City Escape
New Haven City
Base? Yes
Sights To See Train and Trolley transit systems; Piko Piko Ice Cream Shop
Ways In Trolly and Train, Airport/ G.U.N Aerial Command Base
Ways Out Same as the ways in; Mystic Melody (Blaze and Silver's Mystic Transport System)

New Haven City is the home of the NG Freedom Fighters and the Birthplace of most of the heroes. This place is a bustling cityscape with all the features of Station Square (Sonic Adventure) and City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2). This place is also home to an underground smuggling ring that has yet to be stopped by the heroes but will in time. This world is the HUB of all the characters missions and the trolley and train systems will take them to any location on Mobius...for free. The train and trolly systems aren't the only sights to behold and visit. The gang also like to go to the Piko Piko Ice Cream Shop, where Amy Rose and Rosy are the Queens of Confectionary, serving up plate and bowls of ice cream, cakes, and other sweet delights. 

There are actually 3 ways out: through the trains and trolley stations, the Airport/G.U.N. Aerial Command Base, or through the power of the Mystic Melody, which you can get, for a fee of 25 rings a person, via Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog's Mystic Transport Service.