Shadow Town

Shadow Town is a town that's completely night from sun up to sundown. There's no sunlight and for this reason is why Waverly "Whisper" Wolf calls this place home. She feels at peace with the darkness that emits from the town. Most of the characters don't normally receive missions here but when they do, they are told to stay on alert as even Waverly is unpredictable in this world. She has been known to turn her back on her allies from time to ime without realizing it. Shadow Town is only accessible through the Mystic Transport Service that Blaze and Silver give, as it is the complete mirroring of New Haven City! There's no other way out except this way.

There's also a Underground Racing Circuit here so expect to se Artemis come here often as his garage is here.  

Shadow Town
Base? No
Sights To See Underground Racing Circuit; Artemis's Garage
Ways in/Out Mystic Melody (Blaze and Silver's Mystic Transport System)