell of a fucking time to be making jokes about your dead brother. Packie  You know, I'm still not that fond of the guy, even in his death. I guess that's what turning cop'll do to a fraternal relationship. Niko    I guess you've got enough brothers to hate one of them. Packie  Swiftly running out, Niko. Ain't got that many left. Now that Francis is on his way to the graveyard, and Gerald is behind bars all I gots left is that smack-head Derrick. Niko    You've got Katie. Packie  I coulda fucking guessed you'd bring her up. I was thinking you only kept those hitmen away from the church to protect my sister. Niko    I did it for all of you. Packie  Sure you did, Niko. Tell yourself you did it out of the grave of your own heart rather than for another piece of your anatomy. Which ain't gonna get used, I might add.

<driving - proceeding to graveyard - B>

Packie  Only a McReary family funeral would get shot up like this, Niko. We're a family cursed. I'm telling you that now. Niko    How'd you figure? Packie  One brother in jail, another killed and the funeral attacked. You can't tell me this is just bad luck. Niko    Yeah, well, Gerry got stung by the law because of the shit he was involved in. I don't know why your brother got killed but it looks like the funeral was shot up because of the shit Gerry was into. If you're going to fuck up an Albanian gang's arrangement with the Mafia, there might be some backlash. Packie  Consider us fucking backlashed then. Maybe bad shit just happens when you got a family made up of dirty cops, and smack-heads, and gangsters, and petty hoods. Niko    Only a petty hood, Packie? You're involved in more shit than that. Packie  Modesty's one of the few virtues I'm blessed with, Niko. Anyway, maybe our curse is just us McRearys being screw ups. That means the men is in for a bad time but Katie's gonna make it out the other side. She'll stay clean and come out good. Niko    She will, Packie.

<reach the graveyard>

Packie  Alright, we're fucking here. Let's bury this bastard.

<cutscene - at the graveyard - Derrick is dead>

Kate    Thanks, Niko. Niko    What for? Kate    Derrick never had many friends, he sort of lived in his own head. It means a lot - you coming here and helping this messed up family of mine. Niko    I did not come for Derrick, I came for you and Packie. Kate    Like I said, thanks. Give me a call sometime, Niko.

<cutscene - at the graveyard - Francis is dead>

Kate    Thanks, Niko. Niko    What for? Kate    Guys like you don't like cops. Being here, helping us out... I appreciate it. Niko    Is not that I don't like cops, you do what you do to get by. Cops are just regular guys trying to survive. Anyway, I'm not here for Francis. I am here for you and Packie. Kate    Like I said, thanks. Give me a call sometime, Niko.

<text message from Packie>

Niko thanks for that back at the funeral, you're a good man. That was some crazy shit, last thing Ma needed. Saw you talking to Kate you sly bastard. These eyes don't miss nothing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'LL TAKE HER... (#gm3)

<phonecall from Gerry>

Gerry   Niko, Gerald McReary here. Calling from the Alderney State Correctional Facility. Niko    Hey Gerry. I heard you'd been locked up, I'm sorry to hear that. Gerry   We gotta discuss something. I've put you on the visitors list here. Come down...

<cutscene - at the Alderney State Correctional Facility>

Gerry   You ok, kid? Niko    Yeah, I'm ok. I'm sorry about your brother. [if Derrick is dead] Gerry   Ah... me and Derrick had quite a few problems, but he was my brother... and it hurts. Poor fucking bastard. He believed in something once, which is better than me... I guess. Ah fuck, I'll miss him. [if Francis is dead] Gerry   Ah... me and Francis were never exactly close, but he was my brother... and it hurts. Poor bastard. He believed in something once. That's a hell of a lot better than me, I guess. Fuck, I'll miss him. Niko    How are you, in here? Gerry   Fine. Time of my life... Goddamn time of my life. Niko    What you up for? Gerry   Oh, a lot of things. Racketeering, armed robbery, bunch of shit I never did cause I was always a well behaved family man who occasionally liked a drink, but nothing more. Niko    Of course. Like us all. Gerry   Like us all. But the thing is, I think I should make some changed in my life, stop with the drink, put it down, stop hanging out with the wrong sort. Can you help me do that? It is a final chance at redemption. Niko    Look, whatever you want, I will do my best to help. Gerry   Good. Give Packie a call. He'll explain what I need guidance with the most... the areas where I have strayed furthest from the path. See ya.

<phonecall to Packie>

Niko    Your brother told me to call you. Packie  Gerry wants us to kidnap old man Ancelotti's daughter. Some fake tanned, dyed haired, guido loving slut by the name of Grace. She's selling her tasteful pink Feltzer on Autoeroticar at the moment. Get online, organize a viewing and snatch that bitch. When you got her, bring her to a place we got on an alleyway off Sacramento. Niko    I can do that. Packie  You can do anything Niko - don't let her on that you're kidnapping her near her place though. Play along with a test drive for a while to get her out of there. It's a real mobbed up area and they'll come down on you damn heavy. Niko    Aren't you going to help? Packie  One of my fucking brothers just got shot and another one's in the pen. Someone's got to be with my ma.

<Niko finds Gracie's phone number on>

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A LONG WAY TO FALL (#rbo1)

<phonecall from an unknown caller>

Ray     Nicky, this is Ray Boccino. The man keeping your Irish friends in liquor. Niko    I thought I was doing that. Ray     I hear you need work. I wanna throw you a bone, Nicky. Come over to Drusilla's in Little Italy. We'll have a little sit down.

<cutscene - at Drusilla's diner>

Guy     Oh! Table for one? We got a beautiful baccala salad. Niko    I'm here for someone. I'm here for Ray. Guy     Oh, Ray? Why didn't you say so? Ray's a beautiful man, you know what I mean? He's in the back. Niko    Thanks. Ray     Hey, Nicky... how you doing, kid? Niko    Fine. Ray     That mick bastard friend of yours says you're okay. Niko    Good. Ray     That you're reliable. Niko    Yup. Ray     But can I trust you? Hmm? Why go through all this? Why stick your neck out? Why do all this work? Niko    Because I need the money, and because I can't do anything else. And because I'm good at it. Ray     Sure... Niko    And because I am trying to find someone. Ray     Okay, maybe we can help. Let's see how we do. So anyways, I got this friend, only the friend ain't my friend no more, because he ain't getting me the vig he owes. Niko    Okay... Ray     Seems this guy does not respect the waste management business. Lives over on Galveston near U. Name is Teddy Benavidez. Do what you gotta do. Somebody gets burnt, so be it. Niko    Fine. And you'll pay. Ray     Are you kiddin', I'll pay double. Niko    Good. Ray     But, you mess up? Bad things are gonna happen.

<text message from Ray>

Nicky - this might be of use. Look out for this guy, Alonzo. He's one of Benavidez's goons. He'll tell you what you need to know if you're persuasive. Ciao [picture]

<find Alonzo>

Niko    You know what apartment Teddy Benavidez is in? Alonzo  No se. I don't know no Teddys. Niko    You sure about that? You want the last thing to come out of your mouth to be a lie?

<aim weapon at Alonzo>

Alonzo  Shit, man. He's up on the top floor. Apartment 151 K. You have to walk the last few floors. Elevator don't go up there, they're fixing it up.

<cutscene - as Niko rides up the elevator>

Alonzo  [to phone] Yo, T Dog, someone's coming up. Don't know how, but he knows where your apartment is.

<Niko battles through Alonzo's men up to Teddy's apartment and begins searching through the rooms.>

<cutscene - in the apartment>

[Teddy opens a door into Niko as he's about to open it.] Niko    Aaaaargh! Fuck! Teddy   Too slow, mama'o.

<Niko chases Teddy up to the roof.>

Teddy   What's this about, pendejo? Niko    You owe Ray Boccino a lot of money. You should have paid. Teddy   Those putos too old. They finished, fool. This city don't belong to them no more. I wouldn't pay them shit. Fuck off, maricon.

<phonecall to Ray - after killing Teddy>

Niko    Ted is dead. Ray     What are you talking about? Ted, who's he? I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'll be in touch, Nicky.

<text message from Ray>

Nicky, we wanna keep an eye on you. Have you close. There's an apartment you're gonna use from now on in Alderney. Don't worry about your cousin sleepin' alone. He'll be safe. Ciao.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAKING IN THE TRASH (#rbo2)

<cutscene - at Drusilla's diner>

Ray     Hey, Niko. Niko    Ray. Ray     Take a seat. Niko    Thank you. Ray     So, you took care of that thing. Niko    Yes. Ray     I appreciate that... Niko    Hey, no... Ray     Nah. I look after my friends... I got a lot of friends. Important friends. Jimmy Pegorino is a personal friend of mine, more or less... [Ashley walks in.] Ray     Hey, sweetheart. Ashley  Hey. Ray     My God, you look like shit. What's wrong? Ashley  Nothing... I haven't been to bed yet. I've been smoking crystal. Ray     You've been what? What are you a fucking idiot? White trash motherfucker. What is wrong with you? Ashley  Gimme a break, okay? I feel like death. Ray     Hey, hey, hey. Ashley  What? Ray     It's because I care... you know that. Ashley  Yeah I know that. Ray     Now, speaking of the ice... Ashley  Yeah, they got it. They... they left it where you said. That's why I came over here. Can I get a Goddamn coffee here? Ray     Yeah, you look like you could really use some Goddamn caffeine. Ashley  I'm fucking coming down, asshole. I feel like death. Ray     Fine, whatever. Ah... Niko, I need you to go collect some garbage for me. Niko    Garbage? Ray     Yeah... you wanted a career in waste disposal, now you got one. Ashley  Can I get a Goddamned coffee over here? Niko    What kind of garbage? Ray     Garbage with a lot of ice in it. Ashley  Today? Ray     Go over to F between Columbus and Denver, there'll be a truck waiting there. Three guys, good guys, friends of mine. Main guy's name is Luca. Go. Niko    Okay. [exits] Ray     Hey, sugar. Come here. All this'll be over soon. Ashley  You gotta stop me smoking this stuff, Ray. I'm fuckin' killin' myself.

<cutscene - at the garbage truck>

Niko    Luca? Luca    Yeah, you Niko? This is Tunafish and Johnny Spaz. Tuna, Johnny, Niko. Spaz    Hey. Luca    So, we're all friends now. Alright, Tuna, John Boy, you got the threads. Get on the back and get the trash. Come on! Let's go! Niko, here's your gear. [hands bag] You're driving. That cool? Let's roll!

<get in the garbage truck>

Luca    First pickup's in Chinatown. Let's hit it.

<driving - picking up the diamonds - A>

Niko    So, someone's been throwing out a load of diamonds? Luca    You could say that. Ray got that tweaker chick of his, the biker broad, you met her? Niko    Yeah, she's pretty strung out. Luca    Ray got her to get her friends to steal the ice off of some club owner guy. Her friends are the Lost biker gang. Niko    I think I worked with a member of that gang up on Bohan. He was called Johnny or eh, something. Did these bikers get so fucked on meth that they threw the ice away? Luca    Nah. It seems the club owner's got more connections than a subway line. He's in with the Ancelottis, the Dominicans up in Northwood, everybody. Ray come up with this plan to keep a bit of distance between us and the robbery. The bikers is taking the heat for this shit. Niko    This ain't the easiest way to pick this shit up, even if we don't want to attract any attention. Luca    Yeah, me and Tuna was saying that before yous got here. We was saying that there's a lot of opportunities for this to go wrong. The bag could split. The diamonds could go missing real easy. Niko    That's why we're going to be extra careful, right? We wouldn't want that to happen, would we? Luca    Course not. You know how pissed Ray would get if he found out some diamonds were missin'. Niko    He has a temper? Luca    Are you fuckin' kidding me? The manager of one of his waste depots was holding out on profits a couple a years back. Ray fed him to a dump truck. There was this point where the sounds of his screams stopped and all you could hear was his bones crushin', then the pop of his skull goin'. I nearly lost my lunch. Niko    Nice.

<driving - picking up the diamonds - B>

Niko    So, Luca, you are a professional trash collector when you ain't working for Ray? You seem real at home in this truck. Luca    Are you busting my balls, Nicky? What the fuck? You think I'd take the trash out every day, like some fuckin' mook? I guess that anyone involved in this thing of ours is in the waste management business but it ain't usually this hands on, you know? Niko    Yeah, you still get your hands dirty though. Who'd these diamonds belong to before us? Luca    This guy who owns some big clubs in the city. You heard of a place called Maisonette 9? Niko    No, I haven't. Luca    Well, don't try your luck at the door any time soon and if you do, don't tip the bouncer with a diamond. We've taken this ice off a the guy that owns the place. Niko    When I arrived in Liberty City, I didn't imagine that I'd become a trash collector. Didn't think I'd be muscle for the mob neither. Luca    Every immigrant's dream ain't it? Being a wiseguy I mean, not trash collecting. Niko    Really? I wanted to be an astronaut when I was growing up, not a gangster. Luca    That a fact? Being a space monkey would probably pay better than this work. No wonder everyone's turning state's when the wages is like this. Niko    Your buddies are turning state's because they're too pussy to do their time. They'd rather have plastic surgery and a life sentence in suburban hell than take their punishment like real men. Luca    Yeah, but you got to admit the money we're getting ain't shit. We bust our balls and for what? Niko    Money ain't the only thing I'm looking for in Liberty City, Luca. I'll take what Ray gives me.

<after collecting the diamonds, two cars attack the truck>

Spaz    Shit, man. Looks like we got company. Luca    Crap, someone's got wise to us. Let's get the hell outta here. Drive to Fishmarket South.

<driving - escaping the attackers - A>

Niko    This truck is not really going to outrun anybody, is it? Luca    You just gonna have to do your best. Ain't ya? We're not losing this ice. I'm not having Ray cut my balls off because you don't think this truck's fast enough. Niko    I didn't say it was impossible. It's just going to be difficult.

<driving - escaping the attackers - B>

Niko    Shit, I thought this was going to be easy. Why does everything have to get complicated? Luca    That's life, my friend. Nothing works out the way you want it to. That's why you gotta take the opporunities you can when they're right in front of you. Niko    I can't see that we got much opportunity here. Either we lose these fuckheads or we're screwed. That's about it.

<kill or escape the attackers>

Luca    They ain't on us no more. Good driving. Now all's you got to do is bring the ice home safe.

<reach the garbage plant>

Luca    This is it. You got us here, Nicky.

<cutscene - at the garbage plant>

Tuna    Good drivin', Nicky. I thought I was gonna be checking out for sure. Niko    How'd they find us? I thought that we went to all this trouble so no one would know? Luca    I dunno. These diamonds is serious. Anyone who heard of 'em would want them. I ain't surprised we got a bit of attention. Niko    You want me take the ice to Ray then? Luca    Nah, me and Tuna will look after them. Sort them out from the trash. I sure hope we ain't lost any on the route. Things got shaken up pretty good back there. Tuna    They sure did, Luca. Here's hoping we can find 'em all. Luca    See you around, Nicky.

<phonecall to Ray>

Niko    Luca and his crew have got the stuff, Ray. It's all in the back of the truck. Ray     You keep an eye on them? They didn't pull nothing? Niko    I don't know, Ray. You don't trust them, then weigh the ice. Catch you round.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MELTDOWN (#rbo3)

<cutscene - at Drusilla's diner>

Ray     [to phone] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, Phil, sure. Hey, Phil, listen. You know me, and I know you. Ah, I didn't mean nothin' by it. Hey, take it easy. Oh, Phil, take it easy. Hey listen tell Jimmy I said hello. Okay. I'm sorry. Goodbye. [to Niko] We got a problem. Niko    Who? You and me? Ray     Yeah. I got two options. Option one, you ripped me off. Option two, Luca and his buddies ripped us both off. Niko    Hey, hey! I left them with the stuff to bring to you, as instructed. Ray     Maybe you're in on it. Niko    Maybe I am, but if you thought that, I wouldn't be standing here right now. Ray     You ain't as dumb as you look. Luca hangs out in Castle Gardens. Go see him, go get my stuff back so everyone can get paid. Now. Niko    Right.

<cutscene - on Castle Drive>

Luca    Las Venturas, baby. We'll be our own bosses. Niko    Luca, I need that ice back. Luca    I dunno what you talkin' bout, Nicky. I gave every one of those diamonds to Ray. Niko    Now we all know that that's not true. Luca    Fuck you, you cabbage-eating prick. Who says it weren't you that made off with 'em? That's what I'm telling Ray. The game's up, boys. We're outta here.

<Niko chases them to Middle Park, where Luca hides in the bathroom stalls.>

Niko    Luca, come out and we'll talk about this. Luca    Ray ain't gonna give you shit for helping him out, Nicky. You gotta make a play ofr yourself. Jesus. You can have Tuna and Johnny's cut. Come on. We'll split the ice. You'll be a rich man, Nicky. You and me can go to Venturas, no one's ever gonna find us.

<phonecall to Ray - once Luca's crew is dead>

Niko    I took out Luca's crew and I got your diamonds. Ray     What do you mean, you took 'em out? I just wanted you to get the ice back. I didn't say nothing to you about killing those boys. Niko    Whatever, they're dead and I've got the stuff. You want to get your hands on it, come meet me at the bridge in Middle Park.

<they meet on Quartz Street>

Ray     Thanks, Nicky. I guess you never know who's gonna stab you in the back, eh? Niko    Thanks for the advice.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSEUM PIECE (#rbo4)

<cutscene - at Drusilla's diner>

Ray     [to phone] Yeah, baby, I'll be there in a little bit. Alright listen, why don't you wear that pink thing, huh? Yeah, yeah, the pink thing with the little feathers on the [whistles]... yeah. [Niko enters.] Ray     I gotta go, I gotta go. [hangs up] Niko, come on in. Niko    Okay... Ray     Where the fuck have you been? Niko    Sorry... you know how it is. Ray     I know how it is? Yeah, I know how it is sitting around with two million dollars worth of stolen ice, waiting to get jumped. If that's what you mean, brains. Were you followed? Niko    No. I mean, I don't think so. This town's full of rats so who knows? What's going on? What's so urgent? Ray     I need you to offload this ice for me... Niko    So what you going to do for me? Ray     What do you mean what am I gonna do for you, I look after you. Niko    I don't need looking after, I need help finding someone. Ray     I said I got connections, I'll see what I can do. Niko    "I'll see what I can do." is not good enough. I want your word that you will find him. Ray     Hey, I said, I'll look after you. Niko    You know what? It's cool. Get someone else, I'll see you later. Ray     Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you fucking kidding me? Niko    No! I keep doing these favors for you and you pay shit. I need this from you. A guarantee that you will find this man. I know he's in the city. So either you give me your word or go fuck yourself, I'm sick of this shit! Ray     Fine. Fine you got it, you want my word, you got my word. Niko    Good. Ray     Who is he? Niko    Florian Cravic. Ray     Florian fuckin' Cravic? [laughing] Niko    That's right. Ray     Okay. Okay, you have my word. In the meantime head over to the Libertonian. There you're going to meet that guy named Johnny, and the two of you are gonna exchange the diamonds with a guy named Isaac. Then you give Johnny half the money, the rest you bring back to me. Niko    What is he doing there? Ray     He's waiting to get paid. It'll be good... keep things on a level. People always behave better with company. Niko    Sure. Much better getting shot by two guys than one. Is this the merchandise? [picks up package] Ray     No, it's my lunch. Niko    Funny.

<cutscene - at the entrance to the Libertonian Museum>

Johnny  Hey, alright man. How's it goin'? Niko    Hey, good to see you again. Johnny  Yeah likewise... uh, let's hope this goes a little better than before, yeah? Come on let's get inside.

<cutscene - on the second floor of the Museum>

Isaac   Gentlemen, gentlemen, pardon the precautions. You know how things are. Niko    No problem. Johnny  Let's do this. Isaac   Okay, let's see the stuff, gentlemen. Mori, come over here. Johnny  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Since we're having a little show and tell, let's see some money. Isaac   Of course, no problem. [Isaac sets down and opens a suitcase.] Isaac   There it is. Beautiful, huh? Unmarked bills! No history, no need to launder. Johnny  Good. Niko - show him the stuff. [Niko holds out the diamonds.] Isaac   Get in there Mori. [Mori steps forward to inspect them.] Mori    Isaac - look at them. Isaac   Gorgeous, huh? Like condensed money. Mori    Isaac - these are great. [Luis appears at the window, guns down Mori.] Luis    Rest of you motherfuckers wanna die - do something stupid okay! Mofo    Fuck you! [aims shotgun up] [Luis shoots the mofo and everyone scatters.] Johnny  Just get the shit man. C'mon!

<Niko has to fight through Isaac's men while Johnny quickly leaves and bikes off. Niko escapes the museum and pursuers.>

<phonecall to Ray>

Niko    The deal didn't go so good, Ray. Johnny's got the cash. I don't know who has the diamonds. Ray     Shit, that biker piece of crap beter not be pulling nothing. Come back and see me.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Roman   Niko, there you are. Tell me what's happening in the exciting world of the gun for a hire? Who's paying the bills at the moment? Niko    At the moment, it's the Mafia. Roman   Shit, Niko, you're involved with one of the five families? Niko    Not quite. I'm working for a family out of Alderney called the Pegorinos. This guy called Ray Boccino has had me working with this guy from the Lost biker gang called Johnny, running around after these diamonds he stole. It's been a fucking hassle and all for nothing. Roman   The Lost? Those guys are meant to be really dangerous, cousin. I heard there was a war or something between the Lost and the Angels of Death. You don't want to get caught up in that shit. Take your cut of the diamonds and get out of there. Niko    There is no cut of the diamonds, the ice got jacked when we tried to sell them. This Dominican looking guy shot the place up. Roman   My heart goes out to you, cousin. I'll talk to you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO WAY ON THE SUBWAY (#rbo5)

<cutscene - at Drusilla's diner>

Phil    You sure this guy's alright? You checked him out? Ray     I'm tellin' ya the guy's good. Hey, here he is right here. Phil, Niko. Niko, Phil. Phil    So you're the guy who got jumped for a couple million? Niko    Yeah. You gonna pop me for it? Phil    Ha ha... no. I've heard good things. Some aren't friends... but y'know... what are you gonna do? Niko    You're right... I've been keeping bad company. Phil    Oh, you mean this guy? He's okay... well he pays up and he ain't gone state's yet. Ray     Very funny. Ha, ha. Phil    Listen we got a lot of missing money, and we got a porblem with these fucking bikers... Niko    And I got a problem finding someone. Ray     Yeah, I nearly got something on that. Phil    So, we sent some of our boys after the money. Maybe you can deal with the bikers. Calm them down. They're causing trouble on the corner of Vauxite and Exeter. Niko    Sure. Phil    Otherwise, you and Raymond here got a serious problem. The boss has gotta get paid. Even when people forget to tell him about things they're working on... [Niko exits.] Ray     Don't bust my balls. What's the point of talking about things unless they become real? Phil    I'm sure. Ray     I'm sure you're sure Phil, you of all people. Phil    Now what the hell does that mean? Ray     Nothing... I mean come on, you're a guy who knows what's what... Phil    Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

<cutscene - in an alley off Exeter>

Niko    You took something that belonged to my employers. Jim     Shit, that's the cocksucker that Johnny ripped off for the diamond loot. Hey, why don't we see if he can keep up with some real American bikers? Ha! Let's do this!

<Niko steals a bike and chases Jim and the other biker along the subway tracks. One crashes into a subway train and Niko kills the other in Dukes.>

<phonecall to Ray>

Niko    I got rid of those bikers for you. Johnny wasn't there though. Ray     The other guys is meant to be taking care of him. Don't worry about it, Nicky.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATE CHECKOUT (#rbo6)

<cutscene - at Drusilla's diner>

Ray     [to phone] You, listen to me Isaac - listen, dick. It is not my fault you got robbed. Not my fault! I had nothing to do with it. Nothing! You understan- I'm on a cell phone, you jerk. Ohh, you wanna have me killed? Oh yeah? Screw you! I'm done with you. You understand? I'm finished. No, no, you know what? I ain't even started yet, you thieving fuck! I'm in shit because of you, you piece of... Hello? Hello? Ahh! [throws phone at waiter] Go ahead. Open your mouth, asshole. Push your fucking luck. Niko    [enters] Ray. Ray     What the fuck do you want? Niko    You told me to come. Ray     Well sorry. Having a bad fucking day. Niko    Oh, I'm sorry. Ray     Me too. Fuck it. Fuck it. That curly haired leech is going to talk. Go shut that stooge up. Niko    Shut who up? Ray     Isaac! The diamond dealer. He's blaming me for everything - everything! Even the shit we didn't do. Now I've got no money... no diamonds and this dick's threatening to have me killed. Blaming me 'cause he got robbed. Niko    Okay, so... Ray     He's holed up at the Majestic, with a couple of his cronies. Go shut those fuckers up! Niko    No problem. [exits] Ray     [to waiter] Hey. Can I get a coffee, please?

<Niko enters the Majestic Hotel and fights through dozens of Jewish mobsters to reach Isaac's penthouse. He reaches Who, who pleads for his life in the kitchen.>

Who     This was Isaac's deal - he should pay for the screw up. Not I. Show mercy. Is that not what your life has taught you? Let me leave here alive. Don't you kill me you bastard. Don't you dare. You shmuck, you harbringer of death, don't you kill me. I told Isaac not to trouble you crazy scumbags. He wouldn't listen. Always the same. Kill the others - spare me. Let an old man live out his last years. Isaac's life is enough. Take that and the debt should be paid. You don't need me too. I have seen your face. I know what it is to look evil in the eye. Let me live!

<in the penthouse bedroom>

Isaac   You pieces of shit, first you kill Mori and now me. This was all Mori's doing, he wanted those diamonds so bad. Veh is mir! Those diamonds were fucking beautiful. I'm screwed. We should never have done business with you scum. This is a matter of principle, I will not be done over by a bunch of nebishes. How do you murdering scum sleep at night? I wasn't going to let you take the diamonds and the money and get away with it.

<Niko kills Isaac and his cronies and escapes the hotel.>

<phonecall to Ray>

Niko    I shut Isaac up for you. I feel like all I been doing is shutting people up ever since this diamond thing started. Ray     Well, we ain't got the diamonds and we don't know where they are. Johnny, that biker scumbag, has disappeared with the money. And every other mouth that came close to those diamonds is closed for good. Except for yours, that is. You gotta be grateful for that. Niko    Screw you, Ray. I ain't your clean up guy no more. You get that? Ray     Alright, Nicky, alright. Don't go forgetting about respect or nothing. You're still just another straight off the boat punk. This city can get real scary if you don't got friends. You remember that.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEEKEND AT FLORIAN'S (#nb6)

<phonecall from Ray>

Ray     Hey Nicky. You've been a decent earner for me and I appreciate that. I'm throwing you a bone. Niko    What you waiting for? Throw it. Ray     There's some fanook called Talbot, Talbot Daniels, over in the Triangle. He's into me for about ten Gs, he says he might know something about Florian Cravic. Niko    Florian? Ray     Your days of searching are over, my friend. This guy should point you in the right direction.

<phonecall to Roman>

Niko    Hey Roman. Can you do me a favor? Roman   Anything for you, cousin. Just name it. You want some women? I met this... Niko    Is not that, I'm coming to collect you from the apartment. Wait for me there.

<driving - heading to the Triangle - A>

Niko    I have found Florian Cravic. There's a man called Talbot Daniels who will lead us to him. Roman   Talbot, I know him from some of the card games I play. So, you're finally going to kill Florian Cravic... You know, if this fucks up, the bad shit's coming down on my head. Niko    What do you mean? Roman   I mean, you fuck up and I take the shit. You kill the wrong guy and his friends will fuck with me to get to you. I didn't have no scars until you arrived. Now I am practically chopping board I have so many cuts on me. Niko    You are a rich chopping board. Roman   I'd be rich even if you weren't here. I'm an entrepreneur. Things would have taken off for me. Niko    Of course they would have. Look at your gambling career. What was I thinking? Roman   I'm an innovator, NB.

<driving - heading to the Triangle - B>

Roman   What is it, cousin? Niko    I think I may have found the man I've been looking for. Roman   Here, in Liberty City? Niko    It appears so. Ray Boccino, the cockroach monster, he knows a man who might know Florian Cravic. We're looking for a guy named Talbot Daniels. Hangs out in the Triangle. Roman   Talbot, I know him. I came up against him in a few tournaments. Small world. I worry for you, NB. Sometimes you just got to let the hate go. You really going to feel better once Florian is dead? Niko    Soon, we will find out.

<cutscene - reach Talbot in the Triangle>

Roman   There he is. Let's go talk to him. He's always at the games being held around Algonquin. Not too good either. I don't think I've seen him win a hand. Niko    Hey, I hear you know Florian Cravic. Where is he? Talbot  Florian Cravic? I don't know what you're talking about. Roman   I been head to head with this guy a few times, NB. I know his tells. He's lying. Talbot  Roman, what's this about? Roman   He doesn't act well under pressure, NB. Beat him a little. Talbot  Alright already. There's a guy I know, likes to be called Florian Cravic at... um... certain moments. Lives uptown somewhere. Niko    Show me.

<They get into a car and Talbot directs where to go.>

Roman   Get in and don't try anything stupid, Talbot. Niko    You better be taking us to the right place, Talbot. Talbot  Okay, ummm, if I'm right Bernie's place is somewhere Uptown. You know, you try to block walks of shame out of your memory. Let me retrace my steps then.

<reach Bernie's place>

Talbot  This is it. This is Bernie's place. Are you going to kill him?

<go into Bernie's>

Niko    When I am done with Florian, he will be begging to die. That is the most your friend can look forward to. Get out of here now. You've done your job.

<kill Talbot, then go into Bernie's>

Roman   Niko, you didn't need to kill him. He brought us here. Niko    I needed to warm up. Let's go. Come up with me Roman. I cannot do this alone. Roman   Of course, Niko.

<cutscene - at Bernie's apartment>

Roman   Niko! Be calm... be calm! Niko    Fuck calm. Florian! [translated] Florian! I'm here for you, asshole. Open the door! Florian! [kicks open the door] I've come for you, Florian. Bernie  Ah! Go away! Niko    [translated] Florian? Is that you? Bernie  Niko? What the hell are you doing here? Bernie  Niko? What the hell are you doing here? Niko    What happened to you? Bernie  Oh, I started working out... you know, toned up the, er... Roman   Florian? You used to work in the abattoir? Bernie  Oh don't remind me... Roman? You put on a few vanity pounds. What are you guys doing here? Why did you kick my door down? Niko    I've come here to ask you some questions. Bernie  It wasn't you, was it. Niko    What wasn't me? Bernie  Who set us up. It was you or Darko. I thought it must be him. Oh my God! You think it was me... that's why you're here. You've come to kill me! Well screw you, Niko Bellic and fatty Roman! It wasn't me. It wasn't! I wouldn't do that! [Niko lowers his gun and paces.] Roman   Can we stop with the fat jokes, Florian? Bernie  It's Bernie now. After I came here, I wanted a complete change. So I became Bernie Crane. I am sorry about the fat thing... you're still kind of cute. Roman   Ha ha. Gee, thanks. Niko    What are you doing here? Bernie  Well, I'm a lifestyle coach, and I teach an aerobics class... And I'm in love! He's married... it's so doomed. And he's in politics... he's the deputy mayor. Roman   Bryce Dawkins? But he's so into family values! Bernie  Oh, that's just politics. Niko    Where is Darko? Bernie  Dead, I hope! I'm not sure. I... I... I heard he was still in Europe, or Switzerland, or somewhere... but then I heard that you had joined the circus, so information can be unreliable. Niko    We have to find him. We have to find him. [exits] Roman   I think he's a bit freaked out. I guess he thought seeing you would answer some questions. Bernie  So I see... well it's great to see you guys... we must do brunch. Roman   Sure... see you later, Florian. Bernie  Bernie!

<cutscene - on the sidewalk>

Roman   So, Florian has changed? Niko    Yes. Roman   He's moved on from what happened to you, you should've moved on too. What are you going to do? Niko    He may not be here in Liberty City, but he's still out there. I will find out where Darko Brevic is, and I will make him answer for his actions. We know now that it was him. I need to be alone now, Roman. Roman   Sure, I'll see you later then. Call me, okay?

<phonecall to Ray - Talbot still alive]

Ray     Nicky, you ice him? Niko    He wasn't the one I was looking for. Ray     Too bad, chief. I did what I could.

<phonecall to Ray - Talbot killed>

Niko    Oh yeah, I should probably say, you ain't gonna get those ten Gs from Talbot. He had an accident. Ray     Shit Nicky, I was counting on that vig. You're a fucking loose cannon my friend.

<phonecall from ULP - later on>

ULP     So, I hear you've found the big bad monster you were after? Bernie Crane, the muscle Mary. Come on. Niko    Fuck you. ULP     You think I wouldn't have fingered him in a second if he was your guy? Niko    You could have told me he was here. ULP     I'm helping you find the man you're after, I'm not some reunite old boyfriends service. Look, I was in the army. I know it gets lonely. I know what it feels like to get close to a man. Niko    I'm sure you do, but you said you'd help me. ULP     I've already helped you but I'll help you again. Wait for me to be in touch.

<email> Thinking about you

My son, I was thinking about you, and I thought I write. I receive nice e mail from your cousin. He say you had seen Florian Cravic again. Did he become a professional wrestler, as he say? He was always strange boy. Roman also tells me he has woman nice in his life and that maybe there was someone special for you too. Life here is much same - crops grow, the country flounders, British people come to buy holiday homes they never visit, the politicians argue and we all want things will change. I have long memory. Life always confusing uncertain. Only problems change. We have never known freedom, and nor democracy. Sometimes, I think this makes realist life easier for us. In America I imagine the people must be bitter. The world used to love them, now they are despised. This President Lawton seems like a foolish man. Have you met him? Roman said that you and him were up for a prestigious award and you had some powerful friends. Your loving mother. Mother

<email - reply>

Dear mother, thanks for your mail. Life in America is okay, thank you for your concern. I wish Roman would join me from his time spent living in clouds. He makes things up, I don't know why. He has a nice woman in his life, that is true, the rest is lies. Apart from Florian Cravic. We have seen him. He is very different.

<email> Glad you are well.

Moj dragi sine, Thank you for your mail. I am glad you well. Look after Roman. I am excite to hear maybe wedding bells are in air soon? What about you, my son? I will write again, soon. Tvoja voljena majka. Mother

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...I'LL TAKE HER (#gm4)

<phonecall from Packie - a day later>

Packie  Niko, I've got a grieving mother to look after, I don't want to worry about you not kidnapping some guido bitch like you've been asked to do. Niko    Hey Packie, I had other stuff to do. I'll get on it, alright? Speak to you soon.

<phonecall to Gracie>

Niko    I'm calling about the car. Gracie  Come to my place on Babbage Drive. You don't sound like the sort of man who'd drive a pink convertible. Niko    I can't resist a bargain.

<cutscene - at the Ancelotti house on Babbage Drive>

Gracie  You're the guy who called about the car, the one with the sexy accent? Niko    You mind if I take a test drive? Gracie  You can test drive whatever you want. I love riding in cars with you European types. My family's from Italia, you know? Somewhere in the south. [They get in her car.] Gracie  Why don't you drive towards the south coast? We can enjoy the day.

<driving - taking a test drive - A>

Gracie  So, you like the car? I didn't think a manly guy like you would drive something like this. You got a wife or girlfriend or something? Niko    I'm picking this up for a friend. Gracie  Yeah? What a gentleman. You don't meet guys like you in this city no more. All the good men are gone is what my dad says. Niko    Your dad sounds real oldschool. You and him close? Gracie  Nah, not really. he's great and all, it's just I don't like his tough guy friends. I only hang out with gay guys, you know. At least they won't try and get in your pants every ten seconds. Not that I don't like guys trying to get in my pants. I appreciate fun as much as the next girl... maybe even more than the next girl. Niko    You having fun at the moment? Gracie  Maybe too much fun. Call me Gracie, by the way. Niko    Sure thing, Gracie.

<driving - taking a test drive - B>

Gracie  I'm Gracie, by the way. Niko    Hey Gracie, why you selling this car? It seems pretty good. Gracie  Let's just say that me and the LCPD have had a few disagreements about blood alcohol levels. How is a girl meant to get back to Alderney after a big night out in Algonquin if she's not drunk driving? Niko    She could stay sober. Gracie  You sound like my dad. Anyway, you clearly have not been to Maisonette 9. There is no such thing as sober in that place. No fucking way. If I stick to booze, it's a miracle. I couldn't get in at first, but now that I know Tony, it isn't a problem. You should come down one night. Niko    I don't know if it would be my scene. Gracie  I'll tell eveyrone that you're a big Russian oil guy or an arms dealer. We'll get fucked up and they'll love you. Before you know it you'll have your own booth, table service, the whole scene. Niko    We'll see.

<driving - continuing test drive - A>

Gracie  How's it going then, sweetie? Niko    Alright, but what I'm here for hasn't really been started. Gracie  You've been test driving for a while so I can only guess that you're interested in something other than the car. Niko    I am, I'm here to kidnap you, Grace Ancelotti. I don't want to hurt you so remain fucking calm. Gracie  Fuck you!

<driving - continuing test drive - B>

Gracie  So, you like the car? Niko    I'm not after the car. I'm after you. I mean, this is a kidnapping. Control yourself, remain calm and you might just walk away from this with your life. Gracie  Oh my fucking God! You fucking pervert!

<Gracie pulls out phone and tries to call her father - A>

Gracie  That's it fuckwit. I'm calling Daddy and he ain't gonna treat you as polite as I do, that's for sure. Niko    You're not calling shit, bitch. You're coming with me. [throws phone into street] Gracie  You motherfucker, you sick bastard, you creep!

<Gracie pulls out phone and tries to call her father - B>

Gracie  I'm dialing my daddy. He's gonna do more than test drive your ass. Prick! Niko    Try to call him without a phone. [throws phone into street]

<Gracie repeatedly tries to crash the car and hop out of it, but Niko holds her in and keeps driving toward the safehouse.>

Gracie  You're fucking with the wrong girl, asshole. I'm Gracie Ancelotti and I... Niko    Shut up. [knocks her out] Peace at last.

<phonecall from Little Jacob - during the drive>

Jacob   Whappen rasta? Yo, you wanna go down to the strip club, Mr. Mention? Niko    No can do, Jacob. I've got a girl with me and I don't think it would be appropriate. Let's speak soon though, huh?

<cutscene - at the safehouse, Niko dragging Gracie>

Gordon  There he is! Stevie, dump the car. I'll take this piece of ass. Niko    Guys, the bitch better be worth the trouble. Gordon  Her pa's got some serious cash and he pissed off Gerald. That's reason enough for me. [drags Gracie inside] Niko    Well he better pay quick. I hate to think of the fight she'll put up if you try to cut her fingers off.

<phonecall to Packie>

Niko    Gordon has the bitch, I'm done with her. Packie  Thanks, Niko. My brother will be a happy man. I'll get things in motion. Be in touch.

<phonecall from Packie - soon after the kidnapping>

Niko    How's my favorite girl? Packie  We need a picture of Grace, her pa thinks she's holed up with some guy. He don't believe we got her. Will you do it? Ma's still upset. Niko    So I'm a portrait photographer now? Okay, I'll send you it on my phone.

<enter the safehouse>

Gordon  Where you been? I been jonesing for some fries for about five hours. Niko    Sorry, your shift ain't over, Gordo. I'm just here for some holiday pics.

<Niko takes a pic and sends it to Packie.>

Niko    Smile for your daddy, Grace. Gracie  Fuck you.

<phonecall to Packie>

Packie  Nice one, Niko. Old man Ancelotti won't believe his girl's holed up with a guy no more. Niko    Not unless that guy is into some sick shit. Later on, Packie.

<phonecall from Ray - later on>

Ray     Nicky, I hear you and the Irish have got your hands on Ancelotti's daughter. Niko    What's it to you? Ray     It wouldn't be nothing, except I know that Ancelotti ain't gonna pay up. It's her pal, Gay Tony, that's coughing up with my damn ice. The diamonds that got robbed off you in the Libertonian. Well, we took it off Tony in the first place, but it shoulda ended there. He must have robbed the diamonds off of Isaac. Niko    I got the money robbed off of me by a biker, remember? The diamonds were sold. Ray     Don't get smart with me. Get me them diamonds off Tony. The Irish'll be square with that and you'll be square with me. Niko    We're already square.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Roman   Cousin, how's it going? Niko    Roman, can I ask you a question? Roman   I thought this time would come, Niko, but, to be honest, I don't know how I'm so successful with the ladies. They just love me. Niko    That wasn't what I wanted to ask you, I wanted to know what it was like to be kidnapped. Were you an asshole to the people who took you or did you behave yourself? Roman   I did everything they said except give you up, cousin. I was scared shitless. Niko    That's what I thought. I had to kidnap this girl and she's a fucking nightmare. Roman   Shame on you, Niko Bellic. You should know better than this. Who is she? Who'd you take her for? Niko    I'm working with that Irish family. She's some mobster's daughter - Gracie Ancelotti. Roman   Niko, shit. You're fucking with the mob. The Ancelottis are one of the five old families. I don't know nothing about this. Give her back as soon as you can. I've got to go, Niko.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHE'S A KEEPER (#gm5)

<text message from Packie>

Niko. Gerry has been trying to get hold of you - it's about your girl. Go see him in the can.

<cutscene - at the Alderney State Correctional Facility>

Gerry   Hey Niko    Hey. Gerry   Yeah, so, anyway. A friend of mine in here tells me that a close friend of yours, a girl you've been spending a lot of time with recently, swept her clean off her feet? Niko    Okay. Gerry   Yeah, her old boyfriend wants her back. Niko    They always do. Gerry   Desperately and quickly and he's looking for her. I think you and her... should go on a glamorous date in Algonquin, show her a new pad. Then... things will be okay between you two, but move your fucking ass, pal. Women don't like a chump. You get me?

<cutscene - at the safehouse in Alderney>

Gordon  You're moving her over to Boleyn Street. [dragging Gracie] Niko    Not in the cab of this car I'm not. After last time, she can ride in the trunk. Gordon  Fair enough. Ah! Bitch just bit me! [drops her in the trunk] I think she has something to say. Gracie  Motherfuckers! When my daddy finds you, he's gonna kill you! He's gonna kill everybody you've ever met! Gordon  Catch you around, Niko. Niko    Thanks a lot.

<Niko flees from several Ancelotti cars while Gracie complains from the trunk.>

<cutscene - at the safehouse in Algonquin>

Packie  Niko, my man. Katie's taken over on Ma duty so I'll be watching this guido bitch for you. Where is she? Niko    In the trunk. She don't play too nice up front. Packie  [opens the trunk] Gracie, Gracie. Act nice now. Gracie  You motherfuckers, I'll rip your cocks off! Packie  [shuts the trunk] She's a wild one. Gracie  Help! Help! Please let me outta here! Let me out of here! Packie  I'll try to calm her down. Gracie  Let me out! Packie  See you later, Niko. Gracie  I'm gonna fucking kill you. I'll fucking kill you!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND (#gm6)

<cutscene - at the Alderney State Correctional Facility>

Niko    Hey. Gerry   Yeah? Niko    What's wrong? Gerry   There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is everything's coming together. The bad news? It ain't gonna make a blind bit of difference to me. Niko    Uh? What do you mean? Gerry   Do you want me to spell it out? Niko    No, I guess not. Gerry   Thanks. Packie will give you a call and explain. The ex-boyfriend of your girl, he's gonna agree to the divorce terms. Unfortunately, it turns out he wasn't our only problem. Some other crap has turned up. I don't think I'll be getting out anytime soon. Been a great laugh. Look after yourself. Niko    Yeah.

<phonecall to Packie>

Packie  Niko, me and Gracie is waiting for you just off a Frankfort Avenue in Northwood. Looks like our joyful time with her is coming to an end. Niko    That's a fucking tragedy. We should throw her a goodbye party. Packie  That's the plan. Hopefully someone might bring a big present for us to this shindig as well. Maybe a big bag of diamonds will help us get over the pain of losing her. We're waiting for ya, man.

<get in the car with Packie and Gracie>

Niko    Hey, man. Packie  Alright, Niko. The exchange is over on Charge Island at the water treatment plant.

<driving - getting to the Charge Island Sewer Works - A>

Niko    Packie, my man. How are you and Gracie getting on? Packie  Like a house on fire, ain't that right, Gracie? Gracie  You fucking bastards. Packie  See, she was just telling me how much she loved me. What do ya think of Niko, Gracie? Gracie  I fucking hate the both of you. Packie  Gracie, watch your mouth. Niko is a good friend of mine. Don't say that about him. Gracie  Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Packie  Gracie, you're sweet. I know I'm too good for him, but sometimes a guy has got to hang out with lowlifes like Niko here. He's got his his uses. Gracie  I'll give you some fucking uses. Packie  That's right, he is definitely a bad influence on me. Gracie  Motherfucker.

<driving - getting to the Charge Island Sewer Works - B>

Niko    Gracie, it's been too long. We should hang out more often. Gracie  I'd rather see you hanging from a fucking tree. Packie  Hands off my woman, Bellic. Gracie and me is in love. Gonna get hitched. White picket fence and all that shit. Niko    Packie, this is great. You've finally found a woman who will sit down and listen to your shit. Maybe you should bind and gag all the girls you meet? Packie  That might be okay where you're from, Niko. But this is an enlightened society we live in. U S of fucking A. Niko    Real enlightened, real civilized. That's the impression I've got so far. An example to the rest of the world. Packie  You know you love it, Niko. Doesn't he Gracie? Gracie  Motherfuckers. Niko    Maybe Gracie ain't so different. You normally just shove so much coke up a girl's nose that she may as well be tied up. Packie  You're in a mood, ain't ya Niko? Is it finally beginning to sink in that my sister's chastity belt don't come off? Niko    Fuck you. Packie  Fuck you. Gracie  Fuck the both of you.

<cutscene - at the Charge Island Sewer Works>

Tony    Gracie, you alright? The bastards didn't hurt you, did they? Packie  She can't speak. We got a gag in her mouth. Tony    Give her back, you animals. She's suffered enough. Packie  Hand over the stuff. Tony    Hand over Gracie! I'm here for you, sweetie. Packie  Hand over the fucking stuff! Niko    Alright, calm down. Both of you. Luis    Okay. We put the ice in the middle, we walk back. Then you send over the girl. We leave and you pick up the stuff. Entiende? Niko    Sure, show us the goods. [Gay Tony walks halfway forward, sets the diamonds down, and steps back.] Tony    Come back to me, honey. Niko    Let her go. [Gracie walks slowly over to Tony and Luis.] [Bulgarin drives in, parks up.] Bulgar  Niko Bellic, how is it that whenever something is stolen from me you are not far away? Niko    I have never stolen anything from you, Mr. Bulgarin. Bulgar  These men, the big faggot and his Dominican bitch, they stole my diamonds. And you have been trying to rob the thieves. To rob me. [translated] Kill them all! [Bulgarin's men begin shooting up everything.] [Niko and Packie take cover behind their car.] Packie  I don't care what you did to that man, but we ain't leaving here without them diamonds.

<shootout with Bulgarin's men>

Packie  Alright, I think I know who's got the ice. Follow me.

<fighting along the catwalks>

Packie  The guy with the ice has got to be this way. Let's split up. I'll take the high road and you take the low road.

<more cars drive in>

Packie  Jesus, Niko. There's more of the bastards arriving. Fuck me, a whole load of them are showing up.

<cutscene - reach the guy with the diamonds>

Packie  Give us that fucking ice, you're trapped. We'll let you go if you give 'em up. Guy     I'm screwed either way. If I don't give you the diamonds, you kill me here and you take 'em. I do give you diamonds, Mr. Bulgarin kills me later. [tosses the diamonds down onto a moving garbage truck] Don't nobody having them. Screw all of you! Niko    [translated] Fucked up, as usual. Packie  You selfish piece of cocksucking shit!

<finish the last of Bulgarin's men>

Packie  Serves you right, you selfish cocksucking piece of shit. Shit, I don't wanna spend another minute in this crap-hole, let's get outta here.

<driving - returning Packie to the McReary house>

Packie  Fuck, fuck, fuck. All that trouble for nothing. Kidnapping the bitch, holding onto her, fighting through them damn Russians... all of that for jack shit. Niko    Look on the bright side, at least you got to meet Gracie. Packie  Screw that. I got close to knocking her teeth out. That was about it. We ain't got shit now. Maybe we was going to have to give up them diamonds to fucking Ray Boccino but we woulda got a payday. Now we ain't getting shit. Niko    Yeah, but there is no guarantee we woulda made any money out of those diamonds anyway. I've got a suspicion those were the ones Ray Boccino got me to handle a while back. They're bad luck. Me and some biker had to try to sell them to a diamond dealer and it turns into a blood bath. That was when those friends of Gracie's must have gotten them. Packie  Stolem 'em from you, did they? Niko    No, they stole them from the guys I sold them to. Shit, these diamonds have been trouble since Ray first made me take them out of a trash can for him. Is good they are on their way to a landfill somewhere. Best place for them. The population of Liberty City would have been higher if we had. Packie  You might be right, Niko. Whose fucking diamonds were they anyway? Niko    They were not Ray's, I can tell you this much. Maybe they belong to this homosexual man, Gracie's friend. I don't know. Maybe to Bulgarin. Packie  Bulgarin, he the motherfucker who busted up our peaceful hostage exchange? What in Christ's name went on back there anyways? Niko    Some time ago, I worked for Mr. Bulgarin in Europe, smuggling people across the Adriatic. A ship sunk, the cargo sunk to the bottom of the sea, I had to swim for my life. Bulgarin lost a lot of money that night and he needed someone to blame. This was one of the reasons I leave Europe and come back here to Liberty City. Packie  And now he shows up claiming the ice belongs to him? What are the chances? Niko    Our paths crossed back when I was living in Hove Beach as well. My cousin and I moved up to Bohan to get away from him and another man called Dimitri Rascalov. Packie  That's a real shame, I can see you fitting right down in Hove Beach, Niko. Probably a good thing you got out though. Wouldn't a met me if you'd stayed, would ya? Niko    When you put it like this, I'm one lucky motherfucker, Packie.

<reach the McReary house>

Packie  Well, Niko. That was a whole lot of effort for no fucking reward. Story of my life. Niko    It is the story of a lot of lives, Packie. I'm getting used to hearing it. Packie  See you Niko, I've got to go break the news to Gerald. At least I'm gonna be on the other side of some bulletproof glass to him. You know what, I'm still fucking scared. Niko    Good luck.

<text message - later in the day>

Shit, man. I keep going over it in me head and I can't fucking understand what happened back there. No diamonds, no girl... Fuck! Still, it was intense. You're a fucking prince.

<phone call from Dimitri - later on>

Dimitri You love to disappoint me, Niko Bellic. You really do. Niko    Are you disappointed that I have not found and killed you yet, Dimitri Rascalov? Do not worry, your time will soon come. Dimitri I went to the sewage works on Charge Island. I picked through the bodies and yours was not amongst them. Very disappointing. Niko    I am sorry. Or maybe the thugs who failed to kill me should be blamed though. Dimitri I cannot believe that you would steal from my friend Ray Bulgarin twice. First in Europe and then these diamonds in Liberty City. You are in debt to him, Niko. Why don't you just pay him what you owe and we can all get along? Niko    I have no debts to Bulgarin, Dimitri. And the only thing I owe you is a bullet in the temple. You will be paid in full, fear not. Dimitri You have a sharp tongue, Niko. It is only a matter of time before it is cut out of your mouth. Goodbye.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRUCK HUSTLE (#pb1)

<text message from Ray>

Nicky, I need you to meet me and Phil at a depot in Normandy. Ciao

<cutscene - at Phil's depot in Normandy>

Phil    [to phone] Uh huh. That thing? Our friend did what? Thirty-seven at eight? Nah. What about them Swingers? How's Marlene? The kids? Beautiful. [Ray and Niko enter, Phil waves them in.] Phil    [to phone] Okay. Yeah, I gotta go. Ciao. [Phil hangs up.] Phil    Hey, Ray. So, uh, who's the pal? Ray     Phil you remember Niko, he's a good friend of mine. Can we talk? Phil    Sure we can talk... as long as we don't talk too much. Interesting times, you know what I mean? Did you hear about our friend, the guy with the thing? Ray     Yeah, you mean Harry the... guy with the hat. Phil    No the guy with the, y'know, the budda beep budda boop. Ray     Yeah the guy with the... and the - [whistles] Phil    Yeah that guy. Ray     Yeah. I heard. Phil    So be cool, Ray. Listen, I need to speak to you alone. Ray     Yeah, see, Phil, that's the thing. I kinda know what you're going to ask, and I can't. Phil    Whaddaya mean you can't? Ray     I can't do it Phil. I gotta lot of interest right now, business is really taking off, and I don't want any distractions. Phil    Well as you can see I got my own issues here... Ray     Look. Niko is good. He'll do what you need. Phil    And you say he's a friend of yours? [Niko and Phil shake hands.] Phil    Sure... good to meet you. Niko    Yeah. Phil    C'mere. [Phil turns on the radio.] Phil    The Triads have this big chunk of brown they're desperate to get rid of. Talking about it all over town. Wanting to offload it at any price. They think it's cursed or something. Prove it is. Take it from them. It's loaded into a truck going to Franklin Street and West Dyke. Get a hold of it and give me a call. Niko    Sure. But Mr. Bell, it's going to cost you. Phil    You got it. Not problem. [Phil shuts off the radio.] Ray     Great. Say, nice stereo you got there, Phil. Phil    Thanks! Ray     Yeah, so, Philly - ever hear from your ex-wife? Phil    What kind of question is that? Ray     Just asking! Phil    Get the hell out of here. [Ray and Niko exit.] Phil    Every time this motherfucker...

<Ray leaving the depot>

Ray     I'll be in touch, Nicky.

<Niko hides in an alley off Franklin Street, where a truck and several cars filled with Triads pull in and park up. Shootout ensues. One Triad attempts to drive the truck out. Niko chases, climbs up the back, drops into the passenger seat. The driver attempts to shoot him; Niko kills him and throws him out.>

Niko    This heroin is cursed. You don't fucking want it!

<phonecall to Phil>

Niko    Phil, man, I got that thing you were after. What you want me to do with it? Phil    It's a wedding present for my nephew, Frankie. Take it out to the big house off of Beaverhead Avenue. You'll know the one I mean. He'll be waiting there for you.

<cutscene - at the abandoned mansion>

Niko    Hey, you Frankie? Your uncle asked me to give you this wedding present. You're a lucky guy. Frankie I don't know about that. I got to sit on this stuff until Phil gets over his paranoia and we can ship it. Meantime, I got to pack it into some cars that go faster than this thing. Niko    Sounds like a fun honeymoon. Later on.

<phonecall to Phil>

Niko    Your nephew's got his wedding present. Phil    Nicely done. He's a good kid, he deserved something special. Hopefully he'll look after it. Niko. You looking for more work? Niko    I'm always looking to earn a bit of extra cash. Phil    Great. I know a guy who needs a man like you. Only operated on an outside line though. Go to the payphone on the corner of Vitullo and Hardtack. He'll call you.

Pegorino's Pride

<phonecall from Phil>


Niko, I told Jimmy P about you. He wants to meet ya. Niko    Has he got work? Phil    Yeah, he's got stuff that needs doing. Head over to his house off of Beaverhead in Westdyke.

<text message from Phil>

Niko, wear some respectable clothes - suit, tie, shoes, all that shit - for the meet with Jimmy. Phil.

<cutscene - at Pegorino's mansion>

Angie   Yeah? Niko    I'm here to see Mr. Pegorino... Angie   Well, I didn't think you were here to sell me insurance. So you here to work for him, shoot him, or arrest him? Or maybe all three? Anthony It's okay, Mrs. P, I'll deal with this. Angie   Yeah, I'm in a life threatening situation and I'm having a conversation here. He could have killed me. You're useless. Organized crime, my ass. With guys like you, it's no wonder this 'organization' is doing so wonderfully. Anthony You Nick? Come on. [Anthony walks Niko to Pegorino's office.] Anthony Peg. Peg     What? Anthony Someone for you. Peg     Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So... were you followed? Niko    I don't think so. Peg     Oh... Niko    I mean, who knows? Peg     Exactly... I mean, we can pretty much guarantee you were followed. The question is "did you know about it?". And right now, I don't know the answer to that question. But to be honest, I don't really care neither. I know enough about you, your cousin, your friends... I know a lot of people around you end up in jail. Niko    Some maybe. Peg     But that's the same all over town. This is a dying game. Niko    I don't understand. Peg     I mean I'm gonna ask you to deal with a problem, and you're gonna deal with it, or you're not going to deal with it, and you're going to be a problem that somebody else has to deal with. But me? I ain't doing nothing. Niko    Yes, okay. So what's the problem? Peg     We'll get to that. Anthony! Did Phil call? Anthony Not yet, boss. Ray called. Peg     Of course he did. I wonder... is it better to have a talented snake, or a stoical lion, who's gonna be cut down in his prime? I don't know. What do you think? Niko    I don't understand what you're talking about. Peg     You do, but I ain't going to push. Anthony, get in here! Anthony Boss? Peg     Where's Big Pete and Marco? Anthony On their way. Peg     Listen to me... here's what the plan is. Me and two of my guys gonna meet with a couple of boys from the Pavano family. I need these guys if we're ever gonna be taken serious... you know, get on the Commission. Now the thing is, these guys ain't, shall we say... shown us the appropriate respect in the past. I want you... to run security. Keep an eye on things, 'cause they won't be looking out for you. Ah, here they are, it's either them or the cops. Anthony It's them, they're outside. Looks like Ray's here too. Peg     I know it's them. God, give me strength... I'll be out in a minute. Look after Ray 'til I get back. [Ray walks in the door as Anthony's about to go get him.] Ray     Hey, Tone. Anthony Hey, Ray. Hey, what, what ya doing? He's busy. Ray     Hey, Niko, huh. Oh, boss - salve. [kneels] Peg     Get up. Anthony I'm sorry, boss. Ray     This guy's everywhere, like a friggin' cockroach or something, ha? In a good way. Anthony Ray, you and me is gonna talk. The boss has got business. Ray     Yeah, uh boss, I got you this, because I care. [hands over a small box] Peg     [to Ray and Anthony] You boys have fun.

<getting into the car>

Niko    Jimmy's on his way. Pete    Niko, right? Skipper said you'd be driving. The sit down's over at the old refinery in the Acter Industrial Park. [Pegorino gets in.] Peg     What are yous waiting for? Hit it, let's go.

<driving - down to the old refinery - A>

Peg     You guys all friends now? Nice. You best hope you made a good first impression on Niko, boys. He's gonna be the one looking out for you during this meet. Well, he's being paid to look out for me so saving you guys' asses would be overtime. Pete    That's just if the shit goes down, right boss? The Pavanos wouldn't fuck with you. Peg     Wake up you fucking mook. Everybody is trying to fuck everybody. We just hoping they got the manners to smile to our faces before they do it. Marco   You giving them a nice little offering though, skip. They ain't gonna turn up their noses at that. Peg     God give me strength. It's like I'm dealing with children here. No wonder I ain't on the Commission when my muscle is this stupid! Niko    If the Pavanos is a Liberty City family, what are they doing coming out to Alderney for this meet? Peg     I let them operate out here from time to time. Pavanos work a little shy business on this side of the West River. They also control a few bookies. I don't mind 'em taking a bite, I don't even make 'em give me a taste. Hopefully they gonna respect that when it comes time to ask them for a favor. Niko    You can't be too confident if you got me here? Peg     You're insurance. I'm the captain of this ship because I look at every possibility. Check to make sure my ass is covered in each situation. I think about what's gonna happen if this guy screws me, if this one turns state's, and so on. Pete    That's why you're the boss, boss. Peg     Shut up. Jesus. You're worse than my mother. Anyways, that's why Ray ain't ever gonna make it to the level he wants to reach. He's too busy thinking about himself. That diamond fuck up is case in point. I'm like a fucking chess player. You're covering me for six moves ahead when me and the Pavanos is just putting our first pawns out there on the checkerboard. Marco   I like what you did there, skip. Real clever. Peg     Can you do me a favor? Can you just shoot yourself to save me the trouble of doing it? Can ya, Marco? Jesus.

<driving - down to the old refinery - B>

Peg     Niko, this is Pete and Marco. Guys, Niko. He's the one who's been keeping Ray from drowning in a pile of shit. What the fuck was up with them diamonds? Niko    I dunno, I was just doing what Ray told me to. Peg     I didn't get where I am by believe what every schmuck told me. You ain't the type of guy to follow orders if they ain't in your interest. Pete    You're a smart guy, skipper. Peg     Shut up, Pete. I'm surprised you can even speak when your lips are always puckered up, kissing my ass. Niko    Ray was helping me out with something, so I helped him with the diamonds. I ain't gonna do shit for him no more. I don't like the way he does business. Things got too complicated. Peg     Damn right they did. That ice was a real fuck up. Ray didn't go through the correct channels. Guy who owned the diamonds, Gay Tony, is in with the Ancelottis. Niko    A lot of people said those diamonds were theirs. Peg     Tell me about it. But I don't give a shit about them other people. What I'm worried about is our involvement with them getting back to Gay Tony and his connections... We got a lot riding on this meet with the Pavanos. Wanna keep relations sweet with at least one of the families that got a seat on the Commission. Pete    You gonna get a seat on that Commission real soon, ain't ya boss? 'Bout time Alderney got some representation in the city. Peg     Don't tell me what's due to me. I been waiting for this and working hard for this fo ryears. Alderney weren't nothing without me. My old man, God rest his soul, didn't have the balls to bring the family to the level I got it to. I'm gonna get that seat because of what I done. Sit down next to Jon Gravelli, if he survives that long, and run all of Liberty City, the whole country maybe! Niko    The Pavanos, are they gonna offer you a seat then? Peg     They can't give me a seat but they can help me get one. Ain't nobody been given a seat since the Commission got founded. Shit, but times is changed. Since RICO, the Commission ain't the same. They need a family with a new approach to be sitting down with 'em. I got a nice little offering to the Pavanos that's gonna persuade 'em to argue my case. Something real classy. Real nice. Can't wait to see the look on their faces.

<reach the old refinery>

Peg     Give him the rifle, Marco. You expect him to start throwing empty cans from up there if this thing kicks off? Marco   No way, skip. Here you go. [Niko takes the sniper rifle.] Peg     Niko, go up into that building. There should be a spot where you can see over the meet. Don't start shooting unless they attack us. I don't want this thing screwing up for no good reason.

<Three Pavanos meet up with the Pegorinos. After a minute, more Pavanos show up to surround Pegorino and his men. Pegorino manages to take cover behind a car while Pete and Marco are killed in the shootout. After Niko snipes the first group, Pegorino runs through the refinery and Niko follows.>

<cutscene - just outside the refinery, Pegorino clutching his chest>

Peg     The fucking Pavanos. If the rest of the Commission knew they did this... Niko    I'm sure the whole city will be up in arms. Peg     The motherfuckers, trying to whack me at a sit down... [Niko and Pegorino get into a car while some Pavanos drive past in another.] Peg     They trying to make off with my tribute! The fucking nerve. We're gonna ice those fucks Niko!

<driving - chasing the Pavano car - A>

Peg     Alright, let's get these slimeball bastards. People like that give Italian s a bad name. Whatever happened to the honored society and all that shit? Niko    Can't say I know. Peg     They didn't even send a fucking Capo. This is a declaration of war. The Pegorinos and the Pavanos are hitting the mattresses. You heard it here first. Niko    I saw it through the scope of that rifle. Peg     We gonna get that gift back and make this crew pay for their disrespect. Come on.

<driving - chasing the Pavano car - B>

Peg     The fucking Pavanos. If we kill every one of them slimeballs then maybe the other families will give me their seat on the Commission. Fucking Liberty City families. Get 'em, Niko. Niko    I'm doing my best. Peg     Yeah, well best ain't good enough. I did my best. Made a name for the Pegorinos. Earned a lot of good money for a lot of bad people. And this happens, they try to fucking kill me! Niko    Well at least they had the respect to do it at a meet. They didn't come to your home while you and your wife were sleeping. Peg     Let's make 'em wish they was never born.

<Pavanos car crashes off Red Wing Avenue>

Peg     The dumb fucks have crashed. Go get my gift and make the pricks pay. Shit, Niko, go. I'm staying here and nursing my fucking wound.

<Niko retrieves the bag>

Niko    Here you go. Peg     You're a good earner, Niko. Take me back to my place.

<driving - returning to Pegorino's mansion - A>

Peg     I can't believe them Pavanos would treat me like this. The Pegorino name should mean something to them. It means something in Alderney even if it don't in Algonquin. They better not think of crossing that West River and not looking over their shoulders. Niko    Too bad about Marco and Pete. Peg     Marco and Pete? Oh yeah, those guys didn't make it, did they? Well, too fucking bad. They knew what they was signed on for. Weren't complaining on the way out, were they? No they weren't. Happy to be on board with the skipper. Niko    Yeah, well, they seemed like good kids. Peg     Ah these kids come and go. It ain't worth paying attention to them until they prove they can survive. I just move on and hire some wannabe wiseguys off the street. Niko    Is that simple? Peg     Has to be. I only start paying attention to the screw when they start putting me in an awkward position. Either because they know too much and might rat. Or because they got too much power and they're too smart to get themselves clipped. Ray was nothing to me until he started earning big and sticking his nose in places it didn't belong. Niko    Rats seem to get everywhere you don't want them to be. Peg     Only way you know is by finding their shit all over the place in the morning. Phil's different. He's been my man for a while. Only, how much can I do with a guy who ain't a full Italian? He's 90% Irish. It don't do too well for the reputation of us Pegorinos having St. Patrick that high up in our organization. You see the respect we're getting out on the street. Jesus.

<driving - returning to Pegorino's mansion - B>

Peg     My wife, Angie's, gonna love this. She keeps busting my balls about trying to get on the Commission. Ask me why it matters. Women just don't understand this life of ours. Shit, sometimes I wish she'd just run off with some other guy. Leave me in peace. Niko    You can't be serious? Peg     It ain't like she's my only woman. I got a nice little goomah set up in an apartment in Acter. That little harlot keeps me young, I'll tell you that. Sometimes I feel like I'm having a heart attack with that girl. Niko    Yeah, but a wife is a wife. I guess it's like with my cousin. He puts me in so much shit. Gets us into debt and in some heavy shit with people, but... he's family. I wouldn't have him any other way. Peg     That's some real sweet shit. You're bringing a tear to my eye. Of course I wouldn't let some guy ball the mother of my children. I'd cut his cock off and shove it down his throat. When I say I wish she'd run off with another guy it's a figure of speech. Niko    Is that it? Peg     No matter how long you're around you ain't gonna speak perfect are you? Niko    I guess not. Lucky I have people like you to teach me when I'm wrong. Peg     Yeah, even if you can't speak right, at least you can shoot straight.

<reach Pegorino's mansion>

Peg     You did good, kid. Kept your head when everyone else was losing theirs. Sometimes literally. We're gonna need your skills again soon. Arrivederci.

<phonecall from Ray - the next day>

Ray     So, Nicky, you and the Peg is getting close I see? Niko    He's got work, he pays. That's about it. Ray     Yeah? Well, remember who made the introduction. Remember who brought you in, don't you forget about me. If you wanted to pass something up to me... pay me some tribute. Niko    Sorry, Ray. I'm freelance. I don't buy into that tribute stuff. This work has many disadvantages, but, hey, at least it is tax free.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Roman   Niko, my cousin. Give me some tales of the Liberty City underworld. I'm curious. Niko    Maybe, if you give me tales of a womanizing, gambling addict. Roman   That's a low blow, NB. Seriously, what're you up to at the moment? Niko    I've been working for Jimmy Pegorino, the head of that Alderney guido family. Roman   Yeah, the head of the family. Is he a big time gangster like in the movies then? Niko    Wants to be. Keeps talking about being powerful, about getting on the Commission with the five big families. I just hope he's got enough power to be able to find Darko Brevic for me. Roman   I hope you will be able to relax when you finally do find him, Niko. Speak soon.

<email> Thanks for the help

Niko, It's an old friend of yours. I just wanted to thank you for your help. My company has been very pleased with your work. Now try to stay out of trouble. A word to the wise, the people you are consorting with in Alderney are fools and they are not to be trusted. I know other people who will help you. From United Liberty Paper Co.

<email - positive reply>

Where is the person I am looking for?

<email - negative reply>

At least the people in Alderney are real. Who the fuck are you? Where is the person I'm looking for?


<text message from Pegorino>

You did well last job - come see me. The Boss.

<cutscene - at Pegorino's mansion>

Angie   Hey. [waves toward street] Niko    Uh... who you waving at? Angie   Feds, I think... they always drive past at this time. Niko    Does that worry you? Angie   When you marry a dragon, you gotta expect a few knights are gonna turn up to try to slay him. Jackasses, all of them, all of you. Niko    Nice talking to you. Angie   Whatever. You have fun. Pick a swell guy to kill - hopefully someone with a young family who'll really miss him... [Niko walks in on Anthony sleeping next to the door.] Niko    Hey. [claps] Anthony Hey! Niko    Is Mr. Pegorino around? Anthony Uh, uh... sure, I'll get him. Boss! Peg     Anthony - will you shut up? In fact, will you fuck off? Go on, get outta here. Don't come back 'til you get a brain implant, or something. Anthony I'm sorry... I... I'm so... Peg     Nice to see you, Niko. Niko    You too. Peg     I got a couple of things I want to talk to you about. First up - can you kill this shithead? Niko    Sure. Peg     Second... come in here. Anthony Ahh, fuck. [Niko and Pegorino enter his office.] Peg     So, listen... we gotta bit of a problem with the Pavanos. Niko    Yes, I noticed that at your meeting with them. Peg     The way they look at us, we're bottom feeders! Always have been. We ain't a real family to them - just a bunch of Guernsey goombas. When things are cool, we're getting fucked. Niko    I'm sorry to hear that. Peg     Ahh, sure. Listen, some of their boys are in town today, gonna collect their piece of an Alderney bookie ring. Word is they're at the Diner in Acter. Find 'em, and follow them to the meet. You disrupt it, and I'll let you keep the money, but make sure you hit the Pavanos real hard! Capiche? Niko    Yeah, capiche. Peg     Thank you...

<outside the diner in Acter>

Enemy   I think that guy works for the Pegorinos. God, they must be desperate. Let's lose him on the way to the meet.

<Niko drives after them to AutoEroticar in Leftwood, kills everyone at the meet, and takes the cash.>

<phonecall to Pegorino>

Niko    I got that stuff, Jimmy. Peg     Well done, my boy. I hope you made 'em suffer. Teach 'em that Alderney is Pegorino turf. Was there a nice little haul in it for you? Niko    Alright. Peg     Maybe you'll give me a little taste then. Hand something up the ladder. That's how us Italians been doin' things for centuries. Niko    Good thing I'm not Italian.

Catch The Wave

<cutscene - at the Honkers strip club>

Phil    Hey Tommy, check this out... seven horse, seven race, Joe Shmoe. [Niko walks in.] Tommy   Hey Phil. Phil    What? Hey, pal... what's going on? Niko    Not too much. How are you? Phil    I'm good. Wanna walk and talk? Niko    Sure. Phil    Tommy, gimme a call if my big buddy calls. Tell him I went out to get some fresh air. Tommy   No problem. [Niko and Phil walk outside the club.] Phil    Ridiculous. I'm a grown man walking around like a chump. I'm sorry about this. Niko    Hey, no problem. Phil    So you're a friend of Ray's? Niko    A friend? No. I do some work for him. Phil    No, I mean a friend. Niko    I don't understand. Whatever you say. He's a slimeball, but he pays... Phil    Sure, pal, sure. Listen to me... the thing about Ray is he's a good earner. He talks a lot of shit, but he's a good earner, capiche? Niko    He's a rat, doing an impression of a man. Phil    That's pretty good. [Who rushes out of the strip club over to Phil.] Who     Phil! Phil! Phil    What, what, what do ya want? Who     It's the boss... said you gotta head down the docks... emergency... said you'd understand. Phil    Ah shit, it's three days early, Madonna mia, what am I gonna do? Niko    What's the problem? Phil    Niko... I'm gonna have to take a chance with you, pal. Niko    Okay... Phil    C'mon, let's go. [They get into a car.] Phil    Ok listen. There's a truck waiting for us. It's under the overpass off Catskill Avenue, drive us there.

<driving - heading up to Catskill Avenue - A>

Phil    You scan this thing for bugs? Niko    No, but we can be pretty sure it's clean. Chill out. Phil    Alright, alright. It's just that if we get caught on this one, you and me is going down for a long time. And that means that certain people is gonna assume we'll rat. Which means we'll get whacked. Niko    You're working with the wrong people if you expect 'em to whack you if you go inside. Where's the trust, Phil? Phil    It's about survival. If someone who knew what I knew got flipped then the whole organization would go down. Whacking someone who catches some heavy time is just an insurance policy. And it don't help that not everyone in the organization is pulling in the same direction. Niko    You mean that someone in the family would see someone else going inside as an opportunity to get ahead? Phil    You're a smart guy. Anyways, excuse me if I wanna be absolutely sure that we got out asses covered. Niko    You're excused. What're we doing? Phil    We're taking a load of product off of some Russians the Ancelottis have been dealing with. You was helping those Irish idiots cause some beef between the Ancelottis and their Albanian muscle a while back. Since that little love affair ended, they've been getting this Russian guy to supply them with C. We just got the heads up that a shipment has arrived in Liberty City by boat. Niko    That's what the talk about the docks was? Phil    Exactly. We're taking the C off the Russians so they can't deliver it to the Ancelottis. Niko    Sounds straightforward. We take the coke so that the Russians and the Ancelottis have a falling out. And we make some money in the process by selling the stuff. Easy. Phil    Shit, you sound like you're saying all this just so it's clear on the wire tap. For the record I don't know what this man is talking about. We're rehearsing a scene for an acting class. I work in waste management. Everything we're saying is fiction, it has no bearing in the real world. Watch it Niko.

<driving - heading up to Catskill Avenue - B>

Phil    Shit, you seen any choppers? Any birds been in the sky? Niko    I didn't pick you for a helicopter enthusiast. Phil    Fuck you, I ain't. I just keep thinking these choppers is following me, that's all. The Feds are monitoring my every move. I flip out whenever I'm even outside. Niko    Keep your head, things ain't even started yet. What're we doing? Phil    Taking a shipment of coke from some Russians before they can sell it to the Ancelottis. I'm paranoid because we especially don't wanna get caught on this one. We get caught and everyone will be coming after us. The Feds'll throw away the key, the Russians and the Ancelottis'll know we was fucking them over. Hell, our own family might come after us for fear we'll turn state's. Niko    Hey, this familiarity is getting to me. I'm a 'friend' of Ray's. I'm part of the 'family'. Shit man, I'm just the hired help. I'm the fucking immigrant maid cleaning up your guys' shit. I ain't part of no family. I'm an independent contractor. Phil    Sure, sure, I get that. Whatever makes it all make sense in your head. Family's a way of saying we ain't gonna fuck each other... at least that's what it's meant to mean. All I care about is that you're loyal enough to get the jobs done and not turn state's. Niko    I'll get the jobs done if the money is there, and I ain't gonna turn state's. Enough government have let me down in the past. I don't know why I'd trust this one. Phil    That's the attitude. These guys promise you a new life if you screw every person who ever did a kind thing for you. Then, they ship you off to Ohio and get you selling microwaves. There ain't no action and the only cannolis you're gonna see are the ones on TV. It's all internet porn and dreamin' about home, that ain't no life. Niko    Depends how you define life.

<reach the truck>

Phil    Alright, this is the truck.

<driving - heading to the boatyard on Charge Island - A>

Niko    Why we need this truck? It must be a shit load of coke we're taking? Phil    It should be a lot of sugar, but that ain't the only reason why we're taking this truck. Some of my boys stole it from the Ancelottis this morning. It's the one the Russians is expecting to come pick up the C. We should be able to turn up and have 'em load it up for us. Then we drive away, no questions asked. Niko    I don't know if anyone would give away a load of coke without asking any questions. Even Russian coke runners ain't that stupid. Phil    Yeah, sure, this is just plan A. It's the one Jimmy P worked out. You and me know it ain't gonna work. And that the only way we're gonna be able to leave that place with the sugar is if all the Russians in there are dead. Niko    So, why don't we use a more subtle approach, not just drive right into the middle of them? Phil    Because these is the orders and we gotta follow them. That's the way things work. You ain't gonna be happy about everything you get told to do, are ya? Niko    You're the boss, it ain't like I'm working for free. Phil    No, you ain't. I ain't either. That's why we gotta at least try what we're told to do. You're gonna learn that there ain't much in this life that you got control of. Where you're putting yourself in harm's way because that's the way the Skipper wants it done, or you're staying away from your kids because of a stupid court order and a malicious bitch of an ex-wife; there ain't that much control in anything. Niko    I been around long enough to know that there is some things that we don't have a choice about, but there's other times where you got to look at something and make a decision for yourself. Phil    Yeah, well, maybe you're right. Maybe you ain't. I dunno.

<driving - heading to the boatyard on Charge Island - B>

Niko    They're gonna let us take the coke with this truck then, are they? Phil    That's the plan. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. You know something? I woulda liked Ray to be on this job instead of me. But there's some things that he ain't trusted with. Niko    I don't think I'd trust him to send me on another job after the shit he had me doing. Phil    After all of that, you guys didn't even get the diamonds. That wasn't a successful operation by any way you look at it. I'm hoping that this endeavor is gonna be more fruitful. Niko    For the record, I did everything I was meant to do. The problem was Ray's planning and the amount of people involved. Too many people wanted that ice, no one was ever going to end up with it. Phil    Well a lot of people want to get hold of this merchandise as well. By your logic that means it's going to end up dissolving into the Humboldt River. I don't want that to happen. Niko    Me neither. Maybe if we want it more than anoyne else, we'll be able to hang onto it. Phil    It's gonna take more than wanting it real bad. It's gonna take a clear head. Ray's a greedy rat. He wants this stuff more than anyone else, but that don't mean he's gonna get it. He's got his eyes on my position, the skipper's too, I'm sure. Wanting it and getting it are two different things though. Every move he makes is so obvious, it's disgusting to see him trying to sleaze his way up the ladder. Niko    His moves might be easy for you to see, but maybe they're working. Maybe he's getting somewhere. He definitely knows a lot of people. Phil    Shit, if anyone does start listening to Ray's shit then I could be in some trouble. I'm hoping that day don't come.

<reach the boatyard>

Phil    This is it, keep a cool head and everything should be fine. [Russian walks up to the passenger window.] Phil    Hey, buddy, we're here to pick up the shipment. Rusky   I don't speak English. Fuck off. Phil    Hey, amigo, let's make this easy. I just wanna give the stuff to my boss and go home. Rusky   I don't let anyone in here until I get the word. There's something wrong about you. Get out of the truck real slow. Phil    Niko, it looks like we're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way. Shoot these commies.

<Shootout ensues. Niko and Phil make it to the back of the yard.>

Phil    Err, Niko. The stuff's still on those boats. We best get 'em outta here. I'll take the one on the right. You get the one on the left. C'mon, move it, Niko!

<get into coke boat>

Phil    We're heading to the docks in North Holland. Move out.

<following Phil, more boats approach and begin shooting>

Niko    Phil, there's more of these guys coming after us.

<destroy or lose the attacking boats>

Niko    Hey Phil, that's got to be the last of them.

<cutscene - at the North Holland docks>

Phil    You handled yourself real good back there. Kept your head. That's a valuable trait. Niko    Thank you. Phil    See you later.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRESPASS (#pb3)

<cutscene - at the depot in Normandy>

Phil    Did you see a fuckin' helicopter on your way here? Niko    No, I don't think so. Phil    Okay, let's go, c'mon, quick. We gotta head towards Port Tudor. [They get into a car.] Phil    Go to the old factory off of Argus Street.

<driving - heading to the old Sprunk factory - A>

Phil    The fucking Russians have got to Charlie Matteo. They told this top Ancelotti Capo that it was us that took the sugar. Who knows how the fuck they knew. Niko    I didn't tell nobody. Phil    It don't matter. What has to happen is that you gotta take out Chubby Charlie before he choppers it into Algonquin to tell the Commission that we're knocking off the Ancelotti's action. Niko    So, I go into this factory and I ice this Fat Charlie? Phil    That's right, I'm gonna go make a lot of noise so no one thinks I had anything to do with it.

<driving - heading to the old Sprunk factory - B>

Phil    One lesson I've learnt, Niko. Assume everyone knows everything. Somehow, Chubby Charlie Matteo has found out it was us who ripped off the Russian coke. He is about to take a chopper into Algonquin to share that knowledge with the Commission. Niko    You want me to take this fat man out before that happens? Phil    If you don't then it'll be the Pegorinos going to the mattresses with everyone one of the Liberty City families. Not only is we gonna be looking over our shoulders every two seconds but we ain't gonna be able to earn. Niko    I'll do my best to shut him up then. Phil    Great, I gotta go get noticed so I ain't a suspect.

<at the factory>

Phil    Alright, now the way I sees it there's two ways it can go down. You burst in the front and hit them in the face with everything you got. Otherwise you slip around the back, go in through the basement and fuck them up their asses. Niko    Decisions... decisions. Phil    I'll leave it up to you. See you later.

<Niko assaults the factory. He reaches Chubby Charlie on the third floor.>

Charlie Great, Jimmy P sent one of his low rate goons to try and clip me. Good luck, asshole!

<Niko chases Charlie through the fourth floor, then onto the rooftop.>

Charlie Fuck you. Even if you take me out, my chopper pilot's gonna take the message straight to the Commission. Jimmy P is finished. Fucking finished!

<On the highest roof, Charlie grabs onto the incoming helicopter's landing gear.>

Charlie Everyone on the Commission is gonna want Jimmy P clipped after this.

<As Charlie attempts to climb up, Niko guns down the chopper. It falls into the building and explodes.>

<phonecall to Phil>

Niko    You don't need to worry about the fat man singing. He lost his voice. Phil    That's a real shame. How about them Swingers, eh? Great work man, great work.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO LIVE AND DIE IN ALDERNEY (#pb4)

<cutscene - at the depot in Normandy>

Phil    Okay, I'll see ya later. Angie   Yeah, okay. I'll see you later. Phil    You take care now. Give me a call. Niko    Hey. Phil    It's not what it looks like... Niko    Okay. Phil    It's not like that. We talk. So do us all a favor and keep quiet. Niko    Sure. But, Phil - and... I don't mean to take advantage, but... maybe I need help one time. Maybe I can give you a call? Phil    What do you mean? Niko    I mean... I need to find something out about someone. Maybe you can help. Phil    Are you fucking blackmailing me? Niko    No! I'm asking for a favor. Why do you think I put my neck on the line for you? Because I need help with something. Phil    You know, since you don't look like you're full of crap, how could I say no? Enough of this chit-chat. C'mon, let's go. We're heading back up to that old house off Beaverhead Avenue in Westdyke.

<driving - heading to the abandoned mansion - A>

Phil    It's about time to pick up that H that my nephew's been sitting on. Niko    It's just been sitting there? Phil    Yeah, call it a cooling off period. We took it, but we don't know who was watching it beforehand. Niko    So, you just left it with Frankie? Phil    Yeah, we put it in an isolated place, hopefully any attention it was getting would be noticed. Frankie's one guy, he can disappear real easy if the Feds show. Plus, he's a smart kid. He's related to my ex-wife and she was smart enough to ruin my life with one law suit. Niko    So, it's been long enough. You think we're gonna be okay to pick it up? No trouble? Phil    Look, I don't ever assume something's gonna go down easy, without any trouble. That's what keeps me alive and outta the pen. We'll see when we get there. Niko    As long as we don't see any helicopters, vans, suspicious gardeners talking into earpieces. If none of that's going on then we're okay? Phil    Yeah, you fucking laugh. Laugh all you want.

<driving - heading to the abandoned mansion - B>

Phil    Okay, I had word from Frankie, my nephew. No one's been paying undue attention to the H we took off the Triads. We're gonna go pick it up. Niko    I thought it was a wedding present for your nephew? Phil    He's my nephew through my ex-wife, I might give him work sometimes but I ain't gonna give him this load of horse. He wants anything except a bit of muscle work he can ask the bitch to take it out of the divorce settlement. Fucking cunt. Niko    You had any more girlfriends since the ex-wife? Phil    If you're getting smart about seeing Angie at my place then you can button it. The two of us is just firends. We talk. We both gotta take a lot of shit from Jimmy and it helps to speak about it. Niko    I wasn't making no accusations. Phil    Yeah, well, that's something that Ray likes to run his mouth about. Niko    Ray runs his mouth so much that no one pays much attention to what comes out of it. Phil    I believe it. I'd be dead already if Jimmy P listened to anything he'd said about me. Niko    If only the Feds knew how full of shit most wiseguys were. Then maybe you wouldn't have such problems with people turning state's. Phil    The Feds know that wiseguys run their mouths, they love it. A Fed don't care if he's taking someone down on a legitimate beef or if it's total bullshit. As long as he can get his face in the newspaper and a blowjob from his wife, he's happy. Fucking Feds.

<at the abandoned mansion>

Phil    There you are. Frankie, you been keeping your eyes open out here? You seen anyone snoopin' around? Frankie I ain't seen a soul, boss. It's a ghost house. [Phil and Frankie open up the garage doors.] Frankie I got the horse loaded into two cars for you. Phil    I dunno, this don't feel right. [Several FIB cars drive up, sirens wailing.] Phil    Shit Frankie, you dumb fuck. The Feds have been watching us all along. Niko, get in that car and follow me.

<driving - following Phil>

Niko    Are you fucking blind? You don't notice the fifty feds watching these cars? I thought Phil was just paranoid. Frankie Gimme a break, man. I got a lot on my mind, you know? I didn't have much time to scope this out. My ma's kinda sick. I been looking after her. And my sister, I been putting her though college. Niko    Shut up, these Feds are all over me. Frankie I'm sorry man. It's just... I only got married the other day. God, I love that kid. You wanna see a picture? Niko    I don't want to see a fucking picutre. I'm trying to get us out of this situation. Maybe then you can spend time with your wife instead of some jailhouse bitch.

<phonecall from Phil - while following Phil>

Phil    Niko, they're all over us. We're ditching the cars and going on foot. Park up behind me when I stop. Niko    Alright.

<in an alleyway>

Phil    Frankie, Niko, grab the stuff from the trunk and follow me. I got a van we can use. Frankie More fucking bacon, shit.

<NOOSE and police officers arrive on both ends of the alley. They fight their way one block over to an escape van when a helicopter flies in. After dropping the chopper, they get in the van.>

Phil    Niko, that's the van. We gotta get to a safehouse. Shit, I ain't made for this sort of stress. Can we lose the heat already?

<driving - escaping the police>

Frankie Damn, this is a wild ride. I didn't think I was gonna come outta that one. Phil    You're fucking lucky that you did. Lucky any of us did. Frankie Don't I know it, Phil. I shoulda seen 'em. I've been telling Niko I got a lot on my mind. Phil    Next time, mind on the job. This ain't a fucking joke. You got a wife, you got a ma, don't play around with your life. Niko    Don't play around with other people's lives either. I don't want to take a bullet or a stint in the pen for anyone else's fuck up. Frankie Alright guys, shit. I'm sorry.

<driving - escaping the police - Frankie is dead>

Phil    Frankie, shit, the bastard's dead. This is one more reason for my ex- wife to hate my guts. He was her nephew, man. Niko    He fucked up. Us unloading the H was his call. You don't need to blame yourself. Phil    Ray's gonna be pleased about this. He's been trying to bang Frankie's wife ever since they got married. Poor girl. She ain't got much hope left now. Niko    Don't think about it. He fucked up today and he paid the price. Admittedly, it was a high one. You and me are here today because we didn't make the fuckup that Frankie did.

<driving - proceeding to Phil's safehouse>

Phil    Niko, you done good for me. There's been some fucked up shit going on but you been keeping cool. You're a good earner. I got respect for you. Niko    Hey, let's see if we get back before you start talking like this, shall we? This ain't over until we got the H in a safe place. Phil    You're damn right.

<reach the safehouse>

Phil    Nice driving, Niko. We're gonna be able to shift this H for a lot of money. Might just keep the Pegorino family's head above water. See you around.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FLATLINE (#jp3)

<cutscene - at Pegorino's mansion>

[Peg walks out the front door pointing a shotgun at Niko.] Peg     Not you as well. Tell me it ain't you as well, you Slavic fuck! Niko    What you talking about? Peg     Speak, you Balkan piece of shit - I'm done with you, done with everyone. I'll go, but I ain't going quietly! Niko    Mr. Pegorino, I don't know what you're talking about. I came as quickly as I could. Peg     Fucking Anthony! Niko    What about Anthony? Peg     He was wearing a fucking wire! Niko    That is a problem. Peg     My personal bodyguard wearing a wire! I raised that kid like he was my own. I beat him like he was my own son! When my son killed himself, Anthony became my son. Now this? The world is a cunt! Niko    Where is Anthony? Peg     I heard he's wearing a wire, so I freak out... I call him up... he's such a moron, he leaves his cell phone on, so we speak. After he's gone state's of course... I mean, Jesus, what a chump. He freaks out on the phone, and I put the fear of God in him. I think maybe I've talked him out of it... then he has a Goddamn heart attack on the phone. I'm thinking problem solved - he's dying right in front of my ears. But the asshole lived and now he's in the Leftwood hospital under heavy guard. Niko    Okay, okay. Peg     Of course, he's got you on the fuckin' tape too. Niko    Of course. Peg     So you'll do this for me? Niko    So you want me to talk to him? Peg     I want you to whack him. And after that I want you to kill all the other rats I surround myself with... Niko    Okay, okay. Don't worry.

<Niko enters the hospital, steals some doctor's scrubs, and gets to Anthony's room.>

LCPD    He's not looking too good, Doc. Niko    I need a little doctor patient confidentiality. LCPD    You can have one minute. Anthony Boss... Peg, is that you? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Shit, Niko. You here to see the boss? He's just this way. Wait, isn't the boss in jail? What're you here for? Oh shit, I didn't have a choice. They was gonna put me away for some hard time. I never thought it'd be me that turned rat.

<unplug the life support>

Niko    Go to sleep, Anthony. You look tired. Anthony Tell Peg I'm sorry.

<phonecall to Pegorino - after escaping>

Niko    I don't think you will be seeing Anthony on the witness stand. Peg     I better not be seeing you up there neither. Or anybody else I know for that matter. Fucking feds. Turning everybody into rats. See ya round, Niko.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PEST CONTROL... (#jp4)

<text message from Ray>

Nicky boy, the Peg wants to see us at his house. You talk me up. I'll talk you up. Stick together. Remember you owe me. Ciao.

<cutscene - at Pegorino's mansion>

Phil    The problem with this guy is, I can't even think straight, he's always talkin'. Ray     Slow down Phil you take everything too personal. Peg     There he is. Welcome to the war council, my boy. Niko    Gentlemen. What's going on? Peg     Nothing... discussing pest control. Phil    Well, I've given you my advice, Peg, you do what you think is best. Ray     I agree. Peg     Finally! Ray     I mean I don't agree with what he says - I agree that you know best... Phil    Excuse me... Ray     Relax... I didn't mean nothing by it. Look either we make the right call or we all end up in prison anyway, where your crap ain't gonna do me no favors. Phil    Be careful - I'll se you later. Boss, gentlemen. Ray     You're only an associate Phil remember that. Phil    Yeah, yeah. Okay tough guy. [Phil leaves.] Ray     Boss - I gotta tell you this... he's not straight. Right before he came in here I saw him talking to Angie again. Peg     You better leave. Eh, I need to speak to Niko. Ray     Sure, boss. But uh... think about what I said. Peg     I will. Ray     Ya know? Peg     Trust me on that. [Ray leaves.] Peg     We got real problems. Police are all over us. Maybe you heard. I got served papers today. Phil yesterday. We got a couple of boys in jail... I think they might squeal! Somebody's talking - wants us out of the picture... maybe Jon Gravelli... or them Ancelottis. Somebody got to my people! Niko    So, what are you going to do about it? Peg     I don't know... I gotta shut someone up, and show people I mean business. I've known Phil a long time - he's straight more or less... I know him and Angie are friends, but that don't worry me too much. Maybe he's too straight. Then there's Ray... I don't know, I don't trust him... but he's a good earner. I know he's got his eye on the big prize... but he's no dummy. Him and Phil hate each other... I gotta think about it. Niko    Okay. Peg     I'll give you a call... whoever I say to go see, go see 'em. And shut 'em up!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... PEST CONTROL (#jp5)

<phonecall from Pegorno>

Peg     Niko, I've been thinking about it and I want you to pay our friend Ray a visit. Give him a message from me. He's at a sit down on Cod Row in East Holland. Niko    If that's your decision, Mr. Pegorino, it's done.

<phonecall to Pegorino - on Vauxite Street>

Niko    I see his car. Peg     He should be heading over to a chop shop in BOABO. Don't get too comfortable with him, Niko. Like every rat, he's a survivor, he's got good instincts. He has a bad feeling about you in particular. He bought some protection and he ain't gonna hang around and wait for "you know what" to happen. Then again, I'll get his chump muscle to stop for gas on the way. It might create a good opportunity for you.

<phonecall to Pegorino - once Ray and his bodyguards are dead>

Niko    The meeting went to plan, Mr. Pegorino. Peg     Cleaning house is a tough job, Bellic. I don't got much left in mine, it's so clean. I'll talk to you soon.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Niko    Roman, good to speak to you. I needed to talk to a friend. Roman   Why, what's wrong? Niko    I think it's my conscience. I don't know. Roman   Your conscience? Have you killed too many people, Niko? Niko    Perhaps. That man who I worked for, Ray Boccino. I was asked to kill him and I did. He was a cockroach - a pest. But I don't know how long I can keep on dealing in death. Roman   It must be difficult, Niko. Maybe there is another path to take. A less violent one. I'll speak to you soon, okay?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HATING THE HATERS (#bc1)

<phonecall from an unknown caller>

Bernie  This is a voice from your past Niko. Can you guess who it is? Niko    Florian? Bernie  That's not my name. Niko    Bernie, what can I do for you? Bernie  I need you to come around to my place Niko. Please, come soon.

<cutscene - at Bernie's place>

Niko    Florian, open the door. [translated] Don't be a fag. Bernie  [translated] Speak English. And I told you, it's Bernie. Niko    Then Bernie, open the door. What's going on? [Florian lets Niko in and quickly closes the door behind him.] Bernie  Come in, come in. The haters are trying to kill me... I can't stand it. I won't stand it... it's not fair. I'm just being me! Niko    Bernie! What are you talking about? Bernie  I came to this country to be myself... to get away from small-minded, angry macho pricks... Niko    Oh, like me? Bernie  Yes! Well, no. Well you know what I mean. It was hardly the most progressive place. How does my hair look? Niko    Fine. Bernie  I put a rinse in. Tawdry Night. Niko    Nice. Bernie  Bryce found some gray hairs. If he leaves me, I'll kill myself. Niko    Forget about your hair, Florian. Bernie  Bernie! Niko    I mean Bernie. What's the problem? Bernie  Someone is threatening to kill me. Every time I go out jogging, and doing aerobics or playing ultimate disc, some guy comes up and threatens me. He's loco! Niko    Why is he threatening you? Bernie  Because... I think just because I'm fabulous. Niko    What? Bernie  I keep thinking I'm being followed, and I don't know why. I'm a prisoner in my own home. Niko    Okay, Bernie, let's go out and have a look. Bernie  Ooo! I am so glad you've come back into my life. Niko    That's cool. But listen... you and I don't know each other. Bernie  How can you say that? I thought you were different! Niko    Because we want this guy to attack you. Come on. Bernie  Oh!

<on the sidewalk>

Bernie  The haters are in Middle Park, hon.

<driving - heading over to Middle Park - A>

Bernie  Niko, you're sitll in great shape. You work out? Niko    Not really. I keep active, you know. Bernie  Is there a name for that fitness plan? I'd take a class if I could be guaranteed buns like yours. Niko    It's called getting chased by the cops and being errand boy for the mob. Bernie  Ahhh.

<driving - heading over to Middle Park - B>

Bernie  I wish people would just accept me for who I am, you know, the good and the bad? Niko    I think I know how to make this guy accept you. Bernie  I knew you were the right person to call. Mr. Macho is making me gray and flabby. He better regret it. Niko    He will.

<at Middle Park>

Bernie  Let's get our heart rates up, Niko. Remember to hang back, I need to charm him out.

<Niko follows Bernie through the park from a distance. The hater waits from behind a wall, then nails Bernie with a bat.>

Hater   I'm about done with you, homo. Bernie  Ahhhhh! Ahh! Urgh. Niko    Why don't you pick on someone who'll fight back? Hater   What's your problem? Fag lover. Niko    Whatever you say, buddy. Unfortunately, for hitting my friend, I'm going to kick the shit out of you.

<The hater jacks a moped and Niko follows suit, chasing him around the park. They eventually circle around to where Berine is.>

Bernie  Scooch up Niko. Bernie is riding shotgun.

<driving - chasing the hater - A>

Bernie  Get him, Niko. I want him to suffer for every gray hair and worry line. I can't believe that Bryce hasn't ended things already. I'm disgusting. I've gotten fat and ugly, Niko. You should have seen me when I first got here. Niko    I knew you before you got here. Bernie  That was Florian... urgh. Bernie was beautiful when he arrived on the scene. Dancing in Hercules with my shirt off- every eye in the room was on me. I could have had anyone. Now I'm a monster - an old, wrinkly, gray monster. Niko    The man we chase is a monster, not you. Bernie  Niko Bellic, that is the sweetest thing you have ever said to me. I think I'm going to cry. Niko    Hold back the tears, Florian. Wait until we get this guy.

<driving - chasing the hater - B>

Bernie  Catch him Niko. This man has haunted my dreams for weeks. Niko    I'll do my best. Bernie  They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. I'll tell you, I don't look fabulous when I'm waking up with cold sweats at all hours of the night. No siree, you think I look like this when I get up in the morning? Niko    I don't know. Bernie  It takes hours of plucking and buffing before I can even bear to look at myself. Sometimes I think it's a godsend that Bryce has to go back to his wife for the night instead of sleeping with me. Niko    Let's just get this guy. Bernie  Okay... okay. Get him.

<kill the hater>

Bernie  I'm not dressed for jail! We need to get out of here.

<outside Perseus in The Exchange>

Niko    He's not going to attack you again. Bernie  No he ain't. You're an absolute sweetie Niko Bellic. I never would have thought it. See you soon, my wonderful man.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNION DRIVE (#bc2)

<cutscene - at Bernie's place>

Bernie  [to phone] Come on, Bryce... come on. You've got to be kidding me. But I'll be thrown in jail! I'm not legal! [Niko enters and clears throat.] Bernie  [to phone] My friend has just turned up. I think he can help. I love you! Screw your wife, honey... this is for real! [to Niko] Jesus H, Niko. I need a tranquilizer. Something strong... oh man, I am cooked. Niko    Enjoying your new life in the land of opportunity, then? Bernie  This is no time for jokes, buddy! Uh uh... no siree... I'm in real trouble, Niko. Real trouble. Bryce is getting blackmailed. Niko    About what? Bernie  About me! Niko    Okay... that's not good. Did he find out any information about Darko Brevic yet? Bernie  No. But he's working on it. You've got to help me. Niko    Got to? How? Bernie  We're going to warn these bastards off. Come on.

<on the sidewalk>

Bernie  Go get us a car, sweetie. I want something big and awful and intimidating. Alright hon? The meet is on Walnut Way in Northwood.

<driving - heading to the meet - A>

Bernie  You know, I don't think I've ever been north of Middle Park. This is exciting. They don't know what they're in for. No way. Nothing stands in the way of love. Love is strong enough to rip down mountains and throw trucks and all that stuff. Am I right? We're going ot show them. Niko    Who's blackmailing you? Bernie  We don't know. They won't even meet us themselves. This is just some flunky they're sending. We have to tell them to tell the boss we won't be pushed around, no way.

<driving - heading to the meet - B>

Bernie  Yuk, I can't even imagine where that is, I hope you know. Niko    I can find it. Bernie  Have I told you about the first time I met Bryce? It was a foam party at Hercules. I was high on X and youth and beauty and I was dancing like I've never danced before. I was slave to the beat, and a god on the floor. Niko    Sure. Bernie  Then it happened, out of nowhere I was struck. I was his face through the bubbles and I knew. Every beautfiul boy in Algonquin was there that night but he was the only one for me. I thought to myself "That middle aged, closeted, married, self-hating hypocrite, he's the man of my dreams." That's what people are trying to take away. That's love.

<cutscene - off Walnut Way>

Rusky   Where's Bryce? We wanted to speak to him, not his rent boys. Niko    Listen, you're going to speak to your boss and tell him to back off. Rusky   If that's the way you want to play it, fine. Bryce'll be all over Weazel News tomorrow morning. Niko    You know what? Maybe the best way to get the message to your boss is for me to send him your heart. Bernie  Yeah, tough guy. How'd you like that? Rusky   Dimitri Rascalov only asks once. Your lover's career is over. [The Russians drive off.] Niko    Fucking Dimitri.

<driving - chasing the Russians - A>

Bernie  Do they know what they're doing here? What right do they have to jeapordize Bryce's career, our relationship, the whole life we have built together. Niko    What about the life Bryce built with his wife? Bernie  That bitch. She's just in it for the status. She doesn't love Bryce like I do. All shee sees in Brycie is mink coats and dinner party invitations. What he and I have is real. You know. You can feel it deep down inside. He may be a nasty hypocrite, but he's mine. Now, come on. Get them. Niko    Can you please shut up until this is done.

<driving - chasing the Russians - B>

Bernie  Who's this Dimitri pig? Niko    A man I met when I first arrived in Liberty City. After Darko Brevic, Dimitri is at the top of my list. Bernie  Sweetie, this is a list I would never want to be on. Again, I mean. Niko    He betrayed his best friend and used me to do it. Then he stabbed me in the back. Bernie  Is that what you have to do to make the list? Niko    No, he came after Roman. Destroyed the home and business he had worked hard to make. We're getting these guys. Bernie  There you are. Niko    Bernie, please. Can you be quiet until this is over.

<They chase the Russians to Castle Garden City, where they crash into a park.>

Niko    Stay here, Bernie. I'm going to handle this.

<after killing them>

Bernie  Thank you. Niko    Alright. The guys are dead. I'll take you back to your place.

<driving - returning to Bernie's place>

Niko    So, we were just meant to scare them? Well, that didn't work out so good, did it? At least they can't tell Dimitri about the meeting or go to the papers. Dimitri is too much of a rat to go to the media himself. The information he has on Bryce is too valuable. Bernie  You think? It would kill Bryce if he didn't have his career. Niko    Maybe he should have thought about that when he started dating you. Not that there's anything wrong with dating you... Your choice is your choice, man. But he should have thought about who he really was before getting elected on a family values ticket. He preaches homosexuality is evil. It's insanity! He's a hypocrite and it was only a matter of time before someone like Dimitri tried to capitalize. Shit, I'll shut up now. You don't need me telling you about your life. I don't normally talk this much. I'm your friend, and I will try to help.

<at Bernie's place>

Niko    Here we are. Look after yourself, yeah? I hope Dimitri and his people back off now. Bernie  Thank you so much, Niko. I'll speak to you soon.

<phonecall from Dimitri - later on>

Dimitri Niko Bellic. Niko    What do you want, Dimitri. Dimitri I always thought that there was something not quite right about you, Niko. Now that I hear you are friends with Bryce Dawkins and Bernie Crane, I know what it is. Niko    Stop blackmailing my friends, Dimitri. You do not want to anger me more. Dimitri Persuade them to give up the contracts. We can work together. I will cut you in Niko. Let's be friends. Niko    I made the mistake of working with you before. It's not one I'll repeat. Goodbye.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUOYS AHOY (#bc3)

<text message from Bernie>

Niko, I'm having a panic attack!! :( Meet me at Pier 45. Luv Bernie. Xxx

<cutscene - on the docks of Pier 45>

Bernie  Yoohoo! Niko    Bernie, what's wrong? Bernie  Nothing sweetie. Oh, my god. You were the lucky one. Niko    What? Bernie  [grabs Niko's face] You could slice cheese on those puppies. I must be the only Slav without cheekbones. I'm thinking of getting implants. Niko    But you sounded hysterical. Bernie  Oh, sometimes, I can't bear to be alone. I'm so glad you've come back into my life, even if you did try to kill me. I'm so excited! Niko    What are we doing here? Bernie  We're going to have fun! Niko    Fun? Bernie  Yes. It's a four letter word, I know, but we can still try. Niko    Look! More people want me dead than alive. I'm working for the Mafia. The police and a government agency are both on my case. I kill and steal to scrape together a living so that my cousin can fritter it away online and pay off debts... and all the while? People are trying to kill us! What is fun? Bernie  Honey... you... are stressed. Niko    Goodbye, Florian. Bernie  No! No! No! No! No you don't, Niko. I need you. I need you to come on this boat trip with me. I need to talk to someone who truly knows me. Niko    When I knew you you were training to be a sheperd. And you wanted to be a professional wrestler. Actually, maybe it does all make sense. Bernie  You understand me. Both of me! Come on. Bryce accidentally left the keys on purpose somewhere I could steal them. You drive, I'll work on my tan. My midriff is really pale. Niko    Alright, let's have... fun.

<in the boat>

Bernie  Go toward the headland, that's where the best rays are going to be.

<driving - taking Bernie to the coast off Firefly Island - A>

Bernie  Niko, my life is in turmoil. Bryce is pulling his hair out over this blackmail thing. His wife is getting on his back about yours truly - I thinks he suspects. It's a nightmare. Niko    I don't know how else I can help you. Look how long it took me to find you. Bernie  I know, sweetie, let's forget about him and have some F-U-N!

<driving - taking Bernie to the coast off Firefly Island - B>

Bernie  Do you want to go to a musical later? There are some great things playing on Burlesque at the moment. Niko    Musicals aren't really my thing, Bernie. You should go with Bryce. Bernie  Bryce would never be seen with me at a play. People would ask questions. I get all the stress of having a man but none of the perks. That's my tragedy.

<at the coast off Firefly Island>

Bernie  Perfect, sweetie. Let's stop.

<cutscene - Bernie looking around through binoculars>

Bernie  Ahoy, sailor. Cute guys off the starport brow! Mmmm. Scratch that, not so cute. [translated] Ugly Russians. Niko    Let me see. They don't look like they're on a pleasure cruise. [The Russians drive past, firing at Niko and Bernie.] Rusky   Do not be fucking with Dimitri Rascalov. Niko    We're getting these scum.

<driving - chasing the Russians - A>

Bernie  Bryce's wife is going to freak out about his boat. This was meant to be our fun day, Niko. Why does everything that's meant to be fun have to be so miserable? Niko    I don't know. We just got to get these guys or they'll come back. I told you that there was no time for this. People are after me and I have to stay alert. You, Bernie, are in this too. You have to keep your eyes open. Bernie  They're wide open, sweetie, I'm focused. One hundred percent. Let's get 'em.

<driving - chasing the Russians - B>

Bernie  Haters, haters, haters. This city is full of haters, Niko. I just don't get it. I came here because it was meant to be the most progressive city in the world. But it just isn't. Why don't I just up and leave for San Fierro. They'd understand me there. Niko    You don't go because Bryce is here. Bernie  Bryce could come to San Fierro. He could even be himself there. Get himself elected for who he really is.

<Niko chases them up to the coast of Steinway, where the Russians disembark and hide in the graveyard.>

Bernie  They're making a run for it, the land lubbers. I'll watch the boat. Make 'em suffer.

<Niko hunts them down, then returns to Bernie.>

Bernie  Our noble hero returns from battle. Niko    They're not a problem anymore. Bernie  Niko, you are my knight in shining armor. Thank you. I'm sorry our fun day wasn't so very much fun. See you soon. Niko    See you.

<phonecall from Bernie - later on>

Niko    What's up, Bernie? Bernie  I wanted to give you something to say thank you from me and Bryce. Well he doesn't know I'm giving you this but he gave it to me so it's technically from him. Niko    What is it? Bernie  His car... enjoy. I only power walk or take cabs so I figured I should pass this on to my savior. Niko    Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Bernie  Don't mention it. What we've got is worth more than money.

<getting in Bryce's Infernus>

Niko    Thank you, Bryce Dawkins. I hope the cash for this didn't come out of city funds.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENTOURAGE (#jg1)

<phonecall from ULP>

ULP     Bellic, I want to introduce you to Jon Gravelli, head of the Gambetti family. He needs help. Niko    I'm already working for a Mafia family. They are scum. ULP     The Pegorinos? They're not a family. Gravelli is the only man who can get what you need done. He's in Schottler Medical center. Tell him you were sent by a mutual friend. He's expecting you.

<cutscene - in a room of Schottler Medical Center>

Niko    I'm here to see Mr. Gravelli. I was sent by a mutual friend. Guy     C'mon. [to Gravelli] Uh, someone here to see you. Here. Jon     So you're the one who's getting involved with that nonsense for my... dear friend James Pegorino. Niko    I don't know what the... Jon     Spare me, please, I'm an old man. I ain't got much time left. Our mutual friend told me everything. Thank you. It made me laugh... Niko    My pleasure. Jon     People are so damn vain. Niko    Some people. Jon     All people. Even you, even me, an old man facing the end... and I still care, care how I look, care that when I shit myself, the pretty nurse has to clean it up... It's ridiculous. Niko    Yeah, well uh... you know... Jon     And I care about my legacy. I've worked hard for this, this line of work. Now, some Russian assholes think they can march in and take control of rackets my family has run for fifty years. Niko    You mean fifty years of you bleeding the city dry might finally come to an end? Jon     I know, it's a terrible tragedy. But if it wasn't me, it would just be someone else. So it might as well be me. Niko    Yes. Jon     Let me tell you - that faggot friend of yours, Bernie Crane? His boyfriend... he's being blackmailed. By them damn Russians. They want him to put certain contracts up for tender, windows, bus lines, cleaning. Ones we control. These Russian fucking bastards are trying to finish us. Niko    What do you want me to do about it? Jon     I want you to work with me. Niko    In exchange for what? Jon     The police have a file on you an inch thick... in exchange for that... in exchange for that guy you've been asking about being brought here from wherever it is he's hiding, Switzerland or some shit. Niko    Okay. Good. What do you want me to do? Jon     A good friend of mine is coming into town to give a speech on the new threat to Liberty City - Russian organized crime. I got a feeling some people ain't gonna want that speech to happen. Maybe the guy you love, this Dimitri Rascalov, has an interest in keeping this story out of the press. Make sure our boy gets to City Hall. He's coming in from upstate. He'll be at Grand Easton Terminal on Bismarck. Thank you.

<cutscene - at Grand Easton Terminal>

Niko    You guys waiting for me? Suit    Niko Bellic, right? Niko    Yeah, that's me. Suit    Stay in convoy with us all the way to City Hall, alright? Niko    Sure.

<driving - keeping with the convoy on the way to City Hall - A>

Bobby   [to phone] Jon. How are you?... Of course. I'm coming to see you as soon as I've delivered the speech... Don't say that, Jon. You'll be feeling like a teenager again in no time... Those are the wonders of modern medicine... I'm going to bring up everything we discussed. When I'm done at the podium, Mayor Ochoa is going to be dedicating half his annual budget to cleaning this problem up. He doesn't want to start getting reckless with the lives of Liberty City voters... No Jon, if it's your problem, it's my problem as well... Take a deep breath, Jon... I'll talk to you later. [The convoy comes across a road block.] Bobby   Driver, why is this road closed? Is there a problem?

<driving - keeping with the convoy on the way to City Hall - B>

Bobby   [to phone] Jon. It's great to be back in Liberty City. I feel safe here when I know I've got your people looking out for me... Well, we both watch out for one another then. We wouldn't survive in this shitty world if we didn't... Jon, you sound terrible... Don't worry about me. You should be putting all your energy into getting better... The speech is fine, Jon. Before Mayor Ochoa knows it, half the LCPD will be learning Russian and patrolling Hove Beach... Don't mention it... Alright Jon, I'll come see you after the speech... Yeah, all the best.

<cutscene - convoy turns and stops at another road block>

Suit    Another road block, this definitely wasn't mentioned in the traffic report. I'm gonna go and move the barriers. [After he gets out, a construction worker shoots him. Russians begin firing and the suits get out to fight back.] Niko    Come on, Mr. Jefferson. Let's get out of here.

<in an alley>

Bobby   They won't stop at anything, these people. If I get out of this, punks like Dimitri Rascalov are going to wish they never got off the boat here.

<after eliminating the attackers>

Bobby   You've got to get us to the Civic Citadel.

<more Russians pursue by car>

Niko    You are quite a popular man, Mr. Jefferson.

<driving - getting to the Civic Citadel, after killing the pursuers - A>

Bobby   That was a mistake they didn't want to make. If you're going to try to take out a politician, you better take him out for sure. Niko    Thanks for the advice. Bobby   American gangsters like Jon Gravelli understand the way life works, they get the limits of their power. In Europe the politicians are as crooked as the gangsters. They don't understand that things are different here. Niko    Yeah, sure. You are as clean as the driven snow. I'll explain that important cultural difference to one of these Russian gangsters if our paths cross.

<driving - getting to the Civic Citadel, after killing the pursuers - B>

Bobby   This country is falling apart. There's no law anymore. Jesus. Niko    That's what happens when you try taking control out of the hands of people like Jon Gravelli, I guess. Bobby   That's when the people from abroad smell weakness. They come to this country and think that it's for the taking. Niko    Isn't that the famous American dream? Bobby   The American dream's a fairy tale. It was never meant to be taken literally.

<cutscene - at the Civic Citadel>

Bobby   I don't know who you are, but you got me here. Goes to show, some immigrants have the best interest of the country in their hearts. I'll tell Jon you did well.

<phonecall to Jon Gravelli>

Niko    Mr. Gravelli. I took that friend of yours to City Hall. He should be giving his speech any minute. Jon     You did good. Heard you had some trouble along the way. You can always rely on those Russians to try something. How are we supposed to compete with these immigrant criminals when they want it so bad? Niko    You're working with me, aren't you Mr. Gravelli? See you later.

<phonecall to Roman - optional>

Niko    Roman, how are you? Roman   Fantastic cousin. Mallorie is going to make me the happiest groom on Earth. How are you? Niko    Good, I feel like I am getting close. I have been working for Jon Gravelli. Roman   Jon Gravelli? The head of the Gambetti crime family. Shit, Niko. This man is very dangerous. Niko    This man is nearly dead, cousin. He knows the government anget that Michelle forced me to work for. They say that they will give me Darko. You don't know how long I have waited for this, Roman. It is nearly over. Roman   Don't get ahead of yourself, Niko. Be careful around these men. Talk to you soon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DINING OUT (#jg2)

<cutscene - in a room of Schottler Medical Center>

Guy     Whoa, whoa, whoa. [holding Niko back for a moment] Jon     Aaah, Niko... good to see you. Niko    You too. How are you, Mr. Gravelli? Jon     Good, good. I was just speaking to our mutual friend about you. He said how efficient you were... I like that. Then he mentioned something about a Darko Brevic. Niko    What? He did? Jon     Yeah... he's located the guy. It seems he wasn't in Switzerland at all, but in Bucharest. He'll be here soon. Niko    Good, good... Jon     And it seems your Russian friends are getting the message. Some of them... Niko    Oh... okay. So? Jon     I think it's our turn to do a favor for that mutual friend of ours. Seems some Korean has come into the country and... [whispering] and is selling money at a discount. You don't need me to tell you that it's all fugazi. Faker than a pair of Vinewood tits. Niko    [laughing] That's good... Jon     Listen, I need you to deal with this. Eliminate the guy. What he's doing is no good for the economy, and no good for patriots like you and me. Niko    So who is he? Jon     His name is Kim Young-Guk. He'll be very well protected. He eats at Mr. Fuk. Fuck. [coughing] Niko    Mr. Gravelli, are you alright? Jon     Yeah, yeah, I'm fine... wh-wait... what was I saying? Niko    Kim Young-GUk, he eats at? Jon     Yeah right, right right... he... he eats at a restaurant called Mr. Fuk's Rice Box. Yeah, in Alderney City. [coughing] Niko    Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

<call from Brucie - on the way to the restaurant>

Brucie  Niko, it's Brucie baby. How about you and me do some serious carb loading bro? Niko    Shit man, I can't. I'm already on my way to a Korean place.

<cutscene - at the restaurant>

Niko    Where is Kim? Guy     He's upstairs speaking with the manager. They don't want to see nobody though. Niko    Kim and I are old friends. Guy     Kim got a lot of money. He don't need no friends. Get lost.

<Niko fights through several guards to reach the manager's office.>

Niko    Where is Kim? Manager Kim's not here. He left a long time ago. You best go look somewhere else.

<aim gun at the manager>

Niko    If you play stupid you're not going to live very long. Where's Kim? Manager He heard you come. He run out back through the kitchen.

<Niko cuts down a few more enemies and reaches the kitchen, where Kim takes off out the back.>

Kim     Weren't you the one who help me get into this country?

<phonecall to Jon Gravelli - after killing Kim>

Jon     Tell me that Kim Young-Guk isn't devaluing our precious currency anymore? Niko    He's passed his last false bill, Mr. Gravelli. Jon     Well done, my boy. This is going to be a fruitful partnership for us both.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIQUIDIZE THE ASSETS (#jg3)

<cutscene - in a room of Schottler Medical Center>

ULP     It's all about problems and solutions, you know that... Jon     Ah, Niko! Of course, you guys already know each other... ULP     Niko. Good to see you. Niko    Interesting friendships you both keep. Jon     Yeah... very interesting. The mayor will be here in a minute, and I have two senators dropping by later. Everyone wants to pay homage to a dying legend, everyone wants the glamor of a bygone age... Everyone. Now did you hear what I said? ULP     Yeah, I heard what you said. Jon     Niko, our friend here is telling me that the Ancelottis are in league with the Russians. Ancelottis! I know these guys seventy-three years. In 1972, I should have killed his uncle... but I spared him, and this is how he repays me? Unbelievable! And now he's dealing drugs with Ivan the Goddamn Terrible... ULP     So what we're saying is this is a matter of security. National. Normally, I don't care about cocaine, keeps controllable people in power, but this is no good. Niko    Alright, what's my role in this? ULP     The distribution network is a fleet of vans parked at a grocery warehouse in Alderney City. The product is placed into the frames of the vans, ready to be moved all over the country. Destroy everything. Whatever it takes. Niko    And for me? ULP     For you? I've got a real gift for you. Get this done. Then we'll talk.

<Niko assaults the warehouse and destroys all the vans.>

<phonecall to Gravelli>

Niko    I have put your competitors out of business. Jon     You've given a dying man a few minutes of happiness, Niko. I'm pleased to be helping you out with this thing you need. We'll speak again when Darko Brevic is in the country.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE (#rb12)

<phonecall from ULP>

ULP     Bellic, I have your man. He's been flown in. We're going to drop him in the airport cargo area for you. Niko    No more jobs, is that it? Am I out? ULP     You're out. You've done good things for us and we are grateful. That said, I've given you a lot of protection. From here in, you're alone. Goodbye.

<phonecall to Roman>

Niko    Roman, they've brought Darko Brevic into the country for me. This is almost over. I'm going to finish it. Roman   Niko, you can't do this alone. I'm coming with you. Come collect me from Firefly Island. Niko    Alright, wait there for me.

<on a sidewalk in Firefly Island>

Roman   Cousin, there you are. Niko    They are bringing him to the cargo bay at Francis International. I do not want to be late after I have waited so long.

<driving - heading to the cargo bay - A>


Well, this is the big moment - what you have been waiting for for so long. I hope you will not be disappointed.


Disappointment is not a consideration. I have not been the same man since the day that Darko betrayed us. Since I saw those things.


You lost a lot of friends that day, Niko. We both did. Niko    In some way, our friends from the village were lucky. I lost myself that day too. Everything that was good and innocent in me died along with them. If I could live those hours again, I think I would have preferred to be buried in the pit along with everyone else. This is all that is left of me. What am I good at, Roman? What is my trade? I deal in death because that is all that is open to me. Roman   I will tell you what you are good at, Niko. You are a good cousin and a good friend. You still have integrity. No matter what you say there is still humanity in you. You still have the power to be good. It's important that you believe that. Niko    Maybe I will start to believe it when Darko is dead. That might give me some perspective.


This killing must stop sometime, Niko Once this is done, then you must begin to forgive. Think about your future instead of the horrible things that have happened to you, to us, to all of us, in the past. 


After this is done, then we can talk about forgiveness and redemption. Now is not the time for such conversation.

<driving - heading to the cargo bay - B>


Darko Brevic, here in Liberty City. You have worked hard to make this happen.


Every moment since our friends from the village were killed, I have worked to find out who it was that betrayed us. And when I knew, everything I've done has been to find that person.


I know, Niko.


It was weeks after the massacre that I realized that we must have been given up by someone in our group... by someone from our own village. I had to go back to the pit where the bodies were dumped. I had to count the ripe corpses and see who was missing.


Niko, I know.


That wasn't something the old me could have done, but losing those friends, seeing them cut down in their prime, it hardedned me, it made me cold.


I know it did, Niko. But that was a long time ago. I'm not saying that Darko should be forgiven - it is not our place to do that. But the Darko you are going to meet might be very different from the one who led our friends to their death.


He will be enough of that man to justify what I have to do to him. Be assured of that, cousin.

<at the cargo bay>

Niko    This is it. This is where it all ends.

<cutscene - at the cargo bay, a van drives up and tosses Darko on the ground>

Niko    You remember me?


[translated] Leave me alone. I don't know you. I don't know you.


Yes you do. I'm the one... who survived.


Niko... hello. Niko    [translated] Just tell me why.

Darko   [translated] Why?

Niko    [translated] We were friends. We were all friends. We all grew up together... Dmitar, Dragan, Goran, Mijo... should I go on and name them all?


We were friends, but I had other friends. Friends that Goran and his guys killed. My fucking neighbors! Because of what? Because of shit. Lies. Fucking lies.


So that makes it okay. To stab your friends in the back?


When everything you believe is shown to be shit, you make strange choices, I guess.


Fuck you! Strange choices? How much?

Darko   [laughing] A thousand.


You killed my friends for one thousand dollars?


How much do you charge to kill someone?


You ruined me, you fuck!


I needed the money... I had problems.


You're a fucking junkie.


Kill me, then! You fucking hypocrite. Trust me, you'll be doing me a favor.


Niko - come on, let's go. Let him suffer... he knows what he did. He doesn't look like he enjoys life too much. Come on.